Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 310
June 23, 1997

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 310
BID: $OPDX.310
June 23, 1997
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
Online at 216-237-8208 28.8k-1200 Baud 8/N/1

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, N2OO, WB2YQH & The 59(9) DXReport, W3UR & Daily DX, AA4US, KP4AM, N4GN, WD4JNS, KH6BZF, AA7VL, K7JJ, NL7TB, DJ5AV & DX News Letter, F5ATD, G3SWH, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, JA1ELY, JA4DND, IK0AZG, SP2FOV, VE9AA, VK9LW and VS6XMT for the following DX information.

3W, VIETNAM. Toshi, JA1ELY, reports the following: After Hiroo's, JA2EZD, XU2A operation, Hiroo went to Vietnam to help setup a new club station, 3W6LI. Hiroo has been showing up on 15m SSB. He will be active on all band either SSB and CW. Meanwhile, Hiroo has a plan to operate from Quan Phu Quoc Island the first IOTA from 3W-land. He may use his own callsign, 3W6ZD or 3W6PQ (applied). Quan Phu Quoc Island is in the Mekong Delta West Group located on the border of Cambodia. No IOTA number is issued. Check your 1997 IOTA Directory, page 63, there are seven Vietnamese groups, all with no IOTA number. Meanwhile, the "Daily DX" reports 3W5RS has recently been showing up again at the bottom of 20 meters on CW around 1400-1500z.

3Z, POLAND. Special event station 3Z2GD will be active once again to celebrate 1000 years of Gdansk City during the month of July. QSL via SP2FOV.

5X, UGANDA. Mats, SM7PPK, reports that he has received the Ugandian license of 5X1Z. He currently working on his antennas and has something up on 40 meters, so he will be there on CW as much as he can. Other antennas will be up soon. Mats states that there are others active on SSB, so he will mainly be on CW for the time being. QSL via SM7PKK: Mats Persson, Zenithgatan 24 #5, SE-212 14 Malmoe, Sweden (de Mats.. Please try to forget my old address this time around or your QSL will be delayed at least 3-4 months extra!!!)

8P, BARBADOS. The "DX News Sheet" reports Enno, PA0ERA, will be active from July 3-16th, during a holiday from Holetown on the West Coast. This will be a CW only operation mainly on the WARC bands (wire antennas). Enno will be on 6 meters (IC-706 and 4 el yagi), possibly with a 6m beacon.

9G, GHANA. PA3AWW will be active now until the end of 1997 as 9G1AA. He is currently working at the Dormaa Hospital. Activity will be mostly CW. The callbook address of PA3AWW is wrong, so QSL to: H v Dousterhout, Bosbesplein 15, NL-3355 SG Papendrecht.

9M6, EAST MALAYSIA (SPECIAL EVENT DXPEDITION). A special event station will be active in Sabah to celebrate the Grand Opening of "Hillview Gardens", a resort with a Ham Radio theme. Bob, N2OO, reports this is a life-long dream of Alfons, 9M6MU, and Doris, 9M6DU. That becomes a reality this August. The special event DXpedition will be operational from Hillview Gardens August 4-23rd, signing with a special callsign (to be announced at later date). Operations will be on 40-10 SSB/CW including WARC bands for this initial operation. Operators as of this time are: Bob, N2OO/9M6OO; Alan, VS6KY/ZL1TX (ex-VS5TX) and several local 9M6 operators. All QSLs will go via N2OO. Hillview Gardens used to be Alfons and Doris' home. Last year, Alfons and Doris began a project to convert the home and surrounding property into a resort. It includes a 50 ft. swimming pool, food, beverage and entertainment areas; 20 chalets (rooms), a new 85 ft. tower and hamshack. Please send any inquiries directly to Bob's, N2OO, E-mail address at: CQPINEY@worldnet.att.net

BY, CHINA. "The 59(9) DXReport" states Simonetta, IV3FSG, will be in Beijing July 9-28th, and hopes to be active from a club station, possibly on RTTY.

CY9AA, ST. PAUL ISLAND (UPDATE AND REMINDER!). This DXpedition starts Thursday, June 26th (complete details can be found in OPDX.303). The CY9AA gang is very pleased to announce the addition of Tom Taormina, K5RC, as their "North American HF Pilot Station". Tom brings with him many years of HF DXing and will most certainly prove to be a great asset to the CY9AA gang. Please send pertinant comments to Tom (which will be relayed to the DXpedition team through various means) via E-mail: TOMK5RC@aol.com

HG, HUNGARY. Be looking for special event station HG5UFO to be active on 80-10 meters on all modes now until June 29th. Activity is in celebration of the International Exhibition of Space in Budapest. QSL via P.O. Box 17, Budapest 1456, Hungary.

HZ1AB WEB HAS MOVED. HZ1AB has moved to a new provider. There is lots of good news regarding the station's continuing operation. Also, photos and QSLs have been added. Check out at: http://www.garlic.com/~k7jj/hz1ab.html

IOTA NEWS.......

OH0, ALAND ISLANDS. Tim, N4GN, says he will be active as OH0/N4GN along with OH1NX and OH2BH and will arrive on the Aland Islands on Monday, July 7th. The group will put two stations on the air for the deserving. The operation will be carried out from the famous OH0W site with stacked beam antennas and a clear horizon over the open sea in all directions. There will be two FT-1000MP stations with Alpha 91B amplifiers on the air using the following suggested frequencies:

CW: 3502, 7002, 10101, 14024, 18074, 21024, 24894, 28024 and 50104 kHz
SSB: 3795, 7045, 14195, 18115, 21295, 24935, 28495 and 50110 kHz
QSL via Tim Totten, N4GN (ex-KJ4VH), 8309 Dawson Hill Road, Louisville, KY 40299-5317, U.S.A.

