Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 312
July 7, 1997

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 312
BID: $OPDX.312
July 7, 1997
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
Online at 216-237-8208 28.8k-1200 Baud 8/N/1

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, N1DG, W1HIJ, N2OO, W2GD, WB2YQH and WB2RAJ from The 59(9) DXReport, NH6YK, K8PYD, K8XP, W0YG, DL8OBC, EA3CB, F6AJA, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, GM4SUC, HL1CG, HL1SSG, IK0AZG, IV3HYD, LA2IJ, RA3SL, SM3CVM, VE9AA and VK3EW for the following DX information.

3D2, FIJI. Ron, ZL1AMO, may be active once again July 6-8th as 3D2RW while on his way to Tarawa (T30) and possibly Banaba (T33). QSL via CBA.

4J, AZERBAIJAN (Attention YL Hunters!). The "DX News Sheet" reports that Oksana, 4J8YL, a YL operator, is active most days at 1400z on 20m (often 14198kHz) SSB.

5A, LIBYA. A group of four German operators will be on the air from the club station 5A1A in Tripolis, Libya. This operation will begin on approx. November 24, 1997, and last until December 4, 1997. During their stay, they plan to be a serious entry in the CQWW DX Contest as M/S category. Activity will be on all HF bands, including 160m and WARC bands (propagation permitting), with operations on CW, SSB, and, for the first time from Libya for many years, RTTY. The Germans will have two stations with amplifiers on the air simultaneously as often as possible. The operators will be: Andy/DJ7IK, Dieter/DL3KDV, Felix/DL8OBC and Thomas/ DL1GGT. There will be a special WEB site set up for more details on this DXpedition (plus logs will be updated daily when operation is active). The WEB site is: http://www.afthd.th-darmstadt.de/5a1a/ The QSL manager (for this operation only!) will be DL3KDV. Please send your QSLs via the bureau to DL3KDV or directly to: Dieter Voss, DL3KDV, Friedrichsthal 21, D-51688 Wipperfuerth, Germany.

9M0, LAYANG-LAYANG ISLAND (Spratly Islands). Bob, N2OO, reports that he and Bob, N0RN, will take a side trip and break from their special event station activity (read down below) to be active from here August 14-18th. Operation is expected to be on 30, 20, 17 and 15 meters CW/SSB. There will be two stations operational using beam antennas provided by Cushcraft. The license is confirmed, but the callsign is still being negotiated. The callsign will be announced at a later date. Upon completion of this operation, they will return to resume activity of their special event station 9M6HIL in East Malaysia.

A6, U.A.E. Don, N1DG, reports another new ham is on the bands from, this time, the Emirate of Sharjah. Abdullah, A61AQ, has some temporary equipment up and Don will be shipping him a monobander for 20 meters along with a linear amp. Abdullah already has antennas up for 15 and 10 meters. Don also states he will be Abullah's QSL Manager. Don can also provide cards for A61AD, A61AO and A61AQ, while his son handles cards for A61AF. Since July of last year, Don's address is: Don Greenbaum, 27 Pill Hill Lane, Duxbury, MA 02332 (Note: Next month Don's mail stops getting forwarded from his old address.) For those still needing A6, Don has as a daily schedule on 14240 kHz (+/- QRM) at 0000-0100z.

CY9AA ON QRT FROM ST. PAUL ISLAND. VE1PZ, K7BV and VE9AA arrived back in Pictou, NS, around 3:09 A.M. local time Friday. They started tearing down the stations at 6 A.M. Thursday, and the final thing to be dismantled was the 6 meters station. They made approx. 12,000 QSOs on 6m-160m, with around 275 on 6 meters (Best DX was CT3FT, W7RV and N5JHV). Remember, the callbook address for QSLs is not correct for VE9AA. The correct address is: Michael Smith, 271 Smith Rd, Waterville, Sunbury Co, NB, E2V 3V6, Canada

CY0, SABLE ISLAND. Jarek, VA3NCD (also SP8NCD), informs OPDX that he has just received authorization to land on Sable Island and was given a special callsign to use. He can use the callsign CY0NCD, during the period of August 9-22th. Jarek will be visiting the island between August 15 and August 17th. He will be equipped with an ICOM 751a and some simple antennas. The primary purpose for his visit is not radio, but just to explore the place (he has been thinking of doing this for a long time). He is actually taking more cameras and film with him than radio related things. Operations will be on 80/40/20/15 meters bands, mostly CW, at the bottom of the bands (7 kHz +/- QRM). He will take a microphone with him but doesn't plan to use it too much.

