Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 359
June 1, 1998

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 359
BID: $OPDX.359
June 1, 1998
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, N1DG, N2AU, WB2RAJ/WB2YQH & The 59(9) DXReport, W4ZYT, WD8MGQ, N9WDQ, ER1AA, F6AJA & LNDX, G3SWH, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, GM3WOJ, IK1QBT, RV1CC, SQ5HAR, US1I, UT5RP, VK4AAR, XE1L and ZL1BMW following DX information.

A6, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Don, N1DG (ex-WB2DND), reports he will be active again June 1-7th. He is mainly in A6-land on business and as time permits he will fill in the off hours from A61AD. He will be in Dubai for 6 days with a heavy work schedule. He plans to be active on RTTY (his primary hangout will be 14.090 +/- QRM). He will also be on 30/17/12 meters and RS12. He also mentions that he is planning to meet with A61AQ and get the logs from him for the first time EVER. So, all you guys waiting for QSLs, please be a little bit more patient. QSL via home call.

CHECK YOUR LOG BOOKS. Jean Michel, F6AJA, from the French LNDX Bulletin, reports that ALL contacts made by Gerard, F2JD, from Cayos Cochinos during May 16th to 19th, as HR3/F2JD is from IOTA NA-160 "NOT" NA-057. By mistake Gerard started his activity as HR6/F2JD an gave NA-057 as IOTA reference. All the contacts were made from Cayos Cochinos. Gerard says, "I am very sorry for my mistake but I haven't my IOTA list with me".

EI2, IRELAND. Don, W4ZYT, will be here June 13-25th as EI2IM. He will be operating 40-10 meters, mostly CW. He is planning a short stay on Inishmore, Aran Island (EU-006) about midway through his trip. He will probably use the callsign EJ2IM. QSL via W4ZYT.

ER3, MOLDOVA. The IARU Region 1 Field Day HF Contest will take place between June 5-7th. Look for ER3R/p to be active from here. QSL via ER1DA: P.O.Box 9537, Kishinev MD-2071, MOLDOVA.

GB5, SCOTLAND. Advance notice has been given that GB5HQ will be active in the IARU HF Championships July 11-12th. This will be the first time from Scotland that the R.S.G.B. Headquarters station, GB5HQ, will be activated by the North of Scotland Contest Group (GM2MP/GM7V/GM8V) as a Multi/Multi station during the IARU HF Championships from the QTH of GM3WOJ near Tain in the Highlands of Scotland.

H75A DXPEDITION FINAL WRAP UP. Mike, AD5A, reports, "The H75A operation concluded at 1515z on Sunday, May 24th, after 63 hours of operation and 6,914 QSOs from Isla De Venado, Nicaragua (IOTA NA-209). The team had planned to stay on the air until 1200z on May 25th, however, monsoonal rains forced the early departure from the island. The expedition team made the decision to use paper logs and so the logs will need to be entered in a logging program over the next couple of weeks. Once entered, the logs will be posted on the IOTA Web page at: http://islandchaser.com QSL via N5FTR: William Loeschman, 717 Milton, Angelton, TX 77515"

HZ, SAUDI ARABIA. Mike, K3UOC, has gone QRT after last weekend's CQ WPX CW Contest as 7Z5OO and will be returning to the USA. He has made over 110,000 QSOs from 7Z5OO. He was the most active station from here, and the only other active CW stations left are HZ1HZ (mainly a contests station) and HZ1AB (which has been very quiet lately). QSL via N2AU. Do not QSL via W1AF.

IOTA NEWS........

NEW ORLEANS DX CONVENTION. The 7th Annual New Orleans International DX Convention will be held on Friday and Saturday, August 14th and 15th, at the Royal Sonesta Hotel on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. The agenda will included DXpedition presentations, technical presentations, reports on ARRL DX Desk and DX Advisory Committee news by Bill Kennamer, K5FUV, Director of ARRL Membership services, and QSL checking. The activities culminate with a gala dinner banquet on Saturday evening. OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive an additional bulletin containing the NOIDXC's press release. For updates on the New Orleans International DX Convention, check the Delta DX Association Web site at: http://www..gnofn.org/~w5ru/

QSL INFO AND NEWS..... GS2MP, a rare prefix, was active in CQ WPX CW Contest this past weekend by Cris, G4FAM, one of the members of 5V7A 'Voodoo' Contest Team. Chris's activity took place at the North of Scotland Contest Group's club station GM2MP. QSL via the bureau to GM2MP.

