Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 412
June 7, 1999

The Ohio/Penn DX PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 412
BID: $OPDX.412
June 7, 1999
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
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Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, WB2RAJ/WB2YQH & The 59(9) DXReport, K3BEQ, K5KG, N5PA, N6RT, K8YSE, CT1END, CX5BW, DJ5AV & DX News Letter, DL3GA, F6AJA & LNDX, G3SWH, G4BUE & DX News Sheet, GM0CLN, GU0SUP, HL1TMU, IK4MHB, IZ5AXA, JA3ART, JM1LJS, LA2PA, PS7AB, VK2ICV, VK4FW, YB4JIM, YT1MM and 5B4WN for the following DX information.

3XY, GUINEA (Look at this callsign!). The "LNDX" reports that Robert, F5MKA (ex-TL8GR) has received the licence and callsign 3XY1B0 (Three X-ray Yankee One Bravo Zero). He is reportedly active on 10, 15 and 20 meters mainly on CW. QSL via F5XX.

7Q, MALAWI. Alan, N5PA, will be arriving in Malawi on July 3rd and leaving on July 13th. He will operate as 7Q7PA and will be there during the IARU DX Contest on July 10-11th. QSL via his home callsign of N5PA.

CASTLE TO BE ACTIVATED. On June 10th, Mor/CT1AHU and David/CT1DRB will be active from Castle Terena - Alandroal, valid to Award DCFP Diploma Castle Forts Portuguese with reference C-002. Activity will be on CW/SSB and operators will sign homecall/P. QSL via their respective homecalls, bureau or direct.

CV5A DXPEDTION TO ISLA DE FLORES (SA-030) DELAYED! Pedro, CX5BW, informs OPDX that at the last moment they received a message from the Uruguay Army (their transport to the island) informing them that it is not possible to carry them to the island until June 18th. So, the DXpedition will be from June 18 to 21st. This means the CV5A activity must wait for 15 days. Pedro states, "Thanks a lot to all hams for the patient". Please refer to OPDX.411 for more details.

CW40, URUGUAY. The "DX News Sheet" reports that special event station CW40CCC will be active June 13-20th. Activity will be CW/SSB on 160-6 meters (including the WARC bands). This activity is to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Centro Radio Aficionados Montevideo. QSL direct.

CY9, ST. PAUL ISLAND. Dan/K8RF and Doug/K4LT have just returned from their CY9RF operation after an exhausting trip fraught with both problems and good accomplishments! They originally planned a major operation with a group of six top notch operators to enter the CQ WPX CW Contest as a Multi-Multi entry. However, Dan and Doug entered the WPX CW Contest as a Multi-Single and made 4840 QSOs during the Contest, and another 1500-2000 QSOs before and after the WPX Contest. Their M/S score was some 14.4 Meg and it looks like a possible new M/S World record!. The complete story and press release will be sent to all OPDX InterNet Subscribers as an additional bulletin.

CY9, ST. PAUL ISLAND. If you missed the CY9RF operation here is a second chance to work CY9. Look for CY9SS to begin before or after the time you read this. Operators will be VY2SS, VY2CD, VE1PZ, K2NJ, VE9MY and VE9JW. From their latest press release, they will be on the island for 8 days. They are taking 150 feet of tower (and leaving some of it behind), two HF yagis (20-15-10 and 17-12), an R7000 and two 6M yagis. They will be running 1200 watts on 6 meters! Robby, VY2SS, states he will be taking his 91B again on this trip for HF. Also, they will take long boomers and stacks for 2m and 70cm. They plan to stretch a wire across the tickle to the main island for 160M and maybe some balloons as well. On 80m they will hang a loop over the strait between the two islands. They will be active on all bands 160m to UHF including all WARC bands, SSB, CW, RTTY, Satellite and EME. There will be a strong effort to work Europe on 6m. QSL CY9SS to VY2SS direct to call book address: R. Robertson VY2SS, RR#2, Bloomfield Stn., Prince Edward Island, Canada C0B 1E0 Bureau cards will be answered eventually, but Robby states he still has a couple of thousand to send out for the 1996 and 1997 operations. :-)

E4, PALESTINE (Update). It seems E4/OK5DX may have gone QRT. There has been no QSNs reported since May 30th. Also, the correct QSL information for E4/OK5DX is via OKDXF (OK1TN), not OK1YN as first reported in OPDX.411. Send cards to OKDXF (OK1TN), Bradlec 73, 293 06 Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic or via QSL bureau.

