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Czech Call Book -- August 2021

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Enter a complete OK/OL callsign:

Enables the lookup of Czech amateur radio station addresses using the callsign as a key. The entire, correct callsign must be supplied in the query box. Data returned consists of: Callsign; Name (First Last); Address; Zip Code; and E-mail (when available). Those using these addresses to send mail from outside the Czech Republic must add the country designation "Czech Republic" to the address, where appropriate.

For the benefit of those curious, but unfamiliar with Czech amateur radio callsigns, here are a few callsigns that will work: OK1ACF, OK2STM, OK8AAM Briefly, Czech callsigns observe the format: O[KL]d[A-Z]{1,3}. That is, OK or OL, followed by a digit, followed by between 1 and 3 alphabetic characters. Naturally, not all possibly combinations are actually assigned.

This database does not include all licensed Czech hams, but only those who have agreed to be listed. This is in keeping with Czech privacy law which prevents the Czech Telecommunication Authority from releasing its official data to the public. Currently there are 4,020 callsigns included.

Thanks go to the Czech Radio Club which collects the data and makes the source database (CSV version) available on the Web. The current version of the database was issued in 2020 and the database is planned to be updated quarterly. The Czech Radio Club is actively soliciting the cooperation of Czech hams to both increase the number of hams included and ensure the accuracy of the data. Czech callsign holders may submit listings, corrections, and updates, in writing, to OK1CMU, as described on the database page.

The search functionality is provided by a very simple Perl program written by NG3K. The search is very fast.

A map of the Czech regions is available. For an overview of foreign ham Czech radio amateur licensing, visit Foreign HAM in Czech Lands.

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