Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 378
October 12, 1998

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 378
BID: $OPDX.378
October 12, 1998
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
Online at 440-237-8208 28.8k-1200 Baud 8/N/1 (New Area Code!)

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, N2VW, WB2RAJ/WB2YQH & The 59(9) DXReport, KN4F, WD4NGB, K6RIM, K8YSE, WA6KBL, W8AV, W8WFN, WA8JOC, KE9NA, NE9U, BA4TB, DJ5AV & DX News Letter, EA5GRC, F6AJA & LNDX, G3SWH, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, HK8RPV, JA1ELY, JI3ERV, PA3DMH, PT2TF, RA0FF and ZS5BBO for the following DX information.

5H, TANZANIA. Ken, WA8JOC (CY0AA), reports that Dave Heil, K8MN (ex-J52US, A22MN), is now officially 5H3US. He also mentions that Dave has just received some equipment, so start looking for major developments over the next 3-4 weeks for amateur operations. Dave will be in Dar es Salaam approximately 3 years. Dave's tower is not yet up, but he hopes to have at least a R5 vertical and a Butternut HF2-V vertical up soon. Because of his work schedule, which he reports is quite hectic at the moment, he will have less time for amateur radio than first thought. Dave plans to be active on all bands 160-6 meters on CW, SSB and RTTY. Ken, WA8JOC, will be his QSL Manager as in the past, so the same rules apply as Dave's A22MN operation... SASE will receive a card ASAP .... bureau cards are processed at twice per year, "or more frequently if the spirit moves Ken" as he indicates. QSL to: Ken "Shep" Scheper, WA8JOC, 5875 Cedaridge Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45247 U.S.A.

5J, BOCAGRANDE ISLAND (Update). This Colombian Island DXpedition was planned for October 10-11th, but was postponed until October 31st through and November 1st. Bocagrande Island belongs to the group of islands in IOTA SA-081 (El Morro Island, El Gallo Island and others islands). This operation will have two stations active on 20 and 40 meters using the callsign 5J8IB on SSB. QSL via HK3DDD or via bureau. This is the first DXpedition from here.

6Y, JAMAICA. Operators Jack/W4SO, Jon/K7CO, Dennis/AF7Y, Ken/K2KW, Tom/ N6BT, Rich/N6BV, Robert/N6TV, Fredrick/KE7X, Mark/AG9A and David/W9QA will be active again November 20th through December 1st. They will use the callsigns 6Y5/homecalls, but during the CQWW CW Contest as a Multi/Multi entry they will sign as 6Y2A. They plan to have seven stations active from an oceanside site at Discovery Bay using Force 12 yagis and vertical antennas spread out over a 1000 feet section of the ocean shore. QSL via home callsigns and 6Y2A via WA4WTG).

9N, NEPAL. The "DX News Letter" reports that David, G4ERW, is active as 9N7RW from Patan which is situated near Kathmandu. He will be here until November 7th. QSL via G4ERW.

AFRICAN TOUR (by JA1OEM). The 76 old year Mako, JA1OEM, has arrived in Banjul, The Gambia, on October 7th. This is his third time to visit C5-land. He will operate as C56HP until October 19th. He hopes to provide a new one to anyone that needs this. He will be mainly on the high bands this time. After "The Gambia", Mako will travel to Ougadougou, Burkina Faso where he will operate as XT2HP until November 24th (activity may start on the 21st or 22nd). After Burukina Fasso, Mako hopes to go Cote d'Ivoire (TU), November 26th through December 5th (No callsign mentioned). After TU, he will return to C5. Mako hopes to visit Mali (TZ), but is not sure when and how long he will be in TZ. Mako will leave for Japan during Christmas. During his activity, look for his slow speed CW on 3 or 13 kHz up from the lower band edge on any band. On SSB, look for him on 3795, 7043, 14145, 18115, 21245, 249145 and 28475 kHz. He will try 160m from XT2-land late November. QSL via JA1OEM direct only, no bureau, to: Shinichi M Toyofuku, Box 9, Sawara, 287-8691 JAPAN

AH2, GUAM. The members of Guam Contest Club will be active from KH2 (Guam Island) in the CQWW DX SSB Contest. They have won the Oceanic leader in the Multi-Single category in 1996 and 1997. This year, they will have more operators and enter as a Multi-Multi category. The team of operators are: Aki/JI3ERV/NH2C, Kaz/JG3RPL/N1BJ, Seo/JR3RVO/WX8M, Toshi/JR7OMD/WI3O, Kazu/JK3GAD/AL7NC, Kou/JH7QXJ, Sam/JR8VSE, Yuki/JH1NBN/K3ZB and Koln/JP1JFG/N2IU. They will use the callsign AH2R. They report that their Sunrise/Sunset is 2013/0757z and to also look for them between 7075-7100 kHz on 40 meters. QSL via JI3ERV.

