Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 296
March 17, 1997

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 296
BID: $OPDX.296
March 17, 1997
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
Online at 216-237-8208 14400/9600/2400/1200/300 8/N/1

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, K4HQ, AL7J, NL7TB, NC8V, 5X1D, DK6QW, F6AJA, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, PS7AB, RA3AUU, SM0BFJ, VK3XV, YU1OL and ZS9F for the following DX information.

3DA, SWAZILAND. Koji, JM1CAX/ZS6CAX, and Tad, JH7KPU/AA3JA, will be active as a Multi/Single in the CQ WPX SSB Contest using the 3DA5 prefix for the first time. During the contest, they will use the callsign 3DA5A. Outside the contest (before and after), they will be active as 3DA0NX (Koji) and 3DA/AA3JA (Tad). QSL 3DA5A via JH7FQK. QSL 3DA/AA3JA via JH7FQK: Ichio UJIIE, 162 Shionosawa, Kohata, Towa, Adachi-gun, Fukushima 964-02 JAPAN. QSL 3DA0NX via ZS6CAX: Koji Tahara, Japanese Embassy, P.O. Box 11434, Hatfield 0028 SOUTH AFRICA.

3V8, TUNISIA. Hrane, YT1AD, will be active from Tunis as 3V8BB, during the CQWW WPX SSB Contest. He will be operating as a Single Op/All band entry (No WARC activity). QSL via home call YT1AD.

5X, UGANDA. Gus, 5X1D, informed OPDX that he is now active on 144 MHz EME (Earth-Moon-Earth). He is using a 17 element long boomer with 300w output. The first EME contact, which took place on March 11th between 1700-1756z, was with Dave, W5UN, with a good signal. By the way, this was Dave's country number 145 on 2 meter EME. Gus is open for skeds when the Moon is near the horizon. For schedules, send E-mail to Gus at: jageror@wfp.or.ug. QSL via SM0BFJ.

6W, SENEGAL. Jacques, F6BUM, will be here from April 4-17th. He will stay on the Senegalese island called Karabane, which has been reported will count for a new IOTA in Casamance region. He will use an FT900 and R7 antenna, and will be active on SSB and CW with operations on 40-10 meters. QSL via CBA.

6Y, JAMAICA. Look for Jay, K4ZLE, to be active as K4ZLE/6Y5 from "Ocho Rios March", until March 24th. His activity will be mainly CW on 80, 40 and 30 meters. QSL to CBA.

7O1A "THE REAL STORY AND FACTS FROM THE DXCC DESK". OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive an additional bulletin regarding details on the 7O1A decisions.

9M, LAYANG LAYANG ISLAND (Spratly Island) AND EAST MALAYSIA (UPDATE). If you hear 9M6TCR or 9M6TPR before March 21st, it is Charlotte, KQ1F, and Paul, K1XM, probably active from Borneo (IOTA OC-088, CQ zone 28), East Malaysia. From March 21-28th, they will be active from Layang Layang (IOTA AS-051, CQ zone 26) otherwise known as part of the highly contested Spratly Islands. Those who like to chase YL stations, this will be a rare catch. Charlotte will be signing 9M6TCR. But if you hear Paul active as 9M6TPR, you may request a YL contact, and Paul will try to get Charlottee to come to the mike if she is not busy. They will make an effort to work the U.S., especially the East Coast, mostly on 40 and 20, and possibly 30 meters. Paul will be active during the CQWW WPX Contest, but he will not announce his QTH every QSO (ONE HINT: He will occasionally send 599 26, which means they are at Layang Layang). From March 29th to April 4th, they will be on Sipadan (IOTA OC-133, CQ zone 28, East Malaysia). After April 4th, any additional operation will be from Borneo. Dates are subject to change due to the weather. Also, RTTY operation is not likely, but not totally ruled out.

EW35, BELARUS. The radio club (EW1WB) "The Distant Countries" of Minsk will celebrate their 35th anniversary of foundation. Operations will take place with the special call EW35WB. QSL via EW1WB, Box 380, Minsk-50, 220050, Belarus.

FM, MARTINIQUE. Look for Nicolas, F5TGR, to be active until March 22nd, as FM/F5TGR.

KC6, BELAU. The Japan Palau Crazy Contest Club is planning to be an entry in the CQWW WPX SSB Contest as a Multi/Single signing as T88X. Operators are JA6VZB, JE6DND and JJ6TYG. Activity will be on 80-10 meters (No 160m planned). Before the contest, T88JA will be active on the WARC bands or RTTY. QSL T88JA via JA6BSM (*NOT* JA6VZB). QSL T88X via JE6DND.

