Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 253, May 6, 1996

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 253
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May 6, 1996
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
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3C0, ANNOBON ISLAND (Pagalu). Paul, WT8S, spoke with Teo, EA6BH, recently on RTTY and was told Teo has plans to return to Equatorial Guinea (3C) next month. While he is there, he will try to get to 3C0 to operate.

3V8BB STATION'S OPERATING PERMITS. Javier, XE2CQ, who recently operated from here states the station's permit will only allow operations on 10, 15, 20, 40, 80 and 160 meters operating on CW, RTTY and SSB with 100 watts. While Javier was there, he tried to get a permit for the WARC bands, but did not receive it. He mentioned Mohamd and Hatm, who are in charge of the 3V8BB club station, are still trying to get all the proper permits to activate the other bands.

3W, VIETNAM. This will be the last week to work Nikolay, UA0FM, as 3W5FM, because he will be leaving on May 9th. He will fly to Moscow on his holiday and will be active from Sakhalin Island as UA0FM in July. He will be on Sakhalin until October or November before he returns to 3W-land. East Coast USA look for him between 1200-1300z on or around 14018 or 14195 kHz. QSL via P.O. Box 66, Vladimir 600011, Russia. Also, Toly, 3W5RS, has been active on 20, 30 and 40 meters CW. Check as early as 0500z and as late as 1430z on 20 and 30 meters. On 40 meters, watch around 1815z or 1400z. QSL via P.O. Box 303, Vung Tau, Vietnam.

7Q, MALAWI. Karl, WF5A, is here until around May 18th, operating as 7Q7KH. He is in the bush, near Vwaza Marsh National Park on the Zambia border, operating with 100w and G5RV as often as work and the hippos permit. Activity is on CW/SSB and most bands. QSL WF5A.

9H, MALTA. The DXNS report Ruben, DL4VCR, will be active May 22nd to June 21st as 9H3II with emphasis on 160 meters. QSL to home call.

9N, NEPAL. Kyoko --- famous for her big Pacific trip in 1990 and 91, and for a previous Nepal operation --- is back in Nepal as a volunteer worker and is on the air signing 9N1KY, which she used previously. She was reported on 21228 kHz on May 1st around 1100-1200z by the JA Cluster, on 7072 kHz around 1945z and on 3797 kHz around 2030z. She will be in Nepal until July.

C6, BAHAMAS. Bill, KM1E, is active now until June 12th as C6AGN from Green Turtle Cay. He will be concentrating on the new bands and 6 meters. QSL via KA1DIG.

CALL FOR VOTES: "Internet Usenet Newsgroup for DXers". Frank, W3LPL, has informed OPDX that a "Call for Votes" (CFV) has been initiated for an Internet Usenet Newsgroup for the DX community, to be known as:

The complete text of the CFV, dated 3rd May, can be obtained at the Usenet Newsgroup: news.announce.newsgroups Or you can obtain the complete text of the CFV by sending an e-mail addressed to:
The text of the message should read:
request CFV for rec.radio.amateur.dx
Anyone who downloads the CFV text must be careful to NOT redistribute the full text or extracts of the CFV because the Usenet voting procedure considers this to be voting fraud, and this could invalidate the request for this new DXers newsgroup. A Message like this pointing people to the CFV is perfectly okay.

ET, ETHIOPIA (on RTTY!). Waldemar, DK3VN, has recently talked to Peter, ET3BN on 20 meters. Peter told him he is active on RTTY now. When the conditions are good look for him around 1800-1900z on 14085 kHz (+/-QRM). Peter prefers cards direct to POB 150194, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. Also, look for ET3SID on RTTY around the same frequency and time.

HB0, LIECHTENSTEIN. F6ELE, F1PNA and F6HKA will be active from the Principality of Liechtenstein, from July 13-20th. There will be two stations active at the same time from 160-10 meters.

IOTA NEWS.... Min, HL1SSG, will be involved in a DXpedition to Jebu Island, Korea (AS-105) with the members of KDXC (Korean DX Club). Their activity will be from May 24-26th. They will begin to operate around 0500z on May 24th and continue until around 0500z May 26th (48 hours). Their equipments are two HF TRCV's and a linear amplifier, and 6 element Yagi for upper bands, and a dipole for 160, 80, 40, and 30 meter bands. The callsign DS0DX/2 will be used for the operation. Jebu Island is located 1.5 miles off west coast of Korea, and was first activated on July 16, 1993 by KDXC (HL93A/2 was callsign). QSL manager is HL1XP direct or via bureau.

