Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 286, January 6, 1997

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DX Bulletin No. 286
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January 6, 1997
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
Online at 216-237-8208 14400/9600/2400/1200/300 8/N/1

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, W4/YV5DTA, N4AA & QRZ DX, W5IJU & ISLAND/DX News, N7KH, K7NPN, NL7TB, K8PYD, K8YSE, K9EL, CX5BW, F6AJA, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, OH2BUA, PA3GBQ, PB0ALB, VE1AL and ZS6EZ for the following DX information.

3Y, BOUVET. Several other DX publications report that Tony, WA4JQS, Director of Operations of the South Sandwich Island Antarctic DX Group, states the 1997/98 operation and paper work is going along very well. Permission had been received for a December 1997 landing date, but with the possible establishment of a CCAMLR (Convention of the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Lining Resources) ecosystem monitoring program being set up on the island and taking effect in October, 1997. Problems could arise just before departure time with permission to land. The South Sandwich Group has re-applied for a 1998 season landing date also, so that they would have time to work with any new requirements that the CCAMLR group should request. He also reports that there are many requests by the JA operators for them to postpone their landing until 1998, so that the 28 MHz band opening to JA would be greater. This was also a big factor in the new date request.

7O1A OFFICIAL RESULTS. The 7O1A operation recently conducted by Zorro, JH1AJT, and Franz, DJ9ZB, from Aden, Republic of Yemen, during December 15-23th, 1996, using only a TS-50, R5 (10/15/20) and wire dipoles (40/80), made 13140 QSOs with 105 countries. All QSOs were on SSB. The break down is as follows:

      MHz    No. of QSOs    COMMENTS      MHz     No. of QSOs
      ---    ------------   --------      ---     ------------
      3.5      1078          JA: 240      14        3620
                             NA: 250      18        3635
                             EU: 588      21        1971
                                          24         670
      7        1926          JA: 500      28         240
                             NA: 600
                             EU: 826

9G, GHANA. Steve, PA3GBQ, will spend his 1997 holiday here from February 1st until March 8th. His callsign will be 9G5BQ. Also, he will take part in the ARRL CW contest maybe with a special callsign. This will be an all band event from on top of a mountain. Activity will be mostly during the night and morning hours on the low bands and WARC bands. He will also try to obtain a license on 160 meters. Steve may make a trip to TU-land during his holiday. All QSL cards via PA3GBQ.

9M8, EAST MALAYSIA. PB0ALB will be in Sarawak from April 19th to June 6th as 9M8CC. Activity will be on AMTOR/RTTY and SSB on 80-10 meters. Europe stations should look for him on 15 meters at 1100z, 20 meters at 1200 and 80 meters at 0000z. JA/USA stations should look for him somewhere between 0200-0600z for 15/20 meters and 1000z for 80 meters.

C6, BAHAMAS. The DXNS reports Rick, NE8Z, will be active January 13-20th as NE8Z/C6A from Treasure Key. Activity will be on CW/SSB. QSL via NE8Z or K8LJG.

CE, CHILE. Paul, F6EXV, has received his CE3/F6EXV licence. He will be active as soon as possible. It is reported that he will be there for 2 or 3 years.

CX, ISLA DE FLORES (URUGUAY). Pedro, CX5BW, and other CX operators will be active from IOTA SA-030, January 10-20th. They will put on the air 5 stations on all HF/VHF/UHF Bands. Special attention will be given to 6 meters. Their locator number is GF25. Activity will be on SSB, CW, RTTY and SSTV. The last two modes are a first for SA-030. They will put digital photos on the air of the expedition on SSTV. The group's callsign was not mentioned. QSL to: P.O.Box 2, Z.C. 11000, Montevideo-URUGUAY S.A.

