Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 234, December 18, 1995

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 234
BID: $OPDX.234
December 18, 1995
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, WB3JFS, KK6H, W6/G0AZT, K8UNV, NW8F, DF4RD, JA1IDY, LX1NO, PA3GBQ, PY7ZZ, R3/W0YR, G4BUE & DX NEWS SHEET, DL9GOA & DXNL and VS6WV the following DX information.


Giovanni, I5JHW, will be active from Zanzibar Island (IOTA AF-032) using the call 5H1HW from January 1-9th. He will be active on all bands (including the WARC bands), CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via homecall.


Steve, PA3GBQ (a member of the contest group PI4COM), is going for a little holiday to Accra in Ghana from December 31st to January 15th (1996). He will be visiting 9G1BS and will be using his station. Steve will be active on all bands, but his main emphasis will not be ham radio. He also reported that his callsign will probably be 9G5BQ (but it has not been confirmed yet). QSL via his homecall, Steve van Lieburg, PO BOX 85090, 3009 MB Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


The DXNS report that CE3HJB and CE3CDV are planning an operation in 1996 and are seeking loans of equipment and financial support.


Akio, JA3JM, will be active December 18/-24th from Mauritius, as either 3B8/JA3JM or 3B8/AA5K. Activity will be CW/SSB, RTTY plus satellite operations on AO-10/13. Look for him on all bands including the WARC bands and 160 meters. Akio will also be active from Comoros (D6), between December 26th and January 1st as D68AS. There is a possibility for him to be active for a few days (December 28-30th) from Mayotte (FH) as FH/JA3JM. Also, look for Akio on Reunion Island (FR) between January 2nd and 5th, as FR/JA3JM). QSL via homecall.


Mr. Mako Toyofuku, JA1OEM, issues "JA1OEM AWARD" which is commemorating his DXpeditions to 20 different countries since 1988. Mako started his first DXpeditions after 64 years, and is now 73 years old. During all his DXpedition, Mako has carried all the heavy equipment and installed all the antennas for himself. To receive the award, the requirements are: 1) More than 3 country QSOs contacts. 2) A copy of QSLs (exclude WH6 and OX). 3) 1 IRC. Please send the appropriate QSO data to P.O.Box 9, Sawara-City 287 Japan. Mako will present 10 to 100 IRCs for applicants in order of QSOs. The deadline for application is February 20, 1996. The callsigns of his DXpeditions are as follows; A35EM, ZK1XP(ZK1XH) South, ZK1XP North, HV3SJ(HV4NAC), JT1/JA1OEM(JT2) 5R8DP, 3D2TO, FO0TOH, 8Q7HP, ZK2HP, S79HP, 9N1HP, 4U1ITU, 5W1HP, 4S7/JA1OEM, JD1/JA1OEM, H44/JA1OEM, FR/JA1OEM, WH6/JA1OEM, OX/JA1OEM


LU6Z has been quite active on 40 and 80 meters. Look around 7005 kHz beginning around 0230z or 3505 kHz around 0500z (sometimes as early as 0245z). The LU6Z station is active from Argentinian Antarctic Base Navy Orcadas located on Laurie Isl. QSL via LU6EF.


Cecil, NW8F, reports he is now the QSL Manager for Millie, 9L1MG. Millie is the wife of Paul, 9L1PG. They should be back in Freetown by the time you read this. Look for Paul and Millie on the bands on Monday, December 18th. Cecil also reports he is receiving cards with no return postage and states he will return there cards via the bureau.


Norby, LX1NO, states the new QSL route for Jamil, OD5PN, is via LX1NO. Norby reports that his address listed in the 1996 callbook is WRONG, but is listed correctly in previous callbooks. Any mail sent to the 1996 callbook address should be considered as being lost. The only correct mailing address is: Norbert Oberweis, 5, Cite Oricher-Hoehl, L-8036 Strassen, Luxemburg. Norby holds logs for the following station: LX1NO, LX9EG, LX4A, LX1JAZ, LX0SNJ (to be closed soon), KM6RY, LX50V, LX75LGS, LX95VEC, S5/LX1NO, R6/LX1NO, T94NE, and OD5PN.


Fred, PY7ZZ, will be operating from here until December 20th as PY0FZ. He will be happy to give a new band country to as many as possible because he will be active on all bands including 160 meters. QSL via PY7ZZ, Fred Souto Maior, Rua Almeida Belo 241/302, Bairro Novo Olinda PE 53030-030, Brasil.


Eddie, W6/G0AZT, reports QSL cards for VK9LZ (RTTY), VK9LX (CW) and VK9NM (SSB) from Lord Howe Island should be in his hands by December 17th and he will begin sending QSL requests out on the 18th. SPECIAL NOTE from Eddie: Please do not send QSL requests for the September 1995 operation to W6XD. If you have already, no problem, they will be forwarded to him, so do not send duplicate requests. Cards via the bureau go to W6OTC. Any cards already sent via the bureau to W6XD, will also be re-directed. DIRECT MAILING address; Eddie Schneider, P.O. Box 5194, Richmond CA 94805. Please include an SASE or SAE with postage.


(FROM Mike Lonneke R3/W0YR - Moscow) Mike spoke by phone with Andy Melanyan, UA3DPX, one of the operators on the IG9 operations. Andy says cards for the operation are being printed in Sicily and are being sent out to various bureaus world-wide. He said it is not necessary to send a card and that cards will automatically be sent out when they are printed and processed.


There was an announcement this week that VK4ATS is no longer the QSL manager for VK0WH, but that his new QSL Manager would be VK9NS. Paul, KK6H, was able to confirm this information and has received a fax from Jim Smith, VK9NS, on December 16th at 0109z, were Jim states the following:" 1) True I am his manager with immediate effect. Expect to have cards printed in say about two weeks. Warren, VK0WH, will fax his log to me on a monthly basis. 2) I recommended that he change frequencies - there is no point him being on 14.130 as the states can't touch him there. Note he only has limited capability - he does not have a rig with him. I have suggested and he has agreed as follows: 7.010 CW, 14.040 CW (IOTA frequency) and 14.260 SSB (IOTA frequency). 3) I expect to be in close touch with him as I can telephone and fax him. He came up on sked last night (15 Dec) at 1000 UTC. 4) May I stress that Warren is not a DXer but it is a big plus that he can work CW - Macquarie is badly needed on this mode. He will need every bit of co-operation he can get from the DXers chasing him on SSB or CW. 5) QSLing rules are very simple - an SAE and return postage is a must and in return I promise a very quick turn around on cards. Do not re-QSL any QSOs it should not be necessary. Oh yes another very simple rule - The only card(s) in the envelope should be for VK0WH - please, please spare me the multi-log routine." HI de Jim VK9NS.


Mike, VS6WV, expects to be in XU-land quite often in the future. His next trip will be the week of January 8/9th. Mike will be using the callsign XU6WV. He will announce more information a few days prior to his actual departure for Cambodia. During the January trip, he will probably be active mainly on 40/80 meters CW. 160 meters is a possiblity. Stay tuned.


Carlo, I4ALU, will be active from here between December 25th and January 3rd. Listen for him 13 kHz from the band edge and on 10103, 18070 and 24893 kHz.

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