Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 403
April 5, 1999

The Ohio/Penn DX PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 403
BID: $OPDX.403
April 5, 1999
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, K1VV, K1XN & The Golist, K2WE, WB2RAJ/WB2YQH & The 59(9) DXReport, W3JJ, AL7KC, N6RT, K7ZD, K8YSE, BA1DU, DJ5AV & DX News Letter, DL2FAG, F6HKS, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, GM4FDM, JI3DST, JM1LJS, OH1KAG, PR7AR, PY1LVF, RA3SL, UT7ND, ZS6P and 4X1VF for the following DX information.

3B9R DXPEDITION TO RODRIGUES ISLAND IS NOW ACTIVE. A team of nine operators representing the countries of Finland, Japan, Mauritius, Mexico and the United States is now active from Rodrigues Island (AF-017) of the Mascarene Islands group in the Indian Ocean until April 11th. This will be an all mode operation, 160-6 meters with special emphasis on 160, 80, WARC and RTTY. Team members include Bruce/W6OSP, Kimo/KH7U, Jari/OH2BU/OH7RF, Victor/ XE1VIC, Jacky/3B8CF, Garry/NI6T, Frank/AH0W/OH2LVG, Ned/AA7A and Yuuji/ JA3IG/K1NT. QSL via: Joyce Johnson N7LVD, 5627 West Hearn Road, Glendale, Arizona 85306, USA. Pilot stations are: Andy/UA3AB (ua3ab@dateline.ru), Gary/K7ZD (k7zd@inficad.com) and Tom/N4XP (n4xp@juno.com). Interested DXers may submit inquiries during the DXpedition via any of these pilot station e-mail addresses. Thanks to Mr. Anton Vinokurov, an informational Web site is now on-line including information about the DXpedition, maps and photos of Rodrigues Island, frequency table, recognition of sponsors, interesting links, operating plans, and more. (On-line logs will NOT be available.) DXers are invited to sign the guest-book and submit comments at: http://www.dateline.ru/3b9/

3W, VIETNAM (Also VR, Hong Kong). Steve, K2WE, is returning to Vietnam with a stay in Hong Kong first. He plans to be in Hong Kong from April 16th through the 23rd. Steve has applied for a temporary license in VR- land. He will then continue on to Saigon from April 23rd through 27th. Steve will be operating from the XV300S station at the Kimdo Hotel in downtown Saigon. He has asked for a renewal of his 3W6WE callsign. Steve is again going to try 40 and 80 meters and hopes the noise won't be too bad. He will bring back all the logs for 3W6LI, 3W6KA and XV300S, so he can answer the hundreds of cards waiting at his QTH. QSL again via his home callsign K2WE.

3W, VIETNAM. Look for Sugi, JA2BWH, to be active again from April 8-12th as 3W6BWH. His operations will include SSTV on 14240, 21346 and 28680 kHz. QSL via home callsign.

4F7, PHILIPPINES. The "DX News Sheet" reports to look for Gus, SM3SGP, to be active until May 6th as 4F7/SM3SGP from Cebu Island. Activity will be CW/SSB. QSL via SM3EVR.

4Z0, AKHZIV ISLAND (New Prefix, Rare Island). Jan, 4X1VF, informs OPDX that he will be leading a group of hams from Israel next Saturday, April 10th, to operate from this rare Israeli island (AS-100) bewteen 0530-1400z. Akhziv Island has not been on for many years. The callsign that they will be using is 4Z0A. (also a new prefix). They plan to operate 3 stations on 20/15/10 meters both CW/SSB using the IOTA frequencies. Jan states that they have to leave the island before dark.

BI5, DONGTOU ISLAND (NEW IOTA). The BI5D IOTA DXpedition to Dongtou Island in the Zhejiang Province Group (AS-???) will take place between April 29th and May 3rd. The team consists of BA1AA, BA1AJ, BA1DU, BA1FB, BA1HAM, BA1KA, BA4AA, BA4RD, BA4RF, BA4RX, BA4TA, BA4TB, BG4AGM, BG4RUC, BD5HAG, BD5RV, BG5BAC, BD6AA, BD6CQ, BA7IA, BA7JG, BA7JK, BD7IX, BD7JA, BD7NI and BD7NQ. They will operate on all bands 70cm - 160m. On HF bands, they plan to have six transceivers, three yagis and three amplifiers. Suggested frequencies for CW/SSB are: 1826, 3530, 3755, 7025, 7055, 10115, 14038, 14260, 18098, 18128, 21038, 21260, 24918, 24945, 28038, 28465 and 29280 kHz (FM only).. Look for them on RTTY on or around 7040, 10140, 14080, 21080 and 28080 kHz. They will pay special attention to NA on the following bands, modes and time: 0000-0400z 15m, 17m and 20m on CW; 1100-1500z 40m on SSB/CW; 1100-1300z 75m on CW; 2200-0000z 15m, 20m and 40m on SSB/CW; and will especially work EU during 0700-1800z on several usable bands and modes. On VHF and UHF, they will used 4ELE HB9CV antenna on 6 meters, 13ELE yagi on 2 meters and 70 centimeters bands. The frequency will be 50.115 MHz (SSB/CW), 144.10 MHz (SSB/CW) and 432.20 MHz (SSB/CW). They will especially look for JA, HL and BV stations on 2 meters and 70 centimeters. QSL via P.O.Box 1713, Guangzhou city 510600, CHINA ( direct only ). Any suggestions, comments and questions should be sent to: Alan BA1DU ( ba1du@arrl.net ) or Yang BD7JA ( bd7ja@amsat.org ).

CE9, SOUTH SHETLANDS. Ric, CE3HDI, will be active until April 23rd as CE9R from the Teniente Rodolfo Marsh base (and possibly President Frei Montalva base) on King George Island. Activity will be CW/SSB/RTTY/SSTV on 80-10 meters. QSL via home call.