SPECIAL EVENT. The Amateur Radio Scout Club "Spider" (SP5ZDH) will be active June 13-14th from the ruins of the castle of Czersk in central Poland. The callsign will be SP5ZDH/5 or SP5ZDH/P (they are not sure). Operations will be on 80/40/20/15 meters with dipoles for 80 meters and GP antenna for the rest of the bands. For those who are interested, they will be good for one point to the "Polish Castles" diploma. QSL via the bureau to SP5ZDH or direct to: HKL "Pajak", ul. Poniatowskiego 10, 05-400 Otwock, Poland.

SPECIAL EVENT. Look for the Ukrainian special event station EO50FBD, operated by UR7FV, to be activity from June 1-10th. Activities will include RTTY. Working this station will net you BIG POINTS towards the "Old Fortress Award". This award was launched in commemoration of the 2500th year anniversary of Belgorod-Dnestrovsk (TIRA, AKKERMAN, CETATEA ALBA - are former names) an ancient town located near the Black Sea close to Odessa, Ukraine. To earn the award, one must collect a total of 2500 QSO points or SWL reports from the following stations:

Repeated QSOs (SWLs) on different bands are allowed. The award price is: EU HAMs 6 IRC and for any other continents 7 IRC. The address for the QSL cards and applications is as follows: Slava V. Bratinov, P.O. Box 85, B-Dnestrovsk, 272300, Ukraine

SV8, MYKONOS ISLAND (Greece). Phil, G3SWH, will be returning for the fourth year running to this Greek island (IOTA EU-067) between June 10th and 17th. He will sign SV8/G3SWH and will be active on CW only on all bands (3.5 to 28 MHz). This is a holiday operation and activity will be limited to a couple of hours in the mornings and a couple of hours in the late afternoons. QSLs will be available either direct or via the RSGB bureau.

US4, UKRAINE. Igor, US1I, reports his good friend Ed, US4IXQ, he is very active on 80 meters CW and SSB (no specific times were given). He also asked OPDX to publish Ed's address: Ed Repienko, P.O. Box 418, Makeevka-41, Donetsk Region, Ukraine, 339041. Ed has reportedly worked a big quantity of USA-stations on 80 meters this past winter and spring.

USI ALERTS. Dennis, N9WDQ, provided OPDX with the following upcoming "United States Islands Award" (USI) operations:

V63, CHUUK ISLAND (Micronesia). Alan, VK4AAR, reports that his good friend Peter, V63PD, will be getting his station setup again and currently waiting for an antenna to arrive on the island. Alan believes Chuuk Island is IOTA OC-011. We are sure that Alan will keep OPDX informed about Peter's process, meanwhile, he has announced that he will be his QSL Manager. So for V63PD QSL via VK4AAR direct only to the call book address: Alan Roocroft, VK4AAR, c/o Post Office, Dalveen QLD 4374, Australia.

VR2, HONG KONG. The 59(9) DXReport states that Serge, F6BNK, will be signing VR2/F6BHK for the next 2 years while on a work assignment.

XU, KAMPUCHEA. The "DX News Sheet" reports that Ichinose, JA6BND, is active until the middle of June as XU6BND. He can usually be found around 0000z and 1200z on 15 meters SSB. QSL via home call.

ZM1, NEW ZEALAND. The recent formation of the Auckland Contest Club by founding members Jacky/ZL3CW, Ron/ZL1AMO and Mark/ZL1BMW has resulted in the issue of the special callsign ZM1A for the duration of one month beginning with the CQWW WPX CW Contest last weekend. Listen for ZM1A after the contest with an emphasis on 40 meters.

HAM RADIO OPERATORS LOSE A LONG TIME FRIEND. Sen. Barry Goldwater, K7UGA, became a Silent-Key (SK) on May 29th, at the age of 89. He was former US Senator, onetime presidential candidate, and a noted radio amateur. Barry Goldwater had suffered a stroke in 1986 and had been in failing health ever since. The former Senator did a lot for the amateurs in the U.S. and other countries. He will be dearly missed. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family. OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive an additional bulletin containing ARRL Bulletin ARLB039, which has more details about Sen. Barry Goldwater's life.

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