Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 356
May 11, 1998

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 356
BID: $OPDX.356
May 11, 1998
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
Online at 440-237-8208 28.8k-1200 Baud 8/N/1 (New Area Code!)

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, W1KSZ, WB2RAJ/WB2YQH & The 59(9) DXReport, NG3K, KH6BZF, N6ED, W6RGG, W6TER, K8RF, WD8MGQ, AH0W/OH2LVG, DL7VSN, EA2BUF, F6AJA & LNDX, G0PSE, IK4CIE, LA6LHA, LW8EZU, ON4CEL, PP5LL, SM0AGD, VE7TCP, VE9AA, VK1TX, VK3AJJ and ZS5BBO following DX information.

FEW NOTES FROM EDITOR, TEDD, KB8NW: Because I will be attending the Dayton HamVention, I can not guarantee that there will be a bulletin next week. If it does happen, it will probably be late Monday. Please, continue to send your information (you never know!). THE Northern Ohio DX Association (along with WVNO Radio) will once again sponsor a Hospitality Suite at this year's Dayton Hamvention. It will be in Suite 1011 on the 10th Club Floor of the Crowne Plaza Hotel (old Stouffers) on Friday and Saturday evenings. All DXers/Contesters are welcome. Munchies and refreshments will be avaialble. Come and meet the members and friends of NODXA. OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive a few extra bulletins this week containing: KH6BZF Propagation Report (Part One and Two), 3B7RF Press Release, Details on the 3B7RF Log Search (by Lyndon, VE7TCP) and Hamradio Vention 1998 (Germany).

3B7, ST. BRANDON. 3B7RF is on the air. Activity should last until May 17th. Search engines are available to verify contacts at either of the following WEB sites:

A5, BHUTAN. It was announced at last weekend's International DX Convention at Visalia that an invitation has been extended to Yasuo "Zorro" Miyazawa, JH1AJT, by the Kingdom of Bhutan to conduct a return DXpedition from that country. Zorro, who operated from Bhutan in February, 1995, has assembled a team of operators representing six countries from Asia, Europe and the USA and New Zealand. The DXpedition is expected to occur in early 1999 with propagation being the main factor in timing. Frank Smith, AH0W/OH2LVG, states the Midway-Kure DX Foundation will actively update the DX Community with all details as this project moves forward.

CY9AA, ST. PAUL ISLAND UPDATE. Mike, VE9AA, reports that the CY9AA team would like to welcome 2 new operators to the operations: Brian, ND3F, well-known Rover and VHF/hf contester. Mike, N7MB, member of the Voo-Dudes contest/DXpedition group. Mike states that they are still looking for another one or two more operators to travel with them to St. Paul Island from June 25th to July 15th for a 10 day stay during that window (probably June 25th-July 7th or so depending on unpredictable WX).

CY9RF, ST. PAUL ISLAND UPDATE. Dan, K8RF, reports the CY9 team will be using the callsign CY9RF for their upcoming DXpedition to St. Paul Island. They will be a Multi-Operator/ Multi-Transmitter entry in the CQWW WPX CW Contest May 30-31st. QSL CY9RF via K8RF. The start-up date will be on May 28th and last until June 2nd. A serious effort will be put into Topband operation, as well as 80 and 40 meters. On 160 meters, they will use an Inverted L, on 80 a full size vertical, and on 40 a pair of phased verticals. They will string some short beverages to USA and EU. On the high bands, they will use a Cushcraft A3S Tribander and a Cushcraft 3 element monobander for 10 meters. Unfortunately, one of their operators, Geoff/W0CG, has had to drop out due to work conflicts, so they are in need of another good CW operator. If you are interested, please drop Dan a line at ( k8rf@fuse.net ) or call Dan at (513) 232-2182.

ER9, MOLDOVA. The Secretary of ARM, Valery Metaxa, ER1DA, reports that now until May 17th, the special callsign ER9V will be active in commemoration of the Victory Day on all bands CW/SSB. QSL via ER1DA: P.O.B. 9537 KISHINEV MD-2071 MOLDOVA EUROPE

FRENCH NEWS. French operators now have the permission to use the 1810- 1830 kHz segment in a secondary status in addition to the 1830-1850 kHz segment they have been using before.

F, OISEAUX ISLAND (France). Alvaro, EA2BUF, reports he has permission to activate this French island reservation, which normally has a "NO ENTRY" policy, using the callsign F/EA2BUF/p. This island will count for the French Island Award and has a new island reference number of DIFM AT-29. Permission was granted for two days during the mornings. Alvaro is hoping for May 17th and May 24th. QSL via EA2BUF direct or REF (France-Bureau).

H75, ISLA DE VENADO (New IOTA!). Mike/AD5A, Michael/AB5EB, Buzz/N5FTR and Buzz/N5UR will activate a new IOTA from the Nicaraguan Caribbean Sea Coast South Group, little letter b. They will be on from May 22nd until May 24th, running two stations. They will be using a 5 band beam for 20, 17, 15, 12, and 10 meters, and a vertical for 80-10 meters. The focus will be on the IOTA frequencies using CW and SSB, and they will work 40 meters CW (check 7010 and 7040 kHz) after dark to try and work Europe in their Nicaraguan evening, and then Japan at their sunrise. They hope to have the special callsign H75A, but will not receive the callsign until they arrive! Otherwise, they will operate /YN4. John, WD8MGQ, will be the PILOT STATION for the expedition. Please let John know via E-mail (wd8mgq@tir.com) of any input or suggestions for the expedition. While the expedition will not have access to E-mail, they will maintain a regular schedule with John and adjust strategies as necessary. They have to carry all their own food, water and gasoline, and the temperature will be near 100 every day unless it rains! They are hoping to put 4000 QSOs in their logs if the propagation settles down. QSL via N5FTR: Buzz Loeschman, 717 Milton, Angleton TX 77515. At this time they have no corporate sponsorship.

