Island News Bulletin number 30

Villanova d'Asti - Italy - July 13, 1996
Editors Piero Pirrone, IK1TZO, Franco Pirrone IW1DGL

Tanks to: Frank ZS1CM, Chuck W7MAP & Mike KB5KYO, Ronaldo PS7AB,

New information

Grand Isle (NA-168)
Mike (KB5KYO) has planned a trip to NA-168 Grand Isle. He will be QRV from July 24 1996 thru July 28 1996 on both CW and SSB. Bands will be 40 thru 10, and of course propagation dependant. QSL info is via CBA BURO or KB5KYO. (Tnx to Chuck-W7MAP and Mike KB5KYO)

Grande Is. (SA-029)
Ronaldo write us about the next DX-pedition during the IOTA Contest. The call will be ZX1A (CW), ZY1A (phone). QSL via PY1SL (Tnx to Ronaldo Reis (PS7AB))

Robben Island (AF-064)
The SARL Cape Town Branch members of the Robben Island Team are pleased to announce that they will activate ROBBEN Island, (IOTA AF-064) situated in TABLE Bay, on the Atlantic Coast of Cape Town, at the southern end of the African Continent..

This expedition was the brainchild of OM Barry, ZS1FJ, also known as ZL8/G4MFW (Kermadec Isl) and VR6AB (Pitcairn Isl). A team of competent operators has been assembled around him.

The event will take place from UT afternoon Jan 26th to early morning UT on 29th. Operation will be on all bands from 80 to 10 meter, including WARC bands, a local 2 meter net will also be in operation... Modes of operation will be at least Voice and CW.. needless to say that the various stations will be operating from the time they get operational after landing on Friday afternoon ETA abt 13:00 UT.


Planning info : Call sign      : ZS64RI
		IOTA nr        : AF-064
                Time zone      : UT +2
                Loc. Lat       : 33 48.9 S 
                Loc. Long      : 18 22.5 E
                Loc name       : Minto Hill, Robben Isl.
                QSL Mngr       : Phyllis KA1JC
                Correspondence : Fax ZS1FJ Barry 27-21-418-2371
                                 PR  ZS1CM @ ZS0STB.ZAF.AF

The team welcomes suggestions for operating times and modes, in area's where interest is substantial... (Tnx to Frank, ZS1CM)


The 1996 IOTA Contest will start at 1200z Saturday 27h July to 1200z Sunday 28th July.

If you partecipate at IOTA contest please send info to Island News Bulletin so the info will be distributed world-wide.