Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 389
December 22, 1998

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 389
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December 28, 1998
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, K1VV, NA2M, WB2RAJ/WB2YQH & The 59(9) DXReport, WB3JFS, N4XP, W4VQ, K6RIM, WA6KBL, K8YSE, K9MIF, CT3HF, DJ5AV & DX News Letter, DF6EX, DL6UAA, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, LU1DZ, PA0JR, PS7AB, PY1KS and RA1QHJ for the following DX information.

SPECIAL EDITOR'S NOTE: My family (wife/OPDX's chief proof-reader Linda, Tedd [TJ], Katie) and I (KB8NW) would like to wish all DXers, Contesters and OPDX readers a very "Happy New Year". Also, we would like thank the many who have contributed information over the year (there are too many to list). REMEMBER, without them there would not be an OPDX Bulletin.

EDITORIAL: "Quick Summary of 1998 for DXers" and "Are they REALLY DXers?" To speak frankly about DXing, "It was a very good year" (sorry for the pun "Old Blues Eyes"). DXing in 1998 had to be one of the most interesting and most active in the last several years. DXers saw a change in the ARRL DXCC program.

Some rules were changed or modified which brought about new language terms and new countries (GEEE... I mean "new entities"). Due to changes, three new entites were added to the DXCC List: Austral Islands (FO0), Marquesas Island (FO0) and Temotu Province (H40). These three new entities were quite active throughout year by individuals and groups. To add to the excitement of the new entities, the 10 meters band became quite active this year. The band that has been quite silent for the last several years has awakened many dormant DXers. And just think, the fun has just began on this band.

Also in 1998, we saw some rare an inactive entities hit the bands. In May we saw an excellent operation from St. Brandon (3B7) hit the air waves. Probably the most noted operations took place in the last quarter of the year. It was good to see Eritrea (E3) on the air after a very long absence, hopefully this one will not go silent again. It was also good to hear Myanmar (XZ) on the air, this time during good conditions with very strong siganls. Another operation which kept DXers busy for a month was the activity by the two French operators from Amsterdam Island (FT5Z). Yes, "1998 Was a very good year for DXers".

However, there were some bad times, too. It seems major DXpeditions still got haunted by so called individuals who insist on calling out of turn, jamming and interferring with these operations. "Are they REALLY DXers?" I orginally was not going to write about this, but due to the discussions that took place at the December NODXA meeting, I decided otherwise. A concerned NODXA member approached the club on this issue and felt that something should be done. He mentioned that he heard a few individuals state that they were fed up with ham radio and that they were leaving the hobby. My answer to them is: "DON'T GIVE UP! REMEMBER WHAT YOU ARE!" There is really no way to stop these individuals other than to "IGNORE THEM". They are NOT REALLY DXers. These individuals probably do not belong to any organization (e.g. ARRL, DX association) and could care less about working the DX station. Their main goal in life is to aggravate you and the situations that are taking place (huge pile ups). These individuals enjoy the large audience and will do anything to set off a chain reaction of disgruntled DXers. Let them do their thing and "IGNORE THEM". Hopefully they will leave. REMEMBER: You are a DXer. A person who is SKILLED, PATIENT and a KNOWLEDGEABLE member of a DX community. These are qualities that can not be found in jammers...etc..

10 METER BEACON ACTIVE AGAIN. The Ushuaia Radio Club (LU8XW) has again activated the LU4XS beacon. A report states that the beacon has been working since December 8th. The location of the beacon is on Tierra del Fuego Island. The beacon is on 28190 kHz using 5 watts output into an inverted VEE.

5X, UGANDA. Peter, ON6TT/5X1T, has returned back from his one month's Hurrican Mitch emergency telecom mission for the UN to Central America. He mentions that his part of the mission is now over. "This mission was hectic to say the least", states Peter. In one month, Peter took 27 flights and never spent more than 3 days in a row in one particular country (Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador). During the many days, the UN telecom teams were up from 4 A.M. and went to bed at midnight. So his ham activity was limited to about one hour from every country. Peter states, "No fancy stuff, just a quick breather to say HI on the ham bands." Peter is now home, on holiday in Belgium for one month after which he will be travelling back to his base in Kampala.

6Y, JAMAICA. The "DX News Letter" reports that Gerd, DL7VOG, will be on the air until January 8th. Activity will be on CW/RTTY on 80-10 meters using his IC-706 and a vertical.

C9, MOZAMBIQUE. Jon, 3DA0CA, says he will be in Mozambique and active as C91CO now until January 8th. No QSN have been reported.

CE9, SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS. Jeremy is active from a Chilean base on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands. Jeremy is a non-ham, but is learning about amateur radio as he goes along. His primary function is to place phone patches. Once phone patches are taken care of he will provide QSOs. He can be found at 0100z, 0200z or 0300z around 14270 kHz with K4MZU who helps provide the patches. Please QSL per Jeremy's instructions.

DX NET TO MOVE. The Brazilian DX Net will return to its original band, 10 meters, in 1999. Starting January 2nd, look for the net on 28430 kHz every Saturday/Sunday at 1200-1400z.

ET, ETHIOPIA. ET3BN and ET3AA have been quite active over the past few weeks. ET3BN was heard on 24892 khz at 1412z and 28528 kHz at 1400z. ET3AA was heard on 28520 kHz at 1430z, and also check 15 meters around the same time.

