Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 315
July 28, 1997

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DX Bulletin No. 315
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July 28, 1997
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, KA2D, N2OO, NW3K, W3UR & The Daily DX, WD4JNS, K4PK, N4MM, K8CH, KF9YL, 9K2HN, DL1FDV, EA5FKI, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, I4UFH, RW3AH, SM7PKK VE6JY, VU2PAI and ZS5S for the following DX information.

1997 GULF COAST HAM CONVENTION. Bob Walworth, N5ET, President of the Texas DX Society, is pleased to announce that the 1997 Gulf Coast Ham Convention, will be held at Humble Convention Center (location was not mentioned). Guest speaker will be Wayne Mills, N7NG, Chairman of the DXAC. Wayne will do a presentation on his recent Scarborough Reef operation and also on DX in the year 2000. The dates of the Convention are October 17, 18, & 19th. For more details on the convention, contact Bob via E-mail at: walworth@worldnet.att.net

3D2, FIJI. "The Daily DX" reports well known DXer Ron, ZL1AMO, will once again be active from here as 3D2RW from August 13-20th. He plans to be active on 160 meters. On August 21st, he heads to Japan and will be staying with Zorro, JH1AJT. Ron will return to Fiji on September 8th. QSL via ZL1AMO.

4F, PHILIPPINES. The "DX News Sheet" reports that Hans, PA3GKI, a member of the Dutch DX Group (DDXG), will be active from August 8th to October 8th as 4F2DX. While visiting his family, he will be traveling to different islands in DU-land, starting with Luzon Island (OC-042). Activity will be on CW/SSB 80-10 meters. QSL via DDXG direct only.

5A RUMORED, IS JUST WHAT IT IS! Rafa, EA5FKI, states the information that he was going to 5A in September, which was reported by several DX bulletins (including OPDX), is not true. No other details were given.

5H1, ZANZIBAR ISLAND (Tanzania). Fabio, I4UFH, will activate AF-032 from July 27th to August 9th. He will be signing 5H1FS and will be active on 160-10 meters, SSB and RTTY. He states he will be using his Icom 706 and a vertical R7, plus a wire for 80m/160m depending on space availability. He will be looking for the West Coast and JA areas using the normal DX frequencies. QSL to I4UFH through the bureau or direct from the callbook address.

9K6POW (SPECIAL EVENT. ATTENTION PREFIX HUNTERS!). This station will be active in remembrance of the "Kuwaiti's POWs" during the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait. The station will be on the air from August 1st 1200z until August 3rd at 2359z. There is a possibility for RTTY and satellite (AO-10) operations. PLEASE NOTE that this is the first time the 9K6 prefix will be on the air, and maybe it will be the last!! If you are WPX hunter it is your chance to work a new one!! QSL will be via 9K2RA.

9X, RWANDA. Andy, RW3AH, reports to OPDX that he may be active again from here as 9X/RW3AH. He will be here starting August 24th and stay for several months.

AC2P/200 (SPECIAL EVENT). Members of the Long Island DX Asscocaition will operate from the radio room of the 200 year old Montauk Point Lighthouse (located in the rare grid square FN41, NA-026 and USIA NY-03-S) during the National Lighthouse Weekend celebrating the bicentennial of the "Lighting of the Light". Activity will be on SSB on the IOTA frequencies, CW as announced. A special color QSL certificate will be available. QSL via AC2P CBA, SASE please.

AP50, PAKISTAN. Start looking for stations in Pakistan to begin using the special prefix AP50 to celebrate their 50th anniversary of independence. There will be a special certificate available. Listen for details by the operators.

CH6RCH (SPECIAL EVENT). To celebrate 100 years of Orthodoxy in Canada and the first visit of the church leaders to Canada, specifically to Andrew, Alberta, CH6RCH will be active from the QTH of VE6JY. Activity will be from July 26th 0000z through July 27th 2359z, operating on as many bands as possible, conditions permitting. QSL via VE6BEX: Tom Evans, RR # 1 Andrew Alberta T0B 0C0. A color certificate/QSL is available for the proper return postage, otherwise regular QSL cards via the bureau.

