Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 281, December 2, 1996

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 281
BID: $OPDX.280
December 2, 1996
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
Online at 216-237-8208 14400/9600/2400/1200/300 8/N/1

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, N2UCK, W2IJ, NG3K, K7WX, KR8V, K9BG, KY0A, DL2HBX, DL5EBE, EA3KU, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, HL2KAT, JA1QGT, JH4RHF, JP1ROA, OH2BH, ON6TT and VE3BW for the following DX information.

3V8BB REPORT (by DL2HBX op). ULI, DL2HBX, would like to thank fellow contesters and DXers for all the CW QSOs during his stay at 3V8BB, between November 21 and 26th. He managed 7500 QSOs out of which 4400 were in the CQWW DX Contest breaking the old Low Power World Record. All QSOs were made using an IC-735, a 3 element tribander at 15m above ground, a delta loop for 40m, a G5RV for 80m and a low dipole for the top band. The sea front QTH and the hill in the back helped all northern directions (EU, USA, JA). QSL via DL2HBX. Please remember that he can only confirm his own QSOs, that is, all CW QSOs between November 21 and 26th, 1996! He hopes to start QSLing in March at the latest and all QSOs will be confirmed 100%.

5X1T NOW QRT BUT PREPARING FOR HEARD ISLAND. Peter, ON6TT, who has been active as 5X1T, has gone QRT as of November 27. Peter reports he made 13,000 QSOs (of which 1,200 were on 80 meters and 1,700 on RTTY) since the end May. During this tour of duty, Peter was also active as 5Z4DU, 5Z4RY and 9U5CW (first satellite, RTTY and 160m QSOs since quite a while ago). During this period, he has managed to blow up 2 amplifiers, 2 power supplies and one computer (Peter, "Long live stable electricity"). Peter will be back in Africa on December 26th, where he will be joining the Heard Island expedition on Reunion Island. The group's callsign on Reunion will be TO0R. QSLs for 5X1T go via ON5NT (any donations included will be forwarded to the Heard Island group).

6Y, JAMAICA. Begin looking for Alan, G3XAQ, starting December 3rd as G3XAQ/6Y5. His operation will be on until December 12th with activity on CW only 160-10 meters using an IC-706 with 100w and dipoles. QSL to his homecall.

7O, YEMEN. The "DX News Sheet" reports a station signing F6EAY/7O was active at 1550z, November 22nd, on 14050 kHz giving his QTH as Sanaa, and saying that although he is an "unofficial station", he was hoping to obtain a licence.

7Q, MALAWI. Chris, W1EH, in Lilongue, has been very active as 7Q7EH on RTTY this past week. Check around 14085 or 21085 kHz +/- 1 or 2 kHz between 1600 and 1000z. QSL via AA9HD.

9J, ZAMBIA. Vlad, ZS6MG, will be here December 1st, and will stay there for 7 days. His possible callsign will be 9J/ZS6MG. Operations will be from about 1700z until late evening (2100z). He will mainly operate on 40 meters CW, but he will try his best to be active on 80 meters as well as 20,15,10 meters. QSL via ZS6MG: Vladimir Karamitrov, P.O. Box 1788, Bramley 2018, Rep. of South Africa.

A625, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (Attention Prefix Hunters). In celebration of the United Arab Emirate's 25th National Day, Mohamed, A61AM, will be using the special call A625ND. He expects to be active around 0900z on December 2nd for 12 days. The first 4 days of the operation will be from his beach sight in Dibba, Fujeira. The remaining 8 days of the operation will take place from his home QTH in Dubai where Mohamed now has a KT34XA and a linear amp. QSL to KA5TQF.

BV9P, PRATAS ISLAND. The DXNS reports Bolon, BV5AF, President of CTARL and TAMSAT, has plans for an operation in late March 1997.

C21BH BIRTHDAY PARTY OVER (Excerpts from OH2BH press release)! Martti Laine, OH2BH, states he had "a most memorable Birthday Party in the Republic of Nauru". Some 12,000 QSOs were logged during those days of festivities. C21BH also participated in the CQ WW CW Contest with two stations and totalled some 5000 QSOs. While the actual OH2BH birthday party was honored by the presence of all the heavyweights of the Nauru Republic, there were more than 100 persons who sent their greetings by FAX. Among them were the Presidents of the largests IARU societies, such as ARRL, JARL, RSGB and others. C21BH QSL requests will be processed in Finland by OH2BH. Please note that his address has changed. Cards should not be sent to his previous Hong Kong Address. A special event full-color C21BH QSLs will be released in January. QSL to: Martti J. Laine, OH2BH, Nuottaniementie 3D20, 02230 Espoo, FINLAND.... ADDED NOTE: All OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive the complete press release as an additional bulletin.

C6, BAHAMAS. Gary, KR8V, will be active during the ARRL International DX - CW Contest, February 15-16th, 1997, as KR8V/C6A from Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas as a single op entry. Also, he will be active before and after the contest on all bands 10-80 meters, primarily CW. QSL to home call direct or via buro.

