Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 338
January 5, 1998

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DX Bulletin No. 338
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January 5, 1998
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, KA1GJ, WB2RAJ/WB2YQH & The 59(9) DXReport, W3UR & The Daily DX, NT5C, K8XP, N0TG, 9M2TO, F6AJA, G3XTT, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, HB9CYN, JA0DAI, JE7RJZ, LU1DZ, OH6KXL, ON1DDT, PA0ALB, RA3AUU, SM0DJZ and YO3FWC for the following DX information.

9M2, PENANG ISLAND (6 meters from W. Malaysia). There are currently two 6 meters stations active there. Tex, 9M2TO, is currently running 150w into a 4 element yagi and Phoa, 9M2KT, is running 100w into a GP antenna. There were no times or frequencies provided, but watch for openings. QSL 9M2TO via JA0DMV JARL Bureau. QSL 9M2KT via 9M2 Bureau.

9M8, EAST MALAYSIA. Peter, PA0ALB, reports there will be activity from Serian, Borneo Island (IOTA OC-088), April 10th to May 22nd. The callsign to be used is 9M8CC. His equipment will be a TS-440, PS-52, AT-230 Antenne tuner, 2 elements triband Fritzel for 10/15/20 meters and a GP for 80 meters. Check 1200z on 20 meters. QSL via PB0ALB.

9M0C, SPRATLY ISLAND DXPEDITION UPDATE. Don, G3XTT (DXpedition Publicity Officer), reports in a press release that arrangements for their forthcoming 9M0C expedition to the Spratly Islands are going well. OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive the complete press release as an additional bulletin. Meanwhile, nine cases have been shipped by sea on November 30th, from Southampton for Kota Kinabalu in Sabah Malaysia. They will arrive in Kota Kinabalu in early January. All the Yaesu equipment has now been shipped from Japan. This will also arrive in Kota Kinabalu in early January where it will be combined with the shipment from the UK. The combined shipment will then be sent to Pulau Layang Layang before the DXpedition team's arrival. The main team that now includes all the UK contingent plans to arrive on Pulau Layang Layang on Tuesday, February 10th. This is two days earlier that originally planned, but this gives them three full days to set up the very extensive antenna farm and the five stations. The second group arrives on Friday, February 13th. They will then be fully operational for at least nine full days including two complete week-ends. For more details and updates, please take time to check their Web pages at: http://members.aol.com/spratly98/

ATTENTION CONTESTERS! Ciprian, YO3FWC, reports that the 1997 YO DX Contest Official Results can be seen in on the WEB page: http://members.tripod.com/~ciprian/yodx.htm

CT98, PORTUGAL. Look for Portuguese amateurs to use special prefixes from January 1st to September 30th during their "Expo 98". Stations who usually sign CT1, CT2 and CT5 may be using the CT98 prefix. CT4 stations may be using the CS98 prefix, CT3 stations may be using the CQ98 prefix and CU stations may be using the CU98 prefix. QSL via their regular CT/CU callsigns.

D6, COMOROS. Martin, HB9CYN, and Chris, HB9CYV, will be active as D68YN and D68YV, respectively, from January 25th to February 6th. Activity will be on all bands 80-10 meters (maybe 160m) with operations mainly on CW but with some SSB, and maybe RTTY. After the DXpedition, stations worked can find their contacts on the following Web-Page: http://ab5eh-lin.tamucc.edu/~hb9cyn/ Also QSL-requests may be sent to the addresses mentioned on the WWW-site above.

FT5W/FT5X/FT5Z, CROZET, KERGUELEN, AMSTERDAM ISLANDS. OPDX has received a report stating to expect FR5HR on Crozet for 5 days, then Kerguelen for 5 days and then Amsterdam for 10 days starting January 1st and ending January 22nd. Jean Paul, F5BU, leaves Strasbourg on January 14th to Reunion Island, and he will arrive at Crozet Island on January 21st. He will be active as FT5WG until March 18th, with operations mostly on SSB. QSL via F6APU. Also, keep an eye open for Helios, F6IHY, signing FT5XN on Kerguelen. He will be active until June. He is usually active on 20 meters but plans to be active on other bands in the future.

HS, THAILAND. It has been reported that Kareem, HS1RU, runs the HS/9M net on 7060 kHz daily, starting about 1305Z. He is often very readable in the states and has agreed to listen for a "short while" above 7150 kHz for USA when the conditions are good before starting the net. Monitor 7060 kHz around 1305-1310z, and Kareem will specify a listening frequency. It is suggested, as a courtesy to Kareem to please NOT persist in a contact after 1315z. Let Kareem and the others get on with their net. They will be back the next day. It was also mentioned that Kareem will listen for CW on 7060 khz 1305-1310z, and for the eastern USA he works the low end of 40 meters CW quite often around 2200-2400z. QSL via JG3AVS, P.O.Box 86, Amagasaki 660, Japan.


