Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 255, May 27, 1996

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DX Bulletin No. 255
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May 27, 1996
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
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3A, MONACO (and SEBORGA). Ralf, DL3JSW, who is part of the HB0 team listed below, will travel here during the week on July 14th. He will try to obtain a license for both 3A and Seborga.

3Y, BOUVET. Luis, XE1L, (at the Dayton HamVention) reported to your editor that the South Sandwich Island DX Group (SSIDXG) will be going to Bouvet sometime in December 1997/January 1998. Naturally, this will be a full scale operation. Details will be forthcoming.

5A1A CARDS APPROVED FOR DXCC CREDIT. Your editor talked to Bill Kennamer, K5FUV, DXCC Manager at the Dayton HamVention, and he has confirmed that the 5A1A cards (by the Ukrainian DXpedition and the Libyan nationals) are now accepted DXCC. DXers from around the world received this exciting news just before preparing for the Dayton HamVention. For DXers who attended the HamVention, this announcement turned out to be extra special thanks to efforts by Dan, W4BRE, to make arrangements for Toly, UT3UY, to attend Dayton. Toly was present at the Friday night, SWODXA DX Dinner Bandquet. He announced that he had the 5A1A cards/logs (on computer) with him and would pass out cards after the bandquet. Toly also made an extra effort on Saturday (at the N4AA QRZ DX booth) to personally hand write each QSL cards for the deserving. For those of you who held off QSLing until the 5A1A got accepted for DXCC credit, Toly states you can QSL directly to him (for the Ukrainian operation): Anatoly Kirilenko, P.O. Box 439/3, Kiev-151, 252151, Ukraine. Toly also mentions it is better NOT to send more than one or two green stamps in an envelope going to the Ukraine (And no callsigns showing on the outside of envelope!). If you QSLed to the LZ or the OM quite some time ago, you do NOT need to re-submit. Those cards will be answered. Donations for Toly's hardship in putting on this DXpedition and his efforts which have got the ASSAKR Club Station accepted, can be sent to W4BRE, with checks made out to "5A1A DXpedition" or "5A1A." All funds go to Toly!

9H, ISLAND GOZO (MALTA). Felix, DL8OBC, and Matthias, DL4OCL, have decided to return to the Island of Gozo, the second largest of the Maltese Islands in the Mediterranean. Their operation will take place July 22nd to August 9th and use the callsigns 9H3UD and 9H3UF. They will be active on all HF bands from 80-10 meters, including WARC bands, especially emphasizing CW operation with some SSB activity. They will be active participation in the IOTA Contest (July 27-28th). They are seriously considering taking along equipment for the digital modes and satellite operation. QSL 9H3UD via DL8OBC, Felix J. Riess, P.O. Box 1253, D-30984 Gehrden, Germany. QSL 9H3UF via DL4OCL, Matthias Deutscher, P.O. Box 100412, D-30942 Ronnenberg, Germany.

BV, TAIWAN. The DXNL reports that BO1/JP1RIW will be active from the Ma-Tsu Islands (IOTA AS-113) between May 31 and June 2. QSL via BV2KI.

C6, BAHAMAS. Robert/K4MQG, William/AA4R and Ted/WA4VCC will be going to the Grand Bahama Island from June 7-14th. They will be active on 6m, 2m and 432cm and HF. The station will be very active during the ARRL June VHF Contest, June 8-10th. The Grid Square is FL06 and has not been on VHF for quite sometime. Their antennas will be atop a 3-story condo building located right on the ocean.

DXCC NEWS. This may be old news, but since there was no bulletin printed last week and there may be a few who have not heard, the ARRL Membership Services Committee (MSC, a standing committee of the Board of Directors), has received a 9 to 7 recommendation from the DX Advisory Committee (DXAC) to make no change in the status of Mount Athos on the ARRL DXCC Countries List. The Awards Committee reported an unanimous vote to MSC in support of the DXAC to make no change at this time. Since the DXAC and the Awards Committee are in agreement in their recommendations to the MSC, the matter is decided.

HB0, LIECHTENSTEIN. Another group (besides the French group listed in OPDX.253) has announced that they will active during July 14-27th. DL1JBN, DL3JSW and DK5YY will be active on HF bands, while DG0JAG, DG0JS and DG0OKA are active on VHF and the satellites. The two groups will concentrate during the first week on VHF and the satellites and during the second week the activity will turn towards 160-10 meters.

IOTA NEWS.... The Italian Midway Dx Team, which is devoted to IOTA activity, will be active from islands of IOTA EU-050 Group (Tremiti). Operations will begin on May 31st to June 2nd, with activity on 40, 20, 30, 17, 15 and 10 meters SSB. Operators will be: IK6VGO, IK6JOT, IK6PTH, I6JSH and IZ6ADX. Each operator will use his own call with IL7. The following islands and rocks will be activated: Cretaccio Is., S. Domino Is., S. Nicola Is., Capraia Is. and Scoglio La Vecchia. QSL via IK6MWK.

PACIFIC DXPEDITION. Yuu Yoshitani, JA3IG, will be active from three different islands over the next couple of weeks. Yuu-san will be operating as follows: May 28-30th as 3D2JA (Fiji), May 30-June 1st as A35IG (Tonga), June 1-4th as ZK2YY (Niue) and June 5-6th as A35IG (Tonga). Yuu-san likes to operate mainly 40 and 20 meter CW. Check around 7005 kHz and 14025 kHz.