EI4, IRELAND (Rare county to be activated!). Leo, K8PYD, will arrive in Ireland on July 7 and will leave on the 20th. During that time, he will operate as EI4VUJ. Most of his operations will take place during the weekend of the 12th and 13th from the County of Leitrim, one of the rarest counties in Ireland. He will operate SSB, RTTY, and mostly CW. Check 14030 kHz. All QSLs go to K8PYD direct or bureau.

EU930, BELARUS. Igor, EU1EU, will be active until July 30th as EU930EU from Minsk. Activity will be on 160-2 meters with operations on CW, SSB, FM and RTTY. QSL via LY1BA (Box 67, Vilnius 2000, Lithuania) or QSL via EU1EU (ex USSR-HAM's).

FG, GUADELOUPE. Juanjo, EA3CB, will be active as FG/EA3CB August 8-14th, from Guadeloupe (NA-102) and August 15-17th, from Les Saintes (NA-114). Activity will be on 40-10 meters (including the WARC bands) with operations on CW and SSB (posible RTTY). QSL via the BUREAU.

HP, PANAMA (6 meters!). Gerard, F2JD/HP1XBI, is now active on 6 meters, and he will stay in Panama until October.

JU, MONGOLIA. Hyungsuk Song, HL1CG, has announced the following in a press release: "A group of Korean, Mongolian, and U.S. amateurs will be on the air at Danlanzadgad (Gobi Desert) in Mongolia from July 10-13th (Naadan Holidays in Mongolia). The DXpedition to Gobi Desert, Mongolia will be conducted by Korean DX Club (KDXC) and sponsored by The Korean Amateur Radio League (KARL), which is the IARU affiliated National League of Korea. Members of this joint DXpedition to Gobi Desert are Korean radio amateurs (HL1CG, HL1DK, HL1FB, HL1IE, HL1IFM, etc), Mongolian hams (JT1CD, JT1FBB, etc), and W6EE. The callsign JU4HL was issued for this operation, and CW & SSB will be operated on all HF bands including WARC bands. JU4HL plans to participate in IARU HF World Championship though it is not the purpose of this DXpedition. QSL cards must be sent direct or via bureau to 'Mr. Hyungsuk Song, HL1CG, Kaehwa APT #107-305, Banghwa-3-dong, Kangso-ku, Seoul 157-223, Korea'. Special photo QSL cards will be sent to all the stations who request their QSL cards. If it is okay to receive QSL card via bureau, you can send QSL card request via InterNet E-mail to 'hl1cg@stella.skku.ac.kr', in the body of which you must include your callsign and QSO data (Date and Time in UTC, Band, Mode, Report), 1 QSO a line."

KH4, MIDWAY ISLAND. Ted, NH6YK, reports there is now a 99.9% chance he will be on Midway from July 6 to August 20th or so. He will be working, but in between work and other fun things (like watching birds, snorkelling, star watching), he will be on the radio as NH4/NH6YK. His current plans for operations are: 28480 kHz (or so on 10M), 50.110 MHz slow CW for 6 meters, occasional 28.105 packet and possible U.S. novice band CW. There exists a slight chance of other bands (because he needs a few European contacts to finish his WAC from KH4). QSL via home call or bureau.

NORTHERN LIGHTHOUSE WEEKEND AND LIGHTHOUSE/LIGHTSHIP ACTIVITY WEEKEND. Over the past years, there seems to be growing interest by DXers to work lighthouses all over the world. Well, here is your chance to work a bunch of them. During the weekend August 23 and 24th, there will be two events taking place associated with lighthouses and lightships. The first event is The Northern Lighthouse Weekend when ten Scottish amateur radio stations will be established at lighthouses around Scotland. Running concurrent with The Northern Lighthouse Weekend is the Lighthouse/ Lightship Activity Weekend when amateur radio stations will be established at lighthouses/lightships around the world. ADDED NOTE: Complete details of these events and information on the lighthouses/lightships will be provided to all OPDX InterNet Subscribers as an additional bulletin.


