Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 247, March 18, 1996

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DX Bulletin No. 247
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March 18, 1996
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, N3AHA, WA6BXH, KF7AY, DL2OBF, DF4RD, F6AJA & LNDX, HP2CWB, JA1QGT, OH2BDP, PT2BW, XE2CQ, ZR5DTS and ZS5IR/ZS6RI for the following DX information.


Javier, XE2CQ, will be traveling to 3V-land and will be there April 14-24th. He will be operating as a guest operator at their club station as 3V8BB. He will be there mainly on business, so as time permits, he will be active on all bands, CW/SSB (CW QSX 1 kHz up and SSB 5 kHz up). He will try to be looking for West Coast stations on the low bands when propagation permits. He states you can only use 100 watts maximum power in 3V-land. ADDED TRIPS: On Javier's return trip from 3V, he will try to visit EA9 land and try to spend about 3 to 4 days there. He may operate from there. Also he will be in ZB2 land for couple days and try to do some operating. QSL via AA6BB.


Hein, DL2OBF, reports cards have not been sent out yet for the German operation that took place November 22-29th (1995), due to problems with the printer. The German team was active as 3V8BB in last year's CQWW CW Contest. Hein states that as soon as the QSLs are printed, anyone who contacted 3V8BB in that week of operation will automatically get a confirmation, either direct or via bureau. So, please be patient! The QSL delay is not the fault of the operators!


Claude, F5GTW (QSL manager for FT5WE), has received the first logs from FT5WE at the end of February for the 28th December to January 8th period (around 980 QSOs). The direct cards have been answered and are in the mail. Sam, FT5WE, will be based on Crozet for about one year. On 40 meters he only runs 100 watts to vertical antenna, but in approximately two weeks (around the beginning of April), he expects to be active on 80 meters running approximately 500 watts to a dipole up about 10 meters (30 feet). QSL via F5GTW.


Ricardo/HP2CTM, Jose/HP2CWB, Emilio/ HP2DFU and Manuel/HP2ECP, operators from the Province of Colon (HP2), will be active April 5-6th. They will be active with the special callsign H99I with operations on 10-40 meters and the common IOTA frequencies CW/SSB. QSL via HP2CTM, Ricardo Lee, P.O.Box 152, Colon, Republic of Panama. The team will leave early morning on the 7th, but they plan to make brief stops (about an hour) in three Panamanian Provinces to be active on the air. Look for the following special callsigns and Provinces on 20 meters: H95H (Provinces of Herrera), H88C (Cocle8) and HO1P (Panama). QSL routes for all three callsigns (H95H, H88C, HO1P) is via HP2CWB, direct to Jose NG Lee, Disney International, PTY-201, P.O. Box 02-5275, Miami, FL 33102-5275, U.S.A. Include SAE and a green stamp (Please NO U.S. postage because cards will be mailed out using the regular Panamanian mail system).


A group of Finnish operators will be active during the weekend of March 19-24th (weather permitting). Activity will be on all bands (on the usual DX frequencies) CW/SSB. The following callsigns (and QSL routes) will be used: OH0MB via OH0RJ, OJ0/OH1VR via OH1VR and OJ0/OH2KI via OH2KI.


PW2A will be the special callsign of Ari, PT2BW, during the following contests: BARTG Spring RTTY, CQ WW WPX (SSB/CW) and EA RTTY. QSL all operations preferably via the bureau.


The Japanese Amateur Radio in Australia (JARA) IOTA Group have planned an operation to this island located in the New South Wales State Centre Group (Australia). There has never been an Amateur Radio Operation from this island and since this will be the first time an operation will take place, the RSGB will issue an IOTA number after this operation takes place. Permission for the operation was given by the Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service. Operation will take place April 6th (Approx. 0100z) to April 7th (Approx. 0400z), but if there is unacceptable weather conditions on the 6th, they will start the following day. Operator Atsu/VK2BEX, Chris/VK2FHY and Ken/VK2IAZ will be using the special callsign VK2BRT. The suggested frequency: CW - 7030, 14030 and 21030 kHz // SSB - 7055, 14260 and 21260 kHz. QSL via VK2BEX direct to Mr. Atsu Asahina, PO BOX 19, 5 Killara, NSW 2071 Australia or via the bureau.


This operation took place March 1-3rd. Ace, N3AHA operated from the Northern Territory of Australia, VK8DX, including the ARRL DX SSB contest March 2-3rd. QSL via N3AHA, Ace Jansen, 42857 Hollywood Park Place, Ashburn, VA 20147. This is for VK8DX operations in 1996-1997 only.


