Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 238, January 15, 1996

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 238
BID: $OPDX.238
January 15, 1995
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
Online at 216-237-8208 14400/9600/2400/1200/300 8/N/1

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AD1C, WB2DND, K8YSE, WB8LFO, K9UWA, NS0B, DF4RD, DL9GOA & DX News Letter, F6ARA, G4BUE & DX NEWS SHEET, PA0ABM, PY7ZZ and VE9RHS the following DX information.


Daniel, 3A2LZ, reports his neighbour 3A2LU has been receiving QSLs for a station claiming to be 3A0IARU. This is not a legal station and this callsign has not been issued. 3A0 prefixes have not been issued since the mid-70's and this block of prefixes has now been "frozen". So, if you hear a 3A0 prefix, it is probably a SLIM.


JI3CEY will be active January 25th through February 1st. His callsign is unknown at this time, but he will be active on CW/SSB and 80-10 meters (including WARC bands). QSL to home call.


Albert, F2KN, will be here until January 21st and he will try to be active from 3V8BB on his evening hours after his work. He will be active only on SSB.


The DX NEWS Sheet reports that R0FL/3Y/MM was active at 2327z, January 8th, on 10101kHz saying Peter 1st Island! It was reported last year that UA9OBO and RW3GW (perhaps together with other operators) left St. Petersburg in June to take part in a scientific expedition to the Antarctic lasting several months. This may be the same group and they were talking about going to Bouvet Island which was scheduled for the beginning of November, 1995. Maybe the expedition is behind schedule.


Rudi, VE9RHS, reports that 1800 QSLs to date have been mailed. He wants everyone to have a little patience, they (cards) are on their way, and all QSL cards received are now processed daily. Rudi also reports that apparently a number (HUNDREDS) have been sending their cards via the bureau to KC0PA. These are ending up at the Zero QSL Bureau. Tim is not listed at the bureau and does not have envelopes there. Rudi has arranged to have the QSLs on hand at the Zero QSL Bureau shipped to him. This is expensive, and hopefully they will not be all insurance cards. All cards not addressed "via VE9RHS" from this date forward will probably be placed in the burn bag. The Zero QSL Bureau and Rudi do not have the funds to keep forwarding these cards. SO PLEASE ADDRESS THEM CORRECTLY. Rudi has received approximately 50 QSL CARDS that he cannot confirm. If you worked a station reporting to be 4U/KC0PA during the period of 2nd May 1995 to 25th May 1995, "YOU WORKED A PIRATE ". Tim was stateside at that time and not even in S0-land. Also, Rudi has received a number of cards for different bands while Tim was active on 20 meters. Unfortunately, Tim only has one radio, so he could not work two bands at the same time.


Gerard, F2JD (S79JD, 5Z4JD, etc...), is on the way to Malagasy, but due to his workload waiting for him upon his arrival, he does not expect to be active until next month. He will stay there probably until September. Gerard hopes to active on all bands (WARC included) on CW, SSB and RTTY after he gets the licence (of course!). QSL via F6AJA.


Jerry, WB8LFO, QSL Manager for both station reports the following: "Cards for 5R8KH (Karl), will go out as soon as he receives more logs. Last logs recieved were at the end of 1994...... 8P9CW (Dan, N8DCJ) operations in 1995. I (Jerry) have received nothing in the way of logs or cards. This is inspite of the many phone calls to Dan and promises to send the info to me. I know Dan has moved so his callbook address is not good. If I can't get Dan to send me the data, I will forward those cards I have received to Dan. I will advise as to the outcome through the OPDX Bulletin....."


The people at the UN have requested the OPDX Bulletin to print the following statement: "According to Bill Kennamer, K5FUV, "Administrator of the DXCC", operations using the United Nations calls (/4U) are accepted only if officially authorized by the ONU H.Q. (NEW YORK)."


Bob, K1WGM, plans to be active as HK0/K1WGM for the ARRL DX Contest in February. This will be mostly a low band operation. QSL direct to K1WGM, Bob Annsell, 1 Archer St, Swampscott Ma. 01907.

KH9 DXPEDITION (Delayed one week)

The Dateline DX Association announced this week that due to transportation difficulties out of Honolulu, the DXpedition team has been forced to delay their trip by one week. They report that their equipment was shipped to Wake Island and have already arrived. They state, "We are definitely going". Start looking for AL7EL/KH9 beginning February 1, 1996, through February 7, 1996. A full announcement will appear this weekend which will include their E-mail address on Wake Island and URL address.


John, K9UWA, and Jean, N9PXF, are going to P4-land for the CQWW 160 CW Contest January 26-28th, as a multi-operator entry. The contest callsign will be P40I. The contest exchange should be "5NNARU". They should be active from January 14th through January 29th. There will be lots of low band activity before and after the contest. Outside the contest, callsign may be P40/K9UWA. All QSLs may be sent direct to K9UWA at 4836 Ranch Road, Leo IN 46765 USA or via the bureau. Please send SASE or SAE plus IRC or green stamps for postage with all direct cards. Please do not send QSLs to the P4 bureau.

Mike, K4PI, will also be active from Aruba. He will once again be signing as P49I from January 22-29th. Mike will participate in the 160m CQWW DX-CW-Contest. Outside the contest, Mike plans to work the lowbands and the WARC bands.


Fred, PY7ZZ, reports that WX9X informed him that PY0FZ cards were airmailed to him on January 11th. So, Fred thinks that he will be answering cards in 15 days or so. He has already received a lot of cards most of them with 1 greenstamp which he has recently found isn't sufficient to pay return mail. A few guys sent extra-money with their QSL, so he will use it to cover the red balance of QSLs. He hopes the extra-money will be sufficient to cover the cards that he received. He would like to ask you guys to consider sending IRCs next time.


Alan/NS0B, John/WC0W and Robert/WG9L will be active during the ARRL DX CW Contest in February. The three operators plan to be there (barring any transportation problems) from February 14-19th. This mainly will be a contest effort but there will be some operation outside the contest, mainly on CW but perhaps a little SSB, probably starting on February 15th after 1800z. Activity will be on 160-10 meters but no WARC bands (no antennas). Call sign to be used for the contest will be V31EV, but each operator will be using his own V3 call outside the contest. Look for NS0B signing V31EV, WC0W signing V31TP, and WG9L's callsign has yet to be determined. QSLs for the contest go to NS0B, for non-contest QSOs go to the individual operators USA call.


The OH2BUA WebCluster is now capable of receiving input from the InterNet. The direct URL address to the last 15 spots, 3 announcements, 3 WWV's and the input form is:

ADDED NOTE: Jukka's OH2BUA WebCluster is now linked to the NODXA's homepage (via K8YSE homepage, http://www.en.com/users/k8yse/nodxa/html) which always has the current OPDX Bulletin and at least 10 previous OPDX Bulletins available.


Adri, PA3BWS, will be traveling January 16th, to Savanna Khet in Laos for a family visit. He will try to obtain a licence for his NEXT trip to Laos (in 1997).

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