E41/E44/4X DXPEDITION (Changes/Corrections). Hide, JM1LJS, reports that he has mistakenly given the wrong QSL Manger for one of his Palestine operations. The following correction is JL2XUN, not JL2UXN. So, the QSL information is as follows: 4X/JM1LJS via JL2XUN, E41/? via JL2XUN (*** West Bank Only) and E44/? via VK4FW (*** Gaza Only). Hide also mentions that his scheduled airplane flight was changed too. He will leave for his operation on July 25th (00:45 Local Time) and depart on August 2nd (17:30 Local Time).

F, FRANCE. The "LNDX" reports that operators F5LMJ, G0LMX/F5MBO and F6GIN will be active from Glenan Islands (EU-094) for the IOTA contest. They will arrive on July 23rd and they leave on Monday the 26th.

GM, SCOTLAND (IOTA operation). A team from Cockenzie and Port Seton ARC, near Edinburgh, Scotland, will be travelling to the Isle of Tiree (IOTA - EU008, IOSA - NH4, WAB - NM04), the most westerly of the Inner Hebrides, for the "1999 Islands On The Air Contest". The Team, comprising of John/ MM0CCC, Cambell/MM1AVA, John/GM7OLQ, Iain/MM1CPP, Malcolm/F5VBU, Ron/ GM0NTL, Mo/GM0HLK, Colin/GM0CLN and possibly one or two others are due to arrive on the island at approximately 0900z, July 23rd and plan to be active later that afternoon. Some activity may take place using the operators' own calls /P prior to the contest but most, if not all, activity will be restricted to 2A0CCC/P during the contest itself (1200-1200z July 24th/25th). Activity will be on 3.5, 7, 14, 21 and 28 MHz using both SSB and CW. A coastal site at Gott Bay on the eastside of the Island will be used once more and Fred Roe, GM0ALS, has again agreed to act as QSL Manager for the expedition. Info and updates will be available from the following Web site: http://www.btinternet.com/~john.innes/Tiree.html ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Tiree is some 10 miles long and 3 miles wide, and is skirted by the Hebridean Sea to the south and east with the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west. The island has no trees, as they cannot root against the severe winter gales, but it is famed for its spring and summer sunshine records and birds, flora and fauna not seen on the mainland. A flat crofting land, Tiree has only three hills above 300 ft with a coastline edged with long, windswept, shell sand beaches.

HL, SOUTH KOREA (IOTA operation). Wan/HL1TMU reports that he and members of Inha University ARC (HL0ZX) will be active as HL0ZX/4 from Pigum Island (AS-060, Chollabuk/Chollanamdo Province), June 22-26th. Activity will be CW/SSB on 10, 15, 20 and 40 meters. QSL via HL0ZX, Inha Univ. A.R.C., Yonghyun-dong, Nam-ku, Inchon, South Korea. Check out their Web Page at: http://www2.inha.ac.kr/~hl0zx/ Comments and questions can be sent via E-mail to: hl0zx@www2.inha.ac.kr or hl1tmu@qsl.net

HS, THAILAND. There have been reports that Thailand's PTD has authorized HS stations to operate on 160 and 80 meters during any contests through December, 1999.

I, ITALY (IOTA operations). The "ARI Club of Lucca" informs OPDX that IK5AMB, IK5PWS, IK5VLS, IZ5AXA, IW5CFN and IW5AKR will be active from Montecristo Island (IOTA EU-028, IIA LI-015) on June 26-27th, as IA5/homecall. They will be on HF and VHF (50 and 144 mhz) bands CW/SSB. Their activation could be delayed until July 3-4th. QSL to home callsigns (direct or bureau). Also, Carlo, I4ALU, will be active from Ustica Island (IOTA EU-051) as IE9/I4ALU from August 8-20th. Activity will be on all bands CW only. QSL via bureau or home callsign.

