Heard Island Update 31 Jan 1996

Date: Thu Feb 1 05:05:42 1996
From: cordell@ccnet.com (Robert Schmieder)
Subject: Heard Island Update 31 Jan 1996
Reply-To: cordell@ccnet.com (Robert Schmieder)

We are pleased to announce the complete radio team for the 1997 Heard Island Expedition:

EA8AFJ Michel Sabatino
G0LMX Vincent Denecker
HB9AHL Willy Rusch
KA6W Ted Algren
K0IR Ralph Fedor
K4UEE Bob Allphin
K9AJ Mike McGirr
KK6EK Robert Schmieder
N6EK Bob Fabry
NP4IW Carlos Nascimento
ON6TT Peter Casier
PA3DUU Arie Nugteren
RA3AUU Igor Harry Buklan
W6OTC Glenn Vinson
W8FMG Wes Lamboley
WA0PUJ Glenn Johnson
WA3YVN Al Hernandez
9V1YC James Brooks

We have reserved one place each for an operator from JA and VK, which brings the team to the targeted total of 20 persons. We will maintain a waiting list, and should a vacancy occur on the team, we will fill it from that list.

We have successfully negotiated an agreement with the French Institute of Polar Research and Technology (IFRTP) for passage aboard their brand-new 120-meter supply vessel, the "Marion Dufresne." The team will fly to Reunion Island, off the east coast of Africa, and depart on Jan. 3, 1997. Operations will commence on Heard Island on Jan. 12, and end on Jan. 28, with the team returning to Reunion Feb. 5. The total time away for the team members will be exactly 5 weeks.

During the voyage, the vessel will make brief stops at Crozet and Kerguelen, and the team may be able to operate from those islands. We are continuing to seek alliance with a non-radio group to carry out the scientific observations on Heard Island.

You can read many details about the plans for this expedition in scoping document posted on the Web pages:


With the team and transportation complete, we now turn to fundraising and the technical issues of providing life support and operations. As always, your comments are welcome.

Peter ON6TT
Ralph K0IR
Carlos NP4IW
Bob N6EK

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