Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 271, September 23, 1996

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DX Bulletin No. 271
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September 23, 1996
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AD1C, K2YJL, KA2AEV, N3ADL, KJ4VH, W5IJU & Island News, KF7AY, W8KKF, W9JOO, CT1EEB, DL2GGA, DJ8WL, G4BUE & the DX News Sheet, IK1DPA, ON6TT and VE2ZP/VE9CB following DX information.

1S, SPRATLY ISLANDS. Jaan, 9M2JJ, has obtained permission to be active from Pulau Layang. The Spratly Islands have been claimed by several countries, but Jaan has receive permission from the Malaysian authorities who want to issue a 9M6 callsign instead of the traditional 9M0 callsign. Jaan has refiled another application, but with reference to the previous 9M0A and 9M0S operations and is awaiting a reply.

3V, TUNISIA. Be looking for Peter, OK1CZ, this week to be active as 3V8BB until October 1st. Operations will be on all bands, but mostly CW. He will try working on 160 meters (conditions permitting) on 1826 and 1828 kHz. Also check 6 meters on 50.120 MHz and 2 meters on 144.050 MHz. QSL to CBA.

5X, UGANDA (More News). Peter, ON6TT/5X1T, reports Gus, 5X1D, has been active on 160 meters on 1823 kHz between 0230z and 0330z (with 100w only). Peter mentions his famuous low band antenna is still blocked in Burundi due to the economical embargo. He will try to work stateside this week on 40 meter SSB, up to 0000z. Peter requests that North America stations listen from time to time in the Region 1 SSB-band (7040-7080 appr.). He also states that the 40 meters paths to the U.S. from 5X are terrific both ways.

CANADIAN SPECIAL PREFIXES. On 13 September 1996, Industry Canada authorised all Canadian Amateurs to use special prefixes to commemmorate the 60th anniversary of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). The CBC was founded by an act of the Federal Parliament on November 2, 1936. From 0000z October 26th until 2359z December 29, 1996, Canadian Amateurs may use the following special prefixes in place of their regular prefixes (Regular Prefix/Special Prefix): VA2/XM2, VA3/CJ3, VA7/VX7, VE1/CG1, VE2/CI2, VE3/CI3, VE4/XL4, VE5/XM5, VE6/VA6, VE7/XK7, VE8/CH8, VE9/VB9, VO1/XO3, VO2/CZ6, VY1/CK5 and VY2/XN2

CHANGE OF ADDRESS. Terry Long, W9JOO, of "Island Hopper" reports his bulletin has a change of address: 420 W. Adams St., Roann, IN 46974 Phone Number/FAX: 317 833-6800 E-MAIL: qrziota@netusa1.net Also, free copies of "Island Hopper" are still available if you E-mail Terry a message with your callsign and mailing address.

C6, BAHAMAS. John, K3TEJ, and Ed, WA3WSJ, plan to operate in the CQWW CW contest (November 23-24th) from Abaco Island (IOTA NA-80). QSL via K3TEJ.

CN, MOROCCO. Andy, DL2GGA, will be here October 15-24th, and plans to be active from the club station CN8MC (but probably using his own CN callsign which has not been issued yet). He will try to be active on all HF bands, CW exclusively. Andy states he doesn't know about CN8MC's antennas for 80 and 160 meters, but he will announce any activities on these bands during daytime operations. Listen up and KYFC. QSL via DL2GGA bureau is preferred; urgent requests via CBA 95/96. Please allow some time for designing and printing the QSLs (at least 2 months).

KC6, BELAU. The "Island News" reports Paul, LX2AA, will be active in the CQWW SSB Contest as KC6GB (or T82AA), and possibly just as T88A from Helen Reef in Palau's southwest islands (possibly a new IOTA reference). QSL via CBA.

OOPS DEPARTMENT..... There is a correction to OPDX.270. Under the heading J3, GRENADA (Need another operator), the QSL information was incorrect. QSL J3A via WA8LOW (not WA8YOW). Special thanks to Harry, W8KKF, for letting OPDX know.....

