Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 437
November 29, 1999

The Ohio/Penn DX PacketCluster
DX Bulletin No. 437
BID: $OPDX.437
November 29, 1999
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio
Online at 440-237-8208 28.8k-1200 Baud 8/N/1

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, KH2D, N2OO, WB2RAJ/WB2YQH & The 59(9) DXReport, K3ZO, NG3K, N4KG, K7WX, K8YSE, 9A3ZG, 9M2TO, A35RK, BA1DU, DJ5AV & DX News Letter, DL1EK, ES1AKM, G4UZN, G0OFE, IK8VRH, JF6OJX, JI3DST, JS6BLS, LU1DZ, LX1KQ, OK1YM, PA3FDO, PA3GIO, PP5LL, RA3SL, VE2PJ, VK3BYY, VK8NSB and YO3FWC for the following DX information.

3W & XU, VIETNAM AND CAMBODIA (Update/Reminder). Jack, ES1AKM, reports that he and ES1AX "will" start their Asian DXpedition next weekend. The members of the "Tallinn Youth Radio Club" (TYRC) will start in Vietnam December 5th and be active as 3W6KM until January 4th (2000). Activity will be on all bands and modes. They will move on to Cambodia and expect to be there January 5th through February 4th. Their callsigns are not known yet, but it should be XU7***. Activity will also be all bands and modes. For more information, send E-mail to: asiaexpedition@hotmail.com QSL via ES1AKM, PO Box 2907, Tallinn 13102, Estonia or via ES bureau.

10 METERS BEACON. The VK3RMH 10 meter beacon is now active 24 hours a day on 28.2565 MHz. Its QTH is approx. 25km N.E. of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Grid Square is QF22JH. The CW ID cycles through two messages each followed by a 20 Watt carrier and 2 Watt carrier for 5 seconds each. The CW messages read: "VK3RMH MELB QF22JH 25/2W VERT" (error in power to be corrected - should read 20/2W) and "VK3RMH AT HOTMAIL.COM QSL" QSL currently only via internet E-mail to: vk3rmh@hotmail.com or if no response, send to: m.harrison@medoto.unimelb.edu.au Operator of the beacon is the North East Radio Group, Inc. (the NERGs!)

6Y, JAMAICA. Look for Alan, G3XAQ, to be active as G3XAQ/6Y5, between November 29th and December 9th.

9M6, EAST MALAYSIA. The 9M6AAC Hillview Gardens Resort in Borneo is now active. Operators N2OO, N4PN and K8MR spent the first part of last week in Brunei as V85OO concentrating on the WARC bands as much as possible. They made about 5,000 QSOs from V85. Remember the Hillview Gardens station 9M6AAC will be in the CQWW CW Contest. For current updates and photos, check the Web page at: http://www.qsl.net/n2oo/borneo/

A3, TONGA. Paul Kidd, A35RK, reports to OPDX that all his ham radio equipment is broken: 3 transceivers, 3 antennas, 2 TNCs, and laptop computer. "I'm QRT until replacements arrive", states Paul. Replacement equipment is now being purchased in the United States and is being assembled in the Seattle area for transport to Tonga. Paul requests that if you know anyone who is planning on coming to Tonga between now and Christmas, and would be willing to hand carry any or all of this gear, please contact his QSL Manager: Bob Preston, W7TSQ (w7tsq@aol.com), as soon as possible. If a "visiting ham" brings this stuff into Tonga, it would save him a big shipping hassle, save him big green stamps on customs duty, and would get Paul back on the air in time for the New Millennium celebrations.

BY, CHINA. Remember that BY1PK, headquarter station of the Chinese Radio Sports Association, will participate in the CQ World Wide CW DX Contest as a Multi-Single category. Operators include Tong/BA1AA, Yan/BA1AB, Alan/BA1DU, Wang/BA1OK and others. QSL via P.O.Box 6106, Beijing 100061, China.

GJ, JERSEY (Update/Correction). Bert, PA3GIO, reports to OPDX that he has to use the MJ prefix instead of the GJ as first reported (Please refer to OPDX.436). So, look for him to be active as MJ/PA3GIO/p or /m, December 11-16th.

GU, GUERNSEY (Updated QSL info). Jim, G0OFE, who will be active as GU0OFE from December 8-13th, primarily for the 10M ARRL Contest (Please refer to OPDX.436), informs OPDX that his QSL information has changed. QSL info for both GU0OFE and MU0C is via G0OFE, and not as previously stated. The address is "ok" in any callbook. Requests for bureau cards can also be sent by email, to: g0ofe@currantbun.com

HS, THAILAND. Fred, K3ZO, reports that stations in Thailand (like HS0AC) will be able to use 160 and 80 meters during the CQWW CW Contest:


LX, LUXEMBOURG. Look for LX4B to be active in the CQWW CW Contest as a Single Op/Single Band (21 MHz) entry. QSL via LX1TI.