KH2, GUAM. "The 59(9) DXReport" states that Walt, KF2XN, will be active until March 15th as KH2/KF2XN from KH2D's QTH while doing disaster relief work.

LU1ZC, DECEPTION ISLAND (South Shetland Group) UPDATE. Alberto, LU1DZ, GACW Coordinator, reports the two operators on the island have installed the following antennas: 10/15/20 meters 4 element tribander 30 meters high (fixed to Europe); 30/17/12 meters separated delta loops; 45 meters long wire for all bands; 160 meters half wave dipole, and they will be putting up a 2 element 40 meters monobander in future. They are currently active on 6 meters on 50110 kHz USB, and very soon they will be ready to operate on the satelite. Also, start looking for them on the SSB IOTA frequencies.

ON50, BELGIUM. During 1998, the Union of the Belgium Radio Amateur (UBA) will celebrate their 50th year anniversary. Look for UBA club stations throughout the year to use the prefix ON50 followed by a 3 letters suffix. A special award is available by working stations and collecting points. Checkout the UBA WEB site for more details at: http://www.uba.be/algemeen/awarden.htm Meanwhile, the Zelzaatse Radio Association (ZLZ) reports that they will be active from January 1st to December 31st using the callsign ON50ZLZ. They will be active on HF, VHF and during the UBA Contest. They also mentioned that a QSO with ON50ZLZ is good for 6 points for their ZLZ Award. QSL via ON7ZT or by P.O. Box 53 B-9060 Zelzate Belgium.


SPECIAL EVENT STATION 8N0WOG will be opened for Foreign Amateurs in NAGANO Japan!! Every Amateur Radio Operator who comes over to Nagano can operate the special event station, 8N0WOG, during the NAGANO 1998 Olympic Winter Games. All you need is your station license or the official certificate in the English language issued by one's MPT. Japan currently has reciprocal licensing agreement with only 8 countries now (i.e. USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, France, Korea, Finland, Ireland). This limitation will be taken away by Japanese MPT during the Olympic Winter Games. What a great chance to operate! Nagano city is located about 200km northwest of Tokyo, and it can easily be reached by Super express train from Tokyo Station. The location of the 8N0WOG station is located at the Warm-Hearty Welfare Center, just east side of Nagano City Office. The station will be opened 16 days from February 7th to February 22th. The station will be active on all HF bands from 160-10m including WARC bands, CW/SSB, 500 Watts max., and 144/435MHz FM/SSB. For more information and inquiry:

Fax to JARL Nagano Office: +81-26-233-2356
E-mail to JA0TBJ, Kimi Koyanagi: ja0tbj@mx2.nisiq.net
Check out the JARL Web site: http://www.jarl.or.jp

TR, GABON. Roland, F8EN, will once again sign TR8CR from February 5th for 5 weeks (at least). He will be active mostly on CW. QSL via F6AJA.

VP5, TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS. Look for N0TG/VP5, WA4DAN/VP5, AA4VK/VP5 to be operational January 16-23rd. Activity will be on all bands 160-6 meters. QSL all to: N0TG, William Rowe Jr., 1094 Big Rock Loop, Los Alamos, NM 87544.

VR6, PITCAIRN ISLAND. The "DX News Sheet" reports that VR6MG is active on 20 and 40 meters CW. No specific times or frequencies were given. OPDX did some research and found that VR6MG was reported on 14210 kHz at 0116z and 7001 kHz at 1325z.

XW30/XW30A, LAOS DXPEDITION UPDATE. The suggested frequencies for the upcomung XW30A (SSB/RTTY/FM) and XW30 (CW) DXpedition, which will take place January 5-14th, have been announced. Look for them on the usual 20/15/10 meter DX frequencies (025 and .95). Suggested frequencies for 80 and 40 will be around 7007 and 3507 kHz for CW; 3797 and 7047 kHz for SSB (depending on QRM). RTTY activity will be around 14083 kHz listening up 3-5 kHz, and occasionaly they will try 21083 kHz. On 160 meters, they will try to concentrate on 1823 kHz (and for JA - QSX 1910). On the WARC bands: CW - 18075 and 24895; SSB - 18145 and 24945; and on 30 meters they will be around 10103-10108 kHz, but as the QRM level rises (at least in Europe during the dark hours), they will try to find clear spots up around 10115 kHz. As a genral rule, they will always try to work split listening up or even down with announced listening frequency. All QSLs will be handled by SM0AGD, Erik Sjolund, Vestag.27, SE-19556 Marsta, Sweden.

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