Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 298
March 31, 1997

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DX Bulletin No. 298
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March 31, 1997
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, NG3K, W3UR & The Daily DX, WD8MGQ, W0YG, DK1RP, DJ5NN, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, I1HYW, JA1ELY, OZ5MJ, PS7AB, SP2BIK, VE3UOL, VE9AA and VK4AAR for the following DX information.

6O, SOMALI. Bill, VK6ZX, will be traveling in the northeast region of Somalia in the town of Galkayo. He hopes to be active for a few hours during April 8-9-10th. His XYL, Diane, VK6KYL, will also be with him. Their callsigns will be 6O0X (Six Oscar Zero Xray) and 6O0YL (Six Oscar Zero Yankee Lima) respectively. The callsigns have been allocated by the political organization responsible for this region (SSDF). Bands of operation are expected to include 20 and 40 meters. There is and will be limitations to access of equipment which is also used for regularly scheduled non-political AM shortwave broadcasting inside Somalia. The times of operation will be ruled by availablility of equipment and acceptability of running the generator (for power) during sleeping hours. Bill states, "The radio station is a peace project which was given a major upgrade 3 years ago with funding from the Boulder Rotary Club in Western Australia and the Australian Government. It has been operational for some 4 years now and continues to have an influence on the process to establish an accord resulting in a Somali Government. The Radio station was established by Sam Voron VK2BVS (6O0A). To date, the most commonly used frequency from this location is 14275 kHz by Sharif (6O0SC) and Abdi (6O0W) have been on air. The equipment available for use includes a Yaesu Txcvr with a Henry amplifier. The antenna is a log-periodic at between 30 and 40 metres in the air. SWR on 40m may be too high for high power. No ATU is available yet. QSL is via my call, VK6ZX at the call book address (PO Box 463 Kalgoorlie, WA 6430, Australia). Direct QSL with green stamp will be answered."

CALL BOOK GOING PAPERLESS. Almost every avid DXer has at one time or another used a paper call book, but "TIMES ARE A-CHANGING". Some DXers will be affected by the announcemnet that the printed version of the "Flying Horse Radio Amateur Callbook" will be discontinued. Beginning with the Spring 1997 edition, the callbook will only be available on CD-rom.

CY9, ST. PAUL ISLAND. Mike, VE9AA, reports the CY9AA DXpedition will now take place from June 26-July 3rd, due to special circumstances. No other details were given.

FY, FRENCH GUIANA. The "DX News Sheet" reports Dave, DJ0PJ, will be active again from April 2nd to May 6th as FY/DJ0PJ. Activity will be "QRP" on 10116, 14060, 18080 and 21060 kHz.

GJ, JERSEY. Peter, DK1RP, will be active from here April 6-12th. He states, "As Jersey is not a very rare country I will try to make some CW-activity on the low bands (160,80,40). As I am travelling by air I will not be able to take 'great equipment' with me, but I will try to find a place with a good offset to USA on the island. Each contact will be confirmed via the bureau."

HF1, POLAND. There will be a special event station be active from the city of Gdansk on Polish Baltic Coast which will celebrate its 1000 years birthday. For this occasion there is a special callsign issued, HF1GD, which will be active from now until December 31st. The station will operate on all HF bands, VHF/UHF and satellites. QSL cards via SP2BIK.


JD1, MINAMI TORISHIMA. JG8NQJ/JD1 is reported to be active and will continue to be active until he returns to the mainland on April 23rd. He prefers CW and can usually be found on 20 and 40 meters after 0100z as late as 0600z and after 1100z (until he goes to bed). He expects to return again in June or July of this year. QSL via JA8CJY, direct to CBA or JARL Bureau.

JUST A REMINDER! NH7A which was active in the WPX contest this past weekend, was really Hawaii. Don't get this confused with Kure Island. All Kure Island callsign suffixes start with a "K" (ex. AH7K, KH7K, NH7K or WH7K).


RARE ASIAN DXPEDITION. Steve, HA0DU, reports Zoli, HA5PP (ex-3W8DX, XW8DX, XU8DX, ZA1DX), would like to activate two VERY rare Asian countries soon. He needs equipment support. Those interested can contact him at his E-Mail address: HA5PP@hotmail.com (or if it does not work, send your E-Mail to Steve at: Istvan.Bogyo@mdc.hu).

S2, BANGLADESH (POSSIBLE NEW IOTA ISLAND IN WORKS). Giovanni, I1HYW, received a fax from Vittorio, I1SLY, stating that a S2 operation "MAY" start April 5-6th. It will probably be from Hatia Island instead of the island that they tried for last month since they could not get permission to operate. This one will be a new IOTA and count for S2 little letter "a".

SPECIAL EVENT. To commemorate the fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen's 192nd birthday, a special event station will be active, on the April 2nd with a special callsign OZ5HCA. The QTH is Odense where Hans Christian Andersen was born in 1805. Odense is located on the Island of Fyn (IOTA EU-029). Activity will be on 14260 +/-, 7060 +/-, 3670 and 3540 khz starting around 0800z. There will be a special QSL card issued. QSL via bureau. If you want direct QSL you can send it to OZ5MJ, Jens Palle Moreau Jorgensen, Jaegerbakken 13, DK 5260 Odense, Denmark.

V5, NAMIBIA. Charlie, W0YG, will once again head for V5 in July, but he will be active mobile. He will be using 500 watts, and will again try 80 and 160 meters. Charlie states, "My signal wont be strong on these bands, but at least I will attempt it with a little different twist in the installation." He also mentions that he is trying for A2, Z2 and 9J licenses. Charlie says this will take time, and he is not sure he can do it in the amount he has left before he leaves July 23rd.

XU, KAMPUCHEA (CAMBODIA). Reports indicate Mike, XU6WV, has been active on 3512, 7004 and 7007 kHz. His sunrise is currently around 2304z, and his sunset is currently 1100z. QSL via K0TLM.

YN6, NICARAGUA. Hiro, JA6WFM, was issued the callsign YN6WFM on March 12th and expects to be in Nicaragua until December. He was quite active on 40 meters CW in the early mornings. QSLs via JA6WFM to the bureau or direct to: Hirofumi Nakamura, 1311-11 Miyahara-Machi Yatsushiro Gun, Kumamoto 869-46, JAPAN.

ZL9, AUCKLAND ISLAND (Update). Information from Ed, K8VIR, relayed to OPDX by Alan, VK4AAR, states Ed expects to be active on the 1st or 2nd of April for about 5 days. He will be using ZL9DX and K8VIR/ZL9 mostly on 14260 kHz and, if the band is open, he will be on 21300 kHz. Ed suggests the best QSL route for USA/Europe go to his home call as per the "1997 CallBook". For other areas, they can use this route: Ed Hartz, K8VIR, POB 9, Te Anau, New Zealand.

ZS8, MARION ISAND. The "DXNS" reports Chris, ZS8IR, continues to be active on 1822 kHz from 0300z until after his sun rise as much as he can before going QRT in early May. He has worked 330 different stations on 160 meters including the first QSOs with VK6 and JA recently.

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