OX, GREENLAND (Attention 6 meter enthusiasts!). Peter, OX3XR, is now active on 50 MHz. His QTH is Nuuk (Grid GP44DD). Peter is stuck on one frequency, 50.110 MHz, with a fixed yagi antenna and 60 watt transmitter located at the club station which can be remotely controlled by a two meter HT. To give all a fair chance of working him during the summer, he will alternate between having the yagi pointing towards Europe and North America. Peter brings the HT with him at his job, so he can also monitor the band during working hours.

PALESTINE. In a recent update press release by Ray, G3NOM, he mentions that the JA1UT/JA3UB group are planning another visit to Palestine in late June/early July 1996. ADDED NOTE: OPDX InterNet subscribes will receive an additional bulletin which will contain this interesting press release.

QSL UPATES... QSL cards for the CT3/DL7UTM DXpedition are finished and will be sent out soon.... The NODXA Berlin group reports the first 6000 QSL cards for the Congo-DXpedition (TN2M/TN4U) have already been sent out. The QSL cards to be sent throught the bureau are still in the printing process. As soon as they are finished they will be sent. PLEASE have patience as they will ALL be answered 100 % .....

SV5, DODECANESE. Manfred, DL8SET, will be active as SV5/DL8SET from the Island of Rhodes from June 6-20th. Operations will be on HF and VHF (6 meters). QSL direct via Homecall or via bureau.

VU7, ANDAMAN ISLANDS. Well known DXer Jim Smith, VK9NS, who at the HamVention and SWODXA DX Dinner Bandquet, announced he has received his Indian license which is valid for 5 years. The W.P.C. were kind enough to issue him VU2JBS which contains his intials. He also mentioned that he believe the permit to import the equipment being donated by the Herard Island DX Association (HIDXA) to Mani, VU2JPS, has now been mailed to his home on Norfolk Island. Jim stated that he plans to return to the Andamans in July or August of this year subject to various factors.

ZK1, SOUTH COOK ISLAND. The DXNS report Bruce/AA8U, Stan/K8MJZ and Marilyn/AG8W, will be active July 11-21st. This time frame will include the IARU Contest. They will operate from Rarotonga Island as ZK1AAU in the contest and ZK1MJZ and ZK1AGW outside the contest. There will be an all bands effort with priority on 160 meter outside the contest. Cushcraft is sponsoring the operation with antennas and equipment. This group will not join DX nets or lists and requests full calls only. QSL to AA8U.

ZS8, MARION ISLAND. A fews reports indicate that Chris, ZS8IR, has been active. On May 21st, he was reported active on 3799 kHz around 1345z and 2100z. On May 18th, he was heard on 14195 kHz around 0700z. He will be there until June, 1997.

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Additional bulletin for OPDX InterNet subscribers.

Date: Fri May 17 07:24:11 1996
From: tayno@ibm.net (Ray Gerrard)
Subject: Palestine Update
To: DX@ve7tcp.ampr.org
Reply-To: tayno@ibm.net (Ray Gerrard)


It may be timely to remind DXers of recent operations in Palestine by the JA1UT/JA3UB group, and to give an update on the current status.

The JA1UT/JA3UB group has been involved in Palestine since mid- 1994 with a United Nations humanitarian aid project, providing and installing VHF radios in ambulances and hospitals. Several visits have been made in pursuit of the project, and two of them included licensed amateur radio operation.

A parallel thrust of the project has been to assist the Palestinians where possible to resume amateur radio activities. Training and equipment has been offered for this purpose.

The first step in the resumption of amateur radio was made by a short operation of a Palestinian national Dr Sami Tarazi from the Gaza Strip on 2nd December 1994 using the historic call sign ZC6B.

The "Al Quds" local newspaper on 5th December 1994 stated that Chairman Arafat had sanctioned the operation and also approved the formation of the Palestinian Wireless Group.

The first operation by the JA1UT/JA3UB group took place between 12-20th December 1994 from the Gaza strip, using the call signs: JA1UT/GAZA, JA3UB/GAZA, JK1KHT/GAZA, JO3XEQ/GAZA. The /GAZA suffix was used because Palestine did not hold a currently valid call-sign allocation. A written permit was issued by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Posts.

The second operation by this group took place 14-19 May 1995. The call signs used were: JA1UT/ZC6, JA1UPA/ZC6, JA3UB/ZC6, JO3XEQ/ZC6, JO3XER/ZC6, JH7DHS/ZC6, JR0CGJ/ZC6. A licence was issued by the Ministry of Telecommunications and Posts of the Palestinian Authority. This stipulated the use of the /ZC6 prefix.

The Palestine Authority has licensed a number of nationals for amateur radio using the prefix ZC6.

By the way, it is the belief of the JA1UT/JA3UB group, that there are precedents within the DXCC Programme, which indicate that the actual call sign used during an operation is not necessarily a critical factor in the determination of "country" accreditation.

Meanwhile, JA1UT was informed by the Palestinian Authorities that they would welcome any radio amateurs, from any country which wished to foster friendly relations with Palestine. A copy of the application form written in Arabic language, with an English language translation was given to JA1UT

In view of the complex political situation concerning Palestine, an informal approach was made to a representative of DXAC at the Tokyo Ham Fair August 1995, sounding out the possibility of a DXAC accreditation. It was made very clear to G3NOM and JA1UT that in the personal opinion of the representative, it would be a long time before DXAC could even consider such an application due to the political complexities concerning the autonomy criteria.

The JA1UT/JA3UB group are planning another visit to Palestine in late June/early July 1996.


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