Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 319
August 25, 1997

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 319
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August 25, 1997
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, WB2YQH & WB2RAJ THE 59(9) DXReport, K4FXN, WA4JQS, AC7DX, WT0Q, CO3CL, DJ2BW, DJ5AV & DX News Letter, JA1QGT, ON6TT, PA3CSR, PS7AB, UA9KM, VK4LM, VK1AUS, VK4FW and ZS4Y for the following DX information.

SPECIAL NOTE OPDX Bulletin #318 contained information supplied via "Joe and Tam BV/N0IAT." Although an appropriate credit was made at the top of the bulletin, Joe Fitter, BV/N0IAT has claimed that the information he supplied was copyrighted and was used "in violation of Federal law". As a result, OPDX will no longer publish any information supplied by this source, and other bulletins are advised to follow a similar course, or you, too, may be threatened with "prosecution" for a claimed voilation of U.S. and international law.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Users of the online BARF-80 BBS (Home of the OPDX Bulletin) take note, the area code has change as of August 16th. The new 440 area code will replace the 216 area code. Currently both area codes can be used, but the 216 area code will be permanently replaced in April 1998. BARF-80 BBS online at 440-237-8208 28.8k-1200 Baud 8/N/1

4F, Luzon Island (PHILIPPINES) Hans, PA3GKI, now signing 4F2DX, has been active on 20 and 40 meters. Activity seems to be between 1200 and 1400z, mostly on CW, but SSB is also an option. It has been mentioned that other bands will follow shortly. Hans will also visit another rare island in DU-land in the coming weeks. QSL 4F2DX via his home call PA3GKI.

5X, UGANDA (Update) Peter, ON6TT/5X1T, has just concluded his 7th tour in Africa. He reports that despite his heavy work load and his family being there, he was able to make about 11,000 QSOs (with about 500 on RTTY) between mid March and mid August. Peter states he put up a TH11 logperiodic which helped him in finally getting through to some USA stations on 10 and 12 meters. He is currently on holiday in Belgium for about 6 weeks, after which he will return to 5X until March of next year (minimum, depending on the how the regional crisis develops). Peter wants to remind everyone that 5X is still well provided for with operations by Mats/5X1Z, Joe/5X1P and Paul/5X4F, who are all quite active. DJ1US is currently awaiting his license.

9M8, EAST MALAYSIA There has been a report that Hans, DF5UG, may be active from here in September. His activity will include operations from Pulau Satang Besar and/or Pulau Satang Kecil Islands. His callsign will be 9M8QQ. QSL via homecall.

CL, CUBA (Rare region!) Look for Cuban station CL3FL, operated by Fernando, which is active every day on 10 meters between 28800-28900 KHz. This station is very rare because of two reasons. This station has a third class license in Cuba (CL), and it is located in the 3rd region. This region is needed for the Cuban Award. QSL via CO3CL: Jose Carlos Leon Ortega, Box 59 C.P. 33600, Guira de Melena, Habana, CUBA.

FH, MAYOTTE Hermann, DJ2BW, and XYL Margot, DL2DK, will be active from here October 9-22th, as FH/DJ2BW and FH/DL2DK. They will be active on all bands from 160-10 meters, mainly CW and RTTY, but there will be a little SSB. Hermann states Low-Band (160/80 meters and RTTY) is prefered.

PIRATES! Mamuka Kordzakhia, The President of the National Association RadioAmateurs of Georgia (NARG) reports to OPDX that stations UF6VAI, UF6VBS, UF6VBI and UF6VBI are pirates operating from the Republic of Abkhazia which is an integral part of Georgia, and they should be using 4L. The prefix UF6 is a Russian prefix, and they do not understand why they are using UF6V. The Georgian Republic prefix of 4L has been in effect since August 1, 1994. Also, 4L6JR and UA6JR have been mentioned as pirates. They recommend NOT to work these stations.

PR5, SAO FRANCISCO ISLAND (Brazil) Look for this Brazilian island, which is located in the Santa Catarina State North Group (IOTA SA-27 and DIB-08), to be on the air September 1-15th. The callsign to be used is PR5L. Activity will be on SSB and CW with operations on 80-10 meters. QSL via: Jay Lira, Box 08, Florianopolis/SC, 88010.970, Brazil.

QSL INFO AND NEWS Carsten, DL6LAU, informs OPDX that all direct QSLs and also the first bureau cards for his/their J75T trip have been answered. He also reports they received a lot of direct QSLs with insufficiant return postage (Carsten.. yes, I also think that the 3DM nearly 2 US$ from our German Post is a little bit too expensive...). Therefore, Carsten states they sent most of the U.S. cards to Jim, KF8VX, and his wife Cathie, KG8QL, who put them in the U.S. mail for them (Special thanks to Jim and Cathie!). Carsten will continue to answer the direct and bureau cards.

R9, ASIATIC RUSSIA Members of the Nadym DX Club from Yamalo-Nenetskiy region (UA9K) of Russia will be active from Belyy Island in Karskoe Sea. Operators Nick/UA9KM, Alex/UA9KAS, Serge/UA9KG, Serge/UA9KL, Mike/UA9KO, Leo/UA9FL and Valeriy/RW4HW will be active between September 8-18th, using the special call R9KM. This island is part of IOTA AS-083, but the team hopes for this to become a new one. All documents have been sent to the IOTA committee (Special TNX to UA9OBA). Operations will be on all HF band, including the WARC bands, on CW, SSB and may be RTTY. QSL via UA9KM: Nikolai Kuprin, 626711, Nadym Tyumen obl., P.O. Box 158, Russia. Please SASE, no "green stamps" only 2 IRC.

S2, BANGLADESH The "DX News Letter" reports rumours are circulating stating that Jim, VK9NS, could be active as S21ZA in Oct/Nov.

