Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 237, January 8, 1996

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 237
BID: $OPDX.237
January 8, 1996
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
Online at 216-237-8208 14400/9600/2400/1200/300 8/N/1

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, K4UTE, AA5F, KK6H, K8GG, WB8LFO, AH0W/OH2LVG, K0HB, KI0W, 9M2TO, Alberta Amateur News, AH0AV/JH6RTO, G4BUE & DX NEWS SHEET, PA3ERC, VE3HO, VS6WV/XU6WV, ZP5VG, ZS1FJ/G4MFW and ZS1CM the following DX information.


Laura-Marcelle, 3A2MD, reports she is on every day between 1400z and 1600z on 14175-14180 kHz (+/-). QSL to her personal address (it is faster to receive QSL than via PO Box!): Laura-Marcelle Martinez, 73 Bd du Jardin Exotique, 98000 Monaco.

4U1UN QSL CHANGE (from Jerry, WB8LFO)

"Effective immediately, the requests for any of the 4U1UN cards or any of their special callsigns (such as 4U50UN) should be sent to WB8LFO. The use of W8CZN (our mail drop) will be discontinued. We would like to thank Jim, W8CZN and Rick, K8SCI of North Olmstead Amateur Radio Depot (the pick-up point) for their services. The closing of Rick's store is what brought about this change. N.O.A.R.D will be missed. WB8LFO has logs going back to 1986 for the UN operations and is presently working on bureau QSL cards. Cards will be processed as fast as possible. A reminder that the UN Readiness Group meets Tuesday evening on 14.268 MHz at 7:30 EST or on Wednesdays at 0030z. Any quesations about 4U1UN QSLs may be directed to me by E-mail at the following addresses: wb8lfo@centuryinter.net OR aa1671@freenet.lorain.oberlin.edu The address at Century is the preferred."


Steve, PA3GBQ, is now active as 9G5BQ. He will be active on all bands. Check around 3515 kHz around 0240z and 7010 kHz around 0115z. The length of his stay is unknown at this time. QSL via his homecall.


Brian, 9J2BO, who is quite active on all bands (including the WARC bands) was heard around 3505 kHz at 0415z and 10103 kHz at 0520z. Brain has announced a new QSL address. QSL to: Brian Otter, PO Box 34554, Lusaka, Zambia.


Tex, 9M2TO, has supplied OPDX with the following on the air schedule. He likes working CW, so look for him: 7007/7027 kHz (FOR USA) at 1400-1500z, 10102 kHz at 1300-1400z and 18070 kHz (WEEKEND) at 0800-1000z. He reports that he has worked over 1,600 QSOs on 17, 30, 40 and 80 meters during November and December (not including the contests). QSL via bureau (JA0DMV JARL) or direct to: Tex Izumo, Bukit Dumbar Apr. 9-4, 97 Jalang Thomas 11700, Gelugore, Malaysia.

BERMUDA WORLDWIDE 1996 CONTEST (March 16-17, 1996)

Larry Koolkin, VP9MZ, contest manager for the Radio Society of Bermuda wants to remind everyone about the upcoming contest. The Society would also like to encourage as much participation as possible. By the way, once again, the Bermuda Tourism Department WILL BE PROVIDING FREE ROUNDTRIP TRANSPORTATION to Bermuda for the worldwide contest winner!!!!! This happens during their annual Radio Week event in the month of October which incudes their annual awards banquet. Accomodations are also provided at the beautiful Palmetto Bay Hotel. OPDX InterNet SUBSCRIBERS will be receiving an additional bulletin with the rules for the contest.


In last week's bulletin, the zipcode for the PS8YL/PR8 QSL information was incorrect. QSL to: Teresinha V. Nobre, Rua C 2103, Jardim Aeroporto, 64200-970, Parnaiba/PI, Brazil... and... Please correct the name of the QSL Manager for 9K2ZC and 9K2YY to Derek McClure (not Raymond McClure, which is his father and QSL Manager for 9K2ZZ). QSL to Derek McClure, 674 Crestlyn Drive, North Augusta, S.C. 29841.


The DXAC vote on the possible deletion or withdrawal of Mount Athos has been now pushed back to February..... The Rocky Mountain Division now has a new representative for the DXAC. Wayne Mills, N7NG, will be replacing Charlie Summers, KY0A....


Seiji, JH6RTO, will be active from Palau as KC6FS from January 12-16th. QSL to his homecall, though the address in the DX callbook 1995 is invalid; cite the 1996 version. Seiji Fukushima's (AH0AV & JH6RTO) new address is: 2-183-A207, Soubudai, Zama City 228, Japan.


W.P. (Bill) Myerson, NH6D, is returning to Midway Island on January 15th for a 2-week stay. With thanks to Wayne/WB6EQX, Bill will be operating on 40, 80 and 160, both CW and SSB. QSL this operation to Dick, KL7H/W6, who also has the logs for Bill's December 1995 KH4 operation. As of the first of January, Bill has already sent out over 2,000 QSL cards for his December KH4 operation. Another DXpedition to Midway is planned for March, 1996, as an all-band, all-mode operation involving a large group of mainly US amateurs. More details, including QSL route, TBA later.