DXCC-2000 PROGRAM. During the ARRL's Board of Directors (BoD) meeting, which was held July 18-19th, in Rocky Hill, CT, John Kanode, N4MM, as DXCC-2000 Chairman, presented the BoD with a written report from the DXCC-2000 Committee, and a summary of the committee's recommendations for changes to the DXCC program. The BoD VOTED that the report of the DXCC 2000 Committee was received. The Board also finds that the committee is moving in the right direction. The DXCC-2000 Committee's final report will be presented at the January, 1998, board meeting. The committee's current items on their agenda are discussions on the DXCC Field Representative Program, other specialty DXCC awards, review of the Accreditation Criteria, use of electronic logs, contest log credits, and other DXCC related items the committee wishes to review. At this time, the committee has two major concepts to present to the board for approval. The first concept addresses changes to be made to the DXCC Countries List Criteria and the second concept addresses the DXCC Awards Structure. [From the Minutes of the ARRL Board meeting.]

KP2, VIRGIN ISLANDS (Also 9M0 and 9M6). Before his big DXpeditions to Spratly and East Malaysia, Bob, N2OO, will be in St. Croix with his XYL Beth, KF2BQ, until July 31st. Also part of the KP2 crew is John, N2LD (ex WB2HPU). Everyone will be signing KP2/callsign after their activity in the IOTA Contest (this past weekend). They plan to have two stations active on CW/SSB on 160-10 meters. JUST A QUICK REMINDER AND UPDATE: Bob/N2OO, Bob/N0RN and others will be using the special callsign 9M6HIL to celebrate the grand opening of the Hillview Gardens Resort (August 5-24th). Activity will be on 40-10 including WARC bands, CW/SSB and RTTY! During their stay (between August 14-18th), N2OO and N0RN will be going to Layang-Layang Island (Spratly) for a sidetrip. They will have 2 rigs and 2 beams and an antenna for 40 meters. They will also operate CW, SSB and RTTY. The call is still not set. It will either be 9M0OO or 9M6OO. They will return to Kota Kinabalu on August 18th and will take a 2 day break at Mt. Kinabalu. Bob, N0RN, leaves August 20th and then Alan, VR2KY/ZL1TX, arrives that same evening where they move back to Keningau to wrap up from 9M6HIL operation until August 24th. The permanent callsign for the Hillview Gardens station after the grand opening celebration is over (October??) will be 9M6AAC. QSL all KP2/callsigns via home calls. QSL 9M6HIL, 9M6AAC and 9M?OO via N2OO.


T9, BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA. Mario, DL1FDV, will be active from August 24th to September 4th. He will try to be active on all HF bands in CW and SSB. He will be signing T94DX. QSL via DL1FDV, direct or via the bureau. His address in the callbook is wrong! The correct address is: Mario Lovric, Hagebuttenweg 4, 61231 Bad Nauheim, GERMANY.

V4, ST. KITTS. Joe, VE3BW, will be active again from here as V47CA for two weeks from November 16th until December 1st. He will be an entry in the CQWW CW Contest. Before and after the contest he will be active on the WARC bands. Also, if propagation allows, he will be on 6 meters with a vertical and a 100 watts. QSL to VE3BW.

VU2PAI/50 (SPECIAL EVENT). Pai, VU2PAI, will be active using this callsign until September 31st to commemorate the 50 years of India's independence. QSL direct via Box 730, Mangalore 575003, INDIA. Pai states he is an avid stamp collector, and any (new/old) stamps are welcome to his collection.

W4, SUNSET BEACH ISLAND (NA-112). Don, K4PK, will be activating this IOTA in the North Carolina State West Group from August 2-15th. He plans to be active on the IOTA SSB frequencies on 40, 20, and 15 meters as conditions permit. He will be running his new rig (IC-706) thru a Ten Tec tuner connected to a dipole cut for 80 meters. QSL to: 705 Lenoir Ln, Hardy, VA 24101.

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