Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 307
June 2, 1997

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 307
BID: $OPDX.307
June 2, 1997
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, WB2YQH & 59(9) DXReport, W3UR & The Daily DX, AB4IQ, K4VUD, W4NS, N6ED, K7DBV, K8CX, K8XP, WB8HNC, WZ8D, DJ5AV & DX News Letter, DU9RG, F5ATD, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, G4FUI, HA0HW, IK1DPA, OH2BH, PS7AB and SP9MAX for the following DX information.

7O, YEMEN. "Keep Your Fingers Crossed" for this one! The "DX News Letter" reports Zoli, HA5PP, will arrive in Aden on June 27th, and hopes to be active in September signing 7O/HA5PP, 7O8DX or 7O8CW. QSL via HA5YPP.

7Q, MALAWI. STEVE, 7Q7SB, visited with Paul, ND4X, and Doyl, AB4IQ, in Paducah, KY., on May 26th. He is presently on leave and is living in Midland, TX. He has upgraded his U.S. license to General and is almost ready to take his Advanced. He will return to Malawi July 16th (1997), and will be back on the air sometime in September or October. He should remain there for two or three years. This time he is taking back with him a computer equipped with DXbase, SB200, and a rotator for his Cushcraft beam. AB4IQ will remain as his QSL Manager. With the sunspot cycle improving, he should be quite active as time permits. He is a missionary and maintains a very busy schedule.

9N, NEPAL. Charles, K4VUD, will be in Kathmandu for 20 days beginning July 8th. He plans to operate on 14195 plus or minus and 14.226.5 around 1300z. He is looking for any advice on wire antennas and what other (one) band he should choose. He is hopeful he will have access to the hotel roof for antennas. His E-mail address is: harpole@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu QSLs go to K4VUD callbook address.

A3, TONGA. There will be a couple of station active from here over the next couple of weeks. "The Daily DX" reports Bob, W7TSQ, will be operating from Ha'apal (IOTA OC-169) as A35SQ, from June 4-16th. QSL via W7TSQ direct ONLY. Dennis, W7SNH, may be active as A35DB, from June 4-9th, on RTTY (AMTOR). QSL to W7SNH (ex-WB7SNH). REMEMBER: There is not a A35 QSL Bureau on Tonga. QSL only to the station's homecall.

A4, OMAN. "The 59(9) DXReport" states Chris, ex-A71CW, is in Oman but not yet active . He reports anyone needing A71CW cards can still use P.O. Box 22101, Doha, Qatar until May, 1998, as his mail will be forwarded.

BV, TAIWAN. SM3SGP/BV2 will be active until October. No specific bands/modes were mentioned. QSL via SM3EVR.

C6, BAHAMAS. Begin looking for John, WZ8D, from Abaco, Bahamas (IOTA-80), June 5-19th, as C6AIE. Activity will be on 80-2 meter. QSL via WQZ8D: John Walker, 1930 Meredith Ln., Loveland, OH 45140-7216. Skeds can be arranged via E-mail: wz8d@goodnews.net

EP, IRAN. A couple of stations have been active from here. The one may be a SLIM (pirate). EP2MKO (WFWL!) has been showing up on 14004 kHz as early as 2045z and as late as 0130z. QSL via UA6HCW. Ali, EP2AG, shows up sometimes on 14240 with 9K2MU around 2115z. QSL via P.O. Box 16765-154, Tehran, Iran. Also, Moshen, EP2SMH, running QRP, can sometimes be found on 14240 kHz during the same time as EP2AG. QSL via P.O. 17665-441, Tehran, Iran. The best times to look for these stations are on Thursday evenings and Fridays (this is their weekend).

IOTA NEWS. Tony/IK1QBT, Nino/IK1ZOZ and Alex/IK1PLD plan to be active from Gallinara Island (Ligurian group, IP1) IOTA EU-028, between June 7th and 8th. Operators will sign IP1/homecall. Operation will be on all HF bands SSB/CW (WARC bands included) around the standard IOTA frequencies. There will also be activity on 6 meters, VHF and UHF in SSB. Reference number for the Italian Island Award (I.I.A.) is SV-01. QSL via their respectives home calls via bureau or direct.

KP1, NAVASSA ISLAND. The "DX News Sheet" states that rumours from Dayton's HamVention say several groups are looking at an operation in 1998, despite the problems of getting permission to land and operate.

KP2, U.S. VIRGIN ISLAND. Carroll, NA4I, will sign /KP2 from here and will be active June 12-18th. Activity will be mainly on 6 meters which includes an entry in the ARRL VHF Contest on June 13-14th. Also, look for W6JKV/KP2 to be active in the VHF Contest.


