DX News Letter 1172
November 9, 1999

DX-NL 1172 - November 9, 1999
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

English by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dxnl@darc.de)


VP8 - SOUTH SHETLANDS Oleg, R1ANF, is back again as R1ANF/A from the Chinese Antarctic Base "Great Wall" on King George Island (AN-010) (DXNL 1163). QSL via RK1PWA.


FO/M - MARQUESAS ISLANDS Serge, F6AUS, and Andre, F6AOI, are QRV as FO0SOU and FO0AOI from Hiva Oa (OC-027) from Nov 3-10 (see DXNL 1171).

VK - AUSTRALIA Peter, ZL1HN, VK8NSB, VK8PDG and VK2NNN are active as VK8ML from Melville (OC-173) and Croker Island (OC-229) from Nov 4-16. They are operating with four HF stations in SSB/CW/RTTY/SSTV and other modes on 80-10m 24 hours a day. Pilot station and webmaster is KG4AU. QSL via VK9NS, direct or via VK8 bureau. More information at the homepage: http://www.rustman.com/IOTA/.

ZL - NEW ZEALAND Ed, K8VIR, is QRV especially on 28505, 24950, 18130 and 14260 kHz signing ZM4IR/4 from Stewart Island (OC-203) from Nov 7-15. QSL via W8WC.


3B8 - MAURITIUS Jacques, 3B8/F6HMJ, announced to be on the air on all bands (perhaps also 160m) between Nov 15 and Dec 5. He intends to take part in the 10m single band category of the WWDX CW Contest. QSL via F6HMJ.

5H - TANZANIA Orlando, IN3KIZ, is now active as 5H3OC. QSL via IN3DEI, Claudio Daddario, Box 55, I-39100 Bolzano-BZ, Italy.

C9 - MOZAMBIQUE Jean-Louis, F5MAW, shall be QRV as C91MSF. MSF stands for "Medecins Sans Frontieres" the organization of doctors worldwide which only recently received the Peace Nobel Prize.

ZD8 - ASCENSION ISLAND WWDX SSB Contestant Jim Neiger, N6TJ, is QRV as ZD8Z from Ascension Island between Oct 26 and Nov 13. During the CQ WWDX CW Contest he intends to operate as ZX5J from Brasil on 10m only. QSL via VE3HO.


YV - VENEZUELA YW5FC will be activated in CW and SSB by local OMs from Centilena Island (SA-058) from Nov 12-14. QSL via W4SO.


9M6 - EASTERN MALAYSIA Phil, HS0/G4JMB, is now signing 9M6CT in SSB on 10-40m until Dec 18. For QSL route see DXNL 1113.

BY - CHINA In the future Huang, BD4ED, will use the call BD4ED/4 from Shanghai on the mainland and BD4ED from Chong Ming (AS-136). QSL via BY4BHP.

HS - THAILAND HB9AMZ and his XYL moved to Thailand in Sep and should be QRV as HS0ZBS now. QSL via HS0ZBS, Kurt Brauer, Box 75, Phanom-Sarakham, Chachoengsao, 24120, Thailand.


ZB2 - GIBRALTAR After the WWDX SSB Contest Dave, ZB2/W8DO, is working especially on 14058 and 21058 kHz (FISTS) during the evening hours until Nov 15. Rumours say he mounted his Hustler whip antenna to the stern of his boat which would make his QSOs invalid for the DXCC award.


WAEDC RTTY Contest: Nov 13, 0000Z till Nov 14, 2359Z. Banda: 10-80m. Work: Everybody. Exchange: RST+QSO number. QTC exchange between EU and DX!

CQ WWDX Contest CW: Nov 27, 0000Z till Nov 28, 2400Z. Bands: 10-160m. Work: Everybody. Exchange: RST+CQ zone.