B4R, CHINA. Deal, BA4TB, reports that the JiangSu DX Club plans to participute in the CQ W SSB Contest as B4R. This station will be active on all bands, in the contest as a Multi Op/Single Transmitter entry. QSL via BY4RSA.

D6, COMOROS. The "LNDX" reports that Denise, F6HWU, will again be in the Indian Ocean and will be active as D68WU. She will be there from November 15th to December 5th. Activity will be mostly on CW and RTTY. She will be active during the CQWW CW Contest. QSL via CBA.

E3, ERITREA (Update). The "Space A DX Group" DXpedition is on track with their plans to operate from Eritrea. They will be arriving in Asmara, Eritrea, in 2 groups, one on the night of November 3rd, and the main group on the night of the November 4th. The first group will try to get all the details out of the way, and be ready for the main group on the 4th. They will make every attempt to be active starting during the day of November 5th. They can not get their callsigns until they arrive in Asmara. They are still in need of financial support, mainly because of the added $500 per operator fee. Donations can be sent to WD4NGB. OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive the complete unedited press release by Bruce, WD4NGB, as an additional bulletin.

FR, REUNION ISLAND. Phil, G3SWH, reports to OPDX that he will be on vacation/holiday on La Reunion Island (IOTA AF-016) from November 17-24th. He expects to be active on all bands 80-10 meters, CW only as FR/G3SWH with an IC-706 and wire antennas. Since this will be a holiday operation, his activity is likely to be restricted. Look for him during his mornings for an hour or so, and an hour or so during his evening hours. QSL via G3SWH: Phil Whitchurch, 21 Dickensons Grove, Congresbury, Bristol, BS49 5HQ, United Kingdom (or via the RSGB bureau).

FT5Z, AMSTERDAM ISLAND (Update). A FT5ZH DXpedition press release issued by Jeffrey, WA6KBL (pilot stn. for N. America), states that the FT5ZH DXpedition to Amsterdam Island is on schedule, and there are no problems so far. The equipment has been tested, the antennas assembled, checked and disassembled, and everything has been well packed and is departing from Marsailles on a ship to Reunion on October 5th. The operators are preparing their personal belongings and will depart by plane for Reunion in early November. They plan to visit several of the resident Reunion operators during their 5 day stay on Reunion. They will supervise the loading of the equipment aboard the Marion Dufresne (ed. GEEE, where did I hear that name before?). Enroute to Amsterdam Island, the ship stops at both Crozet and Kerguelen (reports at this time indicate they will not operate from these islands). They plan to arrive on Amsterdam Island on November 25th and expect to have all antennas erected and operational on November 27th. They will operate around the clock as much as they can until their departure on December 25th. They will have a much shorter journey back and expect to arrive home in Lyon very late on December 31st. OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive the unedited press release as an addtional bulletin.

NCDXF CHANGE OF ADDRESS. The Northern California DX Foundation has changed its mailing address, effective immediately. Please note the NEW address: Northern California DX Foundation, P.O. Box 1328, Los Altos, CA 94023-1328

HR, HONDURAS. Operator Ernesto, HR1ERL, states that he is ready for the next CQWW SSB DX Contest and plans to be active on all bands. He will be mainly looking for African stations in the contest. QSL via HR1FC, P.O. BOX 1734, Tegucigalpa Honduras, Central America, Zip Code 11101.

HV, VATICAN. Look for the Pontificia Universita' Lateranense station, HV5PUL, to be active again possibly November 6-13th to celebrate the opening of the 1998/99 academic year. QSL direct.

JT, MONGOLIA. The "DX News Sheets" reports to look for Jay, W8JAY, who may be active this week (October 13-15). The callsign was not mentioned nor were there any other details. QSL via home callsign.


