Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 259, June 24, 1996

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DX Bulletin No. 259
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June 24, 1996
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, N4CBR, W4MWT, N5OGP, AA6DC, WA6BXH, K8AE/7, DF4RD, DL7VOA, DL9GOA & DX News Letter, EI2GX G4BUE & DX News Sheet, I1JQJ, IK2MRZ, PA3EZL, PS7AB, SQ6CWP/SM6RXS and VK6LC for the following DX information.

1996 SEANET CONVENTION. The 1996 SEANET Convention will be held November 22, 23 and 24th in Madras, India. All are welcome to attend. For further information send a request to: VU2GJR, Gaja, PO Box 1127, Madras, India 600010 or E-mail to: seanet96@indiagate.com

7O, YEMEN. Geraldo, IK8JAF, is now active from San'a as 7O1JAF. He is there on business and will be there for approximately one month, but is likely to return to Yemen in October. Geraldo is reportedly using dipoles and 100 watts and plans to be active most Thursdays and Fridays starting at 1600z between 14200 and 14220 kHz and from 2000z on 7075 kHz (or whenever his business commitments leave him free time). Also, Geraldo has been heard on 3799 kHz around 2135z. He is active on SSB only and presently he cannot work split (he does not like pile-ups). QSL via his homecall: P.O. Box 230, 84091 Battipaglia - SA.

9M6, EAST MALAYSIA. The DX News Sheets report Tony, G0OPB, will be active July 25-28th, including participation in the IOTA Contest (OC-133), and possibly August 2-4th as 9M6/G0OPB (to be confirmed). Outside these periods he will be active from the 9M6 mainland. QSL to home call.

9N, NEPAL. Just a REMINDER! By the time you read this Brad/KV5V and his XYL Patricia/KB5KVV will be in Kathmandu operating from 9N1ARB's and 9N1RHM's QTH (using their callsigns). Brad stated he is going to try to spend most of his operating time on CW and RTTY (CW being his preferred mode), because Dick and Rich (9N1ARB and 9N1RHM) work phone almost daily. Brad also reports that Dick and Rich will be active on RTTY and HF Packet when he leaves because he brought the materials which are needed to get their PK232MBX's going. Brad's operating day starts on phone and then he will switch to CW or RTTY after announcing frequencies and times. Operation will only be on 20 meters and he will be on the air daily, Sunday through Thursday, U.S. time (Whitewater rafting on Friday and Saturday, local time in Nepal!). QSL both callsigns to KV5V.

9Q, ZAIRE. This may be your last week to work Piero, IK2BHX, who is currently active as 9Q5HX until the end of June. He is active on SSB/CW mainly on 18, 14 and 10 MHz. QSL via IK2MRZ.

A5, BHUTAN. It was reported that the Inside DX reports Barry, ZS1FJ, has applied for permission to be active in January/February 1997. (ed. I hope so!)

A6, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE). David, AA6DC, who was recently here and was active as/from A61AF, A61AN and A61AH QTHs, may return in 3 or 4 months with a CW keyer to please many CW operators.

BRAZIL DX NET. Rony, PS7AB, reports there is a change in the time and location of the Brazilian DX Net. Net is now on Saturday and Sunday on 14222 kHz at 1900-2100z.

CY0, SABLE ISLAND. CY0AA has been very active and will continue to be active until July 3rd. During the Field Day weekend, this group seemed to concentrate on 6 meter and the WARC bands (not FD). Refer to OPDX.257 for more details on their operations.

FT5W, CROZET ISLAND. Sandy, WA6BXH, reports Samuel, FT5WE, has been QRT since May 30th until June 21st due to various antenna problems. Samuel has just recently received and installed a new Cushcraft AP8A vertical and Amertron AL-80B amplifier. He will also be installing a dipole for use on 75 meters SSB. Samuel generally prefers to operate CW up 5 KHz from the bottom of the band. On 30 meters, he prefers 10108 kHz. He plans to be active on 80 meters CW on 3505 kHz around 1400z. Later, he plans to put up a dipole for 75 meters SSB. On 40 meters SSB, he likes 7045 kHz and does listen up for the USA. Please note that his QSL manager is F5GTW.