ISLAND HOPPING AGAIN. Well known DXer, Ron, ZL1AMO, is at it again. Last weekend Ron was on Fiji, but this past weekend he was active from Western Kiribati as T30BH. His length of stay is unknown at this time, but as always Ron can be found mainly on CW usually on 40 or 20 meters. He was heard on SSB at 3795 kHz around 0930z. QSL via ZL1AMO.

JX, JAN MAYEN (UPDATE). As reported last week, Per, LA7DFA, is now active as JX7DFA and has been very active on 20 meters (around 14008 kHz) CW. He seems to be active around several different various times throughout the day. Per is primarly a CW operator, but has been heard on SSB. He has antennas up for 160-2 meters at his eastern QTH. Per is into special bands/modes like 144mhz and EME that does not give him much time for "straight HF QSO's". For those that need him on RTTY, check Fridays somewhere between 1000-1400z. He had been working Japan early and stateside later. He was heard saying he will be active on 6 meters during June and July.

AL7EL/KH9 QSLS UPDATE. Lloyd, K4HQI, reports that the cards started going out last weekend. He expects all the received "in log" cards to be mailed by next Monday. Those that require a manual lookup because the call signs don't match will be worked on next week.

KP5, DESECHEO ISLAND. Dan, KE3WH, has stated that he has started the ball rolling for a possible KP5 DXpedition. He has sent many questions on the access to KP5 to the US government, but has not received any replies. Dan is looking for help from any local official to help open up the Island for amateur radio use again. If you can help Dan, it would be greatly appreciated. To contact Dan, KE3WH, write to: Daniel Hart, EMT-P, POB 774, Bear, DE 19701-0774 or via InterNet: DHart29274@gnn.com

NEW DX NET. The LYON DX GANG will be starting up a DX Net every Saturday at 1600z on 14245 kHz beginning May 11th. The net will be run by F5PYI, F5PFP and F5UFX.

NEW IOTA ISLAND. Look for 8A5ITU to be active from Mentawai Islands (OC-???) off South Central Sumatera (Indonesia). Activity will be from May 16-20th with operations on CW/SSB (including WARC). QSL via YC5BLG.

QSL TIDBITS..... Shin, 9V1ZW, has a new QSL Manager. Please use the following address for all QSLs: JA9IFF, Jim Nakajima, Setogaya 138-19-704, Hodogaya, Yokohama, 240 Japan...... Jim, KF7E, informs OPDX the following: "I have the logs for both 5X1XX (93) and 5X1HR (94 CQWW); there was a mix-up with bureau cards, but I now have caught up and straightened it out. I will be sending out the last outgoing batch for both calls by the end of May. K7UP was manager for my 5X1XX, 7Q7JH, and KF7E/V5/Z2/A24 operations 1990-1992. I now have all the logs, and anyone with a card still outstanding may QSL to me direct at the CBA: P.O. Box 627, Organ, NM, 88052"..... Wayne, VE1CBK, reports the Sable Island QSL cards are comimg along a bit slower than planned. His work and other commitments have slowed down the process. He will continue to mail out batches of cards every Monday. Please do not send again, thinking your card may be lost. Wayne will make an annoucement when all cards have been shipped. Thanks to all for your patience....

SPECIAL EVENT STATION. The SPECIAL EVENT station for the Atlanta Olympic Games came up May 5th, at 0100z with the call N600BFM. The operator was Bob, 9K2ZZ, stating he was in Atlanta, GA. He said to QSL via W8CNL.

VP5, TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS. Joe, K8JP, will be active from here as VP5/K8JP from May 9-13th. He will be operating mainly on CW, +7 or +26 kHz from the lower band edges, 160-10 meters. QSL via K8JP, Joe Pontek, P.O. Box 59573, Schaumburg, IL 60159-0573 (Please note, his Indiana address is no longer valid).

VP8, SOUTH GEORGIA. The DXNL reports DA4RG is currently staying on the Falklands from now until August and he hopes to visit South Georgia on a business trip. He will try to use commercial equipment when hitting the airwaves from down there. QSL via bureau to DA4RG or direct to GW8VHI.


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