Island News Bulletin number 28

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New information

Tsushima Island (AS-036)
Takeyasu, JR0GFM, will be QRV from Kamisaka-Park, about 300 meters above the sea, in Tsushima Island (IOTA AS-036) by some QRP transceivers.
Date: 0700z May 5 through 0400z May 7
Freq: 10MHz CW,14MHz SSB/CW, 29MHz FM
OHR QRP Explorer II(3W out) for 30m
MIZUHO MX-14S(2W out) for 14MHz
AZDEN AZ-11 (5W out) for 29MHz.

I will be waiting for your call from worldwide. 72!
Takeyasu Sasagawa JR0GFM QRP-L #394
Saipan and Tinian operation
Allen, KN6AH (Port KH ZERO) operated from Saipan and Tinian 26-30 March 1996. Solar conditions were not great, and his antenna was a 30 ft wire, but he managed to work 26 DXCC countries, including all continents but Antartica. He called many stations that did not listen for his weak signal! Many also did not bother to listen to the prefix of KH ZERO! QSL via home call.
TI9 - Cocos Island DX Pedition
April 25 to May 5, 1996 (minimum Operation: 4/27,28,29,30 )
Departure from Costa Rica by boat on April 25.
Appear in Costa Rica back on May 5. It will take at least one day by sailing for Cocos Island / one way.
Operation in night as well as daytime by special landing permissions
TI9X for HF and TE9RLI for satellite
Band (Planned):
160m *,1.825 SSB & CW
80m *,3795 SSB & CW
40m *,7045 SSB & CW
30m * CW
20m *,195/085/025 SSB & CW & RTTY
17m * SSB & CW
15m *,295 SSB & CW
12m * SSB & CW
10m *,395 SSB & CW
6m 50.110 BEACON SSB & CW
SAT *,.850 SSB & CW, AO13 & AO10
.880 ( SSB for JA ) and .870 CW
( * common DX frequencies )
JH1NBN ( Callbook Address )
Please use Returned envelope bigger than 4 inch X 6 inch.
We appreciate it if you put small amount of donation in.

* JH1NBN routes QSL upon following operations as well:

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