DATE            CALL           DXNL

Nov 15-Dec 5    3B8/F6HMJ      1172 *
End of Oct      3B8/KD6WW      1170
Oct   -Dec/99   3XY2D          1169
NOW             5H3OC          1172 *
NOW             5H8TL          1159
Nov 99          5W0ST          1171
Nov 7 -Nov 29   9M6AAC         1171
NOW   -Dec 18   9M6CT          1172 *
Nov 12-Nov 18   9M6OO          1171
Nov 3 -Nov 15   9M6PWT         1170
NOW   -Dec 10   9U5D           1167

NOW   -mid Nov  A5 ? (VK9NS)   1171
NOW             C91MSF         1172 *
NOW             EL2RF          1171
Nov 8 -Nov 14   FG/G3TXF       1171
NOW   -2001     FK8VHY         1160, 1168
Oct 29-Nov 13   FO   (F1NGP)   1170
Nov 3 -Nov 22   FO, FO/M(Fs)   1171, 1172*
Sep 4 -Nov      FO0DEH         1163, 1168
Oct 23-Nov 14   FO0THA         1170
Nov 1 -Nov 14   FY/F5PAC       1170
NOW             HS0ZBS         1172 *
Oct 23-Dec 31   HS72A          1171
NOW   -Jun/2000 JD1BKR         1169

Nov 1 -Dec 15   KC4/WA1O       1170
Oct 15-?        KH0/AF4IN etc  1168
Nov 4 -Nov 13   KH4/W0UFO etc  1171
Nov 1 -Nov 20   OA   (F5TYY..) 1171
NOW             OD/F5SQM       1168
Oct 7 -Nov 15   PJ2/PA0VDV     1167
NOW             R1ANF/A        1172 *
Oct 19-Nov 11   T30Y, T30CW    1169
NOW             T31UA          1171
Oct 30-Apr 1    V31JP          1171
Nov 4 -Nov 18   V47BY, V47GU   1171
Nov 2 -Nov 13   V47DA          1171
Nov 21-Nov 25   V8   (Ws)      1171
NOW   -Jan/2001 VK0M (VK0LD)   1170
NOW             VK0TS          1168
Nov 4 -Nov 16   VK8ML          1172 *
Nov 19-Nov 29   VP2MGU ?       1171
Sep 29-Jan      VQ9DX          1166
Sep   -mid Dec  XE1/N8SHZ      1164
Sep   -Dec 31   XW2A           1165
NOW ?           YV0??          1168
Nov 12-Nov 14   YW5FC          1172 *
NOW   -Nov 15   ZB2/W8DO       1172 *
Oct 26-Nov 13   ZD8Z           1172 *
Oct 29-May/2000 ZF2NT          1171
Nov 7 -Nov 15   ZM4IR/4        1172 *
NOW             ZM5PX          1169
Nov 8 ??        ZX0SK, ZW0SP   1171

"NEW": 1172 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   6W6/K3IPK   1833  00540Z via CBA
   KH2/K4SXT   1824  22030Z via K4SXT
   VP5/N0AT    1828  00307Z via N0AT
   VQ9QM       1828  11739Z via W4QM, bureau
   ZX0F        1832  00055Z via PY5EG, bureau

   EL2WW       3503  00535Z via ON5NT
   JT1CO       3795  11908Z via CBA
   PJ2/PA0VDV  3502  00435Z via PA0VDV, bureau
   V47GU       3506  00449Z via DL7VOG, bureau
   XT2HP       3505  00323Z see DXNL 1166
   YS1ECB      3790  00540Z via EA7BO

   A45XR       7002  11844Z via Box 2038, Oman 111
   HI9/DL4ALI  7010  00056Z via DL4ALI
   PJ9/ON4FCD  7052  00029Z
   VP2MGS      7074  00006Z via DL9NDS, bureau
   ZF2MK       7077  00216Z via K9MK, bureau

