Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 334
December 8, 1997

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 334
BID: $OPDX.334
December 8, 1997
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, W2KKZ, W3LEO, N4GN, K6RIM, K8RF, N0TG, N0AH, DL2HEB, DL7IO, DL7RAG, DU9RG, F6AJA & LNDX, G3SXW, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, G0ULN, LA6WEA, OH2KI, ON4BDS, TU5EX and ZS6PHD for the following DX information.

3B6, AGALEGA and ST. BRANDON. The "DX News Sheet" reports that Dov, 4Z4DX, and others will be active from this rare spot in May, 1998, as 3B7AZ and 3B7/HB9JAI.

3D2, FIJI. Hide, JM1LJS, is making an early announcement of his upcoming trip here in the new year. His activity will take place April 30th, through May 7th (of 1998) as 3D2LJ. Operation will be all bands including the WARC bands. QSL via home call.

4G, PHILIPPINES (Special Event). The special callsign 4G50N (4GfiftyN) was issued to ACES (Amateur Communications and Emergency Service Club) of Naga City, Philippines, to celebrate Naga City's 50th charter anniversary. This call will be in use from January 1, 1998, to March 31, 1998. QSL via DU9RG's new address: Robin U. Go, 818 Acacia Avenue, Ayala Alabang Village, 1780 Muntinlupa City, Philippines.

9M8, EAST MALAYSIA. The "DX News Sheet" reports Peter, PB0ALB, is planning to be active again for six weeks in April/May of 1998 as 9M8CC. Activity will be from Serian, 50 miles from Kuching, Sarawak. Operations will be on all bands. QSL via home call.

C5, THE GAMBIA. Lee, G0ULN, reports to OPDX that he will be here from December 19th to January 9th (1998). He will be on holiday in Gambia, but has received permission to take his H.F. radio with him. He will be signing C56/G0ULN, unless he is able to get a local call then it might be C56LE. Lee will be active daily around 14200 kHz and 21200 kHz (+/- QRM), on SSB only. He will be using an Icom 706 and a 1/2 size G5RV. QSL is via Lee Fuller, PO BOX 803, Hull, England, HU7 4BY.

DU100, PHILIPPINEGS (Special Event). Look for this special prefix to be used during the whole year of 1998 to celebrate the Philippines' 100th year of independence.

FG, LES SAINTES ISLAND. Alain, F2HE, will once again be active as FG/F2HE from this French Guadeloupe island (IOTA NA-114) between February 1-15th.

FT5X, KERGUELEN ISLAND. The French LNDX reports Helios, F6IHY, has left Reunion on the boat "Marion Dufresne" (ed. GEEE! Where did I hear that name before?). He will stop at Crozet Island from December 6-9th, without doing any radio activity. Helios will, however, arrive at Kerguelen on December 12th. He will use the FT5XN callsign for 6 months. He will use an IC-730 with a vertical and dipole. His suggested frequencies will be: SSB - 14209, 21209/309, 28509, 18159, 24959 and CW on request. QSL via F6PEN via bureau.

FT5Z, AMSTERDAM & ST. PAUL ISLAND. Eric, FT5ZG, has been showing up on 20 meters around 14278 kHz between 1500 and 1630z. Sometimes there is a list operation being taken by F5PFP. QSL via F5RQQ.

HP, PANAMA. You have little over a week left to work Gerard, F2JD/HP1XBI, before he leaves Panama on December 16th. He will go back to France, but he may be returning to Panama in January.


J7, DOMINICA. Bob, W2KKZ, will be operating from here March 1-8th (1998). He will be active for only part of the ARRL DX SSB Contest that weekend. He plans to be on 80-10 meters CW and SSB. He expects to be using the J7/W2KKZ callsign. QSLs go to the home call direct or via the bureau. He will QSL 100 % via the bureau shortly after his return.

K3VOA (Rare Section in the 10 Meter Contest). The Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC), thanks to the hospitality of the Voice of America Amateur Radio Club, will again activate K3VOA for the rare DC Section multiplier in the ARRL 10 Meters Contest December 13-14th. The multi-operator team (W3LEO, K3IXD, KD4QVT, N3NT, and WB3ECU) will be active on both CW and SSB. QSLs for this contest only go to W3LEO [ex KA3TGY], CBA, SASE please.

LA, NORWAY (80 meters). Ken, LA6WEA, reports to OPDX that there are hardly any times available during the winter season that LA stations can work the U.S. stations during their sunrise. He states, "We up here in the north (66.09N) are now in the greyline or darkness 24 hours." Ken mentions that he will be active almost everyday from 1100-1500z along with a couple of other Scandiavian stations too. So, look for them around 3780-3799.9 kHz.


HEADED TO THE PACIFIC. Northern Ohio DX Association (NODXA) members and very good friends Holger, DL7IO, and Brigit, DL7IQ, will once again head back to the Pacific Ocean. This will be mainly a holiday/vacation trip. Holger states this is the first time in 8 years that Brigit and he will be going on a trip without their good ham radio friends. (Holger... Only she and me...) By the time you read this, Holger and Brigit, will be on their way to Vanuatu and should be there by December 9th. Currently they do not know what their callsigns will be. However, Holgers hints they hope to get something like YJ??IO and YJ??IQ. Their activity will last until December 16th, and then they will travel to the Solomon Islands (H44). Holger will be active again as H44IO (many may remember his activity in late 1992 along with his friends Tom and Frank) and Brigit is hoping to get H44IQ callsigns. Their stay on the Solomons will last only until January 3rd (or possibly the 10th). If they leave the Solomons on January 3rd, they will return to Vanuatu for another week. If they end up leaving the Solomons later, they will head to the Fiji and then home on January 12th. There will be no operation from Fiji. The equipment to be used on this trip are a Yeasu FT-890, 3 element beam, R7 Vertical and dipoles. Holger mentions that Lyndon, VE7TCP, will be providing a log search engine on the WEB for them during their activity. They will be able to upload their logs on a daily basis, and you should be able check out your contacts at: http://ve7tcp.ampr.org/cgi-bin/dl7io QSL direct to DL7VRO, Fritz Bergner, Sterndamm 199, D-12378 Berlin, Germany, or the preferred way, which is via Bureau. Bureau requests can also be obtained by sending an E-mail message to Fritz's InterNet address: dl7vro@aol.com


VP5, TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS. Randy/N0TG, Murry/WA4DAN, and Ronald/AA4VK will all be operating as /VP5 from January 16-23rd. Emphasis will be on CW with activity on all bands including WARC bands. All QSLs will be via N0TG.

XQ0, SAN FELIX. John, CE0ZAM, will be active from this rare Chilean island for about 20 days in 1998. Activity is planned to take place in April/May, and he will use the callsign XQ0X. Operations will be CW/SSB on all bands.

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