Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 313
July 14, 1997

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 313
BID: $OPDX.313
July 14, 1997
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
Online at 216-237-8208 28.8k-1200 Baud 8/N/1

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, DXCC DESK, W3UR & The Daily DX, WB2YQH and WB2RAJ from The 59(9) DXReport, K4GZ, WA4FFW, KD6VUM, K7ZD, WD8MGQ, CT1EEB, DJ1US, DJ5AV & DX News Letter, DL3KUD, EA5ZI, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, I1JQJ & 425 DX News, IK0FUX, JH6RTO/AH0R, JH4RHF, PY2EX, S79MAD, SM3CVM, UA9YAB, VE2SEI and VE9AA for the following DX information.

160 METERS ACTIVITY. It has been reported that PY2BW and PY2DP have joined the activity on 160 meters with a South American group which includes CX2CB, CX7OV, PY3CEJ and LU4UAD on 1844 or 1845 SSB after 000z. Also, look for PY5CC and PY2BW on CW on 1831 or 1833. During the winter, the SA group states they have had expecially good conditions and many stations can be worked very easily. All are invited join in and try!

5X, UGANDA. Steve, DJ1US, will be leaving on July 23rd to join Peter, ON6TT/5X1T, and Mats, SM7PKK/5X1Z, in Uganda and will be there until the end of November. His callsign is not yet known. He reports (just like Mats) this is a job, not a DXpedition, but he will be on the air as much as he can. Steve operates 99% CW. His QSL Manager will be Gary, DF2RG.

8S, SWEDEN. Listen for 8S3JR to be active on July 18-20th. This special event station will be active on all HF bands to celebrate the memory of King Chulalongkorn from Siam, now Thailand, who 100 years ago, visited Bispgarden in Jemtland. To commemorate this, a museum will be opened July 19th. Furtheron a typical Thai Pavillion will be built in Bispgarden. QSL via SM3CVM bureau (or CBA).

80 METER PERMIT "OK-ED". Paddy, S79MAD, informs OPDX the following: "The 80m band is not normally available here in the Seychelles. But... I have been granted permission to operate 80m from 25th July to 28th July, between 1300z & 0300z on each day. The time restrictions are to avoid interference with other users. Anyhow, the 'banned' hours are local daylight hours, so I wouldn't be on!! The dates include the IOTA contest; the specific reason why I requested that weekend. So, put the word out; I am lashing an antenna together, and will have a listen over the next week or so to get some idea of who comes in when. See you on 80m..... Paddy S79MAD"

9H, MALTA. "The 59(9) DXReport" states 9H1ZE, 9H1AT, 9H1GT and 9H3XF will be active from Comino Island as 9H8CI, from August 2-20th. QSL via 9H1ZE. Meanwhile, the "DX News Sheet" reports that Dave/G4BUO, Steve/G4JVG, Andy/G4ZVJ and 9H1EL will be active as 9H3XY during their July 25-31st operation and as 9H0A in the IOTA Contest. QSL 9H3XY via G4ZVJ and 9H0A via LA2TO.

CY9AA MEMORIES. (Additional Bulletin for OPDX InterNet Subscribers) A message sent to OPDX by VE9AA where Dennis, K7BV, reflects back on his memories of the CY9AA operations.

DXCC DESK APPROVES THE FOLLOWING OPERATIONS. The ARRL DXCC Desk has received and approved documentation for the following operations: 3A/DJ7RJ, 3B8/DL6UAA, 3B8/EA3ELM, 3C5Z, 3D2UK, 3XY03A, 8Q7AF, 9H3VG, 9H3VH, 9H3WD, 9H3WM, 9K2/YO9HP, 9U5T, BS7H, C50YL, C53HP, C93/JA6SJN, C93/JG6BKB, C93/JR6XIW, D25L, D2FIB, D68KS, ES1HR, ET3FB, HS9AL, J3X, J6/F5CCO, J75T, J77C, J77FT, J79BP, J79QA, J79RC, J79WP, PJ8DX, S07NY, SM5ENX/DU1, T32HA, TI*/AA8HV, TI/ON7ZM, TL8EJ, TN7A, TO5C, TT6FNU, TY1RY, V5/DK2WH, V5/W8UVZ, VK0IR, VK9FL, VK9PG, XT2GA, XZ1N, YV7/AH6OM, YV7/WH6DAG, Z2/SM0FIB, and ZK1JOO.

ESCAPE TO THE ROCK (Special Event)! The Sonoma County Radio Amateurs (SCRA) will once again be going to the famous "Rock" (ed. no missles from this group, just RF!). The dates (yes, dates, it's an overniter) for their "Escape to Alcatraz" is going to be on July 26 and 27th. The inmates (ed. OOPS I mean team) plans to "breakout" on the air waves by 10:00 (PST) on the following bands and frequencies: CW - 7120, 14075 and 21140 kHz and SSB - 7265, 14260 and 21400 kHz. PLEASE NOTE: Frequencies are -/+ QRM and CW and SSB will not operate on the same band at the same time. ALSO NOTE: They may show up on other bands not listed. The club call that will be in use will be W6LKJ. QSL via W6LFJ: PO BOX 116, Santa Rosa CA 95402 (When QSLing, please note the name of the operator or his/her personal call on the SASE).

FK8, NEW CALEDONIA. Didier, F5PXQ, who was signing FK/F5PXQ, has now received the callsign of FK8VHN. The FK8 "V" series is for non-permanent residents. Didier will be here for the next three to four years. Look for SSB and RTTY activity from him. QSL via Didier Lavisse, Caserne Normandie, BP 12, F-98842 Noumea Cedex, Nouvelle Caledonie.