   FO0SOU     10107  00222Z via F6AUS, bureau
   KH8/N5OLS  10118  00716Z via N5JA, direct
   R1AND      10106  00059Z see DXNL 1168
   V47DA      10102  22221Z via DL1DA, bureau
   VP2V/G3TXF 10105  22156Z via G3TXF
   XE1/SM0OUG 10107  00456Z via SM0CCM, direct

   ET3BN      14018  11710Z via DL1JRC, bureau
   FO0AOI     14253  00739Z via F6AOI, also bureau
   FY5FU/p    14260  00432Z via F5PAC, bureau
   S79AU      14191  11824Z via IK4AUY
   VK0TS      14165  00739Z via VK1DX

   8J1RL      18073  11811Z via JA9BOH, bureau
   P29BI      18080  11235Z via VK4EJ
   PY0FA      18073  00947Z via PY4KL
   T30CW      18073  00841Z via DL7DF, bureau
   TO0DX      18145  11333Z via LA9VDA, SASE

   3XY2D      21265  00914Z via VE2DPS
   FY5FU/p    21260  11419Z via F5PAC, bureau
   JD1BKR     21247  11003Z via JA bureau

   3D2TC      24966  00831Z see DXNL 1133
   CP6/LU9AY  24950  11849Z via NU4N
   FM/DJ4IJ   24948  11213Z via DJ4IJ
   HZ1AB      24940  11123Z via K8PYD, bureau
   JT1BV      24930  00841Z via CBA
   S79JDV     24893  11138Z via G3TBK
   TO0DX      24955  11312Z via LA9VDA, SASE
   V47GU      24900  11529Z via DL7VOG, bureau
   VO2AC      24945  11822Z via VE3FU, bureau
   VP2V/G3TXF 24892  11844Z via G3TXF
   YJ0DX      24930  11115Z via VK4JSR

   9E1C       28491  00951Z via IV3OWC
   9M6AAC     28015  00915Z via N2OO, bureau
   AP2WAP     28400  11125Z via IK4ZGY, bureau
   FG5DH      28490  11206Z via CBA
   FY/F5PAC   28494  11345Z via bureau
   J3/DL8OBQ  28550  11746Z via DL8OBQ
   T30CW      28023  00702Z via DL7DF, bureau
   T88WF      28480  00834Z via JN1WTK, bureau
   VK8ML      28460  11101Z via VK9NS or bureau
   VP2MCS     28407  11311Z via DL5NAM, bureau

Last information concerning CQ WWDX SSB Contest:

3V8BB  via YT1AD
SW2A   (10m SO/LP) via SV2AEL, Savas Pavlidis, Box 22013,Thessaloniki 55310,
YB0ZDC ORARI CILANDAK clubstation; QSL manager YC0EHN Mr. Bas Harahap,
       Box 1337, Jakarta 12013, Indonesia. e-mail: yb0zdc@qsl.net
ZX1Z   via PY1LVF, PY1 bureau or CBA. e-mail: py1lvf@cxpostal.com
EA8BH  Martti, OH2BH, had to leave the QTH shortly before the SSB Contest
       and asked Jeff, N5TJ, if he wants to work from there. He agreed and
       set up a new single operator record with 10.000 QSOs and 27 millions.
HZ1AB  Manfred, DF1IK, operating the clubstation HZ1AB with much less effort
       logged 5200 QSOs and 8 million points.


QSL Routes

QSLs arrived bureau: VK9XQR (HB9QR), W2FXA/VP9, XW1 (JH1AJT), XX9TZ (OH2BH), ZF1WD, ZL6UT, ZV0SW (PT2GTI)

TNX for information to 425DXNEWS, 599 DX Report, ARRL DX News, DF1ZN, DF4RD, DF6EX, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL2BQV, DL3KWF, DL7PR, DXPRESS, F6AJA, HP1AC, HB9AMZ, HB9DHK, HB9EAA, IT9ZSB, OPDX, PA3ARM, Les Nouvelles DX, RTTY DX NOTES,UA0CW, YD0IR, The DAILY DX and others.