Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 250, April 15, 1996

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 250
BID: $OPDX.250
April 15, 1996
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, NE8Z, KJ4VH, N4YGY, NL7TB, NM7M, N8BJQ, KY0A, 9K2EC, 9K2HN, DF4RD, DL7VOA, DL9GOA & DX News Letter, F6AJA, G3NYY, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, IS0JMA, JH1NBN, JH6RTO, and VE7ZVZ for the following DX information.

7O, YEMEN. The DXNS report that Paul, F6EXV, is working on permission to operate from here and says that although correspondence with the authorities has been slow he is hopeful of another operation.

8P, BARBADOS. A couple of operators will be traveling here to be active over the next few weeks. Look for David, VE3VET, and Joe, VE3BW, to be active from April 20-27th, as 8P9IJ and 8P9IK. QSL to their home calls. Also, look for Bernd, DJ1TO, and Baerbel, DL7UTO, to be active April 24th through May 6th, signing 8P9IR and 8P9IU.

9K5, KUWAIT (SPECIAL PREFIX!). Hamad, 9K2HN, reports that Kuwait stations are now allowed to use this special prefix from April 7th until May 7th. The resaon for this prefix is to inform the world that Kuwait still has POWs held in Iraq for over 5 years now. A special QSL card will be issued for this event.

DINNER BANQUET UPDATE. The Southwest Ohio DX Association is pleased to announce the Eleventh Annual DX Dinner which will be held on Friday, May 17th, at the Stouffer Renaissance Hotel, Dayton, OH. There will be a cash bar at 6:30 with dinner at 7:15. The program will be "Visit Myanmar Year - 1996, The Opening of Burma" by Wayne Mills, N7NG. Tickets must be purchased in advance, and are available from Tom Inglin, NR8Z, 4061 Eaton Rd, Hamilton OH 45013. Tickets are $29.00. Please make your check payable to SWODXA, and send an SASE for ticket return. Seats are still available. All seats will be reserved. For further information on the dinner, contact Steve Bolia, N8BJQ, at (513) 429-9954 voice/ (513) 429-0218 fax or via Internet at n8bjq@erinet.com

FM, MARTINIQUE. You might be able to catch Bruno, F5JYD, and Eric, F5SSM, before they leave on April 18th. Both are signing FM/honecall. Their activity will be on SSB and operating on 15, 17, 20, 40 and 80 meters. There may also be some operations from St. Lucia (J6).

HC8, GALAPAGOS. Starting next weekend, look for DF1VU, DL4VCG and DK5VP to be on the air signing homecall/HC8 between April 21st and May 10th. They will mainly be on 40-10 meter between 1400-1800z running 700 watts into a 2 element Quad. Outside of this time period there is no power on the island, but they are thinking about working with 50 watts from a battery. QSLs via homecalls.

IY0GA, MARCONI SPECIAL EVENT STATION. Begin looking for this station from April 19-21st. The station will be active from the lighthouse on Cape Figari Golfo Aranci (MT. 340), Sardinia Island, where Guglielmo Marconi carried out a microwave test with Rocca Di Papa (Rome) on August 11, 1932. IY0GA will be active on all modes and bands including activity on OSCAR 10 and 13 (MODE B). QSL via IS0JMA, Roberto Alaimo, P.O. Box 41, 07026 OlBIA (SS) Sardinia Island, Italy. JUST A REMINDER: This is just one station among many other stations which is included in the Cornish Radio Amateur Club Cornwall, U.K., that will participate during the "International Marconi Day", April 20th.

NEW BOOK. Bob Brown, NM7M, who writes the propagation column for Worldradio, has written a book, "The Little Pistol's Guide to HF Propagation", and it has finally rolled off Worldradio Books' presses. He expects that it will be available at the Visalia DX Convention and certainly the Dayton Hamvention. If you're intested in HF propagation, you might check out the book at these conventions or watch for the next issue of Worldradio for an announcement.

PIRATE DEPARTMENT..... Abdulmohsen Al-Ajeel, 9K2EC, reports that a pirate is using his callsign on 80 meter SSB. 9K2EC states he personally has NO antennas for 80 meters, plus he never uses SSB on any band (VERY VERY RARELY if he does!). The pirate claims his name is "Murcado"..... There has been a rash of KH6 pirates operating lately. Investigate your contact before QSLing.....

QSL INFO FOR DX1EA, YV5A, CP6/OH0XX, CP6AA AND OH0XX/DU1. Send your QSLs to Olli Rissanen, OH0XX, Suite 599, 1313 So. Military Trail, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442, U.S.A

QSL INFO. Dr. Rick Dorsch, NE8Z, informs OPDX that he is the new QSL Manager for Roberto Camacho, HC6CR - HD6CR. He can confirm any old QSOs that Roberto has made. Roberto is probably the most active DXer in Ecuador on the digital mode. QSLs should be sent to only the 1996 CBA: Dr. Rick Dorsch, P.O. Box 616, Hamburg, MI 48139-0616, USA.

