Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 269, September 2, 1996

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 269
BID: $OPDX.269
September 2, 1996
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AD1C, AE4MK, K4CEF, KJ4VH, W4/YV5DTA, KH6BZF, NL7TB, K7EHI, K8HVT, WB9YXY, A35RK, DK9IP, EA3BHK, G4BUE & the DX News Sheet, JA6VZB, LU1DZ, PT2NP and SM0DJZ following DX information.

SPECIAL NOTE FROM EDITOR: There will be no bulletin next week (September 9). I will be away for the weekend. Please keep sending your DX information. (You never know, I may put one together if I receive enough information before I leave.)

3V8, TUNISIA. Hans, DF2UU, and Win, DK9IP, will activate the station 3V8BB from September 11-17th. The main reason for this short trip is the participation in the WAE-SSB Contest (multi/single). Before and after the contest they will concentrate on the low bands paying special attention to contacts with NA and Asia on 160/80 meters. However, it is not yet sure if an amplifier for 160 meters will be available at that time. They will try to be active on RTTY as well. All contacts will be confirmed shortly after the trip via DK9IP regardless if your QSL arrives or not. Win states, "Please use the BUREAU for QSLing. There is absolutely no need to send QSLs direct, but if you can't help sending your card via mail please remember that Airmail postage fee from Germany to DX costs DM 3.00 which is abt. $2 or 1.5 IRCs." For direct QSLs: Win Kriegl DK9IP, Martin-Luther-Str. 11, D-76327 Pfinztal, Germany

9Q, REP. OF ZAIRE. Fernando, EA4BB, informs OPDX that he will be working as an architect in Zaire for 1 year starting September 9th. He has been issued the call 9Q5BB, and has already sent a copy of the license to the DXCC authority in Newington, CT. He was issued the same callsign back in 1994, when he remained in Goma for 3 months. This time he will be very near to the same spot, but at a place called Rwanguba. He will use his TS-50, some dipoles and delta loops. He will be active on all HF bands, CW and SSB. QSL via his home call or to the Spanish bureau.

A35, TONGA (Update from Paul Kidd, A35RK). Paul reports that he has been off the air for the last two weeks while he was up in the Ha'apai Island Group, but he is back in Nuku'alofa now and is active on 40-15M CW/RTTY. Paul states in that 2-3 weeks he will be re-locating to Lifuka Island in Ha'apai. He has rented a house there 20 steps from the beach, and he should be active from there by October 1st. By the way, the Ha'apai Group is IOTA OC-169. He states he is still waiting for the Force 12 antenna "package", and it should be arriving there soon. This will enable him to get on 80-10 meters with a decent signal (being right on the "saltwater groundplane"). Other Tonga news (from Paul): The A3 buro situation is still unresolved. At present, there is still no functional bureau, but Paul will be meeting with the Director of Telecom again next week, so maybe they can make some progress. Some of the "hang-ups" are: What to do with all the cards received for the boot-leg A35 calls, who's going to pay for all the postage (and how) and finally "Who's going to be the buro manager?" Meanwhile, Father Kevin Burke (A35KB), who recently returned from a holiday in England, is now living on Eua Island. Father Kevin is not active from Eua yet, but he should be shortly. Paul will try to take a tri-band yagi over to him before he leaves for Ha'apai. Eua is about a 3 hour boat trip from Nuku'alofa, and is considered part of the Tongatapu Group (IOTA OC-049). Paul ends his message to OPDX by stating, "Life is good, fishing is good, and the people of Tonga are super. I'm VERY glad to be here! 73 for now Paul Kidd, A35RK."

A4, OMAN. The DX News Sheet reports Tony, A45ZN, is active 4 to 5 nights a week on 160 and 80 meters with 400 watts and a trapped dipole. He does not have permission for 6 meters, but monitors 50110 kHz. He is still awaiting the outcome of his application for an experimental licence for 6 and 30 meters.

C6, BAHAMAS. Fred, K9VV, will be active from Sugar Loaf Cay, September 13-22nd. He will be active in the WAE SSB Contest, as K9VV/C6A (or possibly a C6 callsign). QSL via CBA.

INDIAN OCEAN DXPEDITION. Jon, EA2KL, and Luis, EA3ELM, will be on 3B8 (Mauritius), October 23-30th. Their activity includes operations in the CQWW SSB Contest, from 3B8CF's QTH. They also plan to be active from 3B9 (Rodriguez Island) from October 31st to November 5th, but this is subject to confirmation of licence. From November 6-12th, they will be on Reunion Island (FR) and will be active as FR/EA2KL and FR/EA3ELM. QSL via home calls.

JOHN ALEXANDER, K6SVL SK. It is with great sorrow to report that K6SVL has become a silent key (SK) this past weekend. John served as DXAC Rep Southwestern Division and his present on the committee will surely be missed. Members of NODXA, NOARS and the contributors of the OPDXB send out our deep sympathy.

JY8, JORDAN. Bob, WB9YXY, will once again be visiting friends in Jordan and reactivating his call sign JY8XY. He is expected to be active from October 1-20th and his operations will be on CW and SBB with activity on 80-10 meters (with the exception of the WARC bands). Like last year, emphasis will again be given to CW. He will have two stations available, both TS-830s; one with a TH6, low band antennas, and amp; the other at a different location with a TH3. The chances of getting an antenna erected for 160 meters are slim due to space limitations, but Bob will reevaluate the situation and if there is any way possible to get on the band, he will. Bob also states you may hear him operating from a neighboring country or two as well as he hopes to have time to visit some friends in the other regions. QSL (w/SASE) to home call WB9YXY and they will be answered immediately upon his return.