PJ9, NETHERLANDS ANTILLES. Joe, K2YJL, and XYL Lynn, KE4WDZ, will be vacationing on Bonaire from October 4-8th. They expect to be active in the Ibero-Americana Contest on October 5-6th. Their efforts will be limited to 10 meters only with an HR-2510 feeding a extended double zepp. They will be using PJ9/K2YJL and possibly a PJ9 callsign for the contest.


V2, ANTIGUA. Team Antigua is once again pleased to announce that it will be activating V26B in the upcoming CQWW SSB Contest in late October, 1996. They will be entering the contest as a Multi-Operator/Multi-transmitter catagory from the Beautiful Island Paradise called Antigua (Grid Square FK-97 -- IOTA NA-100). In addition, the Team would also like to announce that both the 5 band and 6 band "Certificates of Appreciation" will be available once again for the 1996 operation. To qualify for these special "Certificates of Appreciation", all you have to do is work V26B during the CQWW SSB Contest period on either 5 bands, or to receive the Special Certificate of Appreciation, 6 bands! Members of Team Antigua will also make special attempts to be active on the WARC Bands, RTTY, 160 meters, as well as some Satellites! The Members of Team Antigua and their QSL routes are as follows:

V26AK via Tony, WB2P : V26RN via Bob, KR2J
V26B via Sam, WT3Q : V26T via Dick, K3MQH
V26DX via Doug, KK3S : V26TS via Tyler, KF3P
V26E via Darrell, AB2E : V26U via Bill, WA2UDT
V26R via Mike, KA2AEV
Team Antigua would also like to welcome a new addition to its family, Charlie Harpole, K4VUD. Please QSL Charlie's future V2 call via his home call, K4VUD. Also, "Team Antigua" is pleased to announce the new address for their WWW page. The URL is:

XZ, MYANMAR. For those who are not on the "OPDX InterNet Subscribers Mailing List", Warren Hill, KF7AY, has announced in a press release that XZ1N will be active in November (The complete press release was sent to all subscribers!). Excerpts from the release state: "Thanks to the continuing efforts of several dedicated members of the DX community, the door to amateur radio in the Union of Myanmar has been re-opened! The stage is now set for a well organized, large-scale operation by members of the Central Arizona DX Association from November 16-25, 1996. This will be an all-mode operation and will even feature a special event station during the official opening ceremonies of "Visit Myanmar Year, 1996." Participants to be: AB6ZV, AA7WP, JA1BK, K5VT, KC5AYR, N6BT, WA6CDR, KF7AY, N7NG, N7WTU, NZ7E, OH2BH, WA7LNW and WY7K. Each operator brings unique skills to make this operation top notch. This activity has the approval of the Myanmar government at the highest levels and will conclude with a special multi-multi entry in the CQ World-Wide CW DX Contest. This week of intense activity from this extremely rare location will be a wonderful opportunity for everyone to work XZ in many ways! The crew will operate three Yaesu FT-1000MP's plus Alpha linears to monoband yagis at above 80 feet and various special low band antennas from the New World Inya Lake Hotel on the outskirts of the capital city of Yangon (96 deg 17 min E 16 deg 78 min N) formerly known as Rangoon. The main mode of operation will be CW, but there will also be extensive RTTY and SSB activity. Look for this team on the usual DX calling frequencies." For more detailed information, you are invited to visit the XZ1N InterNet WEB site located at: http://www.getnet.com/~kf7ay/myanmar.html Meanwhile, a later report indicates Martti, OH2BH, was in Myanamr over the past weekend and was active as XZ2BH, on 40 meters CW around 1800z. QSL via Martti's NEW address: Martti Laine, Nuottaniementie 3D20, 02230 Espoo, FINLAND

YK, SYRIA. Begin looking for YK1B next weekend to be activated by a large German group starting September 28th and ending October 7th. Details on this operation are very slim, but it was reported that this group will put an emphasis on 160 meters beginning on September 30th. QSLs to be sent via DL8HCZ.

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