Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 285, December 30, 1996

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DX Bulletin No. 285
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December 30, 1996
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, K1ER/KH6, N2MAU, N4GN, KK6EK, K9UWA, KX9X, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, ON4WW, PS7AB, PS7KM, PT2NP, VK9NS and ZR5DTS for the following DX information.

SPECIAL EDITOR'S NOTE: My family (wife/OPDX's chief proof-reader Linda, Tedd (TJ), Katie) and I (KB8NW) would like to wish all DXers, Contesters and OPDX readers a very "Happy New Year". Also, we would like thank the many who have contributed information over the year (there are too many to list). Without them there would not be an OPDX Bulletin.

1A0KM, SOL. MIL. ORDER OF MALTA. By the time you read this, the operation may be over (SORRY!). A surprise and rare operation (with only a few days notice) took place between December 26-30th.

3W. VIETNAM. DXNS states to look for Unni, LA6RHA, who will be active December 30th for 5-6 days as 3W6RHA, mainly 0900-1200z SSB on 14182 and 14248 kHz. QSL to home call.

8B, KEPULAUAN TUKANG BESI (INDONESIA). Tjok, YB0RX, and a couple other hams are organizing an IOTA Dxpedition here. These islands are possibly a new IOTA and are also known as the Blacksmith Islands. Activity will be from January 3-5th. They will use the callsign 8B8WI. Operation will be on 80-10 meters SSB and CW if they can find an operator.

9X, RWANDA. Mark, ON4WW, will be back in Kigali, Rwanda, as of December 30th. The problem is Mark may have to go straight to a field location (work), which means he will not be active until he gets back to Kigali. If he stays in Kigali, he will be active on 160 meters from the first night on (depending on his workload). Mark states he will try to get a regular 160 meter schedule going. Until then, look for him on 20 meters CW and SSB (split for NA) and 1827.5 kHz (QSX up for EU/NA/SA/AS/OC and QSX 1911-1912 approx. for JA). QSL via ON5NT.

BS7, SCARBOROUGH REEF. There is information being passed around about an upcoming operation to BS7 which is not 100% accurate. Information was passed on to OPDX from a VERY reliable source stating, "....there are still several details which haven't yet been nailed down. This is the reason we prefer to wait until things are less likely to change before issuing any 'official' announcements. Hopefully more (and more accurate) info will soon be forthcoming."

FP, ST. PIERRE & MIQUELON. (Preparing early!) Jack, WA1CFS (ex-N1REU), will be active next August, 1997. Jack states, "This isn't a vacation for me, this is a serious 160-10M, 6M, 2M, and maybe satellite DXpedition." Jack will be operating SSB, CW, and RTTY. If you would like to keep up-to-date on Jack's DXpedition, send E-mail to fpdx@hotmail.com -- write subscribe on the "Subject" line.

KG4, GUANTANAMO BAY. Bill, WT4K, and Rusty KG4AU will be a Multi/Single entry in the ARRL RTTY roundup contest January 4-5th. They will be using Bill's call KG4GC. QSL to WT4K (ex-KQ4GC) via buro or direct with SASE.

P4, ARUBA. John, K9UWA, will be here on vacation and be active January 11-27th. He will be active on all bands with lots of Low Band activity. He will also operate in the CQWW CW 160 Meters Contest using the same call as last year, P40WA. John states he will try to make the sunrise and sunset openings as often as possible to give JA/EU a chance to work Aruba on "Top Band".

PY5/PQ5, MEL ISLAND. This Brazilian island located in the Parana State Group (IOTA SA-047, DIB 24, DFB PR-01 e DFH PR-01) will be active February 20-24th. Callsigns to be used: SSB - PY5AA and for CW - PQ5L. Suggested frequencies: 3760, 7060, 14260, 21260 and 28460 kHz. QSL via bureau or via: PY5AA - LABRE/PR, PO Box 1455, Curitiba/PR, 80001-970, Brasil and PQ5L - LABRE/SC, PO Box 224, Florianopolis/SC, 89010-970, Brasil

QSL INFO AND NEWS...... Paulo, PT2NP, ABRA Director-Secretary, reports on the Martim Vaz Island DXpedition QSL cards saying that all QSO were logged by computer. The photos were selected and the card lay-out was already approved by the ABRA directory. They are currently awaiting for an answer on their request to the IOTA Commitee on giving Martim Vaz Island its own IOTA number in order to print the cards. Once the decision is made, they will order the QSLs and start processing the cards.

