Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 276, October 28, 1996

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 276
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October 28, 1996
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, N4AA & QRZ DX, K8VJG, KF0UI, 9M2/G3NOM, DL2HEB, DL5EBE, EA3BHK, F6AJA, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, JA1HGY, JA1UT, ON4AG, OZ5AAH and VE3JLP following DX information.

5T5, MAURITANIA. JA1UT and a group of operators are scheduled to visit "Republique Islamique de Mauritanie" for a week beginning November 6th. This is in support of the "Save Africa" aid project in cooperation with the drivers of the famous "Paris-Dakar Motor Rally". SSTV operation is planned in addition to the usual modes. This may be a "first time" from 5T5???. Participating members will be JA1UT, JA1UPA, and JR0CGJ. QSLs to be handled by JA1UT.

9M8, EAST MALAYSIA (Attention 160 meters operator!). The DX News Sheet (DXNS) reports Shin, JA2SWJ, will be active November 2-3rd as 9M8HIM on 1824 kHz with 500W.

C5, THE GAMBIA. A few weeks ago, OPDX mentioned that Gary, C53HG had left the The Gambia for Namibia. Paul, VE3JLP, (DX Editor, The Canadian Amateur) wrote to OPDX and that states we may begin to see a lack of activity from C5 now. Paul reports, "My daughter, who taught at the Gambia College of Agriculture at Brikama 18 months ago, tells me that the science teacher there, who occasionally put the college station, C53GCA, on the air has now moved on to a new job and this station is likely, from now on, to be gathering dust! By the way, the college station is the one I briefly put on the air in Februaury, 1995, it was installed by a group of VE1s a year or two before. I don't THINK there are any other resident staions in C5, so it may soon become a pretty rare DX." OPDX has found that C53HN still continues to be active briefly and mainly on CW. Last spot listed on the Ohio/Penn Network was October 21st at 1842z on 14020 kHz.

FH, MAYOTTE. Denise, F6HWU, will be active as FH/F6HWU from November 9-27th. She will be operating mostly CW on all bands, and there may be some activity on RTTY.

FR/T, TROMELIN. FR5ZU/T was heard this past week on 15 meters (21215 kHz around 1545z). His length of stay is unknown at this time. QSL via FR5ZU.

INDIAN OCEAN DXPEDITION UPDATE. Xavier, EA3BHK, reports the papers sent by Jon, EA2KL, and Luis, EA3ELM, by mail to 3B8 became lost. They sent a fax two weeks ago but they must now wait for their 3B8 licenses until next week. About their 3B9 operation, there is very bad news, at the present time there is no chance for a 3B9 license. On Reunion Island, they will use the CEPT license as announced. You can read about this DXpdetion on the WEB page: http://www.ctv.es/USERS/ea3bhk/dx/indic.htm

KH4, MIDWAY ISLAND. Next weekend look for Ron, W7VWR, to be be active probably as KH4/W7VWR from November 3-10th. Activity on CW will be 25 kHz up from bottom of the band edge and SSB operations on 3800, 7188, 14195, 18130 and 21295 kHz. QSL to CBA.

KH0, MARIANA ISLANDS. Nao, JA1HGY, and others will stay on Saipan from October 31st to November 3rd for vacation, and will be active on all bands. Look for KH0/JA4DND's to be active on 1911 kHz +/- (QSX 1824 for DX, 3799 kHz (SSB mainly), 7007 or 7044, 10 MHz and up on the usauly DX frequencies. QSL via JA4DND home call direct or via the bureau. Also, look for KH0/JA1HGY to be active on 10104, 18074 and 24894 kHz (mainly the WARC bands). QSL via JA1HGY. Other callsigns mentioned: KE6DI/KH0 (QSL via JA1BRK), WH0/WH2Q (QSL via JI1DLZ) and KH0/JR1MLU (QSL via JR1MLU).

OX, GREENLAND. Ben, OX3IPA, Chairman of the International Police Association Radio Club (IPARC) in Denmark, will be active from Nuuk, Greenland, October 30th to November 16th. Activity will be mostly CW on 160-6 meters. QSL will be good for police awards. QSL via OZ5AAH, Preben Jakobsen, 9 Knoldager, 2670 Greve, Denmark with a SASE.

