Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 245, March 5, 1996

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DX Bulletin No. 245
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March 5, 1996
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
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Nikolay, 3W5FM (home call UA0FM), continues to be active every day from 1400z on 7005 kHz CW and from 1530z 7045 kHz SSB with Sergey, UA0WY, running a list operation. QSL direct: P.O. Box 66, Vladimir, 600011, Russia. The 3W5FM operation may end in May (1996).


Beginning next spring, a station from UNESCO (in Paris) will be active probably with the 4U1SCO callsign (QSL via F5SNJ). The UNESCO will commemorate their 50th year annivesary on November 4th.


Erich, DJ1PV, will be in the Philippines from March 12th to April 16th and plans to stay mainly in Mauban, on Quezon (OC-042). His travels include a trip to Polillo Island (OC-091), but exact dates are not known yet. His license does not allow him to work on 1.8, 18, 24 and 14.100-14.275 MHz, so look for Erich on 14.275 and/or 21.260 MHz. His DU callsign was not mentioned.


Last week OPDX reported that Floyd, W5MUG, would be active from Little Cayman with W5AU and N5OCD. Since then, OPDX has learned Honor Roll DXer and Contester Floyd Teetson, W5MUG, and his wife Winnie, WN5YTR, were found brutally murdered near the small town of Heflin, LA. OPDX would like to wish the friends and family of Floyd and Winnie our deepest sympathy. (Also read ARLB014.)


Many have been asking "WHEN and WHERE is FR5HR?" Jean, F6ARA, provides the latest following schedule: FT5W from February 29 to March 5th, FT5X from March 9 to 15th and FT5Z from March 18 to 24th.


Bill, KQ4GC, will be active as KG4GC from March 8-14th. He will be on all bands with SSB and RTTY. QSL via KQ4GC, Bill Gallier, 4094 Sandy Run Drive, E., Middleburg, FL 32068 with a SASE.


LA5VK, LA7XJA and LA1BJA will be signing JW5VK, JW7XJA and JW1BJA respectively, from March 7-11th. They will try to be active on all bands, including WARC, CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via LA5VK. Tom, LA1BJA, states, "JW is not exactly the most wanted DXCC, but if you have any special modes/bands where you miss activity from JW, send me a little note by e-mail (tomrune@itek.norut.no)". Tom has also setup a WWW Home-Page for the expedition, where they have some pictures from their last trip. The Home-Page is: http://la3t.itek.norut.no/jw/jw_exp.html


Pierluigi, IK1EDC, will be leaving for Buenos Aires March 8th and will stay in LU-land until April 8th. His callsign will be LU/IK1EDC. He may possibly activate a few IOTA islands in the Buenos Aires Province East Group and Santa Cruz Province North Group during his stay.


The RSGB Islands on the Air (IOTA) Programme has a new address to be used only for enquiries and administration purposes: RSGB IOTA Programme, PO Box 9, Potters Bar, Herts EN6 3RH, England. This address is NOT to be used for QSL checking or IOTA award applications; all UK and overseas Country Assistants remain in place as before. ADDED NOTE: The RSGB will be disbanding the existing IOTA Committee and will establish a new IOTA Committee as a Full Committee of the Society. The RSGB which has been very supportive of the IOTA programme and has been impressed with its growth in recent years, the Society wishes to give the IOTA programme full recognition.



EA3NY plans to operate from S0 land during the CQWW SSB WPX Contest (March 30-31) as a Single Op/Multiband station. Activity will be on 10-80 meters. His callsign has not been announced, but he will probably use S01EA.


Franco, I4LCK, and Onda, IK4SDY, will be active from Majo Island (AF-052) from March 27th through April 3rd. They plan to be active on 160-10 meters using a 500 watt amplifier, a R7 vertical and dipoles.


VK8NSB will be active from IOTA OC-173, located in the Northern Territory (Arafura Sea Coast) West Group, March 15-18th. VK8NSB reports he received special permission by the aboriginals on the island. QSL only direct to VK4AAR (1995 or 1996 CBA).


DA4RG, will be active as VP8BPZ, from mid May until mid September. He currently does not have firm plans of activity, but states this will be a SSB only operation with NO nets or lists. QSL via GW8VHI or to the bureau to DA4RG. No QSLs will be sent out until his return from the Falklands (around November).


