Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 290, February 3, 1997

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DX Bulletin No. 290
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February 3, 1997
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, ARRL DX Bulletin, AD1C, K1HT, K3DI, K7BV, KO7V, W7TSQ, K8KS, N8BJQ, KX9X, DL8WPX, EA5KB, F5OZF, F6AJA, PS7AB and ZS5S for the following DX information.

1997 SWODXA DX DINNER. The Southwest Ohio DX Association is pleased to announce the Twelveth Annual DX Dinner to be held on Friday, May 16th, 1997, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dayton, OH. There will be a cash bar at 6:30 PM and dinner at 7:15 PM. If you are interested in attending, tickets are $29.00 and must be purchased in advance. Groups wishing to sit together must order as a group. A table seats eight. Also, please make your check or money order payable to SWODXA and send an SASE for ticket return. Seats will be assigned in the order that requests are received. Seats will be assigned on 15 March 1997. Seating is limited. Please order tickets from Tom Inglin, NR8Z, 4061 Eaton Road, Hamilton, OH 45013. For information on the dinner, contact Steve Bolia, N8BJQ at (513) 429-9954 (voice) or (513) 429-0218 (fax) or e-mail to: n8bjq@erinet.com

5X4F (UGANDA) NEWS. ZS5S passes on the following to OPDX: "Conditions to 5X-land the last two weeks on 160 have been phenomenal. 220 QSOs were made of which 150 were with NA and 37 with JA. Another 120 QSOs were made on 80. Look for Paul, 5X4F, occasionally between 2130 and 0000z on 1.824 +/- QRM when QRN is low. He is always on between 0400 and 0440z looking for stateside at his sunrise which is 0413z. After working on 1824, he QSYs to 3.502 or occasionally to 3.799. If you have worked Paul on 160 or 80, please don't call him again unless it is for a new band or mode country during a pile-up. Paul would like to give 5X to as many new ones as possible. Thank you. If you hear him calling CQ to find out if the band is open, please call him. The setup in NW Uganda is minimal with 350 watts and 240 ft. long wire. Power source is solar charged batteries."

6Y, JAMAICA. Dick, K3DI, will operate QRP in the ARRL CW Contest from Ocho Rios, Jamaica with the call 6Y0A. He states that the 6Y0A operation will be Single-Op entry and count as a PVRC DXpedition. Dick has twice been the worldwide winner of the ARRL CW QRP (C6AHL in 1994 and ZF2OP in 1996). At 6Y, he will use two radios contesting with split earphones. The total station's equipment consists of the two radios, two antennas and power supply which can be hand carried in one case. QSL requests may be via direct, bureau or the Internet (wilder@clark.net). Outside the contest, the call will be K3DI/6Y5 not 6Y5/K3DI.

9U, BURUNDI. 9U5CW and 9U5DX will sign 9U5T from the city of Bujumbura during the ARRL CW Contest, February 15-16th. QSL via F2VX. Gerry, F2VX, reports he has the logs of 9U5DX through January 21, 1997.

CE7, WELLINGTON ISLAND (CHILE). Look for Ismael, CE7AOY, to be active as CE7AOY/8 from IOTA SA-032, February 7-12th. Listen for him on the IOTA island frequencies, especially 21.260 kHz. QSL via CBA.

DU, PHILLIPINES. Dave, W1DV, will be active from Manila for the next two years as DU/W1DV. Activity will be mostly on CW. Dave is a missionary with Grace Bretheren Missions. QSL via KO7V.

FT5Z, AMSTERDAM ISLAND. Eric, FT5ZG, operates his own station on Amsterdam Island and will be there for one year. It was reported that he will try to be a regular on 7004 kHz at 1730z as FT5WE (now QRT) was in the past. His QSL Manager, F5RQQ, reports he has received January's log by FAX from Eric. QSL by the French Bureau REF or by direct to: F5RQQ Vigier JM 4 IMP Des LYS 63800 Cournon D'Auvergne France.

HP, PANAMA. Joel, F5PAC, will be here from February 11th to March 7th. His callsign and complete plans of operation were not reported. Joel will use an IC-706 including a GP for 10, 15, 20m and dipoles. He will be active from Grande (IOTA NA-202) and San Blas (IOTA NA-170).

HR6, HONDURAS (Looking for another OP). Gary, N7QXQ/HR6, advises that he has openings at Oak Bay Resort on Roatan Island (IOTA NA-057) for February and March (including weekends of ARRL and WPX contests). If interested, Gary can be reached at 011-504 45-2337. Best hours to call generally betwwen 2300 and 0200z.