CU, AZORES. Look for CU2ARA to be on the air April 10th and 11th. Activity will be on 15, 20, 40 and 80 meters on CW, SSB, SSTV and Packet.


J2, DJIBOUTI. "The 59(9) DXReport" reports that Phil, F5PHW, will be active as J28BS until the end of April from the French Radio Club. He will use a TS-440S plus available antennas on CW and maybe RTTY. QSL via F6KPQ.

JD, OGASAWARA. Yasu, JA9XBW, will be active as JA9XBW/JD1 from April 9-18th. Operations will be on CW/SSB/FM on 160-6 meters. QSL via home callsign.

LV2, ARGENTINA. Look for the special callsign, LV2V, to be used by the Radio Club General Roca for the next 5 years. QSL via LU3VAL.

NEW CANADIAN PREFIX. VY0 is the prefix for Canada's new Nunavut province. The call would have been VE8XN prior to April 1st.

NEW SCOTTISH PREFIXES. To commemorate the new Scottish Parliament, look for the following special prefixes to be used by Scottish operators during May 6th through July 31st: GMs can use 2S (ex. GM4FDM can sign 2S4FDM), MMs can use 2A and 2Ms (Novice) can use 2T.

NEW WELSH PREFIXES. To commemorate the new Welsh Assembly, look for the following special prefixes to be used by Welsh operators during May 6th through July 31st: GWs can use 2C (ex. GW4FDM can sign 2C4FDM), MWs can use 2X and Welsh Novices can use 2Y.

OH0, ALAND ISLANDS. OH0M operation will probably be QTH by the time you read this. Activity was to be done by the Finnish Radio Amateur League (SRAL) and was to active until April 5th. The operators are: Juha/OH1KAG, Mikko/OH3FM, Pertti/OHLQK and Jukka/OH3NLP. QSL via BUREAU to OH3LQK.


R.O.A.R.S. SPECIAL EVENT. On April 10-11th, the "Radio Officers' Amateur Radio Society" will commemorate the "END of MARITIME CW" operations with a special event tribute to "Maritime Coastal Stations". Over 90 special event amateur stations representing historic maritime coastal stations will take part. For details and certificate information, please visit the Web page: http://homepages.enterprise.net/dbarlow/ The Marconi Radio Club W1AA/WCC will represent the WCC Cape Cod, MA coastal maritime station for the event.

S07, WESTERN SAHARA. Ross, CN2UN, was been active as S07UN this week on the 14247 DX net. He was there on a UN mission. He has recently left for Hong Kong and will return to Africa in three weeks. QSL via ZP6CU. Meanwhile, the "DX News Letter" reports that Arseli, EA2JG, plans to operate as S09A on all bands for two weeks as of March 31. OPDX has spotted Arseli this past weekend on 40/20/15/10 meters SSB. Check around on the usual DX windows. QSL direct only via EA2JG, Arseli Etxeguren, Barrena 6, E-01480 Luyando Alava, Spain.

S7, SEYCHELLES. Babs/DL7AFS, Lot/DJ7ZG and Karl/DL2FAG will be active from April 11th to May 2nd from Mahe, as S79YL, S79ZG and S79FAG. They will be active on all bands, except 80 meters (which is not allowed in S7). If there are any possibilities, they will also try to activate one or two other IOTA islands. Their equipment will be the following: Kenwood TS850S, ICOM IC-706MK and FL2100Z-amplifier. Antennas will be a 3 element Yagi for 20/15/10 and Multiband-dipoles/triple legs for the other bands. They will be active on SSB, CW, RTTY and also possibly in PSK31, Amtor, Pactor. For the YL-award, Babs/DL7AFS will be again active (recently was C50YL) using the special callsign S79YL. QSL for all callsigns are via DL7AFS.

T8, PALAU. Look for Misao/JJ1DWB, Hide/JM1LJS and Hiro/7N1KAE to be active as T88MT, T88LJ and T88?? (Hiro applying now), respectively, from April 27th - May 7th (possibility that schedule may change little). Their activity will be on 80-6 meters SSB/CW/(29M-FM) and T88LJ will try to be on SSTV. QSL to the following addresses:

TL, CENTRAL AFRICA. Gianni, IZ1CQD, will be active until April 20th as TL8CG from Markounda. His activity will be limited to his free time while working. Look for him on 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters SSB using only a 100 watts to a dipole with solar power. QSL via home callsign, bureau or direct.

V4, ST. KITTS & NEVIS. The "DX News Sheet" reports that Jim, G0IXC, will be active again as V47XC, April 10-30th, from Nevis Island. Activity will be 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters SSB with a dipole and tri-band Yagi. QSL via home callsign.

VU3, INDIA. After waiting for many months Tom, KR4ZY, has received his VU callsign. He is now signing VU3TOM. QSL via KR4ZY.

ZS8D, MARION ISLAND. Excerpts from a press release: On Thursday, April 1st, the SAS Agulhas left Cape Town to take the 56th weather and biological research crew to Marion Island. This annual supply run includes a radio amateur! Deryck Yelverton, ZS6DE, has been licenced as ZS8D. While Deryck is not an experienced HF operator, he has spent much of the last few weeks in intense training. Deryck will not be active before mid-April at the earliest, as the ship sails in April, and the base handover will occupy his full attention. However, once he has all the hardware ready, he expects to be on regularly and to make lots of contacts. QSL to ZS6EZ, Chris R. Burger, Box 4485, Pretoria, 0001 South Africa. Requests with sufficient postage will be sent by bulk courier service, while the remainder will go via the bureau. SPECIAL NOTE: OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive the complete press release as an additional bulletin.

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