SP, POLAND. Look for Special Event Station SN9JP to be active between June 1-15th, to celebrate the visit of Pope John Paul II to Poland. Activity will be on CW, SSB and RTTY with operations on 80 to 10 meters. Look also for 2 meter SAT activity. Send QSL cards via SP9PKZ or bureau. Also, remember that 3Z0JP (see OPDX.304) is supposed to be active now until June 15th to celebrate the visit of Pope John Paul II to Poland. QSL via SP6GVU.

SV5, DODECANESE. A Hungarian group will fly to the Island of Rhodes (EU-001) and will be active June 3-17th. The members of team are HA0HW/ Laci, HA4GDO/Tomi, HA6NL/Laci, HA6PS/Zsolt and HA6ZV/Tibi. They will be using their calls with SV5/ prefixes and /p behind the calls. They plan to be active on all HF bands from 160-10 meters on CW, SSB and RTTY, too. Their suggested frequencies are:

CW - 1831, 3511, 7011, 10101, 14011, 18074, 21011, 24891 and 28011 kHz
SSB - 1841, 3789, 3789 (3611 for HAs), 7089, 14189 (14260), 18141, 21289, 24941 and 28489 kHz
They also want to work on the satellites such RS-10 12, RS-15. Their down link will be 29421/29441 and 29321/29341 kHz. They will try to work on 2 meters as well. They will run two separated stations on HF bands at the same time in hopes that everyone who wants to get SV5 on a wanted band and/or mode can work them. They will answer all QSL requests by the way they are received (if arrived via bureau they will go out via the bureau and if they are received direct 'with the appropriate cost to return postage' they will be answered direct). Meanwhile, also look for SV5/OM3LA to be active from Kos Island from July 9-23rd. Planned activities will be on CW/SSB/RTTY and on all bands. QSL via OM1APD.

T33, BANABA ISLAND. Ron, ZL1AMO, is reportedly back home in Auckland and was not able to get to or be active from Banaba due to transportation problems.

TM0, FRANCE. The callsign, TM0RSE, will be reactived once more on the weekend of June 6, 7 and 8th. This special call is used by a group of French morse code enthusiasts during important celebrations. The Allied invasion in Normandy is such an occasion. The station, installed in the tower of the "Chateau de Creully" (Calvados), will be operating on all H.F. bands from the same location used by BBC news correspondants reporting Allied war operations during the Normandy campaign in 1944. QSL TM0RSE via P.O. Box 20, F-14480 Creully, France.

VK0, MACQUARIE ISLAND. Tom, VK0TS, was heard last week (May 26th) at 0530z on 14260 kHz with Jim, VK9NS, running the show. There are mixed reports on his signal strength from different parts of the world indicating that very few were able to hear him or that he was very strong. Keep a listening!


XU, KAMPUCHEA. XU2A and XU2FB were heard active this past weekend. XU2A was heard on 14195 kHz between 1230 and 1500z. XU2FB was heard on 14002 kHz between 1745 and 1900z; and on 14228 kHz at 1244z.

YA, AFGHANISTAN. John, PA3BTQ, who was recently active as S21/PA3BTQ, is now working for the Red Cross in Afghanistan. His callsign, operating frequencies, and length of stay is unknown at this time. QSL via homecall.

ZK1, NORTH COOK ISLANDS (DXPEDITION UPDATE). Tom, K8XP, informed OPDX the team of operators have now been finalized with the addition of Chris, ZS8IR (former operator on Marion Island), and Mike, N6MZ (was one of the team on Heard Island). Mike and Chris will join N4RF, WA4YBV, N7RO, KI6AN and K8XP to complete the team of 7 operators. Their callsign on North Cook will be ZK1XXP, and the QSL route wsll be announced later. The following have also been added to the list of supports: NCDXF, Alpha Delta, DX4WIN, Heil and Astron. All equipment will be assembled at N4RF's QTH in early June and shipped by the 17th. DXpedition dates are currently firm to take place September 20-27th, with 3 stations functional to include RTTY.

ZX7, CABO BRANCO LIGHTHOUSE (Brazil). From June 14-15th, ZX7CB will be active. This station is currently 1 of 65 lighthouses good for the Brazilian Lighthouse Award (DFB) and counts for PB-01. Activity will be on the following suggested frequencies:

SSB - 3750/3760, 7060/7070, 14200/14220, 18130/18140, 21200/21220 and 28440/28450 kHz
CW - 3500/3510, 7015/7030, 14050/14070, 18070/18075, 21140/21160 and 28150 kHz
QSL via: PR7CB, Jorge, PO Box 008, Joao Pessoa/PB, 58001-970, Brazil. For more information via E-mail contact: pr7rt@openline.com.br

ZW100, BRAZIL. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Belo Horizonte City, look for ZW100BH to be active now through December 14th (1997). Activity will be on all modes and bands. QSL via PY4AA: LABRE/MG, PO Box 314, Belo Horizonte/MG, 301323-970. For more details send E-mail to: marcus@gcsnet.com.br

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