P2, PAPUA NEW GUINEA. After Mar/DL3DXX and Joerg/DL8WPX stay in Bangladesh (see S2), they will travel to Port Moresby on February 14th to join Falk/DK7YY and Juergen/DL7UFN (both NODXA members) to be active from Misisma Island. Details of length of stay, callsigns and operations are presently unknown.


S2, BANGLADESH. By the time you read this, Hannes/DL3NEO, Mar/DL3DXX and Joerg/DL8WPX/YB1AQS should have arrived in Dhaka. Mar and Joerg will stay until February 14th and Hannes until the 17th. Activity will be on all HF bands (sorry NO satellite operations this time). A special emphasis will be given again to the low bands (just like the group did the last two years from VK9XY/VK9CR). A 20m/66ft Titanex vertical and beverage-parts will be in their luggage. Also included will be a RTTY modem and other antennas such as a R7, R-7000 and wires. Look for S21XX on the usual standard DX-frequencies, mostly again in CW. In case they operate from two different QTHs (they will be carrying 3 transmitters) and in the last days after Mar and Joerg leave, look for Hannes to use the callsign S21XZ. This callsign has also been assigned to them, but they will only use it if necessary. All QSLs are going via Hannes, DL3NEO. The German bureau should be "OK", a direct address is to be announced later.

ST0, SOUTHERN SUDAN. John, PA3CXC, made a surprise trip to this rare spot this past week signing PA3CXC/ST0. His length of stay is unknown at this time. Last spot reported as this was being typed was 0828z Sunday (Feb. 2nd) on 18070 kHz. His next stop reportedly is 9U/9Q.

USI ALERT. Look for Dave, K1HT, to be active February 17-21st, from Cumberland Island (GA-002S or IOTA NA-058), mainly around 14260 kHz. QSL direct to K8JLF or via bureau to K1HT. ADDED NOTE: A special USI announcement will be sent to all OPDX InterNet Subscriber.

V2, ANTIGUA. Sean, KX9X, and Matt, NM9H, will be active from February 12-19th, from the Caribbean super-station V26B. They will be on CW, SSB, RS-12, and maybe RTTY. Their primary plans are to give V2 out on CW on the low bands to JA and EU. They will also be active in the ARRL DX CW Contest the weekend of February 14th. They will be applying for V2 calls. Sean will be applying for V26NA, while Matt will be applying for V26CW. These may change depending on availability. QSL info has yet to be determined.

VK4, STRADBROKE ISLAND (Australia). Sergio/VK4GK, Angelina/VK4AAC, John/VK4WX and Silvano/KB5GL/VK4WGL will be operating from IOTA OC-137 Saturday, March 15th, at 0530z ending Monday, March 17th, at 0100z. Activity will be on 3995, 7065, 14260 and 21260 kHz. QSL VK4WGL via KB5GL CBA. All others via CBA.

VK0IR LOGGED 80,673 QSOs. The complete record breaking details and breakdown will be sent to all OPDX InterNet Subscribers.

VP2E, ANGUILLA. Dennis, K7BV, will be returning here sporting his new callsign VP2EV (replacing VP2EWW), from February 10-18th. He will operate all HF bands on CW including the ARRL CW contest. Dennis will give RS-12 a try if someone is willing to forward information on the satellite's pass over to his E-mail address: k7bv@aol.com. QSL to his new address: 4357 Appollonio Way, Carson City, NV 89704.

XU, KAMPUCHEA (CAMBODIA). The "ARRL DX Bulletin" reports that Robert, KE2FB, is with the US Embassy, and is active as XU2FB. He works 80 through 10 meters, using CW, SSB, RTTY, and FM on 10 meters. QSL via N4JR.

ZY0, ST. PETER AND ST. PAUL ROCKS (UPDATE). By the time you read this Karl, PS7MM, and Tino, PT7AA, should be active a ZY0SK and ZY0SG, respectively. The two departed from Natal, Thursday afternoon on board a fishing boat named ALFA. The estimated time of the trip is four days. The duration of the DXpedition will depend upon the time the ALFA takes to fill its holds with fish. There is the possibility that their return trip will be made aboard another boat that will be fishing in the area. Activity will be on CW, SSB and RTTY. All the 9 HF bands will be used. QSL to home calls.

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