Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 321
September 8, 1997

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 321
BID: $OPDX.321
September 8, 1997
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, WA1S, N2AU, WB2YQH & WB2RAJ The 59(9) DXReport, W3UR & The Daily DX, K4MZU, K4PC, W4WX, K7ON, K7BV, K8XP, AH0W/OH2LVG, DL7IO, EA3ELM, EA4DX, G3USF, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, OZ1LQH, T93Y and VK3EW for the following DX information.

3D2, FIJI. Ron, ZL1AMO, is once again active from here as 3D2RW. His length of stay is unknown and he can usually be found on CW (but he does work some SSB). Look for activity on all bands, especially the WARC bands. QSL via CBA.

6 METERS NEWS. Good news for 6 meters OPs. The DXNS reports that Omar, YK1AO, from Syria, has received permission to operate on 6 meters (50-54 MHz). The bad news is that he plans to be active on 6 meters in early 1998.

8Q, MALDIVES. Roberto, EA4DX, will be active as 8Q7XX from September 9-21st. Activity will be only SSB on 80-10 meters. Special atention will be paid to 17 and 12 meters. QSL via callbook address to EA4DX.

8R, GUYANA. The "DX News Sheet" reports that Tere (YL op and ex-XE1ASF and YJ8AS) will be active for the next two years as 8R1ASF. Her activity will be on 40-10 meters, including the WARC bands. QSL via XE1MD.

9K, KUWAIT. Edin, T97M, has received an invitation from Abdullah, 9K2GS, to visit him and operate during CQWW CW Contest (November 29-30th). His activity should begin one week earlier and activity is planned on all HF bands. The callsign used during that period will be 9K2/T97M. During the contest Edin will work Single Operator 14 MHz as 9K2GS.

C6, BAHAMAS. Jon, EA2KL, and Lluis, EA3ELM, members of LYNX DX Group, will be active from Abaco (IOTA NA-080), from November 1-8th, as EA2KL/C6A and EA3ELM/C6A. Their operations will be on CW/SSB on all bands (including 12 and 17 meters). QSL via their home callsigns.

CIA SPECIAL EVENT STATION. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), a special event station with the callign NN50CIA will be active during the entire month of September from CIA facilities in Northern Virginia. Suggested frequencies are: CW - 3550, 7050, 14050, and 21050 kHz; and on SSB - 3850, 7250, 14250, and 21350 kHz. QSL to KB4EFP (SASE please).

ER, MOLDOVA (UPDATE). Chris, K4PC, reports the callsign ER0PC has been issued to him by the PTT in Kishinev to operate in ER later this month. With the help of Sergei, ER1AN, the PTT processed all the paperwork and the license. Chris leaves on September 27th and will be in Moldova for 2 weeks helping with missions work in children's orphanages. He will then return on October 12th. Since the purpose of the trip is to do the work required in the orphanages, Chris is not sure how much spare time he will have to operate. Sergei has asked some of the ER hams if he can operate from their homes which will be OK. Chris states he would like to operate on 40-160 meters on RTTY, CW and SSB since ER is needed on the low bands. There is also a chance to operate on satellite. QSL via K4PC, Chris Penick PO Box 1926 Boone, NC 28607.

FR, REUNION ISLAND. Yas, JA8NFV, will be on air from here September 16-20th. Activity will be all bands SSB/CW. He plans to work the Low bands as well. There was no mention of callsign. QSL to his homecall.

HF BEACON NETWORK UPDATE. Martin Harrison, G3USF, the IARU HF Beacon Coordinator, states the ZL6B beacon is now operational in the NCDXF/IBP worldwide network on 14100, 18110, 21150, 24930 and 28200 kHz. The beacon is located near Masterton, New Zealand and runs 100 watts stepping down to 100mw. Meanwhile, the 5Z4B beacon is once more operational on the same frequencies, but the 4X6TU beacon still remains off the air with transmitter problems. Currently 16 of the planned 18 beacons in the worldwide network are now in place.

HS, THAILAND. "The 59(9) DXReport" informed OPDX that Francois, TK5AE, will be active until September 22nd as either HS0/TK5AE or HS0AC. His operations will be on 80-15 meters CW/SSB.

KC4, ANTARCTICA. Bob, K4MZU, reports that Jaime at KC4AAC states he will be leaving on or about October 6th. Jaime said he will look for Europe starting at 1830z to 1930z Sat/Sun on 14270 kHz each weekend through to early October. Meanwhile, the "DXNS" reports that Roman, EM1KA, will be active from the Ukrainian research base at Vernadsky for another year. His activity includes 6 meters, and he is regularly on 160 meters at 0400z on 1827 kHz. QSL via JA2JPA.

