Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 322
September 15, 1997

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 322
BID: $OPDX.322
September 15, 1997
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AD1C, WB2YQH & WB2RAJ The 59(9) DXReport, NG3K, W3UR & The Daily DX, N4GN, W5KFT, W6RRG, KH7U, N8AC, W9XY, 9K2HN, CT1EGH, G3SWH, G3SXW, G3USF, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, ON6TT, PA3DMH, PA3DZN, PY1KS, VE9DX, VK2ICV and ZL2AL for the following DX information.

5H, TANZANIA (and Zanzibar). Phil, G3SWH, sent OPDX the following update: "Hi there, and thanks for reading this. Just a reminder that I shall be active on CW only all bands from 80 to 10 metres, conditions permitting, between 16th and 22nd September from mainland Tanzania as 5H3/G3SWH and between 22nd and 29th September from Zanzibar Island (IOTA AF-032) as 5H1/G3SWH. I shall be using one of the IOTA Committee's Yaesu FT-900AT transceivers with 100 watts to wire antennas. This is a holiday operation, and activity will probably be restricted to 3 or 4 hours per day. Specially printed QSL's will be available either from my home address: 21 Dickensons Grove, Congresbury, Bristol, BS19 5HQ, United Kingdom, with SAE and adequate return postage or via the RSGB bureau. 73 and I hope to work you during this trip. Phil G3SWH"

7th ANNUAL W5 DX BASH. The DX BASH will be held on October 3-4-5, 1997 at Lake Buchanan near Austin, Texas. This is a very informal, relaxed, get together for all DX'ers, contesters, antenna nuts, VHF contesters, big guns and little pistols. All are invited. Details can be found at the following website: http://www.dxer.org/w5bash.html. SPECIAL NOTE: OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive the complete details and press release as an additional bulletin.

9A, CROATIA. The DXNS report Helmut, DF9NW, will be active until September 21st as 9A/DF9NW/P from Murter Island (non-IOTA) which is near Sibenik. It is believed to be on the air for the first time on HF. QSL to homecall.

AM9, MELLILA. "The 59(9) DXReport" states EA9 stations may use the AM9 prefix to celebrate the 500th Anniversary of their town. The length of activity and band operations were not provided.

CY9, SAINT PAUL ISLAND. The CY9DX DXpedition which was to be active from September 12-22nd, had to delay their operation. According to the CY9DX Web page (http://www.dipole.com/cy9dx.html):

CY9DX-NEWS: Bad news Good news: We had to delay our trip because 2m operation is not ready and a couple of important problems have to be solved. The new schedule date is 23 Oct.-02 Nov. '97. Because of this delay we are going to be able to prepare ourselves better. And don't forget CONDX is getting better and better.

D2, ANGOLA. Mr. Dias, CT4KO, will be active as D2AI from Luanda now until at least September, 1998. He will be using a Yaesu FT-920, a Log. beam for 3-30 MHz, dipoles for 40/80 meters and a yagi for 6 meters. Suggested frquencies/modes:

SSB - 3797, 7050, 14202, 18165, 21302, 24925 and 28402 kHz
RTTY - 14085, 18102, 21085, 24895 and 28185 kHz
Also look for activity on RS-12/13 satelite and possibly some scheduled 6 meters operations. QSL via CT1EGH.

HS, THAILAND. Fred, K3ZO, will be active until October 6th as HS0ZAR from a club station. His activity will be mostly CW (but some SSB will take place if conditions are good) on 40-10 meters. Check 40 meters between 1000 and 1300z and 15 meters after 1400z. There will be NO 160/80 meters or WARC bands activity. Special permission is only given for those bands for special occasions. QSL to the bureau or direct via K3ZO.

JY8, JORDAN. Bob, W9XY, will once again be going to Jordan to visit with friends and plan to reactivate his call sign as JY8XY during the stay. His arrival date is October 6th, and he will be there until October 27th. There are two stations readily available to him. One is a TS-830 with a Clipperton amp using a TH6 at 60 feet, and wires for the low bands; the other is a TS-830 with TH3 at 60 feet. Please note that overnight arrangements must be made to be able to work the (local morning) openings on the low bands, so check primarily on Friday and Saturday nights for his sunrise openings. Also, there have been some TVI problems in the past, so he will probably not use the amp during evening 'prime-time' hours. Suggested frequencies are as follow:

CW: 1826, 3505, 7005, 14025, 21025, 28025
SSB: 14195, 14240, 21295, 28495
Additionally, please note that Bob will ask local operators to provide more WARC band and RTTY activity as requests for operation for these endorsements have been received. QSL w/SASE to home callsign or via bureau: Bob Johnson, W9XY (ex: WB9YXY), W5514 Grouse Drive, Endeavor, WI 53930.