GW, WALES (UPDATE). Last week we reported that the WestNet DX Group (now in conjunction with the ADX CSG) would be active from IOTA EU-124 during the IOTA contest. The group has announced that they have been issued the special contest callsign GW6J. This call will be used for the first time in this year's IOTA contest as the group operates from YNYS MON (the Island of Anglesey). The team will comprise of operators from GW, EI, GI and GD. QSLs will be handled by GW4VEQ and all stations appearing in the log will get a card via the bureau.

HB0, LIECHTENSTEIN. Between July 7-16th, a team of 6 operators, all members of the Eindhoven Student Radio Amateur Club (ESRAC), will stay at the mountain restaurant in Malbun Liechtenstein some 2010 meters above sea level. The callsign to be used is HB0/PI4TUE. Activity is planned on the following bands: HF (160-10 meters including the WARC bands, running two stations), VHF (6-2 meters) and UHF (70 cm and possibly 23 cm). Modes of operations will be SSB, CW, RTTY and PACKET. Operators include: PA3EZL/Aurelio, PA3FXW/Robert, PA3GFE/Martijn, PE1NEX/Johan, PE1NVK/Michel, and PE1PRG/Jons. Any last minute details will be put on the ESRAC's home page: http://www.esrac.ele.tue.nl

HK0, MALPELO ISLAND. DXNS states that Bert, HK5JPS, said at Dayton's HamVention that a group of HKs are planning an operation next February.

KH4, MIDWAY ISLAND. An international team of operators including members of the Central Arizona DX Association announced plans to conduct a Multi/Multi style DXpedition to Midway Island the first part of August, 1996. The group plans to operate on all bands and will concentrate on CW, SSB and RTTY. As with prior operations to Midway, there will be special emphasis on accommodating EU and AF. Frank Smith, AH0W/OH2LVG, who is heading up this effort, will have more details in the next few weeks. QSL route will be KE7LZ.


OY, FAROE ISLAND. Greg, SQ6CWP (CW operator) and Mario, SP6OJG (SSB operator) will be active from from June 27th to July 9th as OY/SM6RXS. They plan to have two stations active on all bands including the WARC bands. Suggested frequencies (SSB/CW): 3780/3505, 7080/7005, 14240/14001 and 21240/21001 kHz. Activity on the WARC bands depends on conditions. A nice full color QSL card will be avalible via bureau or direct to: Greg Rybczynski, Hagmarksv. 18, 448 33 Floda, Poland.

PALESTINE (Gaza Strip). Yoshi/JA1UT, Ray/G3NOM, and others were (or still are) active as ZC6/KH2Y and ZC6/G3NOM this past week. Reportedly, they are there to deliver HF, VHF and UHF radios to the Ministry of Communications and Ministry of Health plus train local operators to use them for emergency communications.

VK6, SHOLL ISLAND (Australia). Mal/VK6LC, Terry/VK6VS and Dave/VK6DLB will be operating from IOTA OC-140 from June 23rd to July 6th. Sholl is located in the Western Australia State (N.W. COAST) Group in the Indian Ocean (Zone 29). Sholl Island is part of the Passage Islands (a group of 8 islands). Callsign to be VK6ILS and activity will be on 80-15 meters. Suggested frequencies are: 3799, 7042-7045 (N.A. 7165, 7185 and 7278), 14260 and 21260 kHz. QSL via I1HYW, Gianni Varetto, P.O.Box 1, 10060 Pancalieri, Torino, Italy.

ZS8, MARION ISLAND (Long path opening!). It has been reported that East Coast USA wanting to work Chris, ZS8IR, may want to check 20 meters longpath in the mornings around 1145z. Chris was heard calling "CQ outside JA" and had very few takers on 14195 listening 14200 kHz and up.

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