The Battle Creek (Michigan) Lowbanders, George/W8UVZ, Charlie/W0CD and George/K8GG, will be going to PJ2-land, for the CQ WW 160 CW Contest January 26-28th, as a multi-operator entry. The contest call will probably be PJ9Z. Contest exchange should be "5NNCUR" or "5NN NA". They should be active from late January 22nd or early January 23rd through 30th. There will be lots of Low and WARC band activity before and after the contest. Outside the contest, callsigns may be PJ2/HomeCall. All QSLs may be sent direct to W8UVZ at 271 Parkshore Drive, Battle Creek, MI 49017, USA, or via the bureau. QSLs for contacts outside the contest or to another operator may be sent to the operator's home address or bureau. Please send SASE or SAE plus IRC or green stamp for return postage with all direct cards. All three operators are OK in recent Callbooks. Please DO NOT send QSLs via the PJ bureau!!! This is the group that builds and sends Battle Creek Special DXpedition antennas around the world to help put more countries on the low bands and encourage 160 meter activity. Please support them with a contest QSO. If you have any questions, please respond by InterNet E-mail to: george.guerin@kellogg.com, by phone, evenings at 616-968-2633, or by fax to 616-961-3381 starting the fax with "Attention George Guerin".


The Industry Canada Quebec Region has authorized all Canadian Amateurs to use special prefixes to mark the 50th anniversary of the end of the Holocaust from now until 2400z 29th February 1996. Canadian Amateurs may use special prefixes as follows: VA2 change to CG2, VA3-CG3, VA7-CG7, VE1-CF1, VE2-CF2, VE3-CF3, VE4-CF4, VE5-CF5, VE6-CF6, VE7-CF7, VE8-CF8, VE9-CF9, VO1-CZ1, VO2-CZ2, VY1-CK1 and VY2-CK2.


T30DP is currently on Kanton and is there on government business for a few weeks. Reports indicate that he will be active as T30DP/T31 on 20 meter only, but on the Ohio/Penn Network, he was spotted on 7012 kHz at 1300z. QSL via VK4CRR.


According to Jim Smith, VK9NS, the VK0WH logs covering 26th November - 31st December 1995 were received from Warren Hull via fax. Warren made slightly more than 200 contacts during that time. Jim anticipates receiving VK0WH logs on a monthly basis. Jim also received the VK0WH QSL cards from the printer, and he will QSL immediately upon receipt, assuming that he has the appropriate log in hand. There are, apparently, a couple of time slots of SLIM operation:
5th December 1000z 40M CW
16th December 1000/1100Z 40M CW
25th December 1100Z 40M CW


Mike, VS6WV, has left earlier than expected for XU-land, and he should be there by the time you read this. He states he will use the extra time to improve the 40/80 meters antennas and to try to figure a way to get a reasonable antenna up for 160 meters. He expects to be operational pretty much daily 1 hr before his sunset/sunrise. If he can get the 160 meters antenna up, he will give 80/160 meters most of his attention. Otherwise, it will be 80/40 meters CW with an occassional trip to 20 meters SSB. Suggested frequencies: 7007 QSX up 2-4 kHz, 3511 or 3517 QSX up 2-4 kHz and 1823.5 or 1829-31 QSX up (hopefully). QSL requests should continue to go to Mike Vestal, P.O.Box 2011, GPO, Hong Kong.


Rolf, XV7SW, has reportedly erected an Inverted L antennas for 80 and 160 meters over the holidays. He will also be adding an Inverted Vee for 40 meters. His location in downtown Hanoi is very noisy, so he may need to consider separate receiving antennas. Rolf is limited to 100 watts on the TopBand. The terms of his license limit him to specific frequencies. On CW listen for him at: 1827, 3505, 7013, 14016, 14021, 21016, 21019, 28016 and 28019 kHz. QSL direct to Rolf T Salme, Embassy of Sweden, Box 9, Hanoi, Vietnam or to his QSL Manager SM3CXS.


Yan, F5TCN, QSL Manager for YA9XL, reports he now has logs for December 1-9th. He also mentions he will try to get documentation and forward it to ARRL.


A team of 6 operators will activate the new prefix and callsign ZP73Y, from January 23-30th. The field-day like expedition to the country side, on a hill of about 700 meters high, will be operated totally based on generator power. They intend to be on all bands, but suggested frequencies are: 3795, 7045-60 (RX/TX) 7175 (RX), 14195, 21195 and 28395 kHz. QSL should go to ZP5WYV.


