Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 264, July 29, 1996

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 264
BID: $OPDX.264
July 29, 1996
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, K1BV, K4CEF, W4FOA, AC6V, AB5EA, KH6BZF, NM7M, W8AEF, A92GD, DF4RD, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, HA0HW, OH2AUM, ON4CAS, OZ5AAH, OZ8ABE and PY7XC following DX information.

SPECIAL NOTE FROM EDITOR: There will probably be no bulletin next week (August 5th). My sister will be visiting from California and I plan to spend time with her and her family. Please keep sending your DX information. (You may never know, I may find time to put one together, if I receive enough information before she arrives.)

3D2, FIJI. Just a reminder, Gianni, I5JHW, will be active August 8-14th, possibly as 3D2HW. Operation will be on CW/SSB, 40-10 meter (including the WARC bands). He will primarily be on 14022 kHz CW, operating with 100 watts and a vertical. After his Fiji operation he will move onto South Cook Island and be active from August 14-20th, possibly as ZK1XO. QSL to CBA.

CADXA SCHOLARSHIP. The Central Arizona DX Association, an organization of over 100 amateur operators in Phoenix, AZ, is pleased to announce the winners of their scholarship program for 1996. Awards of $500 went to the following young amateurs: John Steenis, KI7LX, of Phoenix, AZ, and Sarah Laurel Brown, N7XYR, of Page, AZ. Both have exemplary grades, have been active in the hobby, and will definitely be valuable role models for other amateur radio operators in the future. The CADXA believes that the future belongs to the young, and that a small effort on our part now will pay big dividends in the years to come. Please join us in congratulating these fine young amateurs as they begin their college careers. Additional information about the CADXA scholarship program may be obtained by contacting Gary Capek, K8BN, 5403 West Dobbins, Laveen, Arizona 85339, phone 602-237-4314 or InterNet E-Mail: gcapek@getnet.com

CHECK YOUR LOGS! Lee, KH6BZF, reports KH6EDY, the club station for the U.S. Coast Guard on Kure Island, was very active in the 1960-80's. Alot of contacts were never requested for a QSL confirmation. Presently, KH6BZF, Lee, is the QSL Manager for KH6EDY. Lee still has those logs and KH6EDY QSLs. In order to wrap up Kure Island matters, please check your station logs and submit valid contacts to KH6BZF (via CBA) with either an SASE or SAE + IRCs or SAE and one green stamp for overseas DX stations.

HB0, LIECHTENSTEIN. Opeartors DL1AZZ, DL1AQU, DL3ARK, DL3ASK, DL4AMK and DG0OGM will be active from Triesenberg, August 24-31th. They plan to be active on 160-10 meters (CW/SSB/FM) signing HB0/homecall. Look for HB0/DL1AZZ on 6 meters and HB0/DG0OGM on 144/432 MHz and the satellites. QSL via homecalls or via the DARC bureau.

J2, DJIBOUTI. Jean Claude, J28JA, has been active lately on 160 meters. Look for him between 0100-0200z around 1830-1835 kHz. Jean Claude is presently using a bit over 100 watts into a 80 meter deltaloop. QSL via F5PWH direct or via bureau.

JW, SVALBARD. YL operator Unni, will once again be active as JW6RHA. There were very little details provided on this operation. Unni will be active on August 2nd and you should look for her around 14248 kHz.

KL0, KALGIN ISLAND (Alaska). AB5EA, AB5EB and KB5SKN will activate NA-158, located in the Cook Inlet Group on Friday, August 2nd, at approximately 2000z. The operation will go until 2300z on Saturday, August 3rd. The operators will sign /KL0 and the operation will be on both SSB and CW. They will be using an ICOM 706 barefoot with a R7 vertical. QSL via their home calls.

NEW ADDRESS (CY0AA operation for the 2m/6m QSLS). Mike, VE9AA, reports his new address is: Michael E. Smith, 271 Smith Rd. (Geary), Waterville, Sunbury Co., N.B. Canada E2V 3V6 (The older address "131 Smith Rd" should do for a little while.) ADDED NOTE: Check out the CY0AA WEB at URL: http://www.cam.org/~dino/sable.html

OX, GREENLAND. The International Police Radio Club (IPARC), Danish branch, will be active from Nuuk, from October 28th until November 11th. The group will be active mostly on 160-10 meters CW signing as OX3IPA. They also plan to be an entry in IPA-Contest (November 2-3rd) and they request NOT to work them in the contest unless you are a IPA-member. QSL via OZ5AAH with SASE ONLY.

QSL HELP? Use the World-Wide WEB to find QSL routes. Try the following URLs:

QSL UPDATES AND CHANGES.... Bob, A93GD, reports his QSL Manager's address has a change in it. QSL to: William De Laga, K1SE, P.O. BOX 685, Manassas Park, Virginia 20113-0685. The ZIP code has been changed. The U.S. POSTAL authorities will accept mail to the old ZIP for a while, but eventually all mail with the old ZIP will not be delivered...... QSLs for this past weekend's ZX7XX operation from Itamaraca Island (SA-046) go direct to Jemesson Faria, Rua Professor, Antonio Coelho 139/302, Recife-PE, CEP 50740-020 Brazil....... OH2KMG and OH2KMF, who were active from the Alands (OH0) as OH0KMG and OH0KMF during the IOTA Contest this past weekend, can be QSLed to their CBA....

SV9, CRETE. Laci, HA0HW, will be here starting the 5th August until the 19th August as SV9/HA0HW/p. He plans to use wires and vertical antennas with 100 watts from his FT-840. Laci will be on the WARC bands mainly, but also look for him on 40/20 meters CW/SSB. QSLs via CBA.

US, UKRAINE. Igor, UR5BBN, is planning a DXpedition for early September to Lisonia. Lisonia is the name of a mountain near his town and has great historical importance for his people and country. On this mountain in 1916, the Ukranian army fought a hard battle for the independance and freedom of their country. An expedition/portable operation will be held there from September 6-9th, on all HF bands and modes. Look for US80BL (Ukraine Sovereign, 80 years of battles for independence and freedom, Berezhany, Lysonia). Special QSL will be available. Please send 3 IRC and QSL to: Radioexpedition LYSONIA-96, PO Box 12, Berezhany, Ternopilska Oblast, 283150, Ukraine Republic.

VK0WH, MACQUARIE ISLAND (Update). Warren, VK0WH, reports that he has been QRT for the last month, so the 10 meter station that was active was a PIRATE. Warren states he has finished his tower work and will be active again looking for U.S. stations on Tuesdays (starting this week), from 1030z on 7009 CW, and Europe on Sundays, from 0500z until the end of August. After August, Warren will have to curtail his radio activities a bit due to work. He expects to go QRT at the end of October, but the good news is (or rumored) that his replacement has an amateur call. So VK0-land may still be active next year.


W5 DX/CONTEST BASH. Bryan, W5KFT, reports there is an open invitation to all DXers, Contesters, and VHFers to attend the SIXTH Annual W5 DX BASH on October 5-6th. The BASH is a GREAT social time, just like Dayton or Visalia, to meet and greet other DXers, Contesters, and serious VHF operators. Details on the BASH are can be found on their WEB page at: http://www.applink.net/tejas/w5bash.html Check the WEB page for updates and other information including pictures of ops, stations, and other goodies.

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