Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 335
December 15, 1997

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 335
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December 15, 1997
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, WB2RAJ/WB2YQH & The 59(9) DXReport, KF2O, W3UR & The Daily DX, W4WX/KG4GC, W5SJ, AC6LF, K7AR, N8AC, W8GMH, WB8LFO, K9FD, DL2FAG, JA1OGX, ON4CEL, VK3AKK, VK6APK and QST for the following DX information.

3B9, RODRIGUES ISLAND. "The Daily DX" reports that the Midway Kure DX Foundation (MKDXF) is expected to announce soon details for an upcoming 1998 springtime DXpedition to Rodrigues Island (3B9). This MKDXF 3B9 operation will be a multi-station all-mode, all-band operation. Look for additional information to be announced after December 21st.

4U1UN STATION/QSL TRAGEDY. OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive an additional bulletin containing a message written by Jerry, WB8LFO, on the happenings of the 4U1UN station and QSLs.

5A21, LIBYA. Another Libyan DXpedition will take place beginning March 2nd and last possibly until March 8th. Operators will be Tiny/ON4CAT (YL), Patrick/ON4APS and Frank/ON4CEL. This will be the first YL operation ever from 5A. The trio will sign 5A21PA, which reportedly stands for the "celebration of the declaration of 'People Authority', and born the first Jamahiriya." Operations will be from the 5A1A HQ station. They will operate on all bands, conditions permitting. Tiny will concentrate on SSB, Patrick will be on RTTY and Frank on SSB/CW. Frank will look for North American stations during their grey-line on 40 and 80 meters, mainly on CW. The QSL manager for this operation is ON4APS, QSL via the bureau or direct to: Piesen Patrick, Koolkerkesteenweg 141, B-8800 Brugge, Belgium. Also, check out the Internet WEB Site: http://users.glo.be/~frankyb/5a21pa.html

9N, NEPAL. By the time you read this, Joe, VK6BFI, and Neil, VK6NE, will be operating from the QTH of Dick, 9N1ARB. Activity will last until December 24th. Their callsigns will be 9N1BFI and 9N1NE. Operation will be SSB only. The primary purpose of this trip is Amateur Radio, so they shouldn't be too hard to find on the bands. QSL to their home calls.

AH8, AMERICAN SAMOA. The 59(9) DXReport states Lawrence, KS6DV, is now sporting the callsign AH8LG. The only QSNs OPDX could find were on 20 meters. Look around 14190 kHz (+/- 10 kHz) between 0530 and 0600z. QSLs to: L.A. Gandy, P.O. Box 1618, Pago Pago, AS 96799.

BY1, CHINA. Merv, K9FD, and Harold, W0RI, are planning a trip back to BT1QH, and it looks like it will begin on January 14th and last until January 26th. Their goal is primarily a low band operation concentrating on 160 and 80 meters. They have extended their stay to try to take advantage of any propagation. If conditions are poor they will be on 40 to 10 meters. They report that they should have InterNet access from the BY1QH station and will post the E-mail address later. They will keep everyone updated by E-mail on the "Top Band" reflector and also on the "DX" reflector. There will be NO online logs or web page. They are still in need of any help in funding the trip and off-setting the cost of leaving some equipment/gear for the club station. Any amount, no matter how small, is very much appreciated. Merv states, "We would like to thank the Mississippi Valley DX and Contest Club for their sponsorship and funding for this trip. Thanks very much to all who have helped thus far and contributions will be mentioned on the QSOs, also. We will post updates as the day gets close. See you all in the log."

DXCC ANNOUNCES NEW FEE SCHEDULE FOR 1998! In January's QST (page 83), the ARRL DXCC Desk has announced new fees for DXCC, including a $10 fee for an initial DXCC application. This has been FREE for League members. It will also cost more for walk-in card checking at conventions or at League Headquarters. All applicable fees are charged on each application. Applicants must supply return postage or an SASE for any cards or information requests. The new fees go into effect January 1, 1998.

Current FeeItemNew Fee
FREEinitial application each year, member$10
$10additional application, member$20
$10initial application, foreign nonmember$20
$20additional application, foreign nonmember$30
$2convention/HQ walk-in card check$5
10 centsper additional QSO (*)15 cents
$10certificate fee (includes pin)no charge
$25+shippingHonor Roll & 5-Band DXCC plaques$30+shipping(**)
$40+shipping#1 Honor Roll plaque$50+shipping(**)
(*) First application prices are for 120 QSOs maximum, and additional application prices are for 100 QSOs maximum. QSOs beyond those limits are charged at this price.
(**) Includes pin

H44, SOLOMONS. Just a reminder! If you were lucky to catch Northern Ohio DX Association (NODXA) members and very good friends Holger, DL7IO, and Brigit, DL7IQ, as YJ0AIO and YJ0AIQ from Vanuatu this past week, remember to look for them from H44-land. They should be active by the time you read this (after December 16th). Holger will be active again as H44IO and Brigit is hoping to get the H44IQ callsign. Their stay on the Solomons will last only until January 3rd (or possibly the 10th). If they leave the Solomons on January 3rd, they will return to Vanuatu for another week. QSL via DL7VRO.

KH0, SAIPAN ISLAND. A group of JA operators will be active from here December 19-22nd. Their planned activity will be on CW/SSB, 80-10 meters, including 30 meters band. Look for the following: KH0S - QSL via JA1OGX and KH0U - QSL via JA1QNV.

JX, JAN MAYEN. Terje, JX3EX, will be active until next March (or possibly until April). Activity will be on 80-10 meters. This station sometimes shows up on the 14226 DX Net around 1730z. QSLs can be sent to: Terje Berg, 8099, Jan Mayen.

QSL INFO AND NEWS.............

SO5, WOLIN ISLAND. Berlin's NODXA members and special friends have advised us that they will be activating once again the Polish Island of Wolin (IOTA-132) from March 10th to May 10th (1998). No frequencies or times were given at this time, just that they will be there on these dates and they hope propagation will be good. The operators will be: DK2OE/Mike, DL7IQ/Birgit, DL7IO/Holger, DL7VRO/Fritz, DL7VYL/Gerda, DL7UBA/Roy and DL1YFF/Hans-Juergen. The callsign to be used will be SO5OE/1.

SPECIAL EVENT AND PREFIX. Beginning January 1, 1998, the Geelong Amateur Radio Club in Victoria, Australia, will be celebrating their 50th year of existence. They understand that this may be the only club in VK-land that has been active this long. During the whole year of 1998, they will be using the callsign VI50G (Victor India Fifty Golf). They will be active on all bands as well as in major contests. There will be a special QSL available for this event. QSL via VK3ATL: P O Box 520, Geelong Victoria, 3213 Australia or via the Bureau.

VP2, ANGUILLA. Bill, W5SJ, will be active as VP2ESJ from January 22 through January 26, 1998, for the CQWW CW 160 meter Contest (January 23-25th). QSLs go to the home call, W5SJ.

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