Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 388
December 21, 1998

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DX Bulletin No. 388
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December 21, 1998
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, K2KQ, WB2RAJ/WB2YQH & The 59(9) DXReport, W3UR & The Daily DX, N6RT, WA6KBL, NA7DB, KU9Z, AC0X, DJ5AV & DX News Letter, DL3DXX, F6AJA & LNDX, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, G4UZN, G0OIL, JA1ELY, LU7EC, OH2BVE, ON5NT, PS7AB, RA6CO, RA0FF, SQ9FVR, VK1TX and YB1AQS for the following DX information.

SPECIAL EDITOR'S NOTE: My family (wife/OPDX's chief proof-reader Linda, Tedd [TJ], Katie) and I (KB8NW) would like to wish all DXers, Contesters and OPDX readers a very "Happy Holiday and Season's Greetings". Also, we would like thank the many who have contributed information over the year (there are too many to list). REMEMBER, without them there would not be an OPDX Bulletin.

3B9, RODRIGUEZ ISLAND. "The Daily DX" reports that Frank Smith, AH0W, from the Midway-Kure DX Foundation, says that the upcoming DXpedition to Rodriguez Island is now planned for the first of April, 1999. This will be a multi-national DXpedition with operators from 5 countries. More details should be forthcoming.

4U1UN, UNITED NATIONS HQ. Don/K2KQ and Piero/IK2BHX have been keeping 4U1UN active lately. This past weekend they were active on the WARC bands, 80/160 meters and on RTTY. QSL via W6TER.

5X, UGANDA. The French DX Bulletin "LNDX" reports that F5JDG and F6BDS will be 5X1MA and 5X1LG, respectively, now until December 25th. They are there for business/work, and they will try to be active on 40/20/15/10 meters with 100 watts and dipoles.

C5, THE GAMBIA. Dave, G0OIL, informs OPDX that he hopes to be active for one week beginning January 28th (1999). His activity will be mainly on RTTY. QSL via his UK callsign, Dave White G0OIL, Rainbow Cottage, Laneham St, Rampton, Nottinghamshire DN22 0JX, England, UK.

EL, LIBERIA. Mark, ON4WW, who was active as EL2WW is now home in Belgium for the holidays. He will return to Monrovia in mid January. He will take his own equipment this time because Mark was having some technical problems with the locally loaned transceiver. He will be active here for several more months. QSL via ON5NT.

FG, GUADELOUPE. "The 59(9) DXReport" states to look for Didier/F5NZO and Eric/F5SSM to be active from here December 24th through January 1st. Activity will be on 80-10 meters with operations on SSB and RTTY, and maybe RS-12. Their callsigns are likely to be FG/homecall.

FO0, AUSTRAL ISLAND. Einar, LA1EE, is currently active on Tubuai Island in the Austral group as FO0EEN. He will be there until December 30th. Most of his activity seems to be on 80 and 40 meters CW. QSL via LA1EE.

FT5W, CROZET ISLAND. Look for Gilles, F5AGL, to be active very soon as FT5WH. His activity will be mainly SSB only. The length of his stay is unknown. QSL via F6KDF, Gendarmerie de Bron, 292 Route de Genas, 69677 Bron, France.

FT5ZH, AMSTERDAM ISLAND DXPEDITION (Begins to close down!). From the latest press release, the operators on Amsterdam Island are nearing the end of their stay on the island. The ship will arrive approximately Wednesday, December 23rd, depending on the weather and the seas. They must be ready to board when it arrives, so they will begin to dismantle the antennas on Monday, December 21st, a few at a time. All the press releases issued this week will be sent to all OPDX InterNet Subscribers as an additional bulletin. Meanwhile, operators continue to be active at various times on the WARC bands and RTTY, as well as the regular HF bands.

FT5, FRENCH ANTARCTICA/FRENCH TERRITORIES IN THE SOUTHERN INDIAN OCEAN. The DX Lyon Gang reports to look towards January for activity by FT5ZJ from Amsterdam Island. Specific dates on arrival and departure were not mentioned. Also, look for FT5YG to be active from Terre Adlie (will be there for 1 year). Beginning March and onwards, look for Helios, FT5XN, to be active from Kerguelen. Helios was there once before.

HK, COLOMBIA. The "LNDX" reports that Gerard, F2JD/G0SHN, has received his licence as HK3/G0SHN. He will stay there for one year, maybe two.