CY0, SABLE ISLAND (BAD NEWS!). Al, VE1AL, reports, "the Canadian government has announced that it plans to close the weather station on Sable Island, unless private interests can be coerced into paying for the valuable services provided to the public. Another possibility is that the station there would be automated and serviced on a regular basis, much like the telephone facility that gets the attention of Telco employees (who happen to the be hams) on an irregular basis. Whether the others who have interests on Sable Island (oil companies and scientists studying the environment) would continue to remain there is not known. It would appear at this point that future accessibility to Sable by Amateur Radio Operators could be in severe jeopardy. On the other hand, it may be argued, this was not the case on St. Paul Island (CY9) where the lighthouse was automated a few years ago and there is no "permanent" population. While there is no maintenance of the landing site at St. Paul, sea access can be had with some degree of difficulty. Maintenance crews use government supplied helicopter service. However, Sable Island has special designation as an environmentally protected area and government permission for "visitors" would likley be scrutinized far more closely than St. Paul. Also, landing areas on the Sable Island beaches are currently checked by "residents" prior to a plane's arrival. The landing site is a portion of beach that has been visually inspected and deemed to be packed hard enough by sea action so that a light plane equipped with very wide tires can touch down safely without becoming bogged down in the sand. No residents would preclude this and make airplane arrival difficult or even impossible. Approaching Sable by sea is, at best, extremely dangerous as it is known as "the Graveyard of the Atlantic" and this leaves only very expensive helicopter service."

H4, SOLOMON ISLAND. The German team of Bernhard, DL2GAC, and Siegfried, DK9FN, will be active here in February for at least two weeks. The callsigns to be used are H44MS for SSB and H44/DK9FN for CW.

IMPORTANT! JUST A REMINDER! EVERYBODY PLEASE READ!!! Leo, K8PYD, from the 8th Area QSL Bureau would like to remind everyone with new "VANITY CALLSIGNS" to send new SASE envelopes with your new callsigns on them. Also, you should still send an envelope or two with your old callsign on it just in case some cards continue to show up over the next few years at your QSL bureau.

PJ9, NETHERLANDS ANTILLES. The "Island/DX News" reports John, W1BIH, will be active as PJ9JT from Curacao, January 8th through March 30th. Activity will have an emphasis on CW, with operations on 160-10 meters. QSL via W1AX.

QSLS BEING LOST FOR ZS8RI. Chris, ZS6EZ, QSL Manager for ZS8RI, reports, "....A lot of people are losing their QSLs mailed to me, because they put "Edward and Marion Island" on the envelopes..... ZS8IR's QSL route is via ZS6EZ in South Africa. Do not put Edward and Marion Island on the envelope!" ..... de Chris, ZS6EZ, (Not on Marion Island!)

T32, CHRISTMAS ISLAND. T32Z, has been quite active. CW/SSB activity varies between 0130 to 0800z and also around 1900z. Check 21005, 14180, 7003 and 1826 kHz. ADDED NOTE: Kay, N7KH, the sister of T32Z, reports to OPDX that her brother is very concerned that wrong QSL information is being published by some DX bulletin. That information showed QSL via a W7! That information is totally incorrect, and any cards received by the W7 WILL NOT be forwarded to anywhere but the trash can. The correct QSL information is via N7YL, and always has been...

THE DX MAGAZINE (New Publisher). "The DX Magazine, previously published by Paul and Nancy Smith, following many years of publication by Chod Harris, has been purchased by Carl Smith, N4AA, current publisher of QRZ DX. The March/April 1997 issue will be the first one by the new publisher..." de QRZ DX .... Also, QRZ DX now has a WEB Page and will be expanded upon Carl's return from the UK. The address is: http://www.abooks.com/dx

USI ALERT (United States Islands Award Program). Jim, AA3ID, and XYL Dianne, N3GPF, will be back on Hatteras Island (NC-005S) on January 6-12th, with 10-80 meters (and 6m) capability. Their main operating frequency will be 14260 kHz. Special QSLs will be available.


Jukka, OH2BUA, reports that a special real-time coverage for the Heard Island Dxpedition on the World-Wide Web is availabe now. Check the WebCluster at: http://www.clinet.fi/~jukka/heard.html
Heard Island DXpedition Teams's departure from Reunion Island has been delayed by a strike in France. The team had been ready to set sail January 3rd, but instead the team will now leave January 5th (More on this later). The bad news is the team will now head directly to Heard Island without making a planned stop at Crozet Island. John, ON4UN, reports that the French Regie Maritime, the semi-official agency that manages all ferries in France, went on strike so the crew of the Marion Dufresne, the expedition vessel, went on strike for 2 days as a sign of solidarity with their brethren in France. The team was active over the past week as TO0R from Reunion Island. Activity was mostly on 160 meters. As this was being typed, John, K8YSE, informed OPDX of the following information: "The Heard Island DXpedition team is now enroute to Heard Island per my QSO with them today around 1700z, Sunday. The expected landing date is January 12th, and they will not be operating until they get everything set up. Setup time is estimated to be 2 days. Everyone is in good spirits after their superb performance from Reunion Island on 160m. They are hoping to do the same from Heard Island." The team expects to be active for two weeks. They will sail back to Reunion Island but plan (hope) to stop at Kerguelen Island for about one day. KYFC!!