IA5, ELBA ISLAND (ITALY). Victor, IK4CIE, reports to us that he will be activating an island in the Tuscany Region Group (IOTA EU-028) from May 23rd through June 5th. He will be signing IA5/IK4CIE. Activity will be only CW with 100W and vertical GP on all band 80-10 meters including the WARC bands. Victor will also participate in the CQWW WPX Contest for some hours. QSLs are "OK" via bureau.


NCDXF PRESS RELEASE. Bob Vallio, W6RGG, Vice President of NCDXF, reports that at its meeting during the International DX Convention held May 1-3rd in Visalia, CA, the Northern California DX Foundation elected Chuck Ternes, N6OJ, to the position of Director. Chuck has previously served as an Advisor to the Board of Directors. Information on the Foundation may be found at <http://www.ncdxf.org>.

PQ5/PR5, MEL ISLAND (Brazil). Operators PP5AP/Rod, PP5AVM/Luc, PP5LL/Jay, PP5YZ/John, PY2HN, PY5GB/Gab, PY5BF/Fox and PY5ZT/Wil will activate this Brazilian island in the Parana State Group May 28-31st. This island has the following reference numbers: SA-047, DIB-24, DFH(PR-01) and DFB(PR-01). Look for PR5R to be used on SSB and PQ5L on CW. Look for them to be on the IOTA frequencies, the Brazil DX Net and the 247 DX Net. QSL via PP5LL DIRECT.


SPECIAL EVENT STATION. "The 59(9) DXReport" states to look for CT98ARL to be active May 22nd and 23th from "Castle Or Leira" on all HF bands plus 144 & 432 MHz. QSL via CT1EWA.

SPECIAL EVENT STATION. On Saturday, May 16th, a special event station, ZS4SOA, will be operating from the "School Of Armour" in Bloemfontein, South Africa. They will be active on all the normal DX frequencies from 0800-1400z. There will be a special QSL card, QSL is via ZS4BS.

SV9, CRETE. Dick, W1KSZ, states he is "planning a trip to SV9, along with the wine and women", he may also turn on his radio. He hopes to sign W1KSZ/SV9. He has not announced any dates, but states he plans to take an FT-890 and external tuner to use with a G5RV which exists at the rental apartment on SV9.

TM5, THE CHAUSEY ISLANDS (France). The Belgian DXPedition Committee will be heading to this French island, which is rarely activated, to take part in the next IOTA Contest on July 25-26th. The Chausey Islands have the reference numbers IOTA EU-039 and DIFM MA-004. The Belgian team will be composed of ON4LAM/Mike, ON4LCW/Maxime, ON5PV/Phil, ON5OO/Jack, ON6QR/ Fred, ON7LX/Carine, ON7PC/Pierre, ON7RN/Eric and ON7TK/Claude. Both the CW and SSB mode will be worked on the 5 bands during the contest. Listen also near the IOTA frequencies and on the WARC bands to catch them before or after the contest. The QSL Manager is ON4GO. Also, look for F/ON4LCW during the month of July to activate a lot of little islands from the Chausey archipelago which counts for the French Islands Award (DIFM). For more information, contact Fred, ON6QR, via E-mail at: on6qr@ping.be Or check out the Belgian DXPedition Committee's Web Page at: http://www.ping.be/on6qr/

VK3, GABO ISLAND. Paul/VK3AJJ and Norman/VK3PGR have announced that they will be traveling to the Victoria State East Group to activate IOTA OC-196 for 4 days from August 29th to September 1st. More details will follow closer to proposed departure date.

YA, AFGHANISTAN. Europeans report working a station signing YA5MKO on 40 meters May 7th at 2033z. No others QSNs have been spotted since, but as always WFWL! Might this be EP2MKO in Afghanistan?

YO, ROMANIA. Jean, F6AJA, from the French DX Bulletin (LNDX) will be active as YO/F6AJA May 17-24th, from YO8FZ or YO8KGA station when he has free time. Also, look for him to sign YO0/F6AJA during the CQWW WPX Contest.

ZD9, TRISTAN DA CUNHA. QSL Manager Edwin, ZS5BBO, reports that Ian, ZD9IL, continues to operate daily from +/- 0900-1600z on the following frequencies +/- : 14205, 18135, 21260, 21295, 24955 and 28490 kHz (Always look slightly up or down the band). Edwin also mentions that all cards that have been received for ZD9IL up until December 5, 1997, have been processed. ZD9IL's log did go astray, but Edwin eventually did receive it. The next log scheduled to arrive from the island is at the end of July. Edwin also requests all stations to be patient and not to send second cards. You WILL get your QSL card, but you must be patient as there are not many frequent commerical services from the island. He is looking at putting Ian on a computer logging system, and this will make things a lot easier (maybe there is someone who wants to make a donation!!!). QSL cards are sent direct to: Edwin Musto (ZS5BBO), P.O.Box 211032, Bluff, South Africa 4036.

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