DX News Letter 1160
August 16, 1999

DX-NL 1160 - August 16, 1999
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: mikeoerter.dj5av@t-online.de)

translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: robster@bigfoot.de)


FK - NEW CALEDONIA Dany, FK/F5CW, is in Noumea for the next two years. QSL via F5PED.

ZK1 - NORTH COOK Bert, CX3AN, and Mario, CX4CR, are on the air right now signing ZK1AAN from OC-014 (DXNL 1158). QSL via F6FNU (direct ONLY).


3C0 - ANNOBON ISLAND The QSL for the 3C0R activity goes via EA5FVY, Angel Garcia Mendoza, Box 3045, E-03080 Alicante, Spain.

3V - TUNISIA 3V8ST (Scout Tunisienne) shall get on air as the second station from Tunisia in Sep 1999.

3X - GUINEA Karel, ON4QY, signs 3XY2A from Conakry for the next few years. QSL via ON4QY.

9L - SIERRA LEONE Jacky, F2CW/ZL3CW, hopes to receive a licence for the next three months.


FM - MARTINIQUE On July 8 a heavy storm destroyed the mast and antennae of Dennis, FM5GU. He states it will take him one or two years till he can afford whole new antennae.

P2 - PAPUA NEW GUINEA Steve, VK4EMS, is on the air as P29BI from Bougainville (OC-135) in SSB and CW running 100 watts and a G5RV until the end of Dec. He is QRV during his spare time in the week and he is very active on sundays. QSL via VK4EJ.

PZ - SURINAME Bob, K3BYV, is QRV again as PZ5DX running a TS450, tribander and wire antennae in SSB on 10 or 15m between 1700 UTC and 2000 UTC. He will stay at least until January 2000. QSL via K3BYV.


7O - YEMEN The team with Yoshi, JA1UT, and Toshi, JA8RUZ, installed a station which serves in emergency cases as a radio link to hospitals in distant regions of Yemen and also as an amateur radio station. They hope to open the country to amateur radio with this action but do not calculate on an operation this time.

E4 - PALESTINE Alessio/IZ0CKJ, Simon/IZ7ATN and Max/IW0FQZ announced to be QRV also on 6m from Aug 19-26. The DXCC Desk accepts E4 QSLs not earlier than October.

XX9 - MACAO Ed, K8EP, shall be QRV as XX9TEP in CW/SSB on 10-80m from Aug 18-23 (including SEANET SSB Contest). QSL via K8EP.


LX - LUXEMBOURG A group from Frankfurt and Luxemburg will operate as LX0RL from the LX IARU Society in Eisenborn (JN39CQ) between Aug 28 and Sep 3. All QSOs will be answered automatically via bureau. Direct QSLs (for this activity ONLY) via DL4FCH, Peter Niksch, Saalburgstr. 4, D-60385 Frankfurt, Germany.

SV - GREECE SV1BRL/SV8 is on the air from EU-052 from Aug 18-31. QSL via SV1BRL.

RA - RUSSIA RI1P on Zelenyy and Lovetskiy (EU-102) is activated on all bands by Nikolai/UA9KM, Serge/UA9KL, Valery/UA9KI, Mike/UA9KO, Mike/UA9KGH, Valery/RW4HW and Victor, UA4RC, from Aug 17-27. QSL via UA9KM, Nikolai Kuprin, Box 158 Nadym, 626711, Russia.


DATE           CALL           DXNL

NOW AGAIN      3B9FR          1142
Aug 23-Aug 28  3A/F5RBB       1159
Sep 14-Sep 24  3C0R           1152, 1160 *
Aug 19-Aug 23  3D2 (CX3AN)    1158
Sep/99-        3V8ST          1160 *
1999  -2000    3W7TK          1148
NOW   -2002??  3XY2A          1160 *
NOW            5H8TL          1159
Jul/98-2000    5U7DG          1151
SOON ?         7O  (JA1UT)    1159
NOW            8J1RL          1141
NOW AGAIN      9G1OO          1159
Jul   -Sep/99  9J  (F2CW)     1157
NOW   -Oct/99  9L  (F2CW)     1160 *
Jul 12-2002 ?  9V1XE          1157

1999  -2001    A92GJ          1143
NOW            BY4CCM         1159
Aug 12-Aug 20  CT3/DJ8FW      1159
Mar/99-2001    E4/G3WQU       1140
Aug 19-Aug 26  E4  (IZ0CKJ)   1160 *
Aug 1 -Aug 31  ES75..         1159
NOW   -2001    FK/F5CW        1160 *
Aug 9 -Sep 5   FK/F6BUM       1159
Jan   -Dec/99  FT5YG          1128, 1140
Jan   -Dec/99  FT5ZJ          1128
      -Aug/99  GU3VXJ/p       1159
NOW   -2000    HK3JBR         1128, 1144
Aug 16-Aug 23  HU4U           1159
Aug 12-Aug 25  J3/G0STR       1159
Aug 5 -Aug 20  J48QEI         1158
      -2000    JY9NE          1127

