Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 236, January 1, 1996

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 236
BID: $OPDX.236
January 1, 1995
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
Online at 216-237-8208 14400/9600/2400/1200/300 8/N/1

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, W2JGR, AB6NJ/OH6DO, KS9W, N9JCl, W4MGN, K4CEF & Southeastern Cluster Group, 7L2RPY, DF5WA, DJ6RX, DL7IO, F6AJA, PS7AB, PY7ZZ, G4BUE & DX NEWS SHEET, VE1UK and ZL2HU the following DX information.


Sergey, UA6JR/3, will be active as 4L1R from January 4-18th. Activity will be on the satellites: AO-10 on 145.885 and AO-13 on 145.890 MHz. QSL Manager will be announced later.

8R1K QSL ROUTE (Update)

Marko, AB6NJ/OH6DO, reports the 8R1K QSL route for 1995 SSB & CW, 1994 SSB and 1993 SSB CQ WW DX Contest operations is via OH6DO Callbook Address in Finland. If You have already sent via previous route OH1VL, no need to mail again, they will be answered too.


Reports from Germany and Japan indicate that Shin, 9N1SW, has received permission to operate 160 meters. Check 1824 kHz starting around 2100z. The length of activity is unknown. QSL via JH1XUP, Yoshimi Maeda, 2-18-15 Inokashira, Mitaka, Tokyo, 181 Japan.

A6, U.A.E.

Keep an eye around 14216 kHz between 1400 and 1530z for A61AN. QSL via Naser Fekri, P.O. Box 53656, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

CY0TP QSL (Update)

Wayne, VE1CBK, the QSL Manager for the CY0TP QSLs (Sable Island DXpedition), reports the cards have been printed and the computer labels are currently being generated and affixed to the cards. Wayne says the cards will be sent out in mid-January. Remember, the ONLY address for VE1CBK is: Wayne Edward King, 63 Brook St, Lake Fletcher, NS, B2T 1A5, Canada


Albert, F6EDF (ex-FR7AK), will be on Reunion Island from January 1-19th. He will try to re-use the FR5AK callsign or FR/F6EDF. Due to the antenna restriction, he will be active only on 20 meters. Look for him on 14190 kHz (split up 5 kHz).


FR5HR informed W4MGN that he is on Reunion Island waiting for a ship to travel to these three islands. His departure is February 12th, first stop Crozet Island 8-10 days later. He does expect to be active from all three islands. No other information regarding length of stays, operating times or frequencies at this time.


Berthold, DF5WA, will be active January 16th through February 6th as DF5WA/HI8 from the city Juan Dolio. Using his Kenwood TS 690 AT and dipole antennas, he plans to be active on all bands with operations on CW, SSB and RTTY. He plans to emphasize operating on 160/80 meters. QSL via DF5WA, Berthold Faisst, Hegelstr. 3, D-55122 Mainz.


Teresinha, PS8YL, will be active from now until January 17th, as PS8YL/PR8 on SSB from Sao Luiz Island. Check 14260 kHz after 1800z, and on the Brazil DX Net (Monday-Friday, 14240 kHz 0900z, and Saturday/Sunday, 21225 kHz, 1200z). Activity will be on 40-20 meters. QSL via Teresinha V. Nobre, Rua C 2103, Jardim Aeroporto, 64200-000, Parnaiba/PI, Brazil. (enclosed 2 IRC)


Holger, DL7IO (ex-DL7VTM ) and Birgit, DL7IQ (ex-DL7VTZ), NODXA members, good friends and noted for their DXpeditions to TN4, 9I2, T25, etc.... report they have added a new member to their DXpedition team. She is called Saskia Moana, and is about 53 cm and has a weight of 3295 g and was born December 26th about 22:30 local time. "That means for the next few weeks we will not be active from any DX spot (hi)", says Holger. OPDX and NODXA would like to congratulate Birgit and Holger on their new addition.


