Island News Bulletin number 29

Villanova d'Asti - Italy - July 6, 1996
Editors Piero Pirrone, IK1TZO, Franco Pirrone IW1DGL

Thanks to: Pat Ryan-KW3Z, F6AJA, AA7VB, Declan EI6FR, PS7AB Rony

Message to subscribers: sorry for the delay of this issue, due to our hard work pressure. Now the next issue will be released about every 15 days.

New information

Smith Island (NA-083)
The Nanticoke Amateur Radio Club will operate KW3Z from Smith Island, MD (NA-83) during the IOTA Contest, July 27 and 28. QSL via Buro. (Tnx: Pat Ryan, KW3Z)

Be Island (AF-057)
Gerard F2JD/5R8EN will be at Nosy Be island (IOTA AF57) starting next Thursday July 4th for 3 or 4 days. He will be there for his job it's not a DX expedition but he will take tranceiver with him and he will operate during his free time on SSB and CW. He will use 5R8EN/P call sign QSL via F6AJA. (Tnx: Jean Michel F6AJA)

Rousse Island (DIFM)
F5PVX will be TM5R from Rousse island (named also Pierreplanne) from July 6 to 7. He will be on SSB: 3715, 7075, 14150, 18150, 21150, 24920, 28500. This island count for the DIFM award as ME36. (Tnx: Jean Michel F6AJA)

Rurutiu Island (OC-050)
Joel F5JJW will be FO0SUC from Rurutiu island (IOTA OC50) from october 9th to 14th and from Tubuai (OC152) from october 14th to 19th. He will be there on SSB only. (Tnx: Jean Michel F6AJA)

Guadeloupe (NA-102)
F6FUM will be in Gaudeloupe FG/ from July 7 to 14 (NA102) from Les Saintes (NA114) from July 15 to 21, from Marie galante (NA102) from July 21 to 28 and from La Desirade (NA102) from July 29 to 30. He will be accompagnied by FG5HR and they are actif in CW and SSB. After few days vacation in France, F5PWT is again OD5/F5PWT for the next 4 months. He is very active on 21186, 18137, 14132. No lower band. (Tnx: Jean Michel F6AJA)

Oleron Island (EU-032)
Joel F5PAC will be active from Oleron island (EU32) for the IOTA contest For the 1500 year anniversary of the baptism of Clovis. (Tnx: Jean Michel F6AJA)

Aruba Island
Dennis will active as P40Z call Jul 11-16 from a great location and look forward to seeing IOTA friends. Anyone needing a sked contact him via Email at (Tnx: Dennis VP2EWW VP2EV P40Z V40Z V47W etc.)


The 1996 IOTA Contest will start at 1200z Saturday 27h July to 1200z Sunday 28th July.

If you partecipate at IOTA contest please send info to Island News Bulletin so the info will be distributed world-wide.

WestNet DX Group

The WestNet DX Group in conjunction with the ADX CSG is very pleased to have been issued the special contest call G W 6 J

This call will be used for the first time in this years IOTA contest when the group will be active from YNYS MON (the Island of Anglesey), IOTA Ref. EU-124.

The team will comprise of operators from GW, EI, GI & GD. We look forward to an enjoyable contest and working many of our old friends and making some new ones.

QSL's will be handled by GW4VEQ and all stations appearing in the log will get a card via the buro.

73's de Declan EI6FR - WestNet DX Group - GW6J/EJ7NET

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