Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 392
January 18, 1999

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 392
BID: $OPDX.392
January 18, 1999
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, K1VV, K1XN & Golist, WB2RAJ/WB2YQH & The 59(9) DXReport, W4NF, AA5DX, WW5L, 9A4DU, DJ5AV & DX News Letter, DL3APO, F5OIU, F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, G3SXW, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, JT1CD, ON4ANT, ON4UN, ON5NT, PP8EB, RN9XA, VK1TX, VK4EJ, VU2BMS and YO2LDE for the following DX information.

3A, MONACO. YL operator Laura, 3A2MD, can usually be found active on SSB most days around 21230 kHz (+/- few) at 1400z. It has been reported that she does not like tailender. By the way, she does operate CW. Check around 21027 kHz at 1345z.

5H, TANZANIA. Dave (K8MN), 5H3US, has been active this past week on 40, 80 and 160 meters. Watch between the times 0300 and 430z. Also, ONLY QSL direct to his QSL Manager WA8JOC (no bureau or E-mail QSLs).

5Z, KENYA. The "DX News Sheet" reports to look for Graham, G0VNW, who is about to be active until October, possibly as 5Z4GC. Activity will be on SSB and on all bands. QSL via WB2YQH.

9A, CROATIA (IOTA Island). Ante/9A4DU, Nick/9A6DX and Zoran/9A4NC will activate the Croatian island Mljet (IOTA EU-016) in the Adriatic Sea Coast South Group for the first time. They will use their own callsigns/p. By the time you read this, their activity should have started and will last until January 25th. Activity will be CW/SSB mostly on the upper bands. QSL via bureau or direct to their home callsign.

9N7, NEPAL. The 59(9) DXReport states 9N7AR is active on 40/15/12/10 meters CW and SSB. His length of stay is not known. QSL via JR8FEK.

AX, AUSTRALIA. Bernie, VK4EJ, reports to OPDX that he will be using the "Special Callsign" AX4EJ to celebrate "AUSTRALIA DAY" on January 26th. The special prefix is only for 1 day. The QSL route is via his home callsign VK4EJ ("OK" in any callbook). Also, look for AX1TX to be active from 1300z for this one day celebration. A special QSL will be available. QSL via K1WY.

C21, NAURU. A CW operation from the Republic of Nauru in the Central Pacific will take place from February 27th until March 7th. Bob, G3ZEM, will sign C21ZM and Roger, G3SXW, will sign C21SX. Priority will be given to Europe where C21 is most needed and to WARC bands. The operation will be with beams and linear amplifiers. Check frequencies ending in "3", listening up 1-3 KHz. Please QSL to home call.

EL, LIBERIA. Ghis, ON5NT, reports that Mark, ON4WW now signing EL2WW, returned to Monrovia last Sunday, Jaunary 10th. He will be very busy with his job and putting up new antennas. He now has a Yaesu FT900 and a linear (TNX to Bruce, KD6WW) with him. He will be putting up a K9AY loop for listening on the low bands, and he will be active on all HF bands CW and SSB. He plans to pay a lot of attention to 160 meters. He will also have SSTV capabilities (TNX to Danny, ON4VT). This past weekend he was very active on 40/30/20/17/12 meters. Mark will be home again on holidays sometime in March. Mark will be in Monrovia for several more months. QSL via ON5NT.

ET, ETHIOPIA. There has been plenty of activity from here this past week. Stations ET3AA, ET3BN and ET3VSC were heard on various bands (including the WARC bands). The best times to check are bewteen 1300 and 1530z.

H4, SOLOMON ISLANDS (and Temotu Islands). Siegfried, DK9FN, will be active from the Solomons as H44FN (January 24-27th) before he team ups with Bernhard, DL2GAC, at Temotu (Pigeon Island, OC-065). They will be active at Temotu Island from January 28th through February 10th. Look for CW activity to be done by DK9FN and SSB by DL2GAC. Their callsigns have not been announced yet. QSL DK9FN via HA8FW and DL2GAC via his home callsign.

HC8, GALAPAGOS ISLANDS. The "DX News Letter" reports that Paul, DL6FBK, is going to Ecuador on January 18 and hopes to become active from there. He wants to visit the shack of Henri, HC8KU, and plans to operate as HC8/DL6FBK/p on CW/SSB on 40/20/15/10m from February 4-9th.