JW, SVALBARD. Leif, LA2PA, will be signing JW2PA for a week from June 18th to 25th. He will be located in Longyearbyen on Spitzbergen (EU-026). QSL to homecall.

KH0, MARIANA ISLANDS. The members of JARL Kyoto Club will be active from Saipan Island (OC-086) July 19th through August 2nd. The following operators will be active: N3JJ (JA3ART), AE4SU (JA3KWZ), K7IL (JF3PLF), N7EIU (JA3AJ), NH7V (JI3NST), KF8TW (JH3TXR), W8YAQ (JA3YAQ), JA3RR, JH3QNH, JH5IXG(YL) and JA3YAQ. They did not mention their KH0 callsigns, but operators will probably sign KH0/homecall. They plan to be active on all HF bands and 6 meters (mainly on the 12/10/6m bands). It was stated that the possbility of activity on 160 meters is not "ZERO". QSL via to each CBA in JA, but it's all OK via JARL QSL Bureau.

OJ0 & OH0, MARKET REEF AND ALAND ISLAND (K7BV Update). Dennis/K7BV and the Finnish crew finished their OJ0 operation Friday, May 28th. Their totals from Market Reef were 0J0/K7BV - 6,000 QSOs and OJ0VR - 2,000 QSOs. In the CQ WPX CW Contest, Dennis operated as OH0Z and had 2,988 QSOs, 808 multipliers for a score of 5.8 meg. QSL via KU9C.

OY, FAROE ISLANDS. The "DX News Letter" reports that Stephan/DF6VU and Hubert/DL9YBY will be active until June 11 as OY/homecall/P. Activity will be on SSB and RTTY, on 40, 20, 17, 15, and 10 meters. QSL via homecalls.

PETER ON THE MOVE AGAIN (West Africa). Peter, ON6TT, reports that he will be going on a short mission to TU/9L/EL/XT/TZ. He will be in each country only for a very short while but would still like to operate a bit from each country.


RADIO SILENCE FOR YB'S. Akhmad, YB4JIM, reports that because of the election event in Indonesia, "all YBs stations will be signing off frequencies (radio silence) from June 1- June 11, 1999".

SPECIAL PREFIX/SPECIAL EVENT. Look for PS400NAT to be active and on the air until December 31st, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Natal City, in Brazil. Activity will only be on 20 meters SSB. Rony, PS7AB, states, "Please, be patient because I have only a dipole antenna, and my English is bad." QSL via PY Bureau, or PS7AB, Rony Reis, PO Box 2021, Natal/RN, 59094-970, Brazil. For more details, check the Web page: http://www.qsl.net/ps7ab/pydx.htm

SV8, GREECE (IOTA operation). Phil, G3SWH, reports to OPDX that he will be on Mykonos Island (EU-067) again between June 16th and 23rd. He expects to be active as SV8/G3SWH on CW only on all bands 40-10 metres. He mentions that this will be a holiday operation, and he expects to be on the air for an hour or two during the mid mornings and early evenings. QSLs will be via the call book address or the RSGB bureau. ADDED NOTE: Phil states that his 5Z4LI QSL cards have arrived from the printers and he is starting to work through the pile of direct requests.

TM, FRANCE (French activities).......

VK, AUSTRALIA (IOTA operation). Bill, VK4FW, will be active from the Queensland State (South Coast) Centre Island Group (Fraser Island, OC-142) late June 11th through June 14th. He will only have a R5 vertical and will spend most of the time on CW. Bill states the callsign will be the official Oceania DX Group callsign VK4YN. QSL direct to Bill Horner, VK4FW, P.O. Box 929, Gympie, 4570, Australia.

VK9L, LORD HOWE ISLAND. Nick, VK2ICV, will be active here as VK9LX from October 24th-November 2nd. He will be active in the 1999 CQWW SSB Contest as a Single Op/All Band entry. QSL via P.O. Box 730, Parramatta 2124, NSW Australia. There will be all bands pre-contest activity. Send comments and questions to Nick's E-mail address: vk9lx@qsl.net

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