NEW BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The Northern California DX Foundation is pleased to announce the addition of two new members to its Board of Directors. They are Glenn Vinson, W6OTC; and Al Burnham, K6RIM. The complete list of Officers and Directors is as follows: K6ANP/President, W6RGG/Vice-President, NW6P/Secretary, W6OSP/Treasurer, K6TMB/Director, K6RIM/Director, W6OAT/ Director, W6DU/Director, N6ST/Director, W6OTC/Director and W6ISQ/Director. The Board of Directors receives counsel on various issues from these appointed Advisors: W6WB, WZ6Z, K6KR, N6EK, W6RJ, W6NL, W6RQ, W6CF, K6DC N6OJ and K6KEO. Beacon Project Manager is W6ISQ. Webmaster is K6KR. A bi-annual newsletter, edited by Steve Thomas, N6ST, is mailed to all Foundation members. The Foundation maintains a library of DXpedition and operating slide and video shows which may be borrowed by clubs for presentation at their meetings. For information on their availability, please contact Ron Steiner, K6KEO, at 3154 Dominic Drive, Castro Valley, CA 94546-1938. The inclusion of an SASE will hasten your receipt of his reply. For further information on the Foundation, and to send e-mail, please check out their web site at: http://www.ncdxf.org Mail may be sent to: NCDXF, P.O. Box 2368, Stanford, CA 94309-2368

OOOPPSS DEPARTMENT. In OPDX.321 there are a few corrections to report. Please note that the callsign for Michael Goode is N9NS not N9NW and the Japanese operator's name is Yuji Yoshitani not Yuhi. Also, we mentioned that the National Contest Journal website can be found at:

This is NOT the address of the NCJ as a whole. It is the address for Dennis's Contesting/DXpedition home page for the magazine. The magazine can be found at: http://www.waterw.com/~ncj/

OH0, ALAND ISLANDS. The following press release was received by Tim, N4GN, from Martti, OH2BH: "THE SCANDINAVIAN ACTIVITY CONTEST - The famous OH0W contest site was given a complete tuneup during the exceptionally nice summer and the station is now ready for another contest season. The equipment includes the recently introduced, highly advanced, computer-controlled Kachina 505DSP transceiver fed into a multi-directional yagi array. See the Kachina Web Site at: http://www.kachina-az.com for more information. Finnish Antenna Ltd--the duo of OH1JT and OH2HE--has installed a lineup of monobanders and ferrite broad-band, high-power splitters. The operating team of Martti, OH2BH, and Jukka, OH2MAM, is now ready to compete against their fellow contesters in the Nordic countries. They welcome all contacts and specifically those semi-rare ones that are always highly appreciated in any contest. Their station is fully equipped to quickly QSY for multi-band QSOs. The station callsign OH0BH will be used as follows:

SAC CW contest Sept 20, 1500 UTC to Sept 21, 1800 UTC
SAC SSB contest Sept 27, 1500 UTC to Sept 28, 1800 UTC
All QSOs will be confirmed with colorful QSLs through OH2BH.


R1, ANTARCTICA. Valentin "Wally", R1ANZ, is active from Mirnyy Base in the Antarctica around 14190 kHz after 0330z (short path to U.S.). Also, check around the same frequency around 1130z (long path to the U.S.). He has also shown up on 40 meters CW around 1000z. QSL via RU1ZC.

S9, SAO TOME. The DXNL reports that Hugo, S92AF, hits the airwaves on HF and RS12 from September 17-30. He may also activate Principe (AF-044). QSL via his homecall HB9AFH.

SO, WOLIN ISLAND (Update). As we mentioned last week in OPDX.321, a German group will operate as SO5OE/1 from this Polish island starting around 2000z on October 3rd, and last until October 6th. OPDX has now received the list of operators which include: DK20E/Mike, DL7IQ/Birgit, DL7IO/Holger, DL7VRO/Fritz, DL7VYL/Gerda, DL7UBA/Roy and DL1YFF/Hans-Juergen. QSL via DL7VRO.

"WHO'S WHO ON THE TOPBAND". Nicholas, VK2ICV, states check out the following WEB site: http://www.watch4you.com/160/

ZL7/ZM7, CHATHAM ISLAND. This island will be activated October 22-27th, on all bands by a team from New Zealand. There will be four stations active most hours of the days and on most bands. During the CQWW SSB contest, the callsigns to be used will be ZM7A and ZL7AA. These callsigns will be used for the few days before and after the contest. The team will consist of: ZL2AL, ZL2HU, ZL2TT, ZL2ST, ZL2RR, ZL2LF and ZL2GI (YL op). Some of the operators are part of the team that activated ZL8RI last year. CW will be not be used during contest time. Yagis will be used and WARC bands will be activated. There is no Commercial sponsorship of this DXpedition. Costs are borne by the members of the team. QSL ZL7AA and ZM7A via: Lee Jennings, ZL2AL, PO Box 54, HASTINGS 4201, NEW ZEALAND or via ZL2AL CBA or bureau.

ZV1/ZW1/ZX1, ILHA GRANDE ISLAND (Brazil). This Brazilian island (IOTA SA-029, DIB 11) will be on the air from October 3-5th. Three operators will be active on CW/SSB, 80-10 meters plus plus 6 meters and VHF. It is important to pay close attention to the callsigns being used. Look for ZW1A to be operated by PY1OB/Fabio (SSB). Also look for ZX1A to be operated by PY1SL/Soni (CW) and ZV1A to be operated by PY1JH/Campos (6 meters, VHF and UHF). QSL ZW1A, and QSOs made with ZV1A on SSB via PY1OB's CBA or via Labre-RJ, P.O. Box 58, 20001-970 - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. QSL ZX1A, and QSOs made with ZV1A on CW via PY1SL's CBA or via Labre-RJ, P.O. Box 58; 20001-970 - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

ZW2, ILHA DAS COUVES (COUVES ISLAND, BRAZIL). Look for activity by ZW2E from this Brazilian island (IOTA SA-028, DIB 70) during October 8-12th. Operation will be on 80-10 meters CW and SSB. Check the usual IOTA frequencies. QSL via PY2YW.

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