Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 294, March 3, 1997

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DX Bulletin No. 294
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March 3, 1997
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
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3Y, BOUVET. The "DX News Sheet" reports Kaare, LA2GV, was active for only three hours during the morning of February 22nd as 3Y2GV, on 18090 kHz QSX 5/6 up, working Europe. Kaare, (who was a member of the first Peter 1 DXpedition), was travelling on a Norweigan Antarctic ship and was unable to give any warning of the operation. QSL to home call. Meanwhile, the South Sandwich Island Antarctic DX Group 1997/98 operation will depart Cape Town January, 1998, on the 67 metre vessel called "Afrique du Sud", and be active for 12 days. Tony, WA4JQS, and Barry, ZS1FJ, are planning the operation which will cost US $100k.

9M6, MALAYSIA. Charlotte, KQ1F, and Paul, K1XM, will be operating from Sabah starting in mid-March. Their callsigns are 9M6TCR and 9M6TPR respectively. This is a combined scuba-diving and amateur radio trip. They will bring a small station consisting of an Icom IC-735 and Cushcraft AP-8 vertical. Operation is planned from three islands, all using the same callsigns: Borneo, Sipadan and Layang Layang. QSL all via KQ1F.

C6, BAHAMAS. Andrea, DL3ABL, and Michael, DL6MHW, are going to The Bahamas for their spring holiday. They will be staying on New Providence from March 24th until April 4th. They plan to give a contact to anyone who needs C6. If possible, they will focus on the Japanese, who seem to be hardest to reach. Their expected calls are C6A/DL6MHW and C6A/DL3ABL. Using a ICOM 706, a Butternut HF6 and some wires for the low bands, they will be active on CW/SSB on all HF-bands (especially look for them on 14260 kHz). Andrea is also going to take part in the CQWW WPX Contest during their time there. QSL via the bureau or direct to: Andrea Diekmann, Bruno-Taut-Ring 56, D-39130 Magdeburg, Germany.

FINAL TALLY FROM V5. The recent Namibian V5 operations by W0YG, KV0Q, WB0HBS and W8UVZ is now history. Nearly 4000 QSOs were made before and after the ARRL CW Contest, with an emphasis on the low bands. In fact, nearly 1300 QSOs were made on 160 meters including the first ever V5 Japanese QSOs. The operators worked every state except KL7, on top band (including one KH6 QSO). During the ARRL CW Contest, nearly 3500 QSOs were made on all 6 bands. QSL routes are as follows:

V5/ZS6YG via W0YG (formerly KY0A)
V5/W8UVZ via W8UVZ home call
V51Z direct only via ZS6EZ
Meanwhile, Charlie, W0YG, who is a professional photographer, is still in Africa and will not be back to Colorado until March 10th. The V5/ZS6YG QSL will be a photo card to be printed AFTER his return. Therefore, QSLing is not expected to begin until mid-April at the earliest.

FR, REUNION ISLAND. Guy, F5MNW, will be active as FR/F5MNW or TO5UFT from here March 22nd to April 6th. He will be mostly active on CW. Also, look for FR/IK2GNW to be active, especially on 80 and 160 meters from March 15-20th.

HF0POL, SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS (UPDATE). The operator at the HF0POL station is Mark, SP3GVX. He is active mostly on CW +7 kHz from the band edge and can be found on the band around 0100z and later. During his daytime hours he is very busy in the camp. This is the Antarctic summer, and he has a lot of work to do. More activity will come later in the year. His equipment is a FT-757 and Atlas, amp. 1kW, 2 PC's. Currently he has only simple wire antennas because all previous antennas were broken. His antenna farm is very swampy right now because of the summer. QSL via SP3FYM to receive a very nice colored QSL with a view of the camp site. Correct SP3FYM's address: Henryk Karwowski SP3FYM, P.O.Box 832, 66 400 GORZOW WLKP, POLAND.

HS9, TERUTAO ISLAND (NEW IOTA). The South Thailand DX Group and the Diamond DX club ITALIA are organizing an IOTA DXpedtion to this island located in the Butang Group. Look for operators HS0/IK4MRH, I4LCK, E21AOY/8 and HS1ASN, from March 14-22th, using a special callsign HS9AL. They will be active with two stations SSB and CW all bands (possibly on WARC bands as well). QSL via I4LCK.

JW, SVALBARD. Rag, OZ8RO, will once again reactivate JW5HE from March 24-31th. He likes working the WARC bands. QSL via OZ8RO and 1 green stamp is enough for return postage. Ray requests, "Please use international size enevelopes!!!"

JX, JAN MAYEN. Per, JX7DFA, continues to be active on the lower bands. He has been on almost every day during the last week working stateside stations during their evening hours (around 0300z). For CW, check 3512 and 1824.5 kHz and for SSB on 3599 and 1842 kHz. Meanwhile, Per has promised to come on RTTY before he leaves the island. He is currently facing some problem with the rtty interface but hopes to solve the problem soon. QSL to his homecall LA7DFA. Do not expect QSLs before late April, after his return to Norway.


T33, BANABA ISLAND. Ron, ZL1AMO, hopes to go to Banaba Island in April. No other details were given.

VI3GP, SPECIAL EVENT STATION. On Sunday, March 9th, the city of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, will for the second successive year, host the first race of the Formula 1 Grand Prix season. Most of the GP circuit, which surrounds the picturesque Albert Park Lake on the southern outskirts of the city, is a normal part of the urban network used by daily commuters, other than the Grand Prix week when it is closed to all but race traffic. In conjunction with this major event, the Eastern and Mountain District Radio Club (EMDRC Inc.) has once again been granted approval to operate an Amateur Radio Special Event Station with the call sign VI3GP (Victor India 3 Grand Prix). The station will be operational from 0000z on Thursday, 6th March to 2359z on Sunday, 9th March from Club members' homes on a roster basis. "The Special Station will NOT be on air from the race track itself." The following frequencies (+/- QRM) will be used at appropriate times:

SSB: 3620, 7050, 14180, 14250, 21180, 21250, 28480 kHz
CW: 3515, 7015, 14015, 21015, 28015 kHz
FM: 146.550 MHz
Dave, VK3EW, one the operators, states to look for him to be active on SSB on 3799 kHz and 1840 kHz. Stations contacting VI3GP should QSL to VK3ER either via the Bureau or direct to the Callbook address (P.O. Box 87, MITCHAM, Victoria 3132). If direct, Australian stations should please enclose a self addressed stamped envelope, and Overseas stations should enclose a self addressed envelope together with sufficient IRCs or Green Stamps for return postage of a standard size QSL card. If insufficient postage is enclosed, cards will be returned via the Bureau.

XF3, COZUMEL ISLAND. Rick, NE8Z, will be here from now until March 8th, as NE8Z/XF3. Cozumel Island is IOTA NA-090. Rick states he will not be taking his own rig this time, but he plans on visiting a local friend there...if possible he will be on the IOTA frequency 14260 kHz.

ZK1, SOUTH COOK ISLAND. Willy, VE6JO, will be in Raratonga from now until March 10th. His callsign will be ZK1JOO. Details on operating were not provided.

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