V2, ANTIGUA. Matt, NM9H, and Sean, KX9X (ex-KF9PL), will be active from February 12-19th. They will be active during the ARRL DX CW Contest and will be requesting the call V26CW. Outside of the contest, they will be signing V2/homecall, and an emphasis will be placed on 80 and 160 openings to Asia, Europe and Africa, as well as WARC bands. Activity will be primarily CW, although some SSB will be worked. All equipment has been secured with the exception of a laptop computer. QSL to homecall with SASE. Any questions or sked requests may be sent to: nm9h@ctnet.net or kx9x@cris.com

VK0IR, HEARD ISLAND DXPEDITION UPDATE. Bob, KK6EK, sent out a press release (last week) before leaving with a few important points and thoughts about this upcoming DXpedition. The following is an excerept: ".... Heard Island has about the worst environmental conditions anywhere, and the safety of the team must remain primary, ahead of any radio operation. We expect regular 60-mph winds, with gusts to 100 mph. These conditions may delay us, and may shut us down temporarily, or permanently. If the weather, or any other act of God (there is an active volcano on HI!), indicates against our operations, we will have to opt for the safety, regardless of the consequences to radio operations. We know you will understand this....... Our team has a continuing tradition of being gentlemen and ladies on the air. We will be polite and patient to you, and know it will be returned. We expect it to be a fun and rewarding time for both sides...." Meanwhile, Peter, ON6TT, and Arie, PA3DUU, have arrived in Reunion. The Reunion support crew was there (with the local television) to pick them up. All the luggage has arrived, and the 400 kg which was sent earlier this month from Belgium was checked and found all ok. The two 10-ton containers are there as well. Peter said that it looks like everything is under control! It was also reported, that it might be difficult to operate from Kerguelen and Crozet as all people will be very busy, but the Heard Island crew will think and act differently! By the time you read this, a larger group of operators will have arrived on Reunion, on December 29th. Loading of the containers on the ship headed for Heard Island will not be done before January 2nd. ADDED NOTE: All OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive all the complete up-to-date news releases as an additional bulletin.

ZS7, ANTARCTICA. The following is an item extracted from the South African Radio League Bulletin (29 Dec 96): " Marten Du Preez, ZS6ZY, will be one of the 78 guests leaving South Africa for the Antarctic on January 7th. Marten will be operating from a special room allocated for Amateur Radio operation on the bridge of the Aghulus and once in the Antarctic from the new base as well as from the emergency base. Look out for ZS7/ZS6ZY. The group has been invited to travel to the Antarctic as part of the inauguration of South Africa's new base at Vesleskarvet. For Marten, it is a nostalgic visit. He was deputy leader of the first South African Antarctic Expedition in 1960 and leader of the third SANAE Expedition which erected the original base in 1962." (ed. By the way, the Aghulus is a Naval Resupply ship that services the South African bases at SANAE.)

VU7, ANDAMAN ISLANDS. From a FAX OPDX received by Jim Smith, VK9NS/VU2JBS, states, "THERE IS A SANTA CLAUS AFTER ALL". The following excerpts are from Jim (ed. All OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive the complete FAX from Jim and Mani, VU2JPS.): "As most DXers know it is now some 20 months since HIDXA stated its intention to donate amateur radio equipment to Mani, VU2JPS, in Port Blair, Andaman Islands. However, it was to be mid August this year before I felt confident enough to actually consign the three packages by Air Freight to New Delhi (for customs clearance) and subsequent onward Air Freight to Port Blair, Andaman. At 0130 Norfolk Island time on Xmas morning the phone rang and it was Mani in Port Blair. He excitedly told me that he had received everything, safely and that he was very happy..... A fax was received from Mani, VU2JPS and Mala, VU2MTC. I think you will agree that it says everything and in the spirit of amateur radio, makes the orginal idea of helping Mani and his wife a very gratifying one...... Seasons Greetings 73 de Jim VK9NS/VU2JBS"

ZY0, ST. PETER & ST. PAUL ROCKS (UPDATE). Members of the NATAL DX Group, (Karl/PS7KM and Tino/PT7AA will be signing ZY0SK [SSB] and ZY0SG [CW], respectively) will be on PY0S starting operations around January 25th, with activity lasting for about 2 or 3 weeks. Their arrival and departure depends on the fishing boat. Activity will be on all bands, CW and SSB, and they will be using the usual DX frequencies. There will be no 160 meters operations. QSLs for CW contacts go to PT7AA and for SSB, PS7KM.

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