OX, GREENLAND. Jorgen, OZ8AE, will be active from here July 11-23rd. He plans to sign OX/OZ8AE from Groennedal. Operations will be QRP on CW. Suggested frequencies are: 7019, 10115, 14041, 18086 and 21041 kHz. QSL to CBA.

P40, ARUBA. John, W2GD, will operate P40W during the IARU Radiosport, CW ONLY, Single/Op, all band and high power entry. Activity will be July 9 through July 13, 1997. QSL only via N2MM.


TF, ICELAND. Ove, LA2IJ, states he will be active on RTTY as TF/LA2IJ from July 21-27th. His main operating frequency will be 14083 kHz. Also, he will possibly be on 21083 and 7037. There will be some SSB operations on 14177 (and maybe 21277 and 7077). QSL via LA2IJ direct to CBA or via the bureau.

THE DELTA DX ASSOCIATION in New Orleans voted in June the following new officers: President - Don Boudreau, W5FKX; Vice President - Bruce Stevenson, K5HAA; Secretary - Shelby Smith, W5SNU; and Treasurer - Stan Pulitzer, W5JYK.

TK, CORSICA. "The 59(9) DXReport" states that IK0XBX will be active from here as TK/IK0XBX/P from July 12 to July 26 or 28. QSL via homecall.

V5, NAMIBIA. Charlie, W0YG (ex-KY0A) reports to OPDX that he plans to be active from V5 again in a month as ZS6TG. However, there is so much confusion over bureau cards from his last operation (in receiving cards from the ZS and W0 bureaus), that Charlie states he does not want any bureau cards from this operation. He now only wants cards sent direct to W0YG at: 6746 North Yucca Trail, Parker, CO 80138. Charlie will be mobile with 500 watts and plans to be active again on 160/80 meters. He may also be active from A2, Z2 and other places.

VK3 AUSTRALIAN QSL BUREAU HAS A CHANGE OF ADDRESS. Barry, VK3XV, Chief Executive Officer of WIA Victorian Division, reports the mailing address for all cards for VK3 WIA members and others has changed. All cards from overseas countries should be addressed as follows: WIA VICTORIA, INWARDS QSL BUREAU, 40G VICTORY BOULEVARD, ASHBURTON. VIC. 3147. Cards addressed to the current address of "BOX 757G GPO MELBOURNE" will continue to be collected and distributed until December 31, 1997, to enable the changeover. QSL Managers should note that this is the IARU endorsed bureau for all VK3 cards. Bureaus in all overseas countries will be notified of the change by direct mail.

VP5, TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS. Look for Carlo, I4ALU, to be active from here August 12-24th, as VP5/I4ALU. Operations will be on all bands, but CW only. QSL via homecall.

VR6, PITCAIRN ISLAND. "The 59(9) DXReport" states that Betty, VR6YL, is active on 14176 kHz at 0300z.

ZK1, NORTH COOK ISLANDS (DXpedition Update. Tom, K8XP, provided the following update: "Several members of the Dateline DX Association met in Charlotte, NC, to assemble and test equipment in mid June. All eqiupment was packed and shipped to Oakland, CA, where it was to be loaded on a vessel departing June 30th bound for Rarotonga, South Cook. Licensing and other arrangements are completed and N1DG is finalizing the Web site. On-line log checking will be tested in the near future for implementation during the operation. N4RF, N7RO, WA4YBV, N6MZ, ZS8IR, KI6AN and K8XP will meet at LAX on September 17th for departure to Rarotonga with arrival on the Island of Penrhyn in the North Cook Group on the morning of September 20th. Operation with the call ZK1XXP will last 7 days with 3 or more stations on 3 modes. Primary goals are low bands, Europe and East Coast North America. QSL information to be announced. Any questions or information can be forwarded to K8XP at "K4TSJ@juno.com"."

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