S7, SEYCHELLES. Gerard, F2JD/5R8EN, is currently back on Seychelles Island for about one or two weeks. He doesn't have a rig with him, but he has taken a keyer with him and if he can find a rig he will reactivate the callsign S79JD. On his return trip to Malagasy, he will stay few days on Reunion Island and may use FR/F2JD. Also, look for Seiji, JH6RTO, to be active from Seychelles from April 29th to May 5th. He expects to sign S79SF. QSL via JH6RTO, Seiji Fukushima, 2-183-A207, Soubudai, Zama City 228, Japan.

TI9, COCOS ISLAND. JH1NBN, TI5RLI, TI5KD, JI3ERV and 7L2RPY will be active from here beginning around April 26th and they will return to Costa Rica May 5th. The callsigns to be used are TI9X for HF and TE9RLI for satellite operations. Activity will be on 160-6 meters using the usual DX frequencies. Also, look for them on AO-13 and AO-10. QSL via JH1NBN (CBA). Please use return envelope bigger than 4 inch X 6 inch.

UNITED STATES ISLAND (USI) AWARDS PROGRAM NEWS....... NL7TB and sons may be on from Harper Island, WA (new- Sprague Lake/Adams County) on Saturday, April 20th, starting around 1730Z. (PLEASE NOTE: This wind swept lake is usually turbulent. Harper Island is about one-half mile from shore. If no activity takes place, the island will be scouted out for a future trip.... ... Barren Island update (NEW! AK-95S). Everthing is a go (refer to OPDX.242). Rick, N6IV, has the ferry tickets in hand and John, NL7TB, has purchased his airline ticket to Anchorage. They are booked with Ultimate Charters for their July 4th operatioin. Wish them good WX and propagation!

V5, NAMIBIA. Charlie, KY0A, will once again be active from here during July and August of this year. The callsign this year will be V5/ZS6YG. Charlie mentions he will be active mostly as a mobile station in the northern part of the country but mainly from Etosha National Pan. He has outfitted the van with a 500 watt amplifier in hopes to satisfy those that he could not work on the WARC bands last year. All QSLs go to KY0A. Please, no QSLs to the ZS Bureau. In all likelihood these will never be answered. Also, Charlie informs OPDX that WB0HBS, KV0Q, W8UVZ and himself will be going to Namibia on February 10, 1997, for an all band effort in the ARRL CW contest next year. The operation will take place from the Lighthouse in Luderitz. They plan to concentrate on the low bands and the WARC bands outside the contest. Gary, K9AY, is again supplying the low band antennas. They will phase two of his verticals for 160 meters as well as having a beverage for receiving capability. They will also have a Cushcraft R-7 and A4S tribander along. Charlie is not yet sure of the callsign that they will be using, but for right now, it is again V5/ZS6YG. However, Charlie is going to stop and see a Mr. Schutte, the head of the PTT, and request V52YG, the original call they requested several years ago before a glitch in the process arose. Charlie really does not expect any problems as they are quite cooperative and eager to assist the amateur community. Updates will be forthcoming in the future.

V7, MARSHALL ISLAND. Bob, WW1V, will be active May 2-14th as V73W from Kwajalein. Activity will be mostly SSB but some CW, and there will be an emphasis on 40 meters. QSL to home call.

UPCOMING VHF CONTEST STATION. The Mountain DX Club of Port Coquitlam, British Columbia would like to announce a VHF expedition to the 8,000 ft peak (or near it) of Blackcomb Mountain at Whistler, British Columbia for the CQ World Wide VHF Contest July 13-14th. The Mountain DX Club is an informal group of amateurs out to exploit some very rare grids and to help VHF DXers collect a few extra grid squares. They will be active on 6m, 2m and 70cm with 100 watts and a longboom yagis. Due to the remoteness of the site anything higher has been deemed impractical. The Grid Square is CO80, and to the best of their knowledge has never been seriously worked on VHF before. This expedition has been made possible due to the generous support of CQ VHF Magazine and the Blackcomb Mountain Ski Corporation. Their yet unapproved callsign is hoped to be VA7SKI. In the event that the approval is not granted the call VE7VDX will be used.

WANTS TO BE A QSL MANAGER. Chris Penick, N4YGY, is willing to offer his services as a QSL Manager for some deserving DX station. He can be contacted at 1-704-264-757, on Packet at N4YGY@KD4OM.#HKY.NC.USA.NA or via InterNet at cpenick@appstate.campus.mci.net

ZD8, ASCENSION ISLAND. Des, G0DEZ, will be active from late May until the end of 1996 with the callsign ZD8DEZ. His activity will be concentrated on HF and 50 MHz, mostly CW, but also with a little RTTY and SSB. There will be some QRP activity around the recognised QRP frequencies. Times of operation are not known due to the unpredictable nature of Des's shift-working. However, he intends to be be active in all major contests for the remainder of 1996. All QSLs should be via bureau to G0DEZ or direct to: Des Watson, 12 Chadswell Heights, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS13 6BH, ENGLAND. PLEASE, send NO QSL cards to Ascension Island!

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