Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 372
August 31, 1998

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 372
BID: $OPDX.372
August 31, 1998
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
Online at 440-237-8208 28.8k-1200 Baud 8/N/1 (New Area Code!)

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, K1FK, K1XN & The GOLIST, W1TYQ, WB2RAJ/WB2YQH & The 59(9) DXReport, W3UR & The Daily DX, W4QA, DF4RD, F6AJA & LNDX, G3SXW, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, I2MQP, JF2MBF, LA2PA, ON5NT, VE3CUI, YB4JIM, ZP5AZL, ZS2CR, ZS4BS and ZS5BBO for the following DX information.

3D2, ROTUMA (Update). This is a reminder that by the time you read this Jose, EA4CP, should be active as 3D2DX until September 19th. Activity will be on SSB/RTTY on the following suggested frequencies:

Check out the Web page at: http://www.qsl.net/ea4dx/index.html QSL via EA4CP: Jose Diaz, Doce de Octubre # 4, 28009 Madrid, Spain For E-mail QSLs, send to: 3d2dx@earthling.net

5V, TOGO (Also 9G). Just before going to print OPDX received a press release from Roger, G3SXW, announcing that eleven operators will activate 5V7A from Togo, West Africa with seven one-kilowatt stations and 17 antennas in November. This will be the third consecutive 5V7A entry to the CQ World-Wide CW Contest by the Voodoo Contest Group. Some 15,000 CW contacts are expected on the six non-WARC bands during the weekend of November 28th and 29th. A few days before and after the contest the operators will be active (including WARC bands and possibly RTTY) with personal call-signs from Togo and possibly also from Ghana. The complete press release with more details will be sent to all OPDX InterNet Subscribers.

9M6, EAST MALAYSIA (Also HS0). Phil, G4JMB, currently in Bangkok, Thailand, as HS0/G4JMB and is hoping in the near future to receive the callsign HS0Z, will be operating from Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia, between December 7th and January 16th (1999). Also, again during the months of March and April as 9M6CT. Phil also reports that there is a NEW QSL Route for his G4JMB, 9M6CT, HS0/G4JMB and VR2CT. Both the U.K. and Oxnard, CA, addresses are NO longer valid. Being retired, Phil has decided to handle all his QSLs himself. The address to which to send QSLs is: Philip Weaver, P.O.Box 7, Patpong Post Office, Bangkok 10506, Thailand.

8Q, LOHIFUSHI ISLAND (Maldives). Operators Zhen/KB3CCC (YL), Yuu/JR2KDN, Yasu/JI1NJC, Hiro/JJ1AEB and Nob/JF2MBF will be active from here September 15-23rd, and have requested the following callsigns 8Q7LI, 8Q7US, 8Q7CC, 8Q7HA and 8Q7BB, respectively. Their licenses will be ready by the beginning of September and if there are any changes, an announcement will be made immediately. Activity will be on CW/SSB/RTTY on 160-6 meters. They suggest:

Even though activity will be on all bands, there will be an emphasis on 10 meters for West Coast (NA) via both Long Path and Short Path. ALL QSLs are via JR2KDN (Bureau or direct with a SAE+IRC or GS to: Yuu Yoshida, 4th Floor Kato Bldg, 529 Rokugaike, Kita-ku, Nagoya, 462-0002 Japan). If you have any further questions, requests, opinions etc., please feel free to write to Nob, JF2MBF, at: vr6jj@dxers.net LAST MINUTE UPDATE: Nob, JF2MBF, informed OPDX this past weekend that the group has decided to bring satellite equipment for AO-10. Listen for them on 145.890 ±.

8Q, MALDIVES. "The Daily DX" reports that a huge German team (which we have noticed contains some NODXA members) are planning to operate from here October 18th to November 5th. Operators include (X)YLs and OMs: DG0OBN, DL7IQ, DL7VYL, DL1SYL -and- DJ7TO, DK1BT, DL2RUM, DL3APO, DL6SXI, DL7BY, DL7IO, DL7UBA, DL7UTM, DL7VLA, DL7VRO, ON4CHE. The OMs will use 8Q7IO, while the (X)YLs will use 8Q7IQ. They will be active on all bands from 160-10 meters on CW, SSB and RTTY. The emphasis will be on the CQ World Wide SSB DX Contest. Two to three transceivers will be used simultaneously. On 80 and 160 meters they will use a Titanex V80E vertical. Probably more details will be forthcoming.