HP, PANAMA (IOTAs to be activated). Joel, F5PAC, will be on holiday here but plans to fit in some radio time as HP?/F5PAC from February 5-25th. He will try to be active from Isla Grande (NA-202), Isla Colon (NA-088), Cebaco (NA-071) and maybe Iguana (NA-203). Remember, his holiday is first and radio after. QSL via bureau.

JT, MONGOLIA. Stateside, keep an eye on 40 and 80 meters for JT1BH during the following times: 2000-2300z on 3510 (+/- QRM) and 2300-0000z on 7010 (+/- QRM). QSL via JT1BH: S.Surenjav, P.O.Box 125, Ulaanbaatar-13, Mongolia.

NEW OFFICIAL ELECTED. The Lone Star DX Association have announced the following newly elected officers: Chief Director - Jerry Smith, W5TFV; Information Director - Tom Anderson, WW5L; Activities Director - Joel Rubenstein, N5JR; and Membership Director - Martin "Sandy" Sandberg, N5NBW.

OOOPPPSS A CORRECTION. Takeshi, JI3DST, informs OPDX that he made an error on his dates in his announcement to Oki Island (AS-041) last week. Operation will be from March 20-21st, not March 20th to December 21st. Please refer to OPDX.391 for the rest of the information.

PACIFIC TRIP TO AUSTRAL AND MARQUESAS. Wulf/DL1AWI and Mat/DL5XU are now active as FO0AWI and FO0XUU from Marquesas (Nuku Hiva OC-027) until January 30th. Also, look for them to be active from the Austral (Rurutu OC-050), February 2-10th. They have two FT-890s, PA and vertical antenna for extensive lowband activity in their baggage. Most of their activity will be on 160-10 meters CW. Also, they will try to be active on RTTY and SSTV at times. QSL to the homecalls.


SPECIAL EVENT. On January 18th, from 1200-2000z, the Marconi Radio Club will celebrate the 96th Anniversary of Marconi's First Two Way Radio Transmission between the United States and Europe by operating from the original 1903 Marconi Station site at South Wellfleet, MA (on Cape Cod). The Club will be operating two stations on the 20/17/15/12/10 meters on SSB and CW. They will use the callsign "W1AA/CC". The "CC" was the callsign that Marconi used during his historic transmission in 1903. This was before the existence of the FCC. DX stations QSL via Bureau and stateside stations send a SASE to W1AA via the CBA. Check out the Web page: http://personal.tmlp.com/k1vv/w1aa/ Or search for W1AA on the Web page: http://www.qrz.com/wrad/directory.cgi

SPECIAL EVENT. Look for the station LZ100PV to be active until December 31st, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bulgarian composer Pancho Vladigerov. QSL via bureau.

SPECIAL EVENT. Special event station ZW7CC will be active next week, January 22-24th, from Fort Santa Caterina, by a group of Scouts from Paraiyba. Activity will be CW/SSB on all bands. QSL via PR7RT.

VP2V, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLAND. Look for Jack/W4NF, Bill/W4RM, Cliff/W4CE and Dave/W4DAV, who are going here for the ARRL Phone Contest in March. They will be running a Multi-2 operation from Tortola.

VQ9, CHAGOS ISLANDS. Ron, AA5DX, reports to OPDX he will be returning to Diego Garcia on January 24th. He states that he should be active by the end of this month with his old callsign VQ9DX. This tour will last 4 months, but he doesn't know at this time if the entire 4 months will be spent on VQ9. QSL via his home callsign, AA5DX. Ron won't be back in the States until the end of May, so cards will not start going out until June.

VU, INDIA. Norbert, DJ9RB, is active as VU2RBQ, from a location near the Southern tip of India and has been heard on 160m (1824 and 1830 kHz) at his local sunrise and sunset. Reportedly, he is running barefoot, but with a workable signal. Activity will last until January 23rd. QSL via the bureau to the homecall DJ9RB.

ZL9CI DXPEDITION. With about a week to go, this amazing operation continues and impressively continues to rack up big QSO counts. As always, OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive all press releases by the team and Don, N1DG, as an additional bulletin.

ZX8, BRAZIL. Look for Eduardo/PP8EB, together with some friends, to be activate for the first time from the Amazon Jungle in the Amazon State of Northern Brazil, Anavilhanas Archipelago. This is the world's largest archipelago in a river. Activity will take place April 1-4th, using the callsigns ZX8DX (SSB) and ZX8CW (CW ). Look for them on 80/40/20/15/10 meters. More details are forthcoming.

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