OJ0, MARKET REEF. The OH0 group (mentioned above) will be joined by OH1VR, OH1RX (ex-OH1NYP), OH3FT and OH0RJ on July 10th, when the Finnish Coast Guard will transport the entire group to this barren rock between Finland and Sweden. The stations will hit the airwaves late on Thursday evening, July 10th. OJ0/OH1VR will be active in the IARU Radiosport Championship and the OJ0/N4GN call sign will be used to hand out elusive OJ0 QSOs before and after the contest and also on the WARC bands during the entire weekend. A special effort will be made to activate 6 meters during the season of sporadic-E. The team will also be active on RTTY. The operation is limited to 6 kW of generator power. The same frequencies as OH0/N4GN will be used. The operation will close down on Monday, July 14th. QSL to OJ0/OH1VR via OH1VR Seppo Sisatto, Lansirinteenkatu 23, 33400 Tampere, Finland. QSL to OJ0/N4GN via Tim Totten N4GN (ex-KJ4VH), 8309 Dawson Hill Road, Louisville KY 40299-5317, U.S.A.


TM0, FRANCE. Special event station TM0VER will be active on all HF bands plus 144 MHz from June 28th to July 7th, CW and SSB. The station will operate from the "America-Gold Beach" Museum in Ver sur Mer (Calvados), on the channel coast of Normandy, FRANCE. The station commemorates the historical flight of R. E. Byrd, of polar fame, between USA and France in 1927, which ended in this village after a forced landing on the sea. A handsome QSL card will be printed to confirm the QSOs made with this station. Please send your card with details of the QSO either via Bureau (QSL Manager F5UOW) or direct to: A.R.S TM0VER, The AMERICA - GOLD BEACH MUSEUM, 2 Place Amiral Byrd, F-14114 VER SUR MER, FRANCE (Please for direct QSLs send a self-addressed envelope plus two International Reply Coupons "IRCs".)

USI NEWS. The United States Islands Awards Program (USI) is celebrating its 3rd anniversary, and over 1000 state islands have been activated. The special event station VY1USI will be used before and during Canada Day Contest from Yukon River Islands starting 1700Z June 30th. On July 2nd, VE7USI will be on from several islands in Atlin Lake. QSL to: John Reisenauer, NL7TB, USI Contest Mgr./Spec. Events Coordinator, 23406 East Kennedy Rd., Benton City, WA 99320 USA

UTC CORRECTION AND LEAP SECOND ADJUSTMENT. Well known propagation guru Lee, KH6BZF, would like to remind\inform all amateurs of the following: "Master clock pulses used by WWV, WWVH, WWVB and the GOES satellite time code transmissions are referenced to the UTC time scale. Occasionally, one second is added to the UTC time scale due to the slowing of the revolutions of the Earth. A positive leap second will be added beginning at 23-hr 59-mins 60-secs UTC on June 30th and ending at 0-hr, 0-min, 00-secs UTC on July 1st." (This is something your watch watches for...please pass it the word!...... ALOHA & Mahalo, Lee "KH6BZF REPORTS")

V73, MARSHALL ISLANDS. The JARL Kyoto Club celebrated the 50th anniversary of its foundation recently, and in celebration, they have decided to go on a DXpedition/vacation to V7 in August. Look for them to be active from August 6-14th, from Majuro Island (OC-029). Look for the following operators with callsigns to be active: JA3ART/V73AR, JA3MM/V73MM, JH3QNH/V73NH and JA3YAQ/V73YAQ. Activity will be on 160-10 meters (including the WARC bands) with operations on CW, SSB, RTTY, and 29 MHz FM. QSL via JA3OIN (CBA).

VK9W, WILLIS ISLAND. Rick, VK4LW, reports the ODXG will be operating a mailing list for their up and coming Willis Island VK9W(?) Dxpedition. Information on how to subscribe to the mail list can be found on their WEB page at: http://www.keylink.com.au/odxg. The ODXG pages have been updated with lots on new stuff.

VR97 & VS97, HONG KONG. Most DXers (if not all) know by now that Hong Kong will become a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China after the transfer of sovereignty from UK to PRC on July 1, 1997. Charlie, VS6XMT, states, "To commemorate the change over, special event stations VS97SAR (June 28-30th) and VR97SAR (July 1-2nd) will be active on the bands. Rumors say that Hong Kong DXCC status will change to a delete country!?? Perhaps this will be the last chance!?? QSL to VR2XRW: Mr. Logan Chan, PO Box 80312, Cheung Sha Wan Post Office, Kowloon, Hong Kong".

VY, CANADA. Be looking for Bruce, N6NT, to be active from the Yukon and signing VY1RAC for the Canada Day Contest July 1st. Operations will be on 160-10 meters from VY1JA's QTH.

ZF, CAYMAN ISLAND. A group of South Florida DXers will operate from Little Cayman Island (NA-016, CQ-08, ITU-11, Grid-EK99), July 10-15th. The four Southfloridians will operate during the IARU HF Championship signing ZF2DN/ZF8, and the CQ VHF contest signing ZF2PU/ZF8. Before and after the contests, they will sign indivudual calls as listed below. The operators are: David - ZF2DN/ZF8 (QSL via KP4AM); Bob - ZF2DE/ZF8 (QSL via N4BP); Bruce - ZF2PU/ZF8 (QSL via W4OVU); and Julio - ZF2JS/ZF8 (QSL via WD4JNS). The group plans to operate all bands and modes, 160-6 meters, CW, Phone, RTTY and QRP.

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