NEW OFFICERS. The Twin City DX Association of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, has elected the following hams to serve as officers in 1999: President - Tom Lutz W0ZR; Secretary - Greg Fields K0OB and Treasurer - Doug Arntson K0PX.

PACIFIC TRIP TO FIJI (3D2) AND TUVALU (T2). A well known German DX group plans to be active from Nadi and Funafuti between December 24th and January 15th. Their callsign for Fiji will be 3D2DK, and their activity is planned from December 24th through January 1st. The callsign for Tuvalu will be assigned upon arrival and is currently unknown. Their activity is planned for January 2-14th. Operators are DK1BT/Manfred, DK7YY/Falk, DL3DXX/Mar, DL2OAP/Tom and DL8OBQ/Uli. There are two Titanex V80E antennas for extensive lowband activity in their baggage. Also, a 5 element beam will be used for the the higher bands. They will be taking two complete stations with them, including RTTY equipment and maybe even a microphone for some SSB operations. They are currently trying to arrange some kind of "Log Search" for their Web page as well as a regular feedback between you and them by using E-mail/fax. Check their Web page at: http://wwwiti.cs.uni-magdeburg.de/~hoeding/hamradio/3d2_main.html

PACIFIC TRIP TO FIJI (3D2) AND MARQUESAS (FO0). Pekka/OH1RY and Jaakko/ OH1MA will be active as 3D2RY and 3D2MA respectively from the Fiji, December 30th until January 6th. Also, look for them to be active as FO0KOL (Pekka) and FO0SIL (Jaakko) from the Marquesas, January 7-13th.

PACIFIC TRIP TO FRENCH POLYNESIA (FO) AND MARQUESAS (FO0). The "LNDX" reports that Alain, F2HE, will be in French Polynesia (also Marquesas) from May to July, 1999. He hopes to be active from several different islands.

PIRATE ACTIVE. Anthony, G4UZN, reports to us that he has been receiving QSLs from USA and Canada for ZA1RSB which was active a week or so ago. Anthony states, "Note for your records this is a pirate."

PY0, FERNANDO DE NORONHA. Iwao, PY8IT, will be active as PY0FT from December 22-28th. This is his second trip to Fernando de Noronha Island. His activities will be mainly 40, 20, 17, 15 and 12 meters, but if conditions are good, he will try 10 and 6 meters. Iwao will be taking his TASCO TSC-200 for SSTV operation. QSL via JA1ELY.


S2, BANGLADESH. The "DX News Sheet" reports that Bob, G3REP, has applied for a temporary licence to be active again between December 21st and January 31st while waiting for a permanent licence. He hopes to be active on 160m despite the high QRN and will try to find a QTH out of town for the CQ 160 Meter Contest. QSL via homecall.

VQ9, CHAGOS ISLANDS. Dale, W4QM, is once again active as VQ9QM. His activity is mainly CW. He was heard on 80 meters between 2100 and 0000z and on 12 meters between 1330 and 1600z. Also, check 30 meters between 1800 and 2000z. His length of stay is currently not known. QSL via W4QM.

XZ1N DXPEDITION MYANMAR WRAP-UP. In a press release by Dan Brown, NA7DB, states that the members of the XZ1N-1998 DXpedition team wish to express their sincere gratitude to the DX community for their overwhelming response. In just over 3 weeks, more than 38,400 contacts were logged in Yangon, the capital city of the Union of Myanmar. The team is also grateful for the support of the government of Myanmar, H.E. Gen. Khin Nyunt, Secretary 1, and the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, especially Mr. Htay Aung, the General Manager of Myanmar Tours & Travels. OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive the complete press release as an additional bulletin. Non-subscribers can go to the XZ1N Web page for more details at: http://ng7m.qrq.com/~xz1n/

YK, SYRIA. Omar, YK1AO, is now active on 160 meters. He has been heard on 1826 kHz around 2030z and 0315z (and later). "The 59(9) DXReport" states Omar is using 1500w into a Gladiator Vertical. When he is not active on 160 meters, check 40 meters between 0345 and 0500z. He is also active on RTTY.

ZK3, TOKELAU. As this bulletin was being prepared Ron, ZL1AMO, became active as ZK3RW. Activity seemed to start on 15 meters CW and then moved to 10 meters CW on 28495 kHz. His length of stay is unknown. QSL direct via his CBA.


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