LU6Z SOUTH ORKNEY DX OPERATION. OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive an additional bulletin containing an article on the LU6Z operation.

PJ9, BONAIRE (Netherlands Antilles). PJ9T will be a Multi/Single entry in the CQ WW SSB Contest, October 26-27th. Bonaire has an IOTA of SA-006. Operators will include AB4JI, K4ADK, KJ4VH, KU4J, N4OKX and WA4DPU. They will be signing PJ2/ before and after the contest October 19-29th (QSL via home call signs). QSL PJ9T via AB4JI.

PY0, FERNANDO DE NORONHA. By the time you read this, Erik, SM0AGD, will be active as ZY0ZGD from the QTH of Andre, PY0FF. His operations will last approximately 10 days. His activities will be mainly CW on all bands as usual but with some RS-12 operations. QSL via his homecall at: Vestagatan 27, S-195 56 Marsta. ADDED NOTE (by John, SM0DJZ): The reason for Erik going to Fernando de Noronha is to make a rendezvous with Roger, SM3WCS/MM, on his attempt to set a new world-record for small boats going around the world WITHOUT making any stops what so ever. He started on August 1st from Falmouth in England and is going via PY0F/ZS/VK7/ZL/CE0/PY and back to England sometimes in May, 1997. His boat "Wifsta Office" is only 28 feet long, and you are invited to read all about him and his story in daily updated Web-pages on the following URL:

Erik will go out from PY0F in a small boat and meet with Roger at sea and exchange video-tapes/photos/written material from the first part of the journey. Roger is also active around 14130 khz on several times during daytime.

QSL/NEWS UPDATES.... Paul, PT2NP, reports that they are mailing the last QSL cards for the ZV0TI DXpedition to Trindade Island. Also, QSL cards for the ZW6C and ZX6C DXpedition to Coroa Vermelha Island will be mailed within two weeks...... Jack, K7EHI, states "Effective immediately, I am no longer the QSL manager for T32AF, T30A, T30BC or T32BC. Glenn, KH6UR, the T32AF operator, has not been active since May of 1994. His business schedule is such that he will not be active again in the foreseeable future. Henry, the operator for T30A, T30BC, and T32BC has been a silent key since July 1993...... QSLs for Ken V73C can go to N4GAK...

V6, POHNPEI (Micronesia). Tosy, JA6VZB, be will active as V63BM from IOTA OC-010, September 2-10th. Activity will be on 160-10 meters including the WARC bands. Operations will be on SSB/CW/RTTY/SSTV. During his time there, Tosy will be a part-time entry in the All Asian Contest (Phone). QSL is only via bureau to JA6BSM.

VK9X, CHRISTMAS ISLAND. Mark, 9V1AN/JJ1TBB (aka XV2A, VS6CT, JJ1TBB/BV2, and KA1NKS) will be visiting Christmas Island with his family from August 30th to September 8th. He has received the callsign VK9XB and will be operating on the following suggested frequencies: SSB - 14180 and 21280 kHz and CW - 7008, 14008/14028 and 21008/21028 kHz. He will be running 100 watts into full-sized wire antennas and an Outbacker vertical. QSL to JJ1TBB via the QSL Bureau or direct to: Mark Kawasaki JJ1TBB, 4-36-10 Kasuga, Nerima, Tokyo 179, Japan.

UPCOMING ACTIVITY OF STATIONS which will participate in the 2nd Annual W/VE Island Contest, September 14-15th (Details of contest will be provided to OPDX InterNet Subscribers as an additional bulletin.).

VP9, BERMUDA. Steve, W4/YV5DTA, will be traveling to VP9 land to install something on the island September 8-11th. He claims he will have some spare time to operate if a VP9 ham will let him use their station for few of hours.

ZL7PR PIRATE FROM CHATHAM ISLAND. W4FOA spoke with Jim, VK9NS, and he confirms that Peter, ZL7PR is indeed a pirate. This same operator has been known to use ZK3YA's callsign (a legitimate YL operator on ZK3), plus others including VR8B, etc. Jim is working with some ZL authorities in an effort to close this station down. Some of his operating habits include the use of "ere" for here, frequent use of "OC", works phantom DX stations - often some prefixes that no longer exist ie. UF6 etc). He also never gives any QSL info whereas ZK3YA always gives her name/QSL route and often tells she is a teacher on ZK for 3 more years.

ZV0, TRINDADE & MARTIN VAZ ISLAND. Stuckert/PT2GTI, Lunkes/PT2HF and Paul/PT2NP from the ABRA-DX Brazilian Association, will be active after the first week of October on both SSB and CW. QSL info will be PT2DX, the callsign of ABRA (OK in CBA). The team already has been issued the callsigns ZV0MB and ZV0MV. The group will have one more meeting with Brazilian Navy Authorities to work out the final details for this DXpedition. They will carry the team by helicopter to the island, which is a big rock of about 130 meters high over Atlantic Ocean. It will be the first operation in the history of that island and the first time that somebody inhabited it.

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