KG4, GUANTANAMO BAY. KG4GC will be a multi-single entry in the CQ/DX RTTY Contest September 27-28th. Operators will be: Bill/KG4GC [W4WX], Wayne/KG4WD [KD4OHH], Rusty/KG4AU [WV3N], Ken/KG4MN [WV3R] and Cory/KG4CM [N1WON]. QSL via bureau or SASE to: Bill Gallier, 4094 Sandy Run Drive East, Middleburg, FL 32068. Guest operators will be active September 29 to October 3rd on all bands and modes.

KH7K, KURE ISLAND (Update). With only a few weeks away for this DXpedition to take place, Frank Smith, AH0W/OH2LVG, from the Midway-Kure DX Foundation (MKDXF), provided OPDX with the follow update. The following operators will be active from Kure Island September 26th through October 4th:

UA3AB - Andy Chesnokov
KH7U - Kimo Chun
JA3IG - Yuhi Yoshitani
K0EU - Randy Martin
SM0AGD - Erik Sjolund
W0MY (ex W0RLX) - Burt Myers
N9NW - Michael Goode
AH0W/OH2LVG - Frank Smith
The DXpedition will be an all band all mode effort with plans to operate four HF stations continuously. They will also be equipped with two antennas for each band including a number of Force-12 antennas for each band in addition to antennas by Cushcraft and Titanex. As with their Midway operation of last year, they will be placing much emphasis on working DXers in difficult propagation areas, especially Europe and Africa, yet with the increased number of stations, antennas and operators they expect to be able to fulfill band and mode needs from all areas. Also, there will be three support "pilot" stations assisting the MKDXF team: Wayne, AL0E (ex WB6EQX), Terry, W7KW and Bob, KE7LZ. QSL Manager will be Bob Johnson, KE7LZ, 5627 West Hearn Road, Glendale, Arizona 83306. Additional information can be obtained via AH0W/OH2LVG at the E-mail address of: ah0w@primenet.com


SO, WOLIN ISLAND (Poland). NODXA member Holger, DL7IO, and other German operators will operate as SO5OE/1 from this Polish island located in the Baltic Sea Coast West Group (IOTA EU-132). Activity will start around 2000z on October 3rd and last until October 6th. There will be two stations active on all bands. QSL via DL7VRO.

TF, ICELAND. Petr, OK1CZ, will be active from Iceland as TF/OK1CZ/P with various area prefixes from September 13-19th. He will be active with an IC-706 and a windom antenna. He hopes to activate Vestmann Island (IOTA EU-071) for a couple of nights.

VK9W, WILLIS ISLAND (Update provided by Ann, WA1S). The team of 10 operators will depart Cairns on September 9th to head to Willis Island. They expect to get the first staion on the air sometime on September 11th and plan to be active for 11 to 12 days. Operators include 3 YLs (Ann/WA1S, Elvira/IV3FSG, and Noriko/7K3EOP) and 7 OMs (Bob/VK4MR, Vlad/VK2AEA, Bill/VK4FW, Darryl/AF7O, Eric/FK8GM, Bill/K6KM, and Doung/VE5RA). The callsigns will be VK9WY for the YLs and VK9WM for the OMs. After Willis Island, they will depart for Holmes Reef where they will spend approximately 30 hours (New, IOTA OC-???). The callsigns for Holmes Reef and Maritime mobile will be VK4YN and VK4YN/mm. QSL via VK4FW. More information can be found on the Oceania DX Group's (ODXG) WEB site: http://www.odxg.com/odxgwillis95.html

WEBSITE FOR DXERS/CONTESTERS. Dennis, K7BV, Editor of the National Contest Journal, reports the magazine now has a WEB Site. Dennis states the site keeps current with information regarding DXpeditions for contests coming up in the near and far future. The NCJ website can be found at: http://www.waterw.com/~ncj/xpedit.htm

ZA, ALBANIA. "The 59(9) DXReport" states that Mike, K5KWG, is active as ZA1MH from a remote village. His activity will be on 160-2 meters, CW, SSB and RTTY. He is a missionary setting up radio communications. QSL via Z32KV.

ZD7, ST. HELENA. Johnny, ZD7WRG, is now active on CW/SSB and has been heard operating RTTY on 20 meters (on 14084 kHz). Most of his activity seems to take place between 1830 and 2200z. Check 20 and 15 meters. QSL via WA2JUN. Desmond, ZD7DP, is also active on RTTY on 20 meters. Check on 14089 kHz between 2020 and 2200z. Also, look for ZD7BG to be occasionally active on 40-15 meter CW.

ZK1, PENRHYN ISLAND (North Cook). The Dateline DX Association is in the final stages of its preparation to activate the island of Penrhyn during the period of September 20 through 27th. OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive an additional bulletin containing the latest press release.

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