FT5ZH, AMSTERDAM ISLAND DXPEDITION. If you are not an OPDX InterNet Subscriber you missed the final press release bulletin by Jeffrey/WA6KBL and Gil/F5NOD stating that the operators on Amsterdam Island had to QRT earlier than planned because of a serious storm approaching the island. They were asked to take down the antennas because it would be impossible to take them down in the high winds. Their ship was to arrive approximately Thursday the 24th depending on the weather and the seas. In the press release they stated, "The DXpedition was not just a success; it was beyond expectations. They made more than 32000 QSOs in the log with just two operators and no backup for shifts. No equipment failed." They want to assure everyone that the logs will be analyzed when the operators return to Lyon in the beginning of January. Also, there will be a log search page on the FT5ZH InterNet site. If you did not work them, there is still hope for you. A young French soldier will be stationed there for a year. He was just licensed 3 weeks ago and he is authorized to transmit from Amsterdam Island with the call FT5ZJ. He will not be on very much, and certainly not for pileups, but this is a chance for you.

JD, OGASAWARA ISLAND. Look for JI1FLB/JD1 to be active between December 30th and January 3rd. QSL via homecall.

KH2, GUAM. The "DX News Sheet" reports that Gus, K4SXT, who is active for two years as KH2/K4SXT from Nimitz Hill, (650 ft ASL), has been working Western Europe on 160 meters (at 2030z, on 1824 kHz). OPDX has found that Gus has been working stateside stations between 1145 and 1245z. QSL direct.

NEW CLUB OFFICIALS FOR 1999. At its November meeting, the Redwood Empire DX Association (Petaluma, CA) elected the following individuals to serve during 1999: President - Al Burnham, K6RIM; Vice President - Wally Pugh, N6AD; Secy/Treas. - Bill Hillendahl, KH6GJV; Director - Joe Berkman, W6AIR; Director - Rick Reiner, K6ZWB; and Director Chuck Ternes, N6OJ. Continuing as Editor of "Sunspots," the newsletter of REDXA, is Steve Bertsch, WA6YFD.

P.A.M. DXPEDITION '99. Mart, DL6UAA, informs OPDX that "The Paradise on Air Mission 1999 (For friendship around the world.) is being planned for next year. From his Web site ( http://www.qsl.net/dl6uaa/ ), he states that for the first time the "Paradise on Air Mission" will be not a single operator activity. Jacky/3B8CF and Mart/DL6UAA will be active together on Mauritius and Rodriguez Island. The callsigns will be 3B8/DL6UAA and 3B9/3B8CF, but special callsign for 3B8 and 3B9 are being applied for. Mart states that the duration of stay (Rodriguez Island) is dependent on the success of another DXpedition starting in January, 1999, which still is not confirmed. This is not correct because the other DXpedition team (Midway Kure DX Foundation) has announced that they will begin an operation on March 25th. He also states that their operation will start in March, 1999. Mart will stay for 2-3 weeks on Mauritius Island and with Jacky, 1-2 weeks are reserved for Rodriguez Island. More details can be obtained on Mart's Web site or send E-mail to Mart's InterNet address at: DL6UAA@t-online.de

POSSIBLE DELETION IN THE WORKS??? Headlines in Saturday's "The Plain Dealer" read "Russian, Belarus leaders discuss merging countries". Vladimir Isachenkov reports that "The presidents of Russia and Belarus agreed... to take steps to merge the two former Soviet republics into a single state as early as next year..... the merge would be put to a public vote.... The presidents said they would move early next year to introduce a single currency and harmonize taxes - without waiting for popular approval for merger.... Top Russian officials said there is no immediate plan to merge the two nation's armed forces or pool the government coffers...." The article does mention that there is opposition to the merger......


PT5, MARIA FRANCISCA ISLAND. The PT5T team will activate IOTA SA-026 (DIB 067) during January 22-31st. Activity will be CW/SSB on 80-10 meters. QSL via PP5LL.

PT9, BRAZIL. Ben, PY1QN, will activate the special prefix PT9/PY1QN between December 31st and January 7th. He will be active from 3 different cities in the "Mato Grosso Do Sul State" (Bodoquena, Dourados and Amanmbai City). Activity will be only CW on 10/15/20/40/80 meters. QSL via Bureau or direct to PY1QN, Ruben, Rua Araponga, 341, Rio de Janeiro- RJ, 21720-940 Brazil.

VK9, COCOS ISLAND. Hide, JM1LJS, is now active as VK9CL. His activity will be on 80-10 meters. His operations will last until January 2nd. Over the past weekend, he was heard on 7008 kHz at 1428z working JA stations.

VP2M, MONTSERRAT. Fred, DF2SS, will be active now until January 8th as VP2MHJ. His activity will be on CW/SSB/RTTY/Pactor on 160-10 meters using only a 100 watts and a 50 ft. vertical. Over the past weekend, Fred was very active on the 30/17/12 meters along with activity on 160/80/40 meters. QSL via DL2MDZ.

VQ9QM QRT FOR NOW. The latest word from friends of Dale, W4QM, is that he is on the way from VQ9 to the Persian Gulf (He may be there now.). They also mention that Dale cannot operate aboard the ship. He will, however, be back later at VQ9 to operate.

XU7, CAMBODIA. A station signing XU7AAN was active over the past weekend on 15 and 40 meters CW. Check 7004 kHz around 1345 and between 2130 and 0000z. Also, check 21011 kHz around 2345 and as late as 0015z.

ZS7, ANTARCTICA. Bud, ZS7B, is working with the South African Antarctic division from a research ship placing beacon buoys from the Antarctic coastline to South Sandwich Islands. His QSOs as ZS7B will not count towards WABA but only WASA. He is active after 0100z around 14195 kHz. His length of stay is not known. QSL via ZS1B.

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