NEED HAWAII ON CW. Thanks to Jim, KH2D, for the following: If somebody needs Hawaii on CW.... This is the weekend to get it. Look for the following Hawaii stations over the weekend during CQWW CW Contest:

OOOPPPSS!! In last week's bulletin, your editor somehow mixed Holger/ DL7IO and Birgit/DL7IQ callsigns. Remember to look for them this week from Fiji.

OT, BELGIUM. RA3AUU will be active as OT9T and as a Single Op/ All Bands/ Unassisted High Power entry in the CQWW CW Contest.


SM, SWEDEN (Attention Prefix Hunters!). John, SM0DJZ, states to look for a lot of new Swedish callsigns. Some stations will begin using 2x1 like SM0A and SL3A. Also, look for many 7S's and 8S's prefixes. A special Web page has been set up which gives a very large list of information concerning Contest, Special Events/Anniversary, and Special Callsign in Sweden at: http://www.sk3bg.se/contest/speccall.htm

SV, GREECE. Look for SV1DKR to be active in the CQWW CW Contest as a Single Op/Single Band (40m) entry. QSL via bureau or CBA.

VC, CANADA. Terry, VE2PJ, informs OPDX that he will be using the special callsign VC2K from December 31, 1999, through January 31, 2000.

VK8ML AND VK8CI WEB SITE. Allan/VK2CA/NNN, Steve/VK2SRN and Stuie/VK8NSB have decided not to burden Rusty/KG4AU (Teams webmaster/Pilot) with more info on their IOTA DXPEDITIONS to VK8ML and VK8CI. The reason given was Rusty became a Daddy while the operators were on Melville Island. However, a new homepage for this DXpedition has been set up containing online logs, pictures and information on the two islands that the team operated from. Check out the Web page: http://www.vk2nnn.com/IOTA/

VP5, TURKS & CAICOS. "The 59(9) DXReport" reports that Fred, K4LQ, will be active from Providenciales, December 8-15th, as VP5/K4LQ and as VP5W in the ARRL 10 Meter Contest with Bruce, W4OV. QSL via K4LQ.

VP8, ANTARCTICA. "The DX News Letter" reports to look for Niall, VP8NJS (until February 1, 2000), and Art, KC4/KL7RL (QSL via K4MZU), to be active from Antarctic Base Patriot Hills. So far no QSNs have been reported on the cluster network.

XU, CAMBODIA. Yoh/7L1MFS and Koji/JS6BLS will be active as XU2C on December 4th and 5th. Activity will be on 40-6 meters SSB/CW/RTTY with 100 watts into a R7000 and a 5 element yagi for 6 meters. QSL via JS6BLS Bureau (only this operation, the others to 7L1MFS) or E-mail requests can be sent with data to " js6bls@qsl.net " and QSLs will be returned through the Bureau. Meanwhile, Andy, G4ZVJ, signing XU7AAV, has announced that he has extended his stay and will be active until 0030z December 5th. Reports indicate that he is doing a good job providing CW QSOs on all bands from 40-10 meters. Also, begin looking for him on 80 meters. He is working on an antenna.

XZ, MYANMAR. Excerpts from a large press release, states the Central Arizona DX Association announces the first major DXpedition of the new year (OPDX InterNet Subscribers will receive the complete press release as an additional bulletin). Beginning on January 13, 2000, and lasting until February 6th, XZ0A will be active from Thatay Khun Island, off the southern most tip of the Union of Myanmar (XZ, Zone 26, Southeast Asia). They will have a total of eight stations with amplifiers and full size antennas active on all bands. Although the great majority of contacts will be made on 80 through 10-meters, there will also be dedicated stations with specialized operators for Top Band, RTTY and 6-meters. This will be the first ever XZ IOTA, and a brand new prefix. The XZ0A DXpedition team will be represented by seven countries: England, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, and the United States. As of yet, a license is not possible for Myanmar nationals, but they are hopeful that this will change in the near future. XZ0A operators are: EA5XX, G3VMW, G3NOM, JA1UPA, JA1UT, JR0CGJ, KM5EP, N5IA, K6RKE, KD6XH, AF7O, K7TR, K7VS, K7WX, K7ZV, N7XYR, NA7DB, V73GT, WF5T, WA6CDR, WY7K, W8AEF, XE1L and YB0ARA. For several days they will also be joined by members of the Radio Amateur Society of Thailand (RAST). More complete details can be found at the DXpedition web site: http://getnet.com/~k7wx/myanmar.htm QSL requests can be made directly, or via the appropriate bureau. Direct QSLs: XZ0A QSL Request, c/o Bob Myers, W1XT, 37875 North 10th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85086 USA. Bureau QSLs: Cards should be clearly marked - XZ0A via W1XT. Any questions about XZ0A QSLing may be directed to: Bob Myers, W1XT at: w1xt@superphoenix.com

YO NEWS. News from Romanian Amateur Radio Federation report that the logs from YR99E (special callsign of Total Solar Eclipse seen from Romania) are now available on the Web and stations can search for their logged QSOs. Also, the final scores of the 1999 YO-DX HF Contest are now available at the same Web site. All the above information can be obtained by visiting the Romanian Amateur Radio Federation web site at: http://www.qsl.net/yo3kaa/

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