Aug 28-Sep 3   LX0RL          1160 *
NOW            OD5/9K2MU      1159
Aug 2 -Aug 20  OH0/DJ7ST      1158
NOW   -Dec/99  P29BI          1160 *
Aug 7 -Aug 31  P29VHX         1158
NOW   -Jan2000 PZ5DX          1160 *
Aug 17-Aug 27  RI1P           1160 *
Aug 18-Aug 31  SV1BRL/SV8     1160 *
Sep 23-Oct 3   T31T,K,YL      1153, 1158
NOW   -Dec2000 UN/DL4BBU      1155
NOW            V63PD          1159
NOW   -2001    V73CW          1158
Aug 18-Aug 25  VP2E/ (PAs)    1158
      -Sep2000 XE1/NP2AQ      1142
NOW            XW8INH         1156
Aug 18-Aug 23  XX9TEP         1160 *
Aug 17-Aug 19  ZK1AAN         1158, 1160 *
Aug 4 -Aug 31  ZK1SCQ,SCR     1145
Oct 7 -Oct 12  ZK3DX,CW,YL    1153, 1158
Aug 23-Aug 25  ZL  (CX3AN)    1158
Sep 2 -Sep 6   ZS6/DL7DST     1158

NEW: 1160 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   CT1EEB      1840  1014Z via bureau
   SV8CKM      1832  1124Z Total solar eclipse!
   TA2BK       1836  1109Z via bureau

   5N3CPR      3530  0401Z via SP5CPR, bureau
   9M6AAC      3501  1958Z via N2OO, bureau
   AT0VLH      3500  2333Z via OK1MM, bureau
   JY9QJ       3519  2224Z via DL5MBY, bureau
   R1AND       3521  2157Z via RW1AI, bureau
   UP0L        3516  0024Z via UN8LW
   V47WP       3505  0348Z via PA5ET, bureau
   WP2Z        3519  0346Z via KU9C, also bureau

   C93BM       7085  0640Z via I3QAI
   D2GG        7046  1959Z via CT1GG
   HC2KB/HC8   7097  0538Z via JL3MCM
   HK0VGJ      7008  0433Z via Box 852, Isla de San Andres, Colombia
   HU4U        7062  0614Z via EU4URE, bureau
   JW/DF6VI    7001  2212Z see DXNL 1158
   V47FM       7072  0540Z via PA5ET, bureau

   3B8CF      10103  0329Z via CBA
   8Q7TB      10106  1827Z via G3TBK
   9M6AAC     10104  2058Z via N2OO, bureau
   HK3JBR     10104  0219Z via F6AJA, bureau
   V47WM      10105  0248Z via PA5ET, bureau
   JE5WJH/VP9 10104  0002Z via JE5WJH

   HC2KB/HC8  14245  0738Z via JL3MCM
   J73AB      14247  0046Z via CBA
   N6HD/KH3   14026  1607Z via N6FF, bureau
   ZK1AAN     14190  0705Z North Cook, via F6FNU, direct

   3B9FR      18070  1339Z see DXNL 1146
   5W1SA      18080  0807Z via JH7OHF
   JW/DL4OCM  18079  1537Z see DXNL 1158
   P29VHX     18140  1154Z via DJ9HX, bureau
   PY0FZ      18145  0836Z via PY7ZZ, direct
   T88WX      18150  1546Z via JA1WSX, bureau
   V47CV      18150  2233Z via PA5ET, bureau
   V63EC      18084  1302Z via JK12FNN
   XW8INH     18071  1509Z via JM1GYQ, bureau
   YJ0AXC     18073  0932Z via JE1DXC, bureau

   3D2QB      21010  1344Z via SM3CER , bureau
   8J1RL      21277  1437Z via JA9BOH (JA bureau)
   J73UE      21225  2146Z Ricky, see DXNL 1160
   JL1KFR/JD1 21283  1048Z via JL1KFR
   P29BI      21022  1056Z via VK4EJ
   T88CB      21236  1453Z via JA1WSX, bureau
   V73CW      21300  0945Z via AC4G, bureau
   XX9AU      21250  1340Z via CBA
   ZK1SCQ     21260  0815Z via DL6DK, bureau

   5X1P       24898  1621Z via G3MRC, bureau
   PY0FA      24905  2010Z via PY4KL
   V47ET      24895  2055Z via PA5ET, bureau
   ZK1CRR     24940  0715Z via F6FNU, direct ONLY

   AT0VLH     28002  0946Z via OK1MM, bureau
   EL2AB      28496  0752Z via IK0PHY, bureau
   KL7G       28032  1043Z via bureau
   UP0L       28017  1032Z via UN8LW
   V47FM      28468  2003Z via PA5ET, bureau


QSL Routes

Up-to-date logs of JW/DF6VI (Aug/99), KH3/NH6D (till Aug 13, 99), 9K2HN (till Aug 11, 99), TM0AIN (till Jun/99), KH2/N2NL (till Jul 27, 99), G5M and GB0SM (IOTA EU-011, Jul/99) can be found online at: http://dx.qsl.net/logs/.

QSLs arrived direct: VP5/WQ7X (SP5INQ), XU1A (JH1AJT)

TNX for information to 425DXNEWS, 599 DX Report, ARRL DX News, DF1ZN,DL1GEH, DF6EX, DJ3CP, DK2JX, DL1SBF, DL2BQV, DL7PR, DL7VOA, DL7VOX, DXPRESS, GOList, HB9AGH, HB9DHK, HB9EAA, Les Nouvelles DX, N6RT, ON6DP, OPDX, RTTY DX NOTES, The DAILY DX and others.