A6, U.A.E. The "LNDX" French DX Bulletin reports that Daniel, F6ARU (ex-VU2DRU and JY9RU), will be in A6-land for one year. No other details were given.

EM, ANTARCTICA. The 59(9) DXReport states that Oleg, UR8LV, will be active as EM1LV from Vernadskogo Base on Galindez Island. Oleg will be on RTTY daily from 1900z on 14080 kHz using (45 bauds/170 Hz shift).

ET, ETHIOPIA. The "DX News Sheet" reports that Steve/G3VMW and Andy/G4ZVJ will now be active September 16-30th, and also Alan/G3XAQ from September 19-30th from the British School club station, ET3AA, at Addis Ababa. It is possible that they may use their own callsign ET3MW, ET3VJ and ET3XA. They are planning to use "big LF antennas". For more information, check the G3VMW Web site at: http://www.bramham.demon.co.uk The Web site will have a log search available after the operation. QSL via G3VMW.

FK, NEW CALEDONIA. The "LNDX" reports Philippe, F5PFO (ex-J28FO) has received his FK8VHT callsign. He is currently setting up his station and will be on the air soon.

JW, SVALBARD. Leif, LA2PA, will be going to operate from Spitzbergen (EU-026) on September 11, 12 and 13th, using the callsign JW2PA. Leif mentions if propagation permits he will be active on the higher bands (15, 12 and 10 meters) as much as possible. QSL via LA2PA.

"MY BONNIE LIES OVER MY OPERATION!" Eddy, VE3CUI, who went to Ocracoke Island (IOTA NA-067), N.C., to be active but was limited to a grand total of 36 hours, courtesy of---you guessed it---Hurricane Bonnie... Eddy, states to OPDX, "I barely got set up, did the obligatory island tour with the family, etc. when the dreaded call was received early on Tuesday morning for all non-residents to EVACUATE. Too bad, as the inverted 40-meter ground plane was just becoming interesting. I did manage about 5 pages of QSOs, but nowhere near to what I had planned. The time spent in planning & logistics for the trip actually exceeded our time on the island! We are NOT defeated, however---our plan is to re-visit Ocracoke again in June of 1999, some 3-4 weeks AHEAD of the normal hurricane season there (July to November, inclusive). Apologies to all who may have needed NA-067, but, in the words and spirit of the Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey fans everywhere, '...Just wait until NEXT year!'... Hi Hi."

NAVASSA ISLAND STATUS. Dave, K1FK, reports to OPDX that he has received a recent E-mail from Mr. Joe McDermott at the U.S. Department of Interior, Office of Insular Affairs, in which he indicated the Science Team has concluded it's expedition to Navassa Island and has made an initial verbal presentations to Secretary Babbitts office. Secretary Babbitt held a press conference on Navassa and the Science Team's visit to the island and its surrounding waters on Friday, August 14th, at the National Press Club. Initial information on the science team findings is available at: http://www.cmc-ocean.org/navassa/. Dave states, "He (Joe McDermott) also indicated that the final, written report of the Science Team probably will not be available until late this fall, perhaps as late as November, which implies (based upon my previous communications with DOI) that any approval of applications for access to Navassa Island submitted to the DOI, will not be acted upon until the final report has been received by the Office of Insular Affairs."

OLDEST "YL HAM" IN THE WORLD??? Colin, ZS2CR (Chairman of the Border Radio Club, East London, South Africa), informs OPDX that Iris Hayes, ZS2AA, the Honorary Life President of his Club, will be 95 years old (or is it young?) in October this year. Iris is still active on the air ... and still drives a motor car! They believe that Iris may be the oldest YL ham in the world and would like to publicize this, but would first like to be certain of this fact. If you know of another YL ham (active or not) who is older than Iris, please would you be kind enough to drop Colin a line on packet (address not given) or via E-mail to: rroberts@dolphin.ru.ac.za

PIRATE ON THE SATELLITES. Virgil, KC8CUM, reports that someone is using his callsign on the satellites and that he has been receiving QSLs for the contacts. He states he does not have the equipment to work the birds and please do not send the cards.