In Bob's, KK6EK, press release last week, Bob announced the complete team which will travel to Heard Island. The team will consist of 20 operators representing 9 countries. Operators are: EA8AFJ (Michel Sabatino), G0LMX (Vincent Denecker), HB9AHL (Willy Rusch), JH4RHF (Junicho Tanaka), KA6W (Ted Algren), K0IR (Ralph Fedor), K4UEE (Bob Allphin), K9AJ (Mike McGirr), KK6EK (Robert Schmieder), N6EK (Bob Fabry), (NP4IW) Carlos Nascimento, ON6TT (Peter Casier), PA3DUU (Arie Nugteren), RA3AUU (Igor "Harry" Booklan), VK2TQM (David Muller), W6OTC (Glenn Vinson), W8FMG (Wes Lamboley), WA0PUJ (Glenn Johnson), WA3YVN (Al Hernandez) and 9V1YC (James Brooks). Bob was also pleased to announce that the Northern California DX Foundation (NCDXF) has authorized a grant of $20,000 to support the expedition. Remember to take a look at the HI's Web pages: http://www.ccnet.com/~cordell/


Warren, KF7AY, reports the members of the Central Arizona DX Association which were to conduct a large-scale DXpedition to the Union of Myanmar from April 2nd through April 12, 1996, have announced that the XZ1N DXpedition has been postponed. For the immediate future, the door to amateur radio in the Union of Myanmar will be closed. There have arisen a number of unsettled regulatory matters between the military and several ministries which must first be sorted out before any further amateur radio activity can proceed. It would seem that the same regulatory issues that resulted in the sudden and unexpected postponement of the XZ1R operation have lead to the same action for XZ1N. ATTENTION OPDX INTERNET SUBSCRIBERS: You will be receiving an additional bulletin which will contain the whole press release by Warren, KF7AY. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Your editor was channel hopping on the family TV set (BOY does my wife hate when I do this!) and came across "The Learning Channel (TLC)" which had a program on Myanmar. If you have a listing of their programing (which I do not), you may want to watch this interesting program. If someone can find out the next showing, I will be glad to publish it.


Chris, ZS5IR/ZS6RI, has announced that he will be accompanying the 53rd Marion Island Relief Expedition as a Medical Officer. Marion Island is a small (290km2) island approximately halfway between Cape Town and Antarctica. It must have one of the environments least interfered with by man. This island only has a population of about ten people, each of whom are there on a fourteen month contract. The team usually consists of a diesel generator mechanic, three meteorolgists, a radio technician, and a medical officer. The other team members are made up of researchers who are interested in the wildlife (Penguins, elephant seals, albatrosses and other bird life) or plants on the island. Chris will be active from the beginning of May 1996 until they leave the island in June or July 1997. He will NOT be using the usual ZS8MI callsign, but he has been given a special unique callsign ZS8IR. Marion Island is IOTA AF-021. The base camp's Gridsquare locator is KE83WC. He will be active on all bands (160 to 6 meters) on SSB, CW and RTTY. Chris will be using mostly wire antennas (rhombics & V beams) due to very strong wind gusts of up to 200 km/h!!!. He hopes to be active during most large contests. All QSL requests go via Chris Burger, ZS6EZ (ex-ZS6BCR). Chris will be sending logs to him every two weeks.

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Additional bulletin for OPDX InterNet Subscriber

Date: Fri Mar 15 19:30:51 1996
From: kf7ay@getnet.com (Warren Hill)
Subject: XZ1N DXpedition Postponed
To: dx@ve7tcp.ampr.org
Reply-To: kf7ay@getnet.com (Warren Hill)

The recently announced XZ1N DXpedition has been postponed.

For the immediate future, the door to amateur radio in the Union of Myanmar will be closed. There have arisen a number of unsettled regulatory matters between the military and several ministries which must first be sorted out before any further amateur radio activity can proceed. It would seem that the same regulatory issues that resulted in the sudden and unexpected postponement of the XZ1R operation have lead to the same action for XZ1N.

Those of us who have worked closely with members the Myanmar government are confident that the overwhelming success of the XZ1A operation from Yangon will be the foundation upon which future demonstration projects can be built. With the right input, one day we may even see the establishment of a new and permanent amateur radio service with licensure of Myanmar nationals. However, that day remains some distance off in the future.

So, those of you with XZ1A cards should treasure them. It may be a while before contacts flow freely once again from the Union of Myanmar. The members of the XZ1N team remain in good spirits and optimistic that in the near future we may be fortunate enough to offer this location to many of the Deserving.

Best 73 de Warren/KF7AY.

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