Fred, PY7ZZ, reports on his vacation/DXpedition trip to Fernando de Noronha Islands as PY0FZ (December 13-20th). His activity was restricted because during the day he was out of the shack walking around the island, swiming etc. At night, he tried to be on the lower bands. Since he was active from Andre's, PY0FF, station and Andre maintains a BBS 24 hours a day on the air, he couldn't operate on 30 and 15 meters. His totals of QSOs band by band: 160m - 518, 80m - 1274, 40m - 735, 20m - 1023 and 17m - 351. QSL cards are being printed by WX9X and he hopes to start answering cards in about 30 days or so. "A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPER NEW YEAR to all of you. Best regards", de Fred - PY7ZZ/PY0FZ


Both Mine, JA2NQG, and Nao, JE7RJZ, have cancelled their trip to S2-land, but reports of some other operators (from the Japanese UNICEF Ham Club) may be active between January 5th and 12th.


On Friday the 29th of December, Sid E. Molen, VK2SG, became a silent key due to a heart attack. Sid was 76 years old and had been in poor health since 1993. Sid, along with Bill, VK2EG, was a co-founder of the Australian National Amateur Radio Teleprinter Society (ANARTS) in the early 1970's. They subsequently started the weekly RTTY DX Notes which were renamed the VK2SG RTTY DX Notes in 1993 when Sid had to relinquish his contributing efforts to others. Sid was the first to receive RTTY DXCC in Australia. The VK2SG RTTY DX Notes will continue to be generated by the present group of rotating editors, I5FLN, WB2CJL and W2JGR.


The DXNS report Hazel, TN7OT, says her radio is broken and most likely will not be repaired before her departure in April. She will deal with QSLs when she returns home.


Gerald, K9BG and Bob, KS9W, will be signing /WP2 from St. Criox, January 3-10th. Look for them on CW, low bands and the ARRL RTTY Roundup. QSL to home calls.


Joerg/DL8WPX, Dietmar/ DL3DXX, Falk/DK7YY and Juergen/DL7UFN will be active from Christmas Island as VK9XY, February 4-13th. They will also be active from Cocos- Keeling Islands as VK9CR, February 14-23rd. Activity will be on all bands from 160-6 meters with operations on the satellites, CW and SSB, but no digital modes. A special emphasis will be put on 160 meters and the other low bands. QSLs to DK7NP, Rudi Hein, Am Uferholz 7, D-96047 Bamberg, Germany. (Remember: Air Mail from Germany to destinations outside Europe: $2.20 - bureau $0.0x)


Scott/N9JCL, Tom/K0SN, Paul/WC9E and JIM/AA9PB, will have a one day layover in Autigua (V2) on their way to Dominica (J7) and will be active January 20th only. From Dominica, the group will be active January 20th (late evening) until January 25th. Activity from both locations will be on all bands (160-10 meters, including the WARC bands) with operations on CW, SSB, RTTY and RS-12 satellite. There will be a special effort to be active on RTTY and 160/80 meter CW. Callsigns for both locations are not known yet. QSL both operations via K0SN.


A station XU1XX/3 was reported on 14195 around 1459z. There are no other details about this station. If you have something (details) on this station, please send it to OPDX.

ZL8, KERMADEC ISLAND DXPEDTION (Updated details from a press release)

The Kermadaec DX Association is planning a DXpedition to Raoul Island in the Kermadec Group in May 1996. Planning has taken place over the past two years and now, with some difficult negotiations behind them, the "Permit to Land" and "Operating Licence" have been issued to their Association. The callsign ZL8RI was issued. They plan to use top DX operators during their 11 day operation which will be multi-mode and multi-band. The Kermadecs is in the "Top 10 Most Wanted Countries List", but the DXpedition team plans to move it considerably down the list.

The TEAM consist of:

They will be adding one more operator to replace Ron, ZL1AMO, since he has withdrawn from the ZL8RI DXpedition. The team presently needs the resources to charter the ship to get them to Raoul Island. They are looking at the ship called "Evohe". Donations are vital to have Raoul Island become active and they need around $25,000 to make it happen. If you would like to send a donation, send it to:

The Kermadec DX Association,
c/o Mr. Ken Holdom,
P.O. Box 56099,
Tawa, Wellington,
New Zealand

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