Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 411
May 31, 1999

The Ohio/Penn DX PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 411
BID: $OPDX.411
May 31, 1999
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
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3C0, ANNOBON ISLAND. An international team of operators composed of Ramon/ 3C1GS, Roberto/3C1RV, Elmo/EA5BYP and Vicente/EA5YN, are now in advanced planning stages for an early September 1999 DXpedition to Annobon Island. ALL the necessary permissions have been obtained, transport arranged and the logistics needed to put together an operation from this rare new one. The team will be joined by a PTT representative and will leave a complete station on the island. The callsign will be 3C0R, and the operation will last for 10 days. Activity is planned for 160-2 meters on CW/SSB/RTTY. More information will follow and is available from any of the operators or via the following Web sites:

7S5, SWEDEN. "The 59(9) DXReport" reports that special event station 7S5F will be active until December 31st by the Falu Radioklub, founded in 1924, to celebrate its 75th Anniversary. QSL via SK4AO.

9V, SINGAPORE. Steve, K9WO (ex VS6WO/VR2WO), who has been in 9V-land for 20 months, has now received the license and callsign 9V1DX. We have not seen any QSNs on this station. QSL via KA9UQT.

AH2, GUAM. Seiji, JH6RTO/AH0R, will be active from Guam as AH2/AH0R on June 3-6th. Activity will be on 10 to 30 meters, especially on the WARC bands. QSL via JH6RTO or direct: Seiji Fukushima, Hase 1182-2506, Atsugi 243-0036 Japan.

CV5A, ISLA DE FLORES. Pedro, CX5BW, informs OPDX that during June 4-7th a couple of CXs and some LU friends will activate IOTA SA-030, "Isla de Flores", signing CV5A. They hope operate on all bands and modes including the WARC bands and digital modes, PSK31. QSL via CX2ABC: P.O.Box 950, ZC 11000, Montevideo, Uruguay. Visit their Web page to find out more about the island at: http://isladeflores.8m.com/

E4, PALESTINE. The "DX News Sheet" reports that a group from the UK may be active from here June 14-28th. Activity will include 6 meters. Meanwhile, two station have been active over the past week and weekend. David, E41/OK1DTP, continues to be very active on 20/17/15/12 meters SSB at various times of the day (try 1330-1500z and 0000-0200z). QSL via OK1TD. Also active is E4/OK5DX. Activity seems to be mainly CW on 40/20/15/10 meters on various times during the day. It has been reported, but not confirmed, QSL via OK1YN.

E41/E44/4X DXPEDITION. Hide, JM1LJS, plans to be active from these three areas during the period of July 23rd and August 1st (depending on his work schedule). According to his release, activity from Palestine will be from the Gaza Strip and West Bank. He will operate in Israel until he receives the Palestine license. Until he receives his Palestine license, his detailed schedule is not known. Activity is planned for 80-10 meters CW/SSB. His power limits are: 500w in Palestine / 100w in Israeli (The Japanese license limitation is 150w in Israel). His callsigns and QSL Mangers are as follows: 4X/JM1LJS - QSL via JL2UXN, E41/JM1LJS (or E41JA) - QSL via JL2UXN (*** West Bank Only) and E44/JM1LJS (or E44JA) - QSL via VK4FW (*** Gaza Only).

HR, HONDURAS. Look for Al, K3VN, operating from Honduras during this next week. He will be there for about one week on business. He plans to be on the WARC bands and low bands depending upon equipment and antennas available. QSL via K3VN call book address.

IOTA NEWS...........

J6, ST. LUCIA. Bill, AA7X, will be operating from Jalousie Bay, from June 24-30th, using the callsign J6/AA7X. He will operate on 40-10 meters. QSL to home call.

JT, MONOGOLIA. Operating from the remote Central Steppe region of Monogolia, Laurence, GM4DMA, will be active signing JT from June 19th for approx. 10 days on 1.8-50Mhz using 100 watts into a simple antenna and solar power. He states that he will be living in a traditional "Ger" - a felt lined circular tent. He will be training a volunteer staff in HF communication techniques before their 10 week expedition covering from the Gobi desert in the South to the forested uplands and mountains to the North of the country. This trip follows earlier training visits to Patagonia (CE), Uganda and Namibia this year for the "Youth Development Charity Raleigh International". They are conducting environmental, community and adventure expeditions in these and other countries.

JY, JORDAN. Look for Pete, N3FNE, to be active now through the summer of 2000 as JY9NE. Activity will include 6 meters. QSL via home call.

OJ0, MARKET REEF. With the current activity from here, Gerben, PA5NT, reports to OPDX that he has been to Market Reef in 1983 and has constructed a Web story/page about his trip together with some additional interesting information about the reef. If you would like to see some pictures and read details about OJ0 land, visit the Web page: http://dx.to

PACIFIC DXPEDITION. Roberto, EA4DX, will once again be active from the Pacific. This time he will be active from Tuvalu (T2) and Fiji (3D2) during August/September 1999. His planned schedule so far is:

Activity will be on all bands 80-10 meters including the WARC bands on the usual SSB DX frequencies. His equipment includes Yagis for 10-12-15- 17-20 and a vertical for 40-80 meters, plus 1 kw linear. QSL via EA4CP CBA. More info to come later.


SPECIAL EVENT. BT99WED is a special event station for "World Environment Day" and will be on air from June 1-30th (Thanks to the help of BA4RC and other local hams.) The station is set up by Nanjing Agriculture University to call the attention of radio amateurs to worldwide environment protection. They will operate on several bands and modes. They eagerly want to get in touch (on the air) with some environment protector or universities and schools devoted to environment protection. So, please tune for their signal. QSL BT99WED via F6FNU. For any comments, please direct them to Michael Chen/BD5RV at: by5qn@qsl.net

VP2EREM, ANGUILLA. Jim, WB2REM informs OPDX that from June 28th until July 8th, he will air this special callsign from the Island of Anguilla. Operations will be on both CW and SSB, mainly on 10-15-20 meter bands. QSL via WB2REM.

YS, EL SALVADOR (Update/Change). Jack, KE4LWT, informs OPDX that he will be active as YS9/KE4LWT, not YS1/KE4LWT as first reported. He was informed last week by SIGET in El Salvador that he was misformed and that he should be using the YS1 prefix. Please refer to OPDX.410 for more details.

ZS8, MARION ISLAND. Deryck, ZS8D, was active this past weekend on 14195 kHz around 1450z. He has indicated that he still hasn't erected his beam antenna, but is currently using a wire antenna. QSL via ZS6EZ.

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