OZ, ROEMOE ISLAND (DENMARK). Ulli, DL2HEB, will be using OZ/DL2HEB/p on IOTA EU-125. His IOTA DXpedition will be from December 22th to January 3rd, 1997. Activity will be on 80-10 meters. Check the IOTA and QRP frequencies, especially on CW, 14040 and 14060 kHz. QSL via DL2HEB or via the bureau.


SPECIAL EVENT STATION. On November 1, 1944, the town of Knokke was finally liberated at great cost of Canadian lives. Each year the fallen Canadians are remembered with ceremonies, fesitivities and a "Canadian Liberation March" on November 1st, and during that Canadian Week. Many Canadian and Belgian veterans, VIPs and radio amateurs, are participating in the events. This year, the Special Event Station, OS4CLM (which the suffix stands for Canadian Liberation March), will be on the air for the 14th time from Friday, October 25th, until November 5th. The special event radio station is operated by members of the BAFARA (Belgian Airforce Amateur Radio Ass.), by members of the RNARS (Royal Naval Amateur Society) and by members of the BYLC (Belgian YL Club). This year's members of the Belgian IPARC section will attend on Tuesday, October 29th, for the first time. A multi-colored OS4CLM-Award will be available to all licensed amateurs and SWLs for any contact with this special event station. They also can get a beautifull QSL-card. Cost of the OS4CLM-Award is 5 U.S. green stamps (no checks please) or 10 IRC's, with all proceeds going to a welfare fund. The money is used to maintain memorials and to keep the station OS4CLM on the air next air. You can contact or listen to OS4CLM on the following frequenties: SSB - 3685, 7045, 14145, 21245, 28545 and 144250 kHz and CW - 3515, 7012, 14020, 21020, 28020 and 144020 kHz; also FM - 145.475 MHz. If you want more information about the Special Event Radio Station, OS4CLM, please contact: OS4CLM, Post Box 110, B-8300 Knokke, Belgium.

V5, NAMIBIA. Clarlie, KY0A, should have arrived in South Africa this past Thursday, and from there he is planning to make another trip into Namibia. He wants OPDX to inform the readers that if anyone hears V5/ZS6YG, please QSL "only" to KY0A. Do not use the South African QSL Bureau! Charlie will be mostly mobile with 500 watts and antennas for the low bands and WARC bands. His operation will be CW only.

VK0, HEARD ISLAND DXPEDITION UPDATE. Carl Smith, N4AA, editor of QRZ DX, reported this week that on October 10th, a 20 ft. container containing gear and life support equipment for 20 people has left Oakland to be shipped Reunion Island, the departure point for this very large DXpedition. The team will assemble on Reunion Island during the last week of December. On January 3, 1997, they will leave board the 300 foot French vessel "Marion Dufresne" for a 10 day sail to Crozet and then to Heard Island. The stations will come on the air on or before January 15th, using the callsign VK0IR. The total budget for this DXpedition is $320,000.

XU, KAMPUCHEA (CAMBODIA). There was a report that JR1CSA and JA1SBH were active during the first part of the month (October 9-13th) as XU1U and XU1AO. Operations took place from the Battambong, in the north- west part of Cambodia, and the JA ops made 500 QSOs, mostly with Europe. QSLs should be sent to the individual operators.

XY, BURMA/MYANMAR. Another group has announced that an operation from Yangon (Rangoon) Myanmar (Burma) will take place from October 25th through November 4th, by the "JA1UT" DX Group. This will be the 4th demonstration /operation in the series linked to Visit Myanmar Year 1996. They had hoped to operate from Mandalay or Pagan on this occasion, but this was not possible, and the alternative of an operation in Yangon was accepted. Call signs to be used are XY1HT, XY1VMY, and XY1U. The group consists of mainly European and Japanese operators. Additional operators are welcome to contact 9M2/G3NOM. On the first weekend, an entry will be made during this past weekend's CQWW SSB Contest. Also, a parallel operation will be made on Satellite during the contest weekend. The operation is taking place from the Headquarters of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. QSL to JA8RUZ.

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