The SARL Cape Town Branch members will be active from this island located in Table Bay on the Atlantic Coast of Cape Town at the southern end of the African Continent. Robben Island is famous as the island on which President Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for over 20 years. This DXpedition was the planned by Barry, ZS1FJ, also known as ZL8/G4MFW (Kermadec Island) and VR6AB (Pitcairn Island). Barry and a team of operators consisting of ZS1CM, ZS1AU, ZS1B and ZS1AAX will be active from January 26-29th. Activity will be on all bands from 80-10 meters including WARC bands with operations on CW, SSB and RTTY. The planned callsign to be used will be ZS64RI and this will be a one time only operation. QSLs will go to KA1JC.


  1. January 1996: Robben Island part of AF-064. (READ ZS64)
  2. March 1996: unnumbered IOTA location in Southern Africa, called Cape Province - South Coast. This is an uninhabited island occupied by seals so thickly congregated that it will make landing and placement of a beam difficult. This is already approved by the IOTA committee of the RSGB, to whom I am indebted for their great assistance. The AF-IOTA number will be allocated after landing and making of 50 QSOs with 5 different countries, per IOTA rules.
  3. May 1996: Anticipated DXpedition to 3B6. This is a question of transport and will include a number of ZS-DXers.
  4. For those who were disappointed in not being able to QSO with me on ZL8, I am pleased to announce that I plan to be on ZL8 again in November, 1996. This should be a much better time for propagation than last May, 1995! Also, with the benefit of having operated there, I shall use another part of the island for a better line to Europe and Africa as well as to the USA which was the best last time. Equipment and antennas will be upgraded as well. CW will be catered for as well as SSB. More details in due course.
  5. I expect to be on another DXpedition to a Pacific destination with some US amateurs, but more about that at the appropriate time.
  6. In 1997, I am anticipating a DXpedition to Bouvet 3Y5, courtesy of the South African government, with provision for transportation to and from the Antarctica. I expect to be there at least 2 weeks with landing permission and license from the Norwegian government. More on this later, including an announcement of two illustrious DXpeditioners who will accompany the DXpedition.

Final Comments by Barry ZS1FJ/G4MFW: As in the case of my previous DXpeditions I do NOT expect to be financed by the amateur community (except for equipment for the Pacific item in #5 above which involves other amateurs) since I regard these trips as a great holiday and adventure. Please be patient with me in the pile-ups! Finally, I expect that my dear friend Phyllis KA1JC will be the QSL manager..... 73 de Barry ZS1FJ/G4MFW

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Additional information on the BERMUDA WORLDWIDE CONTEST

If you need any further information, please feel free to mail Larry Koolkin, VP9MZ, at 'lkoolkin@ibl.bm' - thanks!


  1. The Bermuda Contest shall be open to licensed amateurs worldwide.
  2. The contest period is from 0001 UTC March 16, 1996 to 2400 UTC March 17, 1996 (48 hours). Actual operating period is not to exceed 24 hours. Off periods are to be clearly logged and each is to be not less than 2 consecutive hours.
  3. ELIGIBILITY: All stations shall be single operator only. Previous winners are no longer restricted from competitive entry in the contest.
  4. BANDS: 3.5, 7, 14, 21 and 28 MHz amateur radio bands only are to be used. No cross band or cross mode contacts are permitted. Phone and CW may be used on the above bands.
  5. EXCHANGES: A valid report shall consist of RS(T) only. A contact with the same station on SSB and CW on a single band will count for QSO points only and not as an additional multiplier.
  6. SCORING: All valid contacts will be worth 5 points. For stations outside of Bermuda, the final score is the sum of QSO points for all bands multiplied by the number of countries on each band, then multiplied by the number of VP9 contacts on each band. Valid countries shall be taken from the most recent DXCC and WAE country list.
  7. AWARDS: The top score worldwide shall receive an engraved trophy which shall be mailed to them unless they choose to collect it in person at the Annual Banquet in October. Transportation to Bermuda will be provided by the Bermuda Department of Tourism and accomodation will be provided by the Palmetto Bay Hotel. The top score for each country shall receive a certificate, provided a minimum of 100 contacts is made, including at least 3 different VP9 call signs.
  8. LOGS: Each log, duplicate and other sheet must be clearly labelled with the operators' call sign and date (including year) and, where appropriate, band and mode. All dates and times must be stated in UTC and frequencies stated in Mhz. All contestants must compute their own score and check for duplicate contacts. Dupe sheets must be submitted for all bands which 200 or more contacts have been made. A penalty of 3 contacts will be deducted for every duplicate contact for which points are claimed. An excess of duplicate contacts will result in disqualification. A multiplier sheet of VP9 contacts must be provided. All contestants must provide a signed statement confirming they have observed the rules of the contest and the terms of their license. In addition, the contestant must provide their full name, station QTH, full mailing address and a contact telephone number. If any of the above conditions are not met, disqualification of the log will occur.
  9. ALL DECISIONS OF THE CONTEST COMMITTEE ARE FINAL. All logs must be received by the Contest Committee, P.O. Box HM275, Hamilton Bermuda HM AX not later than 11 a.m., Saturday, June 1, 1996. Overseas entries should be sent via AIR MAIL. Registered mail may also be used. Please enclose 4 IRCs if an air mail acknowledgement is required.

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