SPECIAL EVENT STATION ZS45TWR is a special callsign that will be used during 1997. It celebrates the 45 years of Trans World Radio, a Christian SW Radio station operating from different areas of the world, including Southern Africa. The callsign has been activated a number of times during the past 8 months. So far no QSL cards have been printed. This will happen later in the year, so please be patient. All direct QSLs with a U.S green stamp or 2 IRCs will receive a direct reply - it might just take a while. The QSL manager is ZS4Y: Leon M Foot, P.O.Box 1561, Welkom, 9460, Rep of South Africa. The street address appearing in most callbooks is also OK.

T9, BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA Kent, WT0Q, is in Bosnia, Croatia and Hungary with the U.S. Army. He will be on the air soon in Bosnia as T9/WT0Q, mostly on 20 meters SSB, but he will be getting a key soon and plans to do some CW. He has a vertical up for all bands from 10 to 40 meters including WARC bands. Kent told OPDX, that if someone wants to have him go to a certain band to work Bosnia, let him know by his E-mail address: wt0q@mailcity.com Also, Dale, N2NDY (T9/N2NDY), is at the same base as Kent. Dale also has a station set up, too (no details given). They both are near the city of Tuzla, which is 120 km north of Sarajevo.

TL, CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC Information from "THE 59(9) DXReport" states Eric, TL8MR, is reportedly active from here and will be here for 1 year. QSL via F6FNU. There have been no QSNs reported yet.

TT8, CHAD (Update) OPDX received an update direct from Jim, WA4KKY, who is currently here (read OPDX.318). Jim (who was signing TT8/WA4KKY) has now been issued the Chad callsign of TT8JWM, and TT8/WB4MBU has also been issued a new Chad callsign of TT8JFC. TT8JWM has been active on 20 meters SSB between 1900 and 2230z (keep a lookout on or around 14219 kHz).

VK2, ISLAND OF MONTAGUE (NEW IOTA!) The JARA (Japanese Amateur Radio in Australia) members will activate VK2IOM (Island Of Montague) September 13-14th (UTC: Approx. Sept.13 0000z- Sept. 14 0400z). There is an unsigned IOTA reference number for this island because this island has never been aired before. This island is in the New South Wales State South Group. The JARA has received permission from the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service in the Narooma District to operate from here. The operators will consist of: VK2BEX/Atsu, VK2IY/Ken, VK2TJH/Kyoko and possibly VK2IAZ/Ken. Suggested frequencies: CW - 7006, 14026, 21026 kHz +/- QRM and SSB - 7055 (for U.S.A. listening 7206), 14260, 21260 kHz +/- QRM. QSL to VK2BEX via the bureau or direct to: Mr. Atsu Asahina, P.O.Box 195, Killara, NSW 2071, Australia.

VK9W, WILLIS ISLAND (UPDATE: All spots filled!) It has been reported that Doug, VE5RA, has just been confirmed and added to the team. Doug has been active from many locations and has operated from: VP9, VP2M, VP2V, V2, 8P6, ZF, ZF8, ZF9, J7, KH6, KH5K and 3D2. The complete team now consists of: WA1S/Ann, IV3FSG/Elvira, 7K3EOP/Noriko, VK4MR/Bob, VK2AEA/Vlad, VK4FW/Bill, AF7O/Darryl, FK8GM/Eric, K6KM/Bill and VE5RA/Doug. Also, the ODXG has announced that the callsigns on Willis are as follows:

YLS will use ........... VK9WY
OMS will use ........... VK9WM
On Holmes Reef they will all be using VK4YN. QSLs for all these operations go to VK4FW.

VK0, MACQUARIE ISLAND (UPDATE) Simon, VK1AUS, spoke to Tom, VK0TS, and states he has been very busy with repairs to equipment on Macquarie, so he was away from the main camp for over a week. Tom says look for him (if time permits) during the following times and frequencies:

Thursday 0930-10:45z 40m 7075 or 7070 kHz
Sunday 1000z- 80m 3570 and 3798 kHz
Monday 0930-1030z 80m 3570 and 3798 kHz
Tuesday 0400-0445z 20m 14222 kHz

WP2, U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS Dan, K4FXN, will be active from St. Croix, November 27th to December 6th, as WP2Z. He will be an entry in the 1997 CQWW CW Contest (November 29-30th). QSL via KU9C.

AA6BB/7 SILENT KEY Well known QSL Manager Gerald (Jerry) Branson, AA6BB/7, became a "Silent Key" last Sunday (Aug. 17th) morning in his home at Junction City, OR. Many knew Jerry from his work on the W7PHO net and as QSL Manager for many DX stations. The South Sandwich Island DXpedition Group and The Midway-Kure DX Foundation announced the formation of a DX scholarship fund to honor the memory of Jerry. The scholarship, "The Jerry Branson Memorial Scholarship" will , in general, be awarded to entering freshmen who have distinguished themselves in DXing achievement. Applications and details will follow in a separate announcement and in the DX bulletins. ADDED NOTICE: In July 1994, Jerry Branson set up the Joanie and Jerry Branson Trust, with Mark Perrin/N7MQ and Ron Vincent/WJ7R as trustees, and with Valley Radio Club as the beneficiary. Then the Trust and the Valley Radio Club entered into a memorandum of understanding, for the Club's members, particularly the DX-Contest Group, to provide QSL services in the event of Jerry's death or disability. While certainly all the DX stations will decide whether the Trust and Valley Radio Club will continue on for the next 60 or 90 days, the QSL mail sent to Jerry's address will be handled efficiently by those he selected to do this work in the event it was needed. If all DXers will continue to QSL via AA6BB until further notice, then their mail will be processed promptly. They know they cannot replace Jerry, but they will carry on for him as he asked them to do.

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