SPECIAL EVENT. The "South African Corps of Signals" celerates its 75th anniversary on November, 1998. To mark ths occasion a special event station with the callsign ZS75SIG will be in operation during the period October 30th to November 30th. A field station will be operating from the Bluff Military Base on Saturday, October 31st, from 0600-2000z. ATTENTION RSARS stations, the ZS75SIG station is hoping to be allocated a RSARS number for this event also. The station will operate daily CW/SSB on 40/20/15/10 meters. A special QSL in the form of a certificate will be sent to all stations making contact with ZS75SIG and submit QSL cards together with 2 USD or 8 IRCs direct to: Edwin Musto (ZS5BBO), P.O. Box 211032, Bluff, 4036, South Africa. No cards via the bureau please!!

SPECIAL EVENT. Rev. Paul Bittner, W0AIH, will be hosting the special events callsign N98ITU during the upcoming CQ World Wide SSB DX Contest, October 24-25, 1998, in conjunction with the ITU conference which gets underway October 12th through November 6th in Minneapolis, Mn.

TL, CENTRAL AFRICA. Alex, TL5A, has been currently active on both 160 and 80 meters. Check 1833 kHz between 2230 and 2315z (also heard around 0415z). Also, check 3505 kHz between 2315 and 2330z. Before these time look for him on 14025, 14192 and 7001 kHz. Meanwhile, Alex's QSL Manager PA3DMH, states QSLing is progressing well and within the next two weeks all QSLs received up to October 1st will be mailed. By the end of October the backlog should be history and all requests should be answered within the normal two weeks (in > out). Log check is available at: http://www.igr.nl/users/pa3dmh/logs/log_search.html

TY, BENIN. Tom/DJ6TF, Tom/DL7BO, Sigi/DL7DF and Frank/DL7UFR will be active from here November 3-18th. They will operate two stations around the clock on CW, SSB and RTTY. Their main activity will be on 160, 80, 40 and 30 meters. They hope there will be good conditions.

VP5, TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS. The team of Frank/WA2VYA, Bruce/WA3RHW and Jack/N2VW will be active again as VP5T in this year's CQWW DX SSB Contest. All are members of the Frankford Radio Club. Their operation will be at Jody's (VP5JM) Hamlet on Providenciales (NA-002) and take place October 20-27th. There will be plenty of action on CW and the WARC bands before and after the contest weekend. QSL VP5T to N2VW direct via callbook address, or via the ARRL QSL Bureau, by adding "VIA N2VW" on the card. An E-mail with log data sent to N2VW's InterNet address (n2vw@skyhigh.com) requesting a card via the bureau will be answered with a bureau card... (no QSL is necessary). Same for SWL QSLs.

VY1, YUKON (Canada). "The 59(9) DXReport" states that in recognition of the 100th Anniversary of the Yukon Territory Gold Rush, the special callsign VY1A will be active during the months of October and November on all bands, CW, SSB and RTTY. VE stations are to QSL via VY1JA and all others via KB5IPQ.

XV, VIETNAM. The "DX News Sheet" reports that Larry, K6SGD, will be active October 20th through November 14th as XV1Z. Activity will be mainly RTTY. QSL via home call.

YL AND IOTA DXPEDITION. Teresa, PT2TF, informs OPDX that the "First PY Young Lady DXexpedition" will take place October 29th through November 2nd, using the callsign PR2YL on SSB and PS2S on CW. The team will be operating from Comprida Island (IOTA SA-024 and DIB 021). Activity will be on 80/40/20/15/10 meters. Look for them on the IOTA and net frequencies. The operators will be: PP5ASN, PT2TF, PY5OA, PY5NT, PY2DHP, PY2ATL and PY2KTT. QSL to PP5LL: Lira, BOX 08, Florianopolis, SC Brasil.

ZP5, PARAGUAY. Jon, KE9NA, will be traveling to South America on November 14th through November 25th. Most of his time will be spent in Paraguay. Jon will be active and will be signing ZP5/KE9NA. He expects that his activity will mainly be on 10 meters and 15 meters. Jon will also be in Brazil and Argentina for some of the time as well, but he doesn't expect to do any operating there. At this time not all dates are set for when he will be in Paraguay. QSL via KE9NA.

ZS (South African) NEWS.....

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