The "Guernsey Amateur Radio Index" has a WWW page at: http://www.guernsey.net/~amateur_radio/


With the recent postponement of the XZ1R operation from Yangon, many have wondered whether or not the April XZ1N DXpedition will be allowed to proceed. According to Wayne, KF7AY, things still look very promising. Some regulatory matters between the Myanmar military and related ministries need to be ironed out, but word from Yangon is encouraging and chances are good that the DXpedition will be allowed to proceed as originally planned. However, final approval is still pending and will not be passed on to Wayne until March 4th. STAY TUNED! (All OPDX InterNet subscribers will receive an addition bulletin that will contain the complete press release by Wayne, KF7AY.)


Look for ZY5A to be active March 9th and 10th, on SSB and on 10-80 meters. There will also be activity on the Brazil DX Net (21225 or 14240 KHz, 1150z). ZY5A will be active from the Santa Marta Lighthouse (DFB SC-012) which counts for the "Brazilian Lighthouses Award". QSL via PP5SZ, Pedro Sirzanink, Rua Padre Roma 194/704, Florianopolis/SC, 88010-090, Brazil. Also look for ZW5CIA (which is located at the Ararangua Lighthouse DFB SC-13) to be active March 28-30th, on CW/SSB, 10-80 meters, and on the Brazil DX Net. QSL via PP5VB, PO Box 13, Imbituba/SC, 88780-000, Brasil.


The Association of Radio Amateurs of the Republic of Mexico (ARARM) extends an invitation to amateurs worldwide to join in attending their 36th annual convention to be held this year in Uruapan, Mexico. The dates are July 18, 19 and 20, 1996. Uruapan is located in the Mexican State of Michoacan in the Western Sierra Madre's. The convention site is the Plaza Uruapan Hotel and Resort with accmmodation ranging from $21.50 to $26.90. Additional rooms will be available at the Mansion de Cupatitzio for slighly higher prices. Flights in and out of Uruapan are via Mexico City and recommended airlines are America West, Aero Mexico and Aeromar. The ARARM Conventions are very well attended by hundreds of Mexican amateurs and their families. Separate programs for the spouses (cultural tours, etc.) will be organized. This year's convention will include break-outs on emergency communications, satellite, packet radio, a DX forum, antennas, and more. Information via Sergio Valdes Sada, XE2RJ, International Liaison for ARARM, by telephone: 5283 + 35 33 68 or 5283 * 35 71 13 or 5283 + 35 34 76

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Additional bulletin for OPDX InterNet Subscribers

The following was received from Martti Laine, OH2BH today.

Bangkok, Wednesday, 21st of February


This week's announced XZ1R operation is further postponed. Several regulatory issues still need to be worked out between the military and the ministries involved before amateur radio can freely proceed on a permanent footing.

It is now clearly learnt that when amateur radio was suspended in 1962, the military had a reason to fear that amateur radio was used as a means to pass sensitive information across the boarders and into the regions within Burma under rebel rule. The fact that amateur radio was also extensively used in the opposing Karen State (XZ9A & 1Z9A) without license from the Ministry of PT, has added to the current sensitivity.

The recent efforts have been successful in showing the Government the clear benefits of the amateur radio service. Now patience is needed while the different parties will sort out their questions and concerns. Only selected demonstrations will be allowed for the next several months.

The final approval for the planned XZ1N operation in early April is still pending, but the final decision is expected early next week.

Myanmar is another Buddhist country with lots of treasures and temples- very exciting to visit and experience. Petri, OH2KNB obtained Buddha's prediction for the near future, at the leading Buddhist temple- it clearly reads....

"No sorrow, family and friends are enjoyable, but yourself seems unhappily restless. Recommend making some merits and donations. Get rid of greed and you shall gain a peace of mind. Good luck approaching. Lost items recovered. Affectionate loving care interchanged. Patient recovering. Other matters also good in general..."

So, according to Buddha, good times for the Deserving are still ahead of us- for those who are not greedy!

OH2BH, OH2BE and OH2KNB have arrived in Bangkok, Thailand today, Wednesday.

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