E3, ERITRIA. Jun, JH4RHF, reports that Jin, JF1IST, is leaving for E3-land to do a survey for the construction of communication facilities for the UN organization. He already received permits to transmit for both amateur radio and his business. Since he is there on business, his operations are limited. He should have arrived in Eritria on November 30th, however, as he goes around the border area for the survey, his operation is limited to 20 meters for a while. He will have more time for DXing in about a week (around Decemeber 9th). QSL via JH1AJT. His suggested frequencies are as follows: 1824 (1825 or 1830.5) QSX 1909-1911, 3790-3796 QSX 3800-3805, 7040-7050 7005, 14185 14030, 21295 21030 and satellite activity planned.

HB0, LIECHTENSTEIN. Seiji, JA1QGT, will be active as HB0/HB9LEY from December 14-15th. Operations will be on 80/75/40/30/20/17/15 meters with activity on CW/SSB (mainly operating 80m CW & 30,20,17 meters long path to JA). QSL via JH1BSE. Seiji suggests to check out his HB0 DXpedition Home Page for the latest information and pictures at: http://www.jona.or.jp/~ja1qgt/hb9ley.html


SV/A, MT. ATHOS. Monk Apollo, SV2ASP/A, has been active over the past week. Over the holiday (U.S.) weekend, reports show he was on 20 meters CW (14030 kHz between 1345 and 1630z) which is very unusual for him. There have also been reports of him being active on 80 meter SSB (3795- 3799 kHz around 0515z). The biggest surprise was reports of him being active on 160 meters (1845 kHz around 0512z). Dominik, DL5EBE, reported that Monk Apollo stated he will try to work as many stations as possible this winter season on top band and that a fixed sked for 80 meters will be on the weekends around 3795 kHz +/- QRM at 1800z.

USI AND IOTA ALERT. Reinhard, DF4TD/AC5FL, will be active from several Florida islands on December 11 through 24. He will concentrate mainly on IOTA for Europe. If you are familiar with Florida (ie- Miami, Orlando and the Keys) and can offer him some "island info" please E-mail Reinhard at: DF4TD@t-online.de

V4, ST. KITTS. Joe, VE3BW, will be operating as V47CA from February 3-17th (1997). Activity will be all bands 160-6 meters, depending on propagation, and mainly on CW. QSL to the homecall VE3BW.

V5/ZS6YG NOW QRTED BUT WILL BE ACTIVE AGAIN. Charlie, KY0A, informed OPDX that he has completed his operation this year as V5/ZS6YG. From his van in Etosha National Park, he made 1632 QSOs, mostly on the WARC bands. Charlie did try to call CQ on both 80 and 160 meters but to no avail. Even by extending the mast under the loading coil to 16 feet, he felt it still acted like a dummy load. He could hear lots of stateside stations including W3LPL, WA3EUL and K0OO on 160 meters and many on 80 meters, but he could never reach them. Europe was bombing in on 160 but again, nobody could hear him. All contacts have been entered into the computer and labels have already been generated. Cards are on order and should be received by next week. Everyone who has requested a card will have theirs by the 10th of December. Meanwhile, Charlie states to look out for a huge operation in February in 1997. They will be using V5/ZS6YG again but concentrating on the low bands and 10/12 meters. Most of the operating will be on CW. It is not known at this stage if any RTTY will be tried. During the ARRL CW contest they will be using the callsign V59T. QSL this contest only to KY0A. Outside the contest, QSL V5/ZS6YG to KY0A and V5/W8UVZ to W8UVZ.

V6, MICRONESIA. HL1IWD, (Sung Ki, Lee), will be active as V63CT from Pohnpei Island (IOTA OC-010) from December 5-16th. He will work for an eye specialist there during his stay. Activity will be on SSB (3795, 7060, 14260, 21260 kHz). He will also be active on CW from 0400-1200z. His equipment will be a FT-890 with 500w linear amp with his wire dipole antenna set-up on the roof of Harbor View Hotel. He is one of the Korea DX Club (KDXC) members who was active from the Paengnyong-do Island (IOTA AS-122) in 1993. QSL via his new address: Mr. Sung Ki, Lee, 572-278, SungSan-dong, Mapo-ku, Seoul 121-250, Korea.

VK9L, LORD HOWE ISLAND. Tetsu, JE5FLM, and Hide, JR5XPG, of the Kagawa DX Group will be active December 26-30th, as VK9FL and VK9PG, respectively. Activity will be on 80-10 meters and possibly some 160 meters, with operations on CW/SSB and the satellites AO-10 and AO-13. QSL via CBA.

VK0, HEARD ISLAND UPDATE (Excerpts from KK6EK press release). Bob, KK6EK, states: "The Heard Island DXpedition team is in the final stages of preparations. Some of us leave for Europe in less than a month. The team will assemble on Reunion Island around January 1st, and set sail on January 3rd. After a stop at Crozet, we expect to be put ashore on Heard Island around January 12th, and come on the air a day or so later. Baring catastrophe, we should be QRV for a little more than 2 weeks. All the latest news and details about the DXpedition are contained in our web pages: http://www.ccnet.com/~cordell/HI...." ADDED NOTE: All OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive the complete press release as an additional bulletin.

XZ1N OPERATION WRAP-UP news release will be provided to ALL OPDX InterNet Subscribers as an additional bulletin. Meanwhile, the XZ1N team made 23,187 QSOs (CW - 12,612, SSB- 9,936, RTTY - 639). The majority of contacts were with European (47%) and Japanese (32%) stations, with North American (15%) stations being worked only during the brief windows available to them.

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