KL7, ALASKA QSO PARTY. The QSO Party is sponsored by the South Central ARC, from 0000z March 22nd to 2400z March 23rd. Work Alaska stations only (Alaska stations work everyone). Exchange RS(T) and state/province/ DXCC country (AK stations send city). Score 1 pt/phone, 2 pts/cw, digital and SSTV. 160, 80 and satellite count double. Frequencies: 1.835, 3.700, 3.875, 7.035, 7.135, 7.235, 14.035, 14.245, 21.135, 21.335, 28.135, and 28.335 MHz. Final score is QSO pts x AK cities worked (AK stations use states/provinces/DXCC countries). Send logs by May 31 to Kyle Sandel, AL7J, 8811 July Creek Cir, Eagle River, AK 99577. You can E-mail at: sandelkw@alaska.net. Certificates are awarded.

MAJOR QRP IOTA DXPEDITION (Rare County)! The Knightlites, a QRP club consisting of Andrew/K4HQ, Dave/WA4NID, Paul/AA4XX, Steve/AA1BK, Tim/N4EKP, John/WB4OFT, and Bob/AE4IC, will be going to Porstmouth Island (NA-067, NC-0??) on April 4-6th. Portsmouth is an UNINHIBITED island located on a North Carolina map due south of Ocracoke Island and is in Carteret County (the RAREST county is NC!!!) They WILL be running QRP with 4 stations on the air simultaneously! Three stations will be on CW and ONLY one SSB Their antenna will have a triband yagi at approx. 60-80 feet for 10, 15, and 20 meters. For the lower bands, they will have a Carolina Windham and a G5RV, and maybe a 4 square on 40 and 80 meters. Frequencies will be on the common IOTA frequencies, as well as the County Hunter's frequencies and in the DX window, if they need to. QSLS via K4HQ, Andrew Lewis, 7612 Justin Place, Chapel Hill, NC 27514-9708. A special webpage was just setup for the expedition. It has all the info and will be quite helpful in the coming weeks. After the expedition, they will have ALL the LOGS available for checking! The webpage URL is:


OOOOPPPSSS DEPARTMENT. A little mistake in the rules were published under "1997 RUSSIAN DX CONTEST" in OPDX.295. Multipliers should have included DXCC Countries along with oblast abbreviations + Antarctica, Malyj Vysotskij Island and Franz Josef Land. For more information on this contest, send an E-mail message to: ra3auu@contesting.com -or- ra3auu@glasnet.ru. Also, checkout the LA9HW WEB site:


OY, FAROES ISLANDS. Five German hams will be visiting the islands between June 7th and 20th. They plan to operate 160-10 meters using different antennas (dipole, vertical and beverage). Look for the following callsigns and operators: Claus - OY/DF8QJ, Michael - OY/DK6QW, Joerg - OY/DL3QQ, Werner - OY/DL4YBZ and Reinhard - OY/DL6YFB. QSL all operators to Alfred, DK4QO.

USI ALERT. The Ascension DX Group (ADXG) will have 3 full time stations fired-up 24 hours per day on April 11-13, starting around 2000Z from Grand Island LA-003S (NA-168). The operator list includes: N5VWM, KA5RNH, KB5RZY, W5ZDW, W5XV, AB5XP, WN5W and the old Cajun Pirateer himself, AA5AT!

VK3 AND VK4 BUREAU. The Wireless Institute of Australia Victorian Division and the Wireless Institute of Australia Queensland Division are the only IARU recognised QSL Bureau in the VK3 and VK4 call areas. All cards should be directed to these bureau unless otherwise directed by the station operator. Any other bureau operating in the VK3 or VK4 call areas is privately operated and has no association or distribution agreement with the WIA. The VK3 and VK4 bureau will not process cards from or to any private bureau operating in the respective call areas. Inwards Bureau addresses are unchanged and are as follows: VK3 - G.P.O. Box 757G, Melbourne Vic. 3001, Australia. == VK4 - G.P.O. 638, Brisbane Qld. 4001, Australia.

ZD7, ST HELENA. The "DXNS" reports that Ray, ZD7RH, is a newly licensed station active on 20-10 meters. Please report any QSNs to OPDX.

ZF, CAYMAN ISLANDS. John, NC8V, will be operating from Little Cayman Islands once again as ZF2JC/ZF8 from March 20-27th. Little Cayman is IOTA NA-016. He states that he will operate several hours per day during the entire period he is there and will try to be around 14260 and 21260 khz. Most of his operation will be on SSB, but he will go to CW on request. All QSLs go to his home address at: John Cornwell, 15100 E. Scatter Ridge Rd., Athens OH 45701-8854. A SASEs would be appreciated.

ZS9, SOUTH AFRICA. ZS9F states he will be active during the CQWW WPX SSB Contest on 10, 15 and 20 meters. PLEASE NOTE that this callsign will be cancelled by the Dept. of Communications after the contest. So look for ZS9F for the last time. QSL via KK3S.

ZY2, SAO SEBASTIAO ISLAND (BRAZIL). Operators PY2QA, PY2DUN, PY2MMM, PY2OZF, PY2AE and PU2YSU will be active from IOTA SA-028 (DIB 016), located in the Sao Paulo State East Group, from April 18-21st. They will use the callsign ZY2IB. Operations will be on SSB and CW with activities on 80-10 meters. QSL via PY2AE.

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