XT, BURKINA FASO. The DXNS reports Hugolin, XT2HB, is a newly licensed amateur and is often active on 14225 kHz around 1730z weekdays and 0730z at weekends. QSL direct to: Dep. 01, BP 6397, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

1997 ELECTED DX CLUB OFFICIALS (Congratulations!).......

   South Florida DX Association -  Pres: Scott Hotchkiss, W4PJ (Ex KR4GJ)
                                   VP  : Steve Morao, YV5DTA/W4
                                   Sec : Mike Kloc, W4MK (Ex WP2S)
                                   Trea: Jerry Crawford, K7UPJ
                                 B.O.D.: Steve Sarasohn, W2ZR (Ex WU2W)
                                         Doug McDuff, W4OX (Ex WB4MAI)
                                         Mike Raskin, K4KUZ
                                         Peter Rimmel, K8UNP
                                         Don Search, W3AZD

   Western Washington DX Club -    Pres: Bob Preston, W7TSQ
                                   VP  : Dick Swanson, K7BTW
                                   Sec : Mike Schone, WA7BAY
                                   Trea: Marina Zuetell, N7LSL
                               Trustees: Duncan Carman, W7JEN
                                         John Gohndrone, N7TT
                                         Joe Gregory, W7QN
                                         Adam Kerner, K7ST
                                         Larry Short, N7YQ
                                         Roger Huntley, W7VV

   Central Arizona DX Association - Pres: Mike Fulcher, KC7V
                                    VP  : Mike Bill, AA7NO
                                    Sec : Steve Thompson,N7TX
                                    Trea: Rick Dill, N7KO
                         Member at Large: Dave Hollander, N7RK
                         Member at Large: Ned Stearns, AA7A
   North Jersey DX Association -    Pres: Ben Friedland, K2BF
                                    VP  : John Sawina, NA2R
                                    Sec : Bill Hudzik, W2UDT
                                    Trea: Gene Ingraham, N2BIM

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From: LEEWICAL@aol.com
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 1997 00:02:31 -0500
To: kb8nw@barf80.nshore.org
Subject: "KH6BZF REPORTS"-01 January 1997



JANUARY 1997                                    FEBRUARY 1997
16  AN                                                 01  HN
17  AN                                                 02  LN*
18  AN                                                 03  LN*
19  AN                                                 04  HN
20  AN                                                 05  AN
21  AN                                                 06  AN
22  AN                                                 07  HN
23  AN                                                 08  HN
24  AN                                                 09  HN
25  AN                                                 10  AN
26  HN*                                                11  AN
27  AN*                                                12  AN
28  AN                                                 13  AN
29  AN                                                 14  AN
30  AN                                                 15  AN
31  AN                                                 16  AN
ABOVE NORMAL==AN                         BELOW NORMAL==BN
HIGH NORMAL ===HN                         DISTRUBED======DIS

Watch for solar flux levels to PEAK on/about 14-15th January 97 based upon the normal 27.5-day solar rotation. Watch for N-S transquatorial prop openings especially on 10 meters as well as on the 12, 15 and `17 meter bands. The DX band of choice in the Northern Hemisphere remains 20 meters from early Sunrise to late Sunset. LOW BAND PROP for 30 generally open to somewhere all day long. Then on 40,75/80 and 160 meters GOOD DX will be experienced on the darkness path. The are zero Sunspots on the disk at this writing and have been so since 24th December of last year, 1996. It would appear that we are still experiencing the last "wimpers" of present Cycle 22. WATCH 6 meter activity on/about 18-19th January and again 2-3 February or at anytime on 6 meters! REMEMBER; AWAITING DX PROP PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE. HAPPY SEASONS GREETINGS TO YOU ALL. MY NEW'S WISH FOR YOU IS GOOD HUNTING...... WE HOPE WE'VE HELPED....LEE, KH6Bloomin' Zipper Flipper

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