IOTA NEWS.........

KH7K, KURE ISLAND. Gary, K7ZD, has released the following announcemnet: "The Midway-Kure DX Foundation announces plans for a multi-national team DXpedition to Kure Island, KH7K, tentatively set to take place the latter half of September 1997. This will be an all-mode, all-band operation involving 5-6 operators (names, calls, QSL route TBA). The team expects to be QRV from Kure for one full week and will be operating three HF stations continuously. As with MKDXF's AH4/AH0W Midway operation, there will be a concentrated effort to work those areas of the world where Kure is most badly needed, such as Europe, as well as special emphasis on low-band operating. The DXpedition will be conducted in tandem with fish and wildlife scientists who will accompany the team. More details to be announced later." For more information contact Gary McClellan, K7ZD, via E-Mail at: k7zd@phnx.uswest.net -or- MIDWAY/KURE DX Foundation, c/o Consulate of Finland, 5933 West Grovers Avenue, Glendale, Arizona 85038-1101, Tel: (800) 876-9999, ext. 2718 and Fax: (602) 977-5621

KH0, NORTHERN MARIANA. Masa/JH6VLF and Seiji/JH6RTO/AH0R will be active from Rota on September 12-14th as KH0/JH6VLF and AH0R. After Rota, they will operate from Saipan until September 16th. Their operations will include activity on the WARC bands. QSL via home call. JH6RTO's new address: S. Fukushima, 1182-1 Hase, Atsugi 243, Japan. He also handles AH2/AH0R, AH0R/VP9, and AH0AV.

LZ, BULGARIA. Alex, UA9YAB, is planning to be active now until July 18th from here. He will be signing LZ/KC7WXL or LZ/UA9YAB. Operations will be on all modes and bands. QSL via UA9YAB/KC7WXL: Alex Vedernikov, P.O.Box 83, Biysk Altai, 659300 RUSSIA.


TF, ICELAND. Scott, AE4FY, has departed Jacksonville, FL, on leave from the U.S. Navy enroute to Iceland where he will be stationed for 2½ years. Scott already has his Icelandic amateur license and will be on the air as TF/AE4FY. Scott is a member of the Clay County DX Association located in North Florida. Look for Scott on the air in a month or two running 100 watts into a Cushcraft A3 on 20-15-10, and a Carolina Windom on 40. Operating modes will be SSB, CW, and RTTY. There are plans in the works to provide Scott with a 6 meter rig in the future. QSL Manager for any HF contacts is Gary, K4GZ. QSL info for any 6 meter operations will be announced at a later date. Updates on Scott's progress getting on the air from TF land can be found at the Clay County DX Association's website: http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/1740

TT8, CHAD. "The DX Daily" reports that Antoine, F6FNU, reports that Jean Pierre Lange, F5TRP, will be active from Chad as TT8LJP. He will be operating both CW and SSB. He will be there until October 15th. QSL via F5TRP, Jean Pierre Lange, SP 85319, F-00842 Paris Armees, France. Antoine also reports he will mail a copy of the TT8LJP license to ARRL next Friday.

VK9L, LORD HOWE ISLAND (Update). In OPDX.311 (Please refer for details) we mentioned that Jun/JH4RHF, Kumiko/JR4DUW (YL) and Hiro/JR4PMX would be active July 24-29th. Jun has received his and Kumiko's callsigns since then. Jun will be signing VK9LR, and Kumiko (XYL) will be using VK9LL. These are not the callsigns he was hoping for which had suffixes starting with letters other than "L". Jun guesses the VK9L series (only) are reserved for Lord Howe, and other series are reserved for other islands, respectively.

XJ9, WHITEHEAD ISLAND (RARE IOTA Island to be Activated!). The West Island Amateur Radio Club (WIARC) of Montreal is sponsoring a DXpedition to Whitehead Island, a small island in the Bay of Fundy between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Canada (44 deg. 37 min. N. lat., 66 deg. 40 min. W. long.). Whitehead Island is a relatively rare island in the Islands on the Air (IOTA) award program (NA-014, New Brunswick Province South Group) and the Canadian Islands Award program (NB-010). The special callsign XJ9GM will be used. This is to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Grand Manan Elementary School, where the radio operation will be situated. It is one of only two one-room schools left in New Brunswick. Activity is planned for 160-10 meters with two stations operational. Operators will be: Reg/VE2AYU, Cliff/VE2CB, Fred/VE2SEI, Helen/VE2YAK, Al/VO1NO, Jeff/VE2TBH, John/VE1DD and Dave/VE9AT. The operations are scheduled to start on Saturday, July 26th, and continue through the IOTA contest (July 26-27) until July 30th. The suggested frequencies will be on or near the following: 1835, 3510, 3795, 7050, 7250, 10110, 14040, 14195, 18080, 18120, 21040 and 21320 kHz. Time and active frequencies will be as propagation, weather, and operator stamina permits. Helen, VE2YAK, will be especially looking for YLs. Address QSLs to: The West Island Amateur Radio Club Inc., P.O. Box 884, Pointe Claire/Dorval, Quebec, H9R 4Z6 Canada. Please address inquiries to: Fred Archibald, VE2SEI, 130 Embleton Crescent, Pointe Claire, Qc H9R 3N2 Canada, Phone 514-694-3441, FAX 514-630-4134 and for E-mail archibal@pubnix.net.

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