SPECIAL EVENT. The International Jewish Arts Festival of Long Island (IJAFLI), sponsored by the Suffolk Y Jewish Community Center, will take place Labor Day weekend, Sunday September 6th and Monday September 7th. Members of the Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club will operate from IJAFLI in New York using the special event call W4Z. The "W" representing USA and the "4Z" representing Israel. The portable amateur station W4Z will make conatcts with amateurs in Israel to demonstrate the capabilites and good will of amateur radio. General contacts will also be made during the festival. QSL direct only with SASE with to Rich Tygar AC2P, 5 Chelmsford Dr, Wheatley Heights, NY 11798 USA. Frequencies: SSB 14.240-14.270 MHz.

TRIP AROUND THE WORLD. Roger, KF8OY, reports to OPDX that he will be traveling around the world this fall and plans on operating from the following places:

   Location       Dates           Callsign   Status of License
   ---------      -----           --------   -----------------
   South Cooks    October 22-24th  ZK1OOY    Secured
   Vanuatu        October 25-27th  YJ1OY     Secured
   Philippines    October 28-30th    *       Pending
   Singapore      Oct 30- Nov 2nd    *       Pending
   Seychelles     November 6-9th   S79OY     Secured
Operations will be mostly SSB with some CW. All QSLs must be sent DIRECT to KF8OY. No bureau cards will be accepted. All QSL request must be accompanied with SASE. Roger will update us on the callsigns and licences before he leaves on October 15th. There is an outside chance of him operting from India, but he is having trouble securing a license.

VP9, BERMUDA. Rush, W4QA, will be active as W4QA/VP9 from September 1-3rd. Activity will be on 20, 15, and 10 meters. Look for him on CW in the early mornings (5-8 am) and late evenings (10 pm - 12 am) [all Bermuda times]. Rush mentions to look for him 7 kHz up from the band edges (i.e 14007, 21007, etc.) and that his operating schedule may be somewhat erratic because this trip is a much needed vacation for him and his wife. QSL via W4QA (1997 or later CBA): Rush Johnson, 100 Horseman Cove, Matthews, NC 28105-7760

VU3, INDIA. It has been reported that Gerard, F6EGX, has received the callsign VU3AGX. Look for him to be active with his IC-756 radio using a quad and dipoles.

ZA0, SAZAN ISLAND. Four to five operators from the Radio Club Partizani, will activate this Albanian during the period between September 2-15th, using the callsign ZA0IS. More details are forthcoming. QSL via Arben Goxhaj, ZA1K, Box 1, Westbrook, MN 56183, USA.

ZD9, TRISTAN DA CUNHA (Update). Edwin, ZS5BBO, reports some good news and bad news regarding Ian, ZD9IL, and the Island of Tristan Da Cunha. Ian was just recently on holiday to Cape Town in South Africa, but is now headed back to ZD9 land. The good news is he should be back on the air by September 5th. Unfortunately, the antenna that was donated has not been shipped due to the high cost of shipping from the USA. Edwin continues to appeal to local Hams in South Africa and others for assistances to help sponsor to get the antenna to ZD9. Therefore, Ian will still only be operating using dipole antennas and 200w. Also, in Ian's rush to go to ZS-land he left the logbook on the island of ZD9 and therefore there has been another delay in sending out the QSL cards. The logs will be sent back on a ship to Edwin and hopefully they will arrive in ZS land in October. Once these arrive Edwin states he will get all outstanding QSL cards out. So, he requests that if you have sent out a QSL card to Ian to please be patient. You will get a card if you have sent one!! So, keep a look out for Ian from about September 5th, operating on all bands SSB only. QSL via direct to: Edwin Musto (ZS5BBO), P.O. BOX 211032, BLUFF, 4036, SOUTH AFRICA

ZP0, PARAGUAY. Tom, ZP5AZL, reports that he will be active with his special contest callsign ZP0Z during the WAE SSB Contest (September 12-13th) and the All Asian DX Contest (September 5-6th). Activity will be on SSB and on all bands during both contest. QSL via W3HNK.

ZS3, SOUTH AFRICA (Update). With regards to last week's bulletin (OPDX.371) on contacts needed from the area "ZS3", Dennis, ZS4BS, JOTA Coordinator, reports that over the weekend of October 17th and 18th, ZS3KBS will be on the air from Kimberley for the Jamboree-on-the-Air. The main aim of the station is to work other Scout stations, but he is sure